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Chapter 54 : page 13

Re: Chapter 54 : page 13

Postby Junglefowl26 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:19 am

Tsukiko wrote:OMG OMG OMG
Such a huge promotion for such a smoll tiny male! :) :) :)
squeaks and giggles happily


Moric wrote:I suspect it had something to do with the children and a collective "daw". Quill is probably one of the most child-friendly elders in the story, and when she daws, everyone daws..


"Look, they called it a whale, so we are painting it like a whale, that is final!"

Moric wrote:I miss Quill too.


Moric wrote:She dies...

...of old age, surrounded by numerous grandchildren in the Epilogue.

Still not good enough, she must be immortal! :[


Moric wrote:Well, the Nals and Illhars have lots of skin in the colony game, so I bet they have been pushing hard. The Sharen, Belds, etc. probably have been pushing too, from next to nothing, as they still need to feed what people they still have left. Sarghress probably have a couple too (not counting Machike), if only to feed their horde. I expect that the Kyorls and such are more modest in their enterprise, and probably little more than an outpost for the Jaals (In a "publish or die" clan, who is going to leave their facilities to go and farm?).

All very plausible.

Still, I want more details. Names, appearances, governments - I HUNGER FOR WORLDBUILDING! GRAAAAAHHHH!!!

Moric wrote:To be fair, a full scale overland campaign is fairly new to any Chelian drow. When your most hated enemy is less than ten kilometers away at all times, you can march out the gates after breakfast, fight a battle, and come home for dinner in the same day. Of course, the last two wars were more building by building urban warfare from entrenched positions, but the scale of distance hasn't changed. Machike'Shikumo is three days march away, each way. Soldiers eat, equipment gets damaged or used, and supply chains must be considered. Toss in over a dozen spread out colonies to pacify, some further than a week away, and the logistics of fielding an army becomes much more complicated.

Then consider that Chel'el'Sussoloth isn't the easiest place to keep the peace in. How much troop strength did the Sarghress lose when House Mae'yukir left for the Dutan'vir? What about the fact that there's been nothing to do for three years, and not much of a goal? It's one thing to hold a clan of mercenaries and assorted commoners together when there's a common purpose, but with that gone, and most of the city to patrol, how's recruiting vs. attrition/desertion? How large of an assault legion can the clan afford without getting stretched thin at home?

Lastly, who do you send, or rather, who do you trust to send?

Hmmm....yes, very true.

In particular, if one thing gives the Wolf Pack a fighting chance against the legion, and most other Chelian armies, it is being more used to fighting and operating on the surface. In particular, trying to wear down their enemies by getting them to deploy sorcery or golems would be a good trick.

But yeah, the other stuff as well. Logistics should be better with everyone working together, but armies are still lumbering, cumbersome things by their very nature. And good point about them need to pick the roster of this army well lest anyone switch sides.

Moric wrote:"Attention all soldiers. It appears that the previous government has been underpaying you for years, and has been pocketing the difference for themselves. As such, you will each be receiving a ten ada per moon raise, effective immediately. If there are any other issues of government corruption that you are aware of, please let us know."
Yes, it's a bribe, but framed in such a way as to make it seem like justice. The fun part of this is that if and when the Legion retakes the colony, the colonials will still be expecting the higher wage.

Ah, a most excellent plan.

Provided one has the extra money that is.

Moric wrote:Common sense really. That said, perhaps it already has been taken. Just because your flag is flying over somewhere doesn't mean that underground networks haven't been established.

Hmm...interesting, I had not considered that option.

Moric wrote:Oops. That's what I get for writing based off of looking on my phone.

No problem. I have missed a lot of stuff before without any such excuse. :w

Ardan Styyx wrote:
Moric wrote:
Junglefowl26 wrote:Oh, and if anything happens to Vaelia, I am burning this website down. *grabs torch and pitchfork*

She dies...

...of old age, surrounded by numerous grandchildren in the Epilogue.

Or she dies weapons in her hands, defending her son, her friends and her ideals.

Everybody gathers around the viking's like pyre, crying and honoring the fallen warrior, the beloved friend, the mother.
As a sun beam pierces the dark overcast sky of a tragic dusk, lighting the peaceful face of Vaelia, the "Death of Brünnhilde" followed by the "Fall of the Valhalla"* echoes like a cellestial farewell to the forever regretted lady, martyr of the Wolf Pack.

Yeah... well, I think it would deserve a good burning, still.

* Wagner - Die Gotterdammerung

I would prefer her living, but that would be cool. Particularly if she takes a lot of enemies down with her.

Smokehammer wrote:
Silverrain wrote:
Junglefowl26 wrote:Well, there is a lot to address here, but the most important thing for me is - what is this Highland place and who lives there why did they repaint the ship to look like a whale? *eek*

I mean, it feels like a reference to something the comic has already mentioned, but I am drawing a blank. I mean, I guess the Highland Raiders come to mind, but painting the ship like this doesn't sound like them...*

Maybe my memory is failing me too, but I thought she was referring to the Amsaag, Turgeis and Dietra's (and Slainne's) clan(?).
Yeah, dont quote me on it but I think Slainne is Dietra's mom and the great and terrible mist whale hunter of infamy amongst the Amsaag.

Yeah, that is my best guess as well - the wiki mentions her being the chieftain of Amsaag clan in the mountains, and I remember in DayDream there being some sort of hunting lodge in the mountains where Slainne hung out a lot. Plus she is obsessed with whales and the paint style of the ship looks like her tatoos to me. Oh, and I just noticed that Ariel is pointing her thumb at Slainne while saying "remember the highlands." Well, at Thera more accurately, but Thera and the kids are playing with Slainne.

Interesting how this whole Amsaag really took off - to think some cameos would end up adding to the lore like this.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 13

Postby Smokehammer » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:07 am

If my very rusty memory serves, Im pretty sure Quill was Sanjay's RPG character or something, and most of the guys who rescued Ariel long ago were also "other than Kern" created characters. Plus there's the Nal'Sarkoth and the Xyrrai so ... its pretty normal for that to happen.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 13

Postby Moric » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:08 pm

Another possibility for gaining allies would be Vanaheimr. Possibility, but poor likelihood. Even so, Chiri and Shan are known there.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 13

Postby Ardan Styyx » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:03 pm

Moric wrote:Another possibility for gaining allies would be Vanaheimr. Possibility, but poor likelihood. Even so, Chiri and Shan are known there.

I may be wrong (I am often wrong mind you... :P ) but I was under the impression the visit to Vanaheimr related in chapter 29 didn't go so well, with assassination attempts and so on.
Although Freyja and Freyr have grown up and might be in positions of power, I'd be surprise a majority of Light Elves would accept to minggle into their dark cousin's civil war, considering how isolationnist and distrustful they are. Not to mention the persistent Drow habit of enslavering them whenever they put a hand on one of them...

As for the Drow side, despite the reenforcement a Vanir army could represent (if such an army would be able to cross the long distance to Drow land without creating a fantastic mess all along the Halmes kingdom they'll need to go through), I don't think the colonies would particularly accept to be "freed" by such strangers. Not only the racism among elves is a strong, deep rooted feeling (with the notable exception of our heroes), espically toward creature usually enslaved, but that would necessary mean a long term settelment of Vanir, assimilated to an invasion. Bringing "invaders" on the purpose of "bringing freedom" doesn't sound like a great political move for Ariel & co....

Actually that would more likely push the Drow to unify under the Alliance banner to repel the outsider threat.

So, maybe a small party of goodwill volunteers (probably not a lot), led by Freyr could accept to join the Wolf Pack if Chiri and Shan manage a critical success on diplomacy, but still, condisering the time it would take to get their and come back, even by airship (which would imply not having the support of the latter at a possible critical moment), all that sounds like a lot of energy spent for an unlikely marginal result.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 13

Postby Moric » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:15 pm

There was a later reference to diplomatic efforts with the Order of Serenity outpost.

That said, no, they shouldn't be an active military force of Vanir. I take that back, a single squad couldn't hurt, as Vanir are still considered superior to goblinoids, and Sarghress (before Ariel even) have a history of working with armed goblinoids. I was simply considering advantages of a hidden refuge, supplies, and support. In essence:

The drow are headed for the surface, and they will come in contact with Vanaheimr in numbers sooner or later. Friendship with a victorious queen is valuable, and plausible deniability if she loses is something to consider.
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