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Aranea percutit Draconem - Completed

Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 21 Alternate

Postby SFI » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:42 pm

“The Vloz’ress are attacking the Sharen.” The female read the missive. “It is believed that they use the sewer-system and so appear in Sharen-held districts where they manipulate seeds to go haywire, killing the host.”
“Not my preferred way of doing things, but it is certainly helpful.” Quain’tana muttered, arms crossed. “Seems your servant is quite skilled.” She glanced at Ariel as she said that. The report had been brief, only briefly mentioning the skirmish that had almost tainted the elder woman.
“Yes.” Ariel chuckled briefly. “From what I hear, Kharla’ggen is taking quite the shine to her. She’s her favourite attendant already.”
“That seems nice.” The elder Sarghress snorted. “What, did she give her dolls?”
Ariel shrugged lightly. “I am not entirely sure. It was just a note attached to the formal report after all.”
“At any rate...” Koil’dorath spoke up. “With this, we have a good position again. We should start our push against the Sharen.”

Koil’dorath and Ariel were deployed to the south, to push North as Quain’tana pushed from the East. Again the cavern was illuminated by the lights of artillery as the battle waged. Dozens died on both sides, blood drowning the street in Sarghress colors. Corpses of dragons and wolves lay side by side as the frontlines shifted and moved like the tides in the Inner Sea.
The Beldrobbaen acted, pushing against Quain’tana’s forces, trapping them between Sharen and Beldrobbaen.
Forces surged from the other districts, reinforcing the troops in the pincer. Koil’dorath ordered a slight change in advance, now aiming no longer strictly North, but more North-East towards the Mercenary Queen.
Then there was some consternation in the Sharen-ranks. Life-size dolls were found... of Dragon and Drow alike. All of them had been smashed post-change.

“You are a quick study.” Waes’soloth stated, watching as Kharla’ggen formed a shield. It was weak and unskilled, but it would hold most attacks. “Practice, and with your aura, nothing will so easily pierce your defences.”
Kharla’ggen looked at the red sheen between her and the Beldrobbaen, reaching for it with one finger.
“Will you teach us more?” She had become fascinated with learning more, gaining more knowledge as time passed. Soon, she would no longer be a figure-head, but a leader. “We want to know more.”
“If you wish.” Waes’soloth nodded briefly, figuring that this entire mess could not get worse with the Vloz’ress actually getting a competent Ill’haress. At least at this rate, the Beldrobbaen would dodge any actions.
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 22 Alternate

Postby SFI » Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:01 am

“At this rate, this city will be razed to the ground.” Kel’noz pointed out, looking at the others around the table. “We either need to break this stalemate or there won’t be anything left. Neither the Beldrobbaen nor the Sharen are going to be defeated easily.”
His gaze trailed to the females standing next to his mother. Kharla’ggen, her younger sister and one of her attendants were also present.
“They’re still convinced I murdered Waes.” Quain’tana muttered darkly. “Hile’wen and Sarv’swati are using that idiocy to stoke their desire for battle.”
“I don’t think the Beldrobbaen need to be stoked for battle.” The voice of Kharla’ggen’s attendant answered. The former Beldrobbaen introduced as Nimiel was standing ever so slightly behind her charge. Kiel’ndia had insisted she be there as a judge of Beldrobbaen-actions. “They were devoted to her.”
“At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a shrine to her...” Suu’be stated dryly. “I don’t really see how we can break this stalemate quickly. They fight us tooth and nail for every inch.”
“It’s not like we can just ask for a council in this mess.” Sang looked over at Ash’waren, who was looking a bit taken aback at being in a war-meeting with Kharla’ggen of all people. Though in the Sullisin’rune’s defence, she certainly was not the only one, but Ariel had managed to convince Quain’tana that the Vloz’ress should be included in this. “Maybe the other clans would answer, but neither the Sharen nor the Beldrobbaen would.”
“Surely they’d have to admit that this will end poorly for everyone?”Rosof mused. “Sharen-taints are failing left and right... They’re losing forces at unsustainable rates. Same for the Beldrobbaen.”
Those of them were perceptive would notice that Kharla’s attendant flinched at that, though all of them saw the orange-haired Ill’haress look at the female next to her.
“What would we lose if we tried?” The masked female asked, holding one of her dolls as her tainted eyes looked around the table. Contrary to the rhetoric she was following, the doll seemed to be a little Waes’soloth. Several of the people around the table had wondered about how her former-Beldrobbaen attendant had reacted to that.
“Nothing.” The red-armoured female rose to her full height. “If anything, it might make us seem like the ‘reasonable’ ones, completely aside from the fact we didn’t do anything to Waes.”
“It’s almost hilarious that it all boils down to this.” Kiel snarked. “I can get Zala’s Overseer to convince her to talk? Chrys should want this too.” She looked at the blue-armoured female who hadn’t said anything during this meeting. Ariel had admitted in secret that Sil’lice doubt Quain’s claims of her innocence, but couldn’t afford to sour things with the Sarghress.
“See if you can.” Quain’tana answered. “I’d rather not burn down the city just to finish this, that’s for certain.”
“What about the Beldrobbaen?” Ariel softly asked. “I might have thought Khal to be reasonable, but he hasn’t had contact with me since this began. Should I try if I can use Kyo’nne Val’Illhar’dro as an intermediary? Though she has become quite negative towards me as well.”
“Remind her that the burning of her audience is not going to help her in the long run either...” Suu’be snorted, her tone making it quite clear what she thought of the popstar. “Not to mention her clan is getting invested in this mess as well.” It was true; under the insistence of the Sharen and the Beldrobbaen-sisterclan of the Balvhakara the Illhar’dro were getting more and more involved in the war-effort. This meeting had in part be called because of the massive war-golems that had arrived recently from Nuqrah.
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 23 Alternate

Postby SFI » Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:05 pm

“You think that will work?” As the fighting increased, the Vloz’ress fortress was deemed unsafe and Kharla’ggen and several other choice clan-members had abandoned it in favour of the Sarghress-compound. One of said ‘choice clan-members’ was Waes’soloth as Kharla’s newest attendant.
Right now, the Beldrobbaen was sitting on one of the chairs at the very top-floor of the tower, having just finished a playdate of some sort with her young charge. “I honestly do not know. Hile’wen and Odelia ought to be concerned about the loss of numbers, but... they have invested themselves heavily into the Sarghress-eradication over my death.” The black-haired woman rose, smoothing down the fabric of her outfit. “I hope it will work.”
“Nimiel said the same.” The Sarghress nodded lightly. “At least I am getting through to Kyo’nne. She’ll hopefully help me to get your clan.”
“We’ll see.” The taller female walked over to the window. She ran her hand over the iron mask she had to wear a large amount of her time. “What of the other Great Clans?”
“Most have consented to appearing.” Ariel followed her, bypassing the bathroom from where steam was pouring out the door. “At the moment, it seems every leader will have two people as attendant and guard.”
“They fear it might be a ploy of Quain.” The other stated softly. “Many clans suffer from splintering – or outright destruction - if their leader falls, the Val-clans even more. The Kyorl’solenurn are the only ones who seem able to pass through that turmoil frequently and relatively stabile. Then again, considering how long Shimi’lande has held her position, I do not doubt that if she were to fall, things would turn sour for them as well.” She turned to Ariel. “I notice you still haven’t told anyone about me.”
“I am not sure how to bring it up.” Ariel looked at the female at the door awkwardly. Faen felt uncomfortable, but had joined her lover anyway. “It’s not something that is taught in any kind of lessons I ever had.”
“No doubt.” The Beldrobbaen chuckled lightly. “It’s taught through experience.”
“Well, you have more of that than me. What would you suggest?” Quain’tana’s heiress mused, tilting her head lightly.
“Wait. If you do it now, it could cause more problems than it’d solve if Quain decides to reveal it to others. Personally, I’d wait until they are all gathered in one place and I am also there to back you to reveal all this.” Waes’soloth looked at the bath when someone called for her.
“So wait until the gathering?” Ariel looked over as well. “I take it you’ll be one of Kharla’s attendants?”
“Yes to both.” The Vloz’ress headed over to the door. “Now, it seems my services are required.”
“I need to leave anyway. Quain wants me to go to Kyo’nne myself next.” The younger female smiled lightly. “Wish me luck.”
“Likewise.” Throwing one last glance out the window, the former Ill’haress took off her mask before heading into the bathroom.
“Are you sure I shouldn’t join you?” Faen asked when they left the building. “I could make them more amiable.”
“Yeah, but Quain thinks this request of Kyo’nne might be a trap. Considering she specifically asked for me, I can’t stay home.” Ariel looked up the tower. From one window steam was still pouring. Kharla really liked her baths, apparently.
“Just don’t get into trouble then.” The small Sullisin’rune whispered.
“Hey, the trouble keeps finding me.” Ariel raised her hands defensively. “You can overturn my closet to figure out a nice outfit, if you want.” She laughed lightly at the glare the other one gave her. “But I gotta go now.”
“Good luck.” Faen watched her leave, before heading back into the fortress herself. In the end, she decided to visit the children.

“Chrys, you have to admit it’s necessary at this point.” Kiel meanwhile was doing her utmost to convince her friend to get the Sharen to accept the invitation as well. “Between my summoners and the Sargs in general, you’re gonna get fucked before long.”
“I still don’t see why.” Zala’ess’ overseer was standing with her in the shadow between several buildings well away from the main battlegrounds. “Why do you support them? They killed Waes, Kiel.”
By some impressive feat of self-control, the orange-haired female had managed to keep the secret. She was being severely tested now though. Waes had impressed on her the need to hide the Beldrobbaen’s presence among the Sarghress. “You know why, Chrys. Your aunt did that, not them.”
“Why would Sarv’swati kill Waes’soloth of all people!?” The Sharen demanded in exasperation. “The reward is nowhere enough to warrant the risk.”
“We went over this already.” The Vloz’ress countered. “Now will ye come or not?”
Her friend didn’t answer for the longest time. “I’ll see what I can do.” She finally answered.
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 24 Alternate

Postby SFI » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:00 pm

“Kharla, I am not sure that is an appropriate outfit.” The former Ill’haress of the Beldrobbaen told the orange-haired female. “Who gave you this?” She looked the other female over again, wondering where people even found dragon-skull-shaped shoulder-guards. If this was Quain’tana’s way of making herself seem as the reasonable one, it would probably work. The orange eyesore screamed Vloz’ress... which in turn did not in any way equate ‘sane and/or normal’.
“Big Sister.” Kharla tilted her head, one hand playing with the small horns that adorned her first ever set of armour. “We like it.”
“I am not a fan of the aesthetic, but that might just be me as a Beldrobbaen.” Waes’soloth muttered somewhat darkly. She had to be careful not to be too negative, or the Vloz’ress might just get insulted. And dealing with Kharla could prove to be a hassle even on regular days, let alone when she was feeling cross with someone. “Might I make a suggestion of outfit?” Blood-red eyes turned to look at her from the mirror and after a short while, the other nodded. Crisis averted. It was bad enough that she herself had to run around in what by any Beldrobbaen’s standards was far too little.
She’d leave most of the armour – mostly because she could agree with the need for it – but so Sharess help her, Kharla was not going to wear skulls on her shoulders. Too bad she couldn’t redesign the entire armour... Get some leg-protection... With a small sigh, she headed over to the chest with what clothes Kharla had brought along to the Sarghress.
This was not going to be one of her best days.

Faen knocked on the door leading to the top-floor of the tower. It was opened by a towering form with silver eyes bearing down upon her. “Ah... Quain’tana send for the Vloz’ress delegation... everyone’s arrived so she figured she might start early and get this over with.” She was answered with a curt nod before Waes’soloth headed back into the sanctum of Kharla’ggen.
“Nearly done.” Kiel looked her sister over, before grinning at the Sullisin’rune while twirling her own mask around her finger. “How do ye think sis looks?”
“Ah...” Faen looked the older Vloz’ress over. “Very... severe.”
“I tried my best here.” The black-haired female chuckled softly. “Alas, I did not have much to work with.”
“You’ll keep wearing that?” The blue-haired female tilted her head lightly as she regarded the former Beldrobbaen. Once again, the eldest of them all was wearing an outfit at the insistence of the Vloz’ress.
“Ill’haress’ orders.” Waes’soloth shrugged lightly from where she was making the last adjustments to her charge’s armour. “It’s not like I need armour of any kind. Where is it to be held?”
“I’ll show you the way.”
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 25 Alternate

Postby SFI » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:27 pm

There was no table this time around; Quain’tana had had a circle of chairs made in the throne-room. There was the inner circle, counting nine seats – one for each Great Clan – with two behind either of them for their escorts. Quain’tana had Ariel and Rosof behind her, something that Suube had been more than slightly annoyed by as she felt that Koil’dorath kept getting passed over for the younger, untested female.
The others had less interest in these inner Sarghress-politics and more in outer Sarghress-politics. Though several did throw some wondering glances at the person to Kharla’ggen’s right. Half-curled up in her seat, the female could not quite hide how out of place she seemed beside her Ill’haress. Several could have sworn that she was untainted, though it was hard to tell with her sitting in the veritable ocean that was Kharla’s aura. Sitting beside her, Jhal’na Val’Illhar’dro did wonder at the height of the other. Curling up was hiding it somewhat, but Nega’fanea’s daughter could tell that the female could easily rival her mother in height. A single strand of black hair had fallen free from the veil, hanging down the red-teared mask.
“Again, what use would I have from killing Waes’soloth!?” The Mercenary-queen demanded sharply. “Any idiot could have foreseen that would get the Beldrobbaen into the fight again. Why would I want them back!?”
“She was the epitome of old-fashioned Val, and you are certainly proud enough to just assume you can kill them all with no problem.” Rel’lumia pointed out, face half-hidden behind her fan. “You are certainly bold enough to conquer the entire City with no thought as to what comes after the Sharen are gone and the entire system that kept it running has collapsed.”
“Interesting time for you to start considering that.” Quain’tana pointed out. “You’ve been sitting this war out the entire time last I checked. It is completely irrelevant to the reason of the gathering.”
“Have any of you asked who would be best served?” Kharla’ggen leaned forward lightly, the black doll still clutched in one hand. “Why blame the Wolf if the Dragon has more use of a dead Spider?”
“Because ‘the Dragon’ has common sense, unlike you lot.” Zarv’swati snarled in annoyance.
“Says the one who killed her mother and started all this.” Ariel spoke up at a small nod from the curled up female, getting half-up from her seat, her elaborately braided hair hanging down her back. “Forgive me if I am misremembering my history-lessons, but didn’t things only start going south when the Val’Sharess died?”
“You hardly have any right of speaking of that.” Odelia’sigismondo pointed out. “You were not even born then. I have no clue why Quain’tana thinks you’ll be of any use here.”
“I can.” Kiel’ndia finally opened her mouth, briefly glancing at Chrys’tel across from her. “Funny thing, ye know, people talking to each other. It’s magical, I know.” She sounded almost relieved as she spoke.
Quain’tana opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by her heir’s hand on her shoulder.
“If I may, Sera?” Ariel had risen even more from her seat, now nearly standing to her full height. At her nod, the younger Sarghress continued at a louder volume. “I have a better right to speak here than many of you for one simple reason; it wasn’t my mother that cost you Waes’soloth, it was me.”
Whatever anyone had expected her to say, that was not among the list of statements by any means.
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 26 Alternate

Postby SFI » Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:26 pm

“What are you blathering about?” Zarv’swati rose from her seat, glowering at the young Sarghress.
“You’re the last to ask. You handed her to me on a wooden platter.” Ariel countered, not backing down in the slightest. Though she only managed to do that because she knew people would have her back while facing the circle. “May I remind you of the collar you gave her? What was she supposed to do with that against me? Glower?”
“Collar?” Quain’tana got over her surprise. “Are you telling me that that… servant of yours was Waes’soloth Val of Mother-killing Beldrobbaen!?” She shot up. “You hid her from me!?”
“Khal can attest I wanted to get her back home. She would have been invaluable to us.” Ariel gestured sharply to the man behind Hile’wen. “Especially considering that Sarv’swati left her in a burning building to die a very fiery death. But someone here was being a stubborn idiot and suddenly I had an Ill’haress I had no clue what to do with.”
“Didn’t you…” Quain’tana turned to the Vloz’ress, remembering what her heiress had done with said servant. She was interrupted from answering by Sarv’swati’s loud voice.
“You don’t honestly want us to believe that you would be able to capture Waes’soloth of all people!?”
“We do.” It was a sharp statement from behind the two Sarghress, Kharla now rising up from her seat to join Ariel. “You cost the Beldrobbaen Waes. You did this.”
“And that’s to make it more believable how exactly?” The Sharen dryly pointed out. “It’s insane at best.”
“As insane as pulling the Beldrobbaen from the alliance… or less?” Another voice spoke up, rough and dry. “I believe those were your words once before, weren’t they?” Kharla’s attendant didn’t move as she spoke, but she did now look at the Sharen. Reaching up with one hand, she pulled the headdress off, allowing her hair to fall free. “Weren’t they, Sarv’swati?” When no answer was forthcoming, she did get up, rising agonizingly slowly while pulling of her mask. Around her, the shadows darkened, covering the room. “Was it not, oh daughter of Diva’ratrika!?”
“Mom…” Khal’s voice was decidedly weak as the older Beldrobbaen towered above the circle even while standing next to Quain’tana who normally seemed taller than her.
“Not a word, Khal.” His mother’s words were ice-cold. “Now answer me, Sarv’swati. Or I swear, you will not leave this place alive.”
“She won’t anyway.” Kharla countered, red eyes narrowed behind her mask. “We will not allow it.”
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 26 Alternate

Postby Metzger » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:32 pm

Sarv better be very cooperative, otherwise she might end up as one of Kharlas dolls
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Chapter 27 Alternate

Postby SFI » Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:30 pm

Something snapped in Sarv’swati in that moment. As a courtesy, all had left their weapons outside the room, but she cared nothing for that as she jumped the Beldrobbean with her bare hands. Having half expected something like that, Ariel managed to tackle her, throwing the second daughter’s aim off enough that she flew wide from her intended target.
Shadows rose around Waes’soloth, forming an impenetrable wall around the ancient Val. “Disgracefull, Sarv’swati. To think I let your control last this long.” The room was tinged near-black, the only source of light that seemed able to penetrate this darkness being the red-glowing eyes of Kharla’ggen.
The Vloz’ress stayed behind the cover of the shadow-fortress the other Ill’haress had made, but Ash’waren could feel the tainted female’s mind reach for Sarv’swati. She felt like retching when it made contact. For an empath, the feeling of Kharla’s power at work was sickening. Quain’tana moved closer to her ally.
Compared to others, the dollification of the Vel’Sharen was a mercifully short one.
“We hope you don’t mind losing your kill, wolf.” Kharla muttered as the room lighted. Shadows evaporated, looking like they were pouring from the spread hair of the Vloz’ress.
“I’ll survive.” Quain’tana looked down in distaste. In her death-throes, Zarv’swati had puked.
“Waes.” Zala’ess rose from her seat, stepping up to the Beldrobbaen.
“Not a word.” Waes’soloth cut her off, shadows coiling around her form. “I am not happy with the Sharen right now, Zala’ess. In fact, I am this close to assisting the Sarghress in this war. This was beyond humiliating and insulting.”
She turned to Hile’wen. “We’re leaving. Now. Quain, I will be coming over later.”
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Re: Aranea percutit Draconem - Completed

Postby SFI » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:10 pm

“Welcome, Ill’haress.” Ariel greeted the woman that stepped out of the carriage that had arrived at the Sarghress-fortress.
“Waes’soloth is fine.” After a mere week, the Beldrobbaen had returned to her old position of power and had promptly caused an upheaval by breaking the alliance between her clan and the Sharen. In fact, she had almost before news of that break had spread send a messenger to the Sarghress requesting to meet them for an alliance. Hence a delegation of the Beldrobbaen, their Ill’haress herself included, arriving at the Sarghress fortress.
“If you wish.” Ariel smiled gently, leading the way into the fortress. “Must be a relief to be back.”
“I sorely missed my wardrobe, yes.” The taller female answered in such a tone that it was impossible to tell whether she was joking or not. “Kharla’ggen visited me.”
“Kiel mentioned she was quite disappointed with your changed outfits.” Quain’tana’s heiress nodded lightly. “Quain is this way.”
“She was indeed.” The Beldrobbaen looked around her briefly. “How… how are the others?”
The younger female looked up at her in surprise at that, before breaking out into a wide grin. “They’re fine, though several have voiced the opinion of missing you.”
“I suppose I should see that as a compliment.” Waes’soloth’s mouth-corner quirked up just the barest of fractions. “Perhaps I’ll come by after the talks for a short visit.”
“I’m sure Diva and Faen would love that.”
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