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Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 17

Re: Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 17

Postby SFI » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:11 pm

The moment they returned to the streets, the Beldrobbaen ushered Waes’soloth to the Healing-wing of the fortress. Shortly afterwards, Hile’wen returned to the Ill’haresses; both as token of gratitude as well as an apology for the no-show their forces would be fed and taken care of on the cost of the Val’Beldrobbaen.
Waes’soloth herself did not appear that day, even as the Ill’haresses were being all but pampered in the main house’s quarters, enjoying the hot thermal bath that was normally the pure privilege of the Ill’haress and her closest kin.
Ash’waren had risen from the hot waters, wrapping herself into a bathrobe as she headed out onto the balcony. On the way, she bypassed the glorious banket servants and slaves had brought them shortly after Hile’wen had shown them the bath. Briefly looking over at the others, including Quain’tana and Diva’ratrika who had pointedly taken perfectly opposite sides of the bath, she then looked out over the hanging towers that formed the Beldrobbaen-fortress. Only to notice something interesting...
“Quain, you have to see this.” The Sullisin’rune called back into the room. Slowly the Sarghress joined her ally, following her pointing finger.
Apparently, from this particular room one could just see the healing-wing at the bottom of another tower. In one room of the wing was Kel’noz, well on the way to recovery after the Jaal’darya had attended him with their arts.
He had been given the best care, though there were no healers or servants attending him now. Instead, a long-haired woman – obviously a Val – was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was Waes’soloth who had exchanged her own luxurious quarters for the rooms of her lover in the healing-wing. They were seemingly talking, Kel’noz holding one of the Ill’haress’ hands.
“Look at her.” The blue-tattooed female gestured to their black-haired colleague. The Beldrobbaen was bend down lightly, relief visible even from this distance. More importantly, wetness was visible in the shine of mana-lights mounted on the walls. She was or at least had been weeping in relief. The hand the Sarghress was holding was clinging to his.
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