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Chapter 54 : page 98

Re: Chapter 54 : page 98

Postby Whizzard » Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:59 am

As Shodun sucked in air to let loose her blast, all Quill'yate did was think: "Heh, sucker."
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 98

Postby Margirita » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:25 pm

I think Shodun failed to realize the acustic's that happen inside of ships. I think Quill will be standing on a rock (she made) watching the ship sink.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 98

Postby SzordrinZaphresz » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:43 pm

If Quil planned this, it was fracking brilliant!

Take out two major enemy assets with a single move, that the enemy inflicted on itself.

As to how the Nids are winning this despite being guano-nuts?

Simple, infrastructure. Under Snad, they've gained the benefit of Imperial Sharen tools, allies, weapons, arms and armies that Diva's been gathering, training, and cultivating for over a thousand years.... and that they've promptly burned through in their insane self-righteousness and demon-worshiping "enlightenment" in less than 50.

They're also helped by the fact that all the clans have internal "undesirable" elements that aren't particularly pleased with their given lot in life and have resentments, real or imagined, ripe for the sweet, sweet lure of the Nid siren song to lead them to their doom, many of whom don't realize how they're being played, or worse, do realize it way too late to do anything about it... presuming Snad doesn't take them to the tainting chamber and make them "perfect" ie, very loyal to herself, but not exactly necessarily loyal or benevolent to each other.

Many on these forums have stated Quain's chosen form of governance was powerful but fragile and wasn't exactly stable, long-term. Quain at least had a meritrocracy, where if you were honest, loyal, hard working, and competent, you could rise through the ranks and better your life and those around you.

Snad's chosen form of tyranny, where she makes laws purely for the sake of making herself look successful, wealthy, and at peace by outlawing poverty and suffering (ie, you're poor and in pain, you'd better hide real good or soldiers will kill you and eliminate your body) has no actual central core except the glory of Snad's ego. If you're so competent that you outshine Snad, even briefly, expect to meet with an "accident." If you're too incompetent, so that you embarrass her, expect to be executed, as Kalki and the ruling council of Ys found out. If you dare object to her "brilliance" to much or too loudly, expect to be made an example of... To Snad, you're either a useful tool, or an obstacle. Her "paradise" is a hollowed-out empty shell, that looks nice but is ready to implode at any moment, but nobody dares point it out of either for fear of being purged or delusion that Snad really is that brilliant and glorious.... some of which has been shown to be brought into being by force.

Sure, Snad's going down, eventually, but she's going to take all of Drowtales with her.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 98

Postby Junglefowl26 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:49 pm

About the Nids winning - well, the secret to their success has generally been to get all their enemies to fight each other while avoiding getting hostility aimed at themselves. Frankly, I think many lack experience in dealing with a straight fight.

They also have usually been pretty good at getting the biggest stick in the room, particularly ones that no one else has any experience fighting against them. Snad gathered people with rare and powerful talents, they used demon summoning before sealing was widespread, then they moved on and developed the flower plague, while also stealing an airship which would pretty damn hard to counter.

Finally, they also like to set the terms of the engagement and prepare the battlefield to their advantage, usually by setting traps, as can be seen in the Nid war and their ambush of Sang and Silice's army at the tower.

So overall this is a battle that really isn't playing to the Nid's strengths, unless you count them getting Sargh reinforcements because of earlier political manipulations.

Actually, since the Wolf Pack has the airship, a trio of powerful Suls, and a divide and conquer plan, they are really giving the Nids a taste of their own medicine.

But the weight of numbers is with Felde in this fight, and sometimes that is all that matters.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 98

Postby Moric » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:45 pm

In an alternate universe, Quill'yate is a wee bit cannier. Instead of taking scream after scream, going on a no-return path with Sang et al, and losing untold troops in the meantime, she did something else.

(Quill'yate and the Raiders get back up. Quilyate opens her visor with exaggerated force.)

Quill'yate: "You idiot! I'm here for the bounty on the renegade! Didn't you notice that we didn't engage with your forces? Now if you could please stand aside or maybe do something useful and cover our flanks, we have a Val to kill."

Shodun: "Ah-"

Quill'yate: "I don't have all day, and like Hel if I'm going to let Sang's legion take all the glory!"

Shodun: "You-"

Quill'yate: (to the Raiders) "Get up you lazy motherkillers! Time's wasting!"

(Hilarity ensues...)
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