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New Orthobbae High, Zareh Val Sullisin'rune and Taldrin Smol

New Orthobbae High, Zareh Val Sullisin'rune and Taldrin Smol

Postby Tsukiko » Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:53 pm

The AU high school fic is back :)

Episode 1, Introduction

Zareh's frustration was growing day after day.

His mother pestering him about his sisters success, that wasn't new.
Nuru, the one little sister he always been the closer with, had turned him down several times. This already happened, but it was always because of extra cramming. But since the entered New Orthobbae School too, she declined spending time with Zareh so to do some work for her class president.
For a boy. A class president boy.
A freaking teacher-pet boy!

And as if that wasn't enough, the fencing club he occasionally attended at school welcomed in its ranks a freaking champion, kicking his ass all the time. As if Kahru wasn't enough for that already!

He let a long annoyed sigh as he was walking in the school corridor with Nuru.
-I know the exams ranking conversations bore you, but for Goddesses sake, try to be less carefree about these!” Nuru scold him.
-Huh?” Zareh yawned a little “Carefree and cool are what make my charm.”
-And your good-look... You think I don't know your blather yet?”
-Well, one have to live by the standards of our family, you know, all the-”
-Good morning, President!” Nuru greeting Taldrin as she shoved her brother a bit on the side.
-Good morning, miss Sullisin'rune.”
-I summarized the school activites from all 1-A classroom, and added some statistic studies!” She said cheerfully, immediately handing to the tiny boy in front of her and Zareh a little file.
Taldrin looked at her a bit surprised, then browsed the document.
-Thank you, this will be useful.”
-As expected from the class president's substituting!”
-Waaaaaiiiiit!” Zareh cut the little conversation, meddling between his sister and Taldrin.
-Oh, Zareh Sullisin'rune. Good morning.” Taldrin politely said.
-Shshsh. Wait a second.” Zareh put a finger on Taldrin's lips to mark his words. “THIS is the “President” you harp on me since days?”
Nuru looked highly embarassed.
-On top of the fencing, this rodent-sized boy is your so-perfect-so-serious-so-good-studious-President?”
Nuru turned red of shame and anger.
-Za! You shut now or people will got the wrong ideas from your devious, stupid phrasing!”
She grabbed Zareh's loose dark blue braid to pull him away from Taldrin and stormed into her classroom.
-You're the stupidiest brother, like ever!”
Taldrin looked at Zareh. He wondered if what he saw in the laughing sempai's green and blue eyes actually was sadness...
-See you on the fencing ring.” Taldrin concluded with a little bow and headed too to his classroom.

Zareh was standing where he was left, redoing his hair when a girl approached him.
He litterally jumped in surprise; for if there were a number of students in the corridors, he absolutly didn't notice her nor sensed her approaching.
She looked rather cute, with her bit of messy blue hair and frail-looking body.
-No bullying.” Her voice was soft yet firm. And he sensed strong determination. It definitely wasn't a request.
-What?” Zareh was even more surprised “Oh! Oh, it looked like so? But that wasn't bullying!” The day started horribly, and if now he gained a reputation of bully... He hated bullies!
The girl slightly nodded at him.
-No bullying.” She repeated, softlier, before leaving to her class without another word.

After some good breaths, Zareh got into his own class and let the incident subside.

But from then on, Zareh kept walking his sister to her classroom.
And everyday, he had new jokes and nicknames to the “president” she admired so much.
His serious face never cracking only encouraged Zareh to keep trying with confirmed regularity.

Episode 2

Zareh was extatic this morning.
He had been all night, actually.
Since he beat Taldrin the previous day, scoring points and winning the fencing!
It was the first time that tiny good-student was beaten, and it was by him, Zareh!
It felt a bit different than other days and for a moment, considering how slow he was, Zareh wondered if Taldrin let him win, but it really wasn't sounding like him.
And Taldrin looked really surprised at that defeat.
So there were no way he faked it and gave him the victory!

Zareh boasted all night, and tested all sort of lines to taunt Taldrin about it.
He even giggled in his sleep, dreaming of the tiny model-student's face!

But upon “escorting” Nuru to her class, he saw no little rodent president...
That was dispointing, but he'll have another chance at lunch break.
It'd be even better, for then Zareh will have all morning to think of more taunts!

But at lunch, Zareh was still deprived of his favorite target...
-Oh, Zareh!”
He looked at his sister.
-Why the long face, brother?”
-What “long face”? And where is the little one? Hiding from my glorious beauty?” He asked, taking an exagerated playboy pose.
-You are so helplessly stupid sometimes...” Nuru sighed. “Taldrin is sick. He didn't come to school.”
-Ah, ok.” Zareh replied casually.
He dropped his pose and gazed his sister a bit.
-Said what?” He suddenly realised, a little shocked. “He had no right to! I had all the best lines to make him like, roll his eyes away and like sighing and like-”
-For Goddesses sake, what is that fuss you're making?”
-I see no fuss. I'll be in my room.” Zareh turned, clearly sulking, and heading back to his classroom, leaving his sister with round eyes.

Seriously, what was the four-eyed thinking? After all the efforts Zareh made to annoy him friendily, he avoided it?
The gigglings he had all morning long were now turned into a surly mood he had difficulties getting rid of.

At the end of classes, he still returned to Nuru and Taldrin's classroom to find his sister with a pile of documents on her desk.
-That's a lot of reading, miss.” Zareh commented.
-That? Oh, well, not really. Only homeworks I'm going to bring to Taldrin. You come with me?”
-What? You, skipping your private lessons for a boy? Mom will be proud, maybe!”
Nuru grew pale.
-I-I forgot these! Oh Goddesses! What to do?”
Slowly, she looked at Zareh.
-Brother...” Oh, when she started like that, she was so much aiming for Zareh's hearthstrings! “Big bro, I never ask you things, you know. Rarely. Please...” Nuru put the papers on his hands. “Can't you go?”
When she took that little helpless voice, it was so hard to resist it!
Also, if he went to Taldrin's, all his preparations wouldn't be for nothing...
-Ok, ok. You ask so nicely. Can't say “no”, really.”
-Thank you! Here is the adress and one last thing, also.”
Several heads turned toward the siblings, and Nuru blushed.
-I mean, he's sick, so promise me you'll be nice. Very.Nice!”

Gee, it was so hard to have some fun nowadays...
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Re: New Orthobbae High, Zareh Sullisin'rune and Taldrin Smol

Postby Tsukiko » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:13 pm

Episode 3

Zareh looked at the address, checked on his phone the easiest way to reach the place and headed toward the apartment.
The train ride was so dull and long.
The area around the station where he exited was ever duller. Plain and style-less habitation buildings, soulless little shops and supermarket.
Even the playground Zareh passed by seemed desperately grey and sad.

After some walk, he finally arrived at the address he was looking for.
That was “Mister Model Student” home?
The building looked criminally dull and bleak. A big concrete square hive for the poorest workers, wasn't it?
Zareh looked again at the address his sister wrote down and texted her to confirm it again.
-Young man is lost?” A croaky male voice called him out.
Zareh looked at the man, a bulky lath male standing at the building's entrance, a cheap mushroom beer in hand.
-This, here, is Locust Hill Street, n° 610, is it?”
-Yes, young man.” The man replied with some sips from his bottle.
-Like, for real?” Zareh insisted in bit of disbelief.
-I know no n°610 for fake in the street... Looking for what, boy?” The man asked a bit annoyed.
-Ah, yes. A tiny stupid teacher-pet about this high” Zareh made a gesture, placing his hand at his hip's level. “Well, maybe a little more... Same school as mine, name's Taldrin.”
-Small Smol boy?”
Now that was a funny nickname to use. One Zareh actually used in school. He was pleased to see rough man at least had some clever sense of humor!
-YES! Small Smol boy!”
-Third floor, Apartment 37.” The man replied, barely moving from the entrance. “Elevator on your left” Zareh slid in what space the man left between himself and the entrance and went in the elevator.
It was a painful ride, Zareh was glad to quickly get out of the small, dirty and smelly elevator!
Somehow, in the end, he was happy he came instead of his sister in such a disgusting place!

Zareh walked in the corridor, finally finding the right door. “37, Taldrin Smol”.
He pressed the little ring under the name and waited.
Zareh was about to ring it again when he heard the locker inside open and the knob turned.
And the door opened.
Somehow, Zareh was expecting Taldrin wearing his uniform, and likely pointing out he was delayed or something...
But seeing glass-less Taldrin in a pajama a bit too big for him, his hands almost covered by the sleeves and with disheveled hair was not a sight Zareh expected at all..
He looked so...
-Senpai?” he feebly asked, looking up to Zareh.
-Oh.” Zareh paused a little. “I never paid that much attention that you have so bright blue eyes.”
-Senpai?” Taldrin tilted his head.
Oh Goddesses be damned! That was such a different, CUTE Taldrin!
-Hey tiny, Senpai to your rescue. Brought you your homework, 'cause you like them” Taldrin sneezed then coughed several times. “What are you doing still exposed to drafts? Go in and close that door!” The young Sul scolded before pushing in, entering at the same time and closed the door after him. “For a clever model-student, you can be so damn dumb at times! Off! Off, off, off!” Zareh kept pushing Taldrin back inside, soon to realize how small the place was. “Small boy, small brain, small home, heh?”
Taldrin was now standing in the middle of his one-room apartment, coughing again.
-Oï oï. You took your medicine, Tiny?” Zareh quickly got rid of his shoes and left the ridiculous short corridor at the entrance and looked around.
A futon was on the floor, with messy blanket.
Nearby was a little ground table, with on it an electric kettle, a box of generic medicine, a half eaten bowl of soup and a cup of tea turned as cold as the soup now was.

And Taldrin was still coughing.
-Hey, easy there! You should sit, or lay down! S-Senpai to your rescue!” Zareh tried to convince himself, but he wasn't that sure of what to do.
But then, the cough stopped at last.
His hands still covering his mouth, Taldrin slowly looked up.
His cheeks were reddened and his eyes tearful from the cough... He looked so terribly vulnerable and... And... It was confirmed, he was adorably cute!
Out of instinct, Zareh brushed off Taldrin's hair.
He stopped.
-You are burning with fever! These can't be your only medicine!”
-I will go take what the doctor prescribed after-”
-No after! Now!”
-But... I cannot go like that!”
-Of course you can't! Dumb Tiny! Stupid small Smol boy!” Zareh kept scolding him.
Slowly and clumsily, Taldrin started to open his pajama top, coughing a little.
-What are you doing, now?”
-Changing, to go pick the-”
-Stupidest pocket president ever. You go to bed.” Zareh reached for the pajama top, closing it back.
Just in time to hear a scary growl.
-What? You have a dog or something?”
The growl was heard again, and Taldrin blushed.
Zareh stared at Taldrin.
-Ok, who are you and where did you hide the real Taldrin?”
-Never mind. You go to bed. NOW.”
Taldrin coiled a little but obeyed the authoritative Sullisin'rune staring at him with angry look and arms crossed on chest.

Once Taldrin was back in his futon, Zareh headed to the little fridge and cupboard.
Instant soups. Instant noddles. Bread. Tea and coffee. Could it truly be all?
-Senpai, can I... Could I have my mochi please?”
Zareh looked again everywhere. There was no mochi. At all.
-You can't have what you don't have!”
Zareh turned to see the deception and sadness on Taldrin's face.
-Now you turn to mean prank...”
-Oï... You have no-” An idea came to him. “In fact, you'll have all your mochis, but only after you sleep.”
Zareh grabs Taldrin's keys and prescription and headed toward the door.
-Senpai?” His voice was terribly feeble. “I'm sorry! P-Please I'll be nicer, don't...” It wasn't only feeble. Taldrin was crying. Big, heartbreaking tears running down his cheeks and ending on the blanket. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry!”
This was too much, Zareh couldn't help anymore.
He rushed to Taldrin and gave him a long kiss on the forehead.
-I'm not leaving you, moron. Now sleep.”

Once heading to the supermarket and drugstore, Zareh texted his mother. “Staying at a friend's tonight. Later.”
For he was a senpai on a rescue mission.

Episode 4

Zareh was exploring the alleys of the supermarket, not that sure of what to pick.
After all, of all his siblings, only Nuru actually cooked. Aside of cutting vegetables, he barely knew a little or two.
And Taldrin only had that electric kettle and a single hot plate.
But nevertheless, about anything would be more appropriate for the sick than these horrible instant and tasteless instant noodles!
-I can't just slice some lettuce and tomatoes! Chicken soup! I should make a rice and chicken soup, but...”
-Er, excuse me?” A little feminine voice called him nearby.
-How I cook that soup? I put all in water and make it boils, yes?” Zareh got his phone out, intending to look on the Internet only to find it ran out of batteries.”
-Ahem?” The voice called again, despite Zareh was too caught up to notice.
-How can you do that to me? At the critical moment? I need answers!” He cursed against his phone.
-A-Ahem!” she called yet again.
Zareh suddenly turned around, not only facing the blue-haired girl but caught her hands in his in a very theatrical move and princeling smile.
-Oh fair maiden, could it be that you come to my help for the chicken soup?”
Everyone in the alley turned, looking at the duo and soon giggling.

As quick as a flash, she freed her hands from Zareh and stared at him.
-Hey, I know you!” he commented, now that he looked better at the girl.”You're from Taldrin's class! What bring you in such a remoted, sad area?”
-Living here.” She sighed. That boy really was helpless, wasn't he? “He's better?” She asked, pointing at the bag from the drugstore.
-”He” ? Oooooh! Could it be you came all the way for your classmate? That is so romantic and cute!”
-I live here. You...” she was to point out Zareh was the one who traveled all the way, but she suspected he wouldn't hear it.
-But see, I am already on the case.”
Reka wondered how that boy could change his expression and attitude so quickly and completely in such a short span of time, from over-dramatic to flirtatious to deadpan seriousness...
-So, chicken soup! We need chicken, obviously!” Zareh went down the alley, looking for meat. “Oï, miss! What are you doing? Can't stay chatting idly so let's move! What piece of chicken do I take? How I cook it?”
-You look like the clever and resourceful girl, aren't you?” Zareh replied with the same serious face. “But “clever and resourceful girl” is a long nickname... You have a name? Of course you do!” He smacked his own head as to emphasize the silliness of his question. “What is it, or should I keep nicknaming you?”
-Reka. No nickname.” She replied simply.
-Not talkative, heh?” Zareh then asked.
She said nothing, just confirmed it with a nod while looking on her phone recipe for the soup the Sul boy was making such a drama about.

Arriving at the meats section, she picked a piece of chicken breast. And she immediately headed for the vegetables, Zareh now following her while humming casually.
Reka picked a few carrots, onion and a celery stalk, and put all these in Zareh's basket.
-Here, the recipe.” She showed him her phone.
-Oh! Looks like something I'll handle nicely. Julienne strips, onion browned, adding chicken cut in small pieces and water, covering... So all we have to pick now is oil and mochis!” He exclaimed happily.
-Mochi?” For one second, she worried Zareh planned to put mochis in that soup.
-I promised him mochis.” He explained. “Fear not, Fair Maiden, hero of the Chicken Soup Crisis. I am not stupid. And I can remember such an easy recipe.”
-... I know where. But not here.”

After picking the cooking oil and paying, Reka took Zareh to a mochi shop some streets away.
-That's a surprise! Such a sweet, beautiful place hidden here!” Zareh stared at the rice sweet treats, in awe. “Which are the best? All looks so delicious!”
But Zareh then froze.
Something bugged him.
He took one of the mochis on display and placed it on his left palm. Staring at it. Poking it softly with a fingertip.
-Please, not touching the food if not buying it!” The shop owner called out.
-I'm buying.” Zareh absent-mindly replied. Before pinching the mochi in his hand. “Little little cheek!”
-What is wrong with him?” The shop owner asked an equally confused Reka.
-In... General?” She asked in turn.
-I think I nailed it!” Zareh explained, reaching for a permanent marker in his pocket. Under the disbelieving look of both the shop owner and Reka, he started to draw on the mochi. “Here! HERE! LOOK!” Oh, he was proud of his creation; glasses and angry mouth were now paint on the mochi.
-“I am the tiniest and most annoying ever of all model-student, I have a Taldrin-face! That's how you do a thrust with your blade? Redo! Again! Again! Again! Too slow! Too weak!”” Zareh made the mochi say, before replying. “Oï, you plan to be on my back for how long, you tiny piece of mochi? I'm not a champion like you! So what? You expect me to get to your level? Bah!” Zareh stopped his angry monologue “Wait, you do expect me to? You think I can?” His eyes got tearful as he realized Taldrin always pushed him to improve...
Zareh wiped his eyes and looked at Reka.
-Do you understand what that means? No one ever believed or expected anything of me! EVER!” He turned to the shop owner “I need a full pack of these! How much? Never mind, keep the change!” he handed out a bill worth way more than the dozen mochis boxes he took from the shelves in a hurry.
-Reka! I'd normally give you a thank-you date, but I cannot delay myself more! I am in a mission, after all, but I am certain you can understand it!” He claimed, getting his imaginary cape to float gloriously “But I can give you the thank-you kiss nevertheless!” He leaned dangerously to kiss her, ending with her hands on his face, pushing him off.
-No kiss!” Reka almost screamed off.
-Your call, Fair Reka. Off I go, bye!”
Zareh waved at her and ran off as fast as he could to be again with his mochi-faced Taldrin!

-You have a hugely weird friend, my dear!” The shop owner commented.
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Re: New Orthobbae High, Zareh Sullisin'rune and Taldrin Smol

Postby Tsukiko » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:25 pm

Episode 5:

-That is delicious.” Taldrin commented, blinking several times, bowl in one hand, spoon on the other.
-Heh, I have many unsuspected skills, ya know. Impressed?” Zareh jokingly asked as he sat down on a cushion, facing the sick.
-Yes.” He replied bluntly, back the simple statement with a nod.
Zareh almost spilled his bowl in surprise but quickly pulled himself together.
His chin resting on his palm, elbow leant on the table he looked at Taldrin in his oversized pajamas.
-Ya better eat before I eat you, tiny. Eat all your soup, and then I'll give you a well deserved mochi. I promise.” Sure, right now he was feeling like putting said mochi in his mouth for Taldrin, and imagining him closing his eyes and shyly going up for the sweet, all kiss-like, made him giggle. But it also almost made him nosebleed now that he had that very image in mind. His giggling stopped as his face turned a bit red.
Zareh stood up and went straight for the fridge from where he took the mochis.
-Here, get your rice cakes and stop your kissing attempts!”
-What?” Taldrin looked at him, thankful and hugely surprised at the same time.
-... You don't wanna know.”
-Ok...” Taldrin took one of the mochi and slowly nibbled it away. “Thank you, Senpaï.”
-It's alright. I forgive you for this time.” Zareh said while he started to wash the dishes.
Leaving Taldrin wondering what he did or said. That was so embarrassing!

Once the washing done, Zareh sat done again.
Taldrin was all busy with his homework.
-You're not returning to school tomorrow, I hope? I saw the doctor's note. It said “at least three days of rest.” I can show you, in case you forgot to read it.”
-I don't know...”
-Bah, you have no choice anyway. I took a picture of the note and sent it to Mrs Snad.” Zareh lied, smirking at Taldrin's shocked look.
-You didn't!”
-You doubt I could do that?” Zareh now had his infamous foxy smirk on. “You're staying at home like a good boy, like the doctor said!”
Taldrin sighed.
-I still have to do my homework.”
-But I'm bored.”This time, it was Zareh's turn to sigh.
-But you know I'm boring.” Taldrin replied, still focusing on the homework.

Zareh sat still for a few minutes, then laid down on his back.
-I'm bored.”
He got no answer, and looked at Taldrin focusing on his papers.
-I'm boooored!” Zareh repeated, stretching his arms, still looking at Taldrin.
-Ok.” Was the only reply he got.
Zareh rolled around, complaining more loudly.
-I'm bored! Bored, bored, boored!”
-Yes, yes.”
Was he being casually ignored? CASUALLY ignored? Oh, that pocket-sized was not to have his ways on him!
For a moment, he stared at him, then put his “notice me being bored” plan in motion.
He left the room, only to return immediately with all the toilet paper rolls he could find.
Zareh then sat next to Taldrin, and put a first paper roll on one of Taldrin's knees.
Then a second.
A third, on Taldrin's laps. Joined by the fourth and last one.
-Shh shh.”
Zareh grabbed the flat cushion and put it on Taldrin's head.
-Zareh! What the heck are you doing!?”
-Ah-Ah! Took four toilet paper rolls and a cushion to break your focuse!”
-Really... You're impossible!” Taldrin sighed “Are you a cat, or a second year student? Here, why don't you watch a movie on my computer while I'm done?”
-Acceptable!” Zareh approved the offer. “And to be fair, I let my inner kitty talks rather than oppressing it.”

Taking the laptop, Zareh browsed it. Martial movies? That sounded fine. He picked one and played it.
-Oh, that's hot and exposed fighters there... Rawr!”
-Yeah, they go for good-looking actors to play the heroes, you know.” Taldrin replied, trying to focuse back on the Physics exercises.

-Why is the champion getting naked?” Zareh asked, tilting his head a little.
-Wait... What exactly are you watching?”
--Huh... Oooh, that's a HOT villain too!
- Z-Zareh? What in the Goddesses names are you watching?” Taldrin started to freak out.
-What? Just picked one from your collection. “Fury of the Pri-”
Without warning, Taldrin jumped from his cushion and across the table to close the laptop.
But Zareh proved faster and simply moved back a bit, letting Taldrin land on the table, hands toward the out-of-reach laptop.
-You, Mr Class President, act in a very suspicious way to say the least... What is wrong with the movie? Is it that bad? Or is it that... Hot?”
-You stupid moron! Give me my laptop now!” Taldrin was more freaking out more than actually angry.
Z. -Nope. Nononope. I need to know, now” Zareh played the movie on fast-forward. “Oh! Martial arts movie, sure... And OTHER physical arts movie too! You naughty model student!”
Just like than, the foxy smirk was back, larger than ever.
-Oh come on! As if you had no porn books too!” Taldrin pitifully tried.
-Book? BookS? You have books too?” Oh, Zareh's boredom was years away now!
-No!” Taldrin exclaimed, sitting back.
- I sensed “yes”! Where?” Now, Zareh put the laptop down and stood up, looking around.
-Stop! It's pointless! You won't find it!”
-So you confirm there is an “it” to find!”
-Please stop!” Taldrin called out desperately, before a renewed fit of cough hit him.
-You should get back in bed. Let's postpone that fun search, ok?” With that, the Sullisin'rune walked back to Taldin and without warning, he caught Taldrin and lift him up, princess-style, to get him back on his futon.
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Re: New Orthobbae High, Zareh Sullisin'rune and Taldrin Smol

Postby Tsukiko » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:23 pm

Episode 6

-Aaaaah! A nice hot shower, That's really is good!” Zareh happily exclaimed, stretching as he was just out of the bathroom.
-It is good then! And sorry again you missed the last train!”
-Don't sweat it! And stop apology so often, that's make me want to tease you!”
-Thank you then!” Taldrin said, putting his book away and looking at his senpai.
It was only now that Taldrin saw Zareh's pajamas.
It consisted of slippers.
Just slippers.
-Zareh...” Taldrin started, with a strangled voice.
-Yes, tiny?”
-Wh-What are you wearing?”
Zareh looked at himself, then at Taldrin, with a worried expression.
-Do you have fever again or something? Isn't that obvious I wear nothing?”
-How can you be so casual about it?” Taldrin asked, looking away.
-I forgot to ask you for a towel, and now that I got you nicely in bed...” It took only the time for Zareh to shower and Taldrin was sitting and reading in bed instead of staying tucked. “Heh, were you studying AGAIN? Anyhow... We took plenty of showers together already, I don't see the fuss.” He walked toward the futon, yawing. “Ya took your medicine already?”
-Zareh... When we shower after fencing club... I don't have... I don't have your “stuff” on my face!” Taldrin's face was red, despite he was still looking away.
-What? That's the trouble? Seriously?” Zareh sighed, grabbed the closest pillow and hold it on his crotch.
-Ya happy now? It's not like I had any changes, like you warned me ahead about your cold. Damn, I waited for you all day long at school, moron!” Zareh complained, the pillow hold against his family jewels. “Gee!”
-A towel would be more handy, you know... The one towel I could have give you... Well, all towels are already in the bathroom!”
-Ok, ok.”. Zareh dropped the pillow and returned to the bathroom, wrapping one towel around his hips.

Whistling, Zareh soon was back and sat next to Taldrin on the futon.
-Hmm, your face still looks a bit red and hot to me.” He said, leaning real close as he staring at Taldrin.
-I'm ok, really!” Taldrin protested.
-Ha, don't be a sissy, Mr President!” Zareh replied with a frown. “Let me check this.”
He firmly wrapped the sick's face in his hands and slowly pressed his forehead on Taldrin's, staying like that for a minute that felt like an eternity. “Hmmm. You're hot. Very hot.” Zareh chuckled. “I mean, you're still burning with fever.” He let his “victim” go and moved behind him.
With the same slow but firm movements as before, Zareh's hands ended on Taldrin's shoulders.
-Here. Let me help.” He said in a whisper, softly blowing in his ear. “I wonder how you can be that tensed... Where such a little one hoards that much stress?”
-I lately found a fox putting my nerves to quite a test...”
-Shhshhh. Let Zareh do his best on you!” As Zareh said so, Taldrin twitched. “Oh my! Poor tiny, so so tensed! Relax!”
With a newly found determination, Zareh kept massaging Taldrin's shoulders until it eventually had the right effect.
It was then that Zareh slowly opened Taldrin's pajama vest.
-What are you doing?” Taldrin turned his head around, to face Zareh's surprisingly calm mismatched eyes.
-Let me do. You'll have a better night if you're relaxed. And you'll heal better if you have good night. And I want to score with you.”
-Fencing. We have a score to settle.” So his innuendo was caught? Zareh mentally grinned broadly as he started to rub Taldrin's bare back and shoulders with the towel. “See, my mom always does that when I'm sick.” He blatantly lied with incredible confidence. “Can't take non-stop shower, but can't stay that sweaty either.”
-T-Thank you.”
That actually felt good, especially after the massage.
Suddenly, a doubt struck Taldrin... WHAT was that towel? Zareh wouldn't dare... No, no he wouldn't for sure! Certainly Zareh picked a second towel earlier. It had to be so...
-There you go! All clean and ready for the balm to be rub on that tiny little chest!” The Sul boy sure sounded happy and entertained! “On your back, tiny!”
The command contrasted greatly with Zareh's usual attitude, but this didn't last as he literally jumped on Taldrin's crotch and forced him on his back while laughing, all boisterous.
At least, Taldrin could confirm with a brief relieved sigh that the towel was still on Zareh.
He then considered Zareh again.
And blushed.
-Senpai... This is... How to say... Highly inappropriate...” Taldrin tried to explain despite his fluster.
-What? That I rub balm on your chest? On your bare chest? Or that I'm sitting on your crotch? Sitting almost naked on your crotch... And so? What a wuss you can be, really! That's how to rub the balm for best penetration of it. And you need it to penetrate nicely, yes?” Zareh looked so serious, but he couldn't be? Could he? He had to be trolling Taldrin!
-And we are done!” Zareh exclaimed as he scrubbed his palms on his own hips before closing back Taldrin's pajama. “Time to sleep!” The Sul stood up, went to turn the light off, then suddenly turned around and stared at Taldrin.
-You get under the blanket, keep to your side and start to behave! Don't attempt anything fishy again!” And with that, he turned the light off and dived on the futon, letting Taldrin wondering and confused.
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Re: New Orthobbae High, Zareh Val Sullisin'rune and Taldrin

Postby Tsukiko » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:53 pm

Episode 7
aka IT happens this episode!

The room was getting less and less dark as dawn was approaching.
With a faint whine, Taldrin opened his eyes.
The night was already over? But he was so comfy, and he could sleep some more...
He then remembered: he was sick, having sick days! He was supposed to stay in bed and sleep! Zareh even took care of it.
Zareh. Zareh?
Taldrin suddenly felt way more awake, as he realized why he felt that warm and comfy.
His face was against Zareh's bare chest, with the Sul having his arms holding him tightly against him, his cheek resting on Taldrin's head like it was a fluffy pillow...

Carefully, Taldrin freed himself off the hug. He felt a new fit of cough coming, so aside from escaping the embarrasing situation he had to get up and take his syrup.
He just got a tiny bit off the futon, stretching an arm for his medication when he heard a noise. A... Sob?
He looked to see Zareh coiling, gasping and slightly sobbing in his sleep.
Was he having a nightmare or something?
But the pain growing in Taldrin's throat made it an emergency to take the medication.
Taldrin just drank the first one and was getting the pill ones when he heard Zareh's gasping getting stronger.
Quickly, he swallowed the pills and went back to his senpai.
He looked so panicked and sad, it worried Taldrin even if he only was having a bad dream.
-Zareh...” Taldrin softly called out “It's alright!”
Zareh didn't need more to suddenly sit, still asleep, and hug him.
And tackled him on the futon, laying on top of Taldrin. Flattening him.
And immediately relaxing, petting Taldrin's hair and using his head as his pillow again.
Once again, Taldrin felt very confused.
Zareh had a special talent for making Taldrin confused, even when he wasn't actively trying to!
But was it that bad? For it also made him felt existent in someone's life for the first time since... For the first time ever?
There was no harm in letting Zareh use him as his anti-nightmare pillow, if that helped him that much.
The constant pushing toward the edges of his comfort zone, despite unpleasant in itself, was making Taldrin feel more real and alive.
Zareh was forcing colors where Taldrin was only a passing ghost in his own grey life.
-Thank you.” He whispered,his eyes closed again.

It was a little past dawn when Zareh woke up, half a hour after Taldrin first did.
It was so comfy. So warm. Smelling so good. Feeling so soft in his arms. So reassuring. His best, his favorite plush- TALDRIN?
Zareh jumped off in a blink.
He stared at him. Poked his cheek lightly.
Yeah. It was real. And he was naked. In Taldrin's bed.
He now remembered fully, and he was so glad Taldrin was still asleep! What if he witnessed his complete nakedness, andf worse, his super cuddly sleep?
-No freaking way, ya hear me!” Zareh freaked out a little.
-I hear you but... What is it?” Taldrin rubbed his eyes, his hand mostly covered by the overly big sleeve.
-No freaking way I take coffee without sugar!”Zareh was now fully out of bed, wrapping the towel back and wandering in the room, trying to calm down from the adrenaline rush he just had.
-You say weird things as soon as you get up. But good morning.” Taldrin slowly got out of bed too. He crossed the room and opened the cupboard. Took the instant coffee and the sugar next to it.
-Why don't you just get dressed while I prepare breakfast?” Taldrin offered.
He was so calm it smoothed Zareh.
There he stood in the room turned in a soft shade of golden light as the rising sun rays were going through the curtains, watching Taldrin boiling water and cleaning mugs.
Zareh felt peaceful. Serene.
-Like my pocket husband.” He murmured.
-What is it now?” Taldrin asked.
-Is it so: you need your glasses, you sleepy head.” Zareh replied in a soft, suave way after picking said glasses still next to the messy futon. “Else how can you see my beautiful lips returning you your “good morning”, tiny?” Zareh went on, walking on Taldrin and pinning him against the cupboard, leaning his face dangerously close to Taldrin's face. “Good morning, tiny.” Zareh said very slowly, pushing the glasses on Taldrin's nose.
Zareh's empathy made him feel Taldrin's tsunami of fluster. But with embarrased blush, Zareh attributed this feeling and the crazy heatbeat it generated to his own emotions alone.
He then suddenly patted Taldrin's hair and turned.
-Now you see me right, yeah? You can be grateful for such dreamy sight from early morning. I'll take my coffee without sugar and my eggs sweet with ton of sugar!” He said without turning back, picking instead his clothes and heading to the bathroom.
Safe! There he was safe from that menacingly cute mochi-face! Just to be sure, Zareh hastily locked the door.
He splashed his face with icy water several time to drown his embarrasment and restore his foxy cool smile.
Damn it! He had been that close, that very close, to actually kiss him! Sure, it was super funny and cute to see mr-oh-so-serious Taldrin get flustered... Oh Goddesses, did he thought “cute”? “SUPER cute”?
Zareh looked at himself in the mirror.
-It's a super funny game, and you, sir, are the Paladin of Fun in a crusade against the Serious-Evil!” He told his reflection, immediately imaginating Taldrin as an evil Overlord too small to fill his dark throne.
And bursted in an out of control laugh.

Meanwhile, Taldrin was left with his heart pounding so fast and hot waves of shame. For he really thought Zareh was going to kiss him.
He was already happy to have Zareh caring for him -even in his twisted way. A kiss? Zareh was having fun like he always was. Illness was making him a fool, hindering his reasoning...
The kettle made a most welcomed whistling, dragging Taldrin out of his thoughts and back on the breakfast.
Coffee and sweet scrambled eggs, that was something he could prepare! What new prank plotting causing Zareh to have so much laugh was something he'd worry about later.

-Smells good!” Zareh joyfully noticed as he was back, back in his uniform.
The table was set, mugs waiting with steamy coffee and plates filled with dessert-like scrambled eggs topped with left-over mochis.
The only shadow to that was the Overlord not looking as nice as the breakfast was.
Taldrin was pale and seemed groggy.
-Tiny?” Zareh felt guilty. Did he make him work too hard?
Taldrin smiled at him.
-Overlord, you really are sick. Your mouth does a weird thing. I thing the Good-doers call it a “smile”.” Zareh joked, despite the seriousness of his concern. “Please, eat and return to bed.” He took a mouthful of eggs. Perfect overly sweet eggs. Delightful. “And stop making the mind deviate like that, you shameless mochi!”
Taldrin sighed. He was too tired to even try to understand Zareh's new fancy. He instead forced himself to eat, but appetite wasn't there.
When was it that the blanket was on his shoulders and that Zareh stood up to wash to dishes?
-I have to go to school, but you promise me you stay in bed and call me if not feeling any better. No, in fact, I want you to promise you'll call me, whatever the case.” He never liked school much, but the idea of going there today was worse than ever. “You still have a bowl of soup and eggs for lunch. I come back right after school, okay?”
-Yes.” Taldrin faintly replied.
Zareh was already at the entrance, putting on his shoes.
-Wait!” Taldrin cried out, rushing after him. “Lunch! I made you... lunch.”
-Oh, my perfect, adorable mochi husband!” Zareh purred.
Again, he pinned him to the wall, and again leaned so close he could get Taldrin's skin scent.
He had to go to school, but he could go with the image of his favorite model-student blushing.
Slowly, very slowly he reached Taldrin's mouth and picked with his finger a teensy piece of egg.
-Clumsy little husband.” Zareh was proud of is joke.
And was taken by surprise by the sadness that hit him so hard. It was like a blow, like Quain-sensei punched him in the belly... Looking at Taldrin's face, he understood that it wasn't his emotion, but Taldrin's.
-Why? Why you do that?”
-I know I am no one! I know no one will ever love me! I know I am boring and plain, but do you really need to remind me like that how plain and ugly and unkissable I am!?”
Along with sadness, shame was submerging Taldrin. Since when was that pathetic and pitiful? And that much of an embarrassing cry-baby! That wasn't him! That was the fever!
But now he made such a scene, Zareh will go away! He'll lose his first friend! He'll lose his crush! He'll lose everything because of his stupid, shameful, annoying behavior! A cracked appeared on his shell, and it was enough to crumble away, revealing his despicable personality!

Zareh looked at him, caught in an emotions maelstrom. Taldrin's, and his owns.
Zareh looked at him, his mouth trembling and tears running down his cheeks, crying in shame and despair.
-You're plenty attractive! Definitely kissable! Super kissable! Super cute! Goddesses!”
IT happened.
He could never win that game, for this never was one.
Zareh loved Taldrin. And if Taldrin always eluded or flustered from his flirts instead of rejecting him clearly, it was because... Zareh was loved back...
IT happened.
Their lips met, discovering each other. Their tongues met, tasting each other.

-I'm crazy for you, Tiny. How couldn't you tell?”
Fuck school.
His boyfriend was burning with fever and low self-confidence at the moment.
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