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First Contact -Experimental Earth Age RP

Re: First Contact -Experimental Earth Age RP

Postby SoulCode » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:55 pm

"..." Reka was silent a few moments more; thinking on Che's words. She wasn't used to being looked to to make big decisions. What to do with surfacers was a big decision. She brought a finger to her chin, Vals... as part of the Sargress clan she had a duty to inform Quin or other high-ranking family member. Unfortunately, due to the building tension of certain war, the leaders were busy and as such, not easy to track down. "hmm..." a low grumble broke her train of thought~


"..." Chrono was silent a few moments more; thinking on Ken's words. He hated being looked to to make big decisions. What to do with a lost civilization was a big decision. He brought a hand to the bridge of his nose. "I suppose Command will kn-" he was stopped by the sound of his stomach. Even with the snacks his friends smuggled for him, Sargent Chrono had had barely and food today. "That's a mood kil-hm?" Chrono turned as the Drow Reka tapped his shoulder. She pointed and he followed it to a stand of smoked meats. "Mystery meat huh..." he looked over to see a large creature being gutted for said meat. "That a f*cking dinosaur? Dam I want to eat that. But I doubt my money would work Mis-" as if reading his expression, Reka produced a few ada from her pouch and placed them in his hands. She walked over to Ken and did the same.
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Re: First Contact -Experimental Earth Age RP

Postby IkaikaKekai » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:10 am

Che would look towards the grumbling, "Yeah...I've heard that before..." he muttered. Deciding to keep close to Reka since he was the only 'friendly' he knew. Kenji would look at Chrono now, scoffing a little, "Yeah, mood killer. Command won't know shit till they get to the hole, and that's gonna be about an hour after the storm clears. As far as they know we found some mountain climbers in a sinkhole and were stupid enough to go in after em." He'd look at the meat stand as well. "Some kind of lizard. Christ man, you're gonna be fun to take to Mexico on leave." he'd side eye his squadmate when Reka came over and gave them some money. He'd look the coins over a moment. "What is this? It's not gold or silver..." he'd reluctantly give up the coins to get some meat. Che would come over and but another hunk of meat, "Hey, this is Tikitiki right? Or at least nothing that can talk?" The vendor would laugh, "You couldn't afford Feral meat." Che would start chewing on the meat stick, eating away happily since he was being paid as a 'soldier'.
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