Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Yao Huang » Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:51 am

I've been reading the comic and sulking around the forums for a couple years and now throw out my first character i feel like im moving too fast oh no :@ :U

Name: Yao'huang [Novassul]

Race: Lath'Ssu Halfbreed

Age: 52

On Hand
*Steel quarterstaff [Primary]
*Steel knife with a four inch blade
*Red dyed rope [4ft], wrapped around waist as decor but can be used practically
In Bag
*General First Aid [Bandages, salves, sewing materials for stiches]
*Mask [In case of Kyorl patrols]
*Hairbands [Expect them turn up missing]

Fire Sorcery, Inadequate. Weak and more likely to give himself minor scalds on a good day, and burn almost everyone around him on a very bad one. Can use it to good effect if concentrating particularly hard and he somehow rolls a critical success

Beginning city: Val'Raveran

Clan: Jie'yen

Background: The story of the romance between Kyorl and Sullisin'rune is likely one of passion and tragedy of likely epic proportions- maybe- that would directly result in Yao's existence. Unfortunately, the result in question has little idea of his parent's relationship or even who they are. A halfbreed is sure to damage an upstanding Kyorl's status, and the Kyorl in question decided to feign the child's stillbirth for the sake of her own reputation, and have the newborn quietly removed and placed into the unforgiving streets of Chel to save herself the guilt of killing him herself.

A merchant who recently had lost her only son found the abandoned boy and took him in. The next fifteen years, he would be raised strictly, carefully groomed to become the name of the one he replaced; Novassul. But the new Novassul was far different from Savaara's original son, loud and bombastic with a refusal to be silent to save his life and an inability to stay still. Savaara retaliated with strictness and punishments, all to mold the boy into her lost son, but eventually found it fruitless. Coming to terms with her failure and deciding to move on with her life, she left Nova in the streets of Chel while the boy went on an 'errand'. For the second time, Nova was abandoned.

A Jie'yen keen on becoming a hermit on the surface had happened to make her passing through Chel and only through happenstance heard the child bawling in an ally, being observed and toyed with by a group of street Ferals. She intervened and drove off the ferals, and had expected to go on her way, but little Nova only followed her like a duckling. Xili'ang had intended to die, but instead found herself in possession of a halfbreed child that she had no idea what to do with. Unable to abandon the him after having unwittingly picked him up, she put her slow burn suicide plan on hold to find the orphan a family. After many failings and a growing attachment, Xili eventually admitted defeat and took sole guardianship of the halfbreed.

Far different from the boring stillness of learning trade, Novassul's energy and exuberance was channeled through martial arts, teaching him discipline and obedience, something that came more easily due to his Ssu half. Xili'ang eventually bestowed upon Novassul a new name at the boy's request, and with this Yao'huang abandoned his past as Novassul. Xili then returned to Nuqrah'shareh, surprising many with both her return and her new... Aquisition, with varying responses. Overall, Xili was allowed her charge, though how exactly Yao does not know, as he was too young and admittedly very sheltered by his guardian growing up.

Among the Jie'yen he bloomed, becoming a skilled martial artist who enjoyed himself as a skilled duelist, frequently challenging others and generally winning most. He became something of local fame among his peers, one who never refused a challenge and always willing to test himself against those who far outstripped him in skill. He's challenged his betters to duels so often it had become something of normal routine to watch him get soundly defeated multiple times throughout the day, though he would be grinning happily even through his bloody noses and bruises. He was never truly a Jie'yen, but endeared himself to those that mattered none the less, making it difficult to find reason to be rid of him, even if he was full of noise and silliness.

More concerning was his inability to use mana arts. When time came to teach him sorcery, he nearly burned down the classroom with every attempt to control his fire. It became something of a mark of shame, making him an incredible oddity at being a rare drow who has little to no ability to control abilities that should be innate. Many blame his mixed heritage, his undeniably self centered [if not benign] nature, or even his Chel origins, but rarely to his face lest he go into a rage.

When the Illhar'dro made the decision to return to Raveran, Xili'ang made the decision to go with them, and Yao'huang would follow his parent to the ends of the earth. However, they would part soon after arrival, for not a moon after settling Yao would return to find his beloved guardian dead in her own study, throat slit cleanly and deliberately, and most disturbing of all, without struggle. The sight of her serene expression struck him as odd, made him question why, and it would haunt him until it became point of obsession, now questioning many things about his guardian's life. Why had she wanted to die on the surface? Why did she die now? Who would have killed her, and what gain did they have from it? Could this even be considered an honorable end to a life?

Unable to shake the questions from his head and too impatient to wait for the Jie'yen's careful and deliberate investigations, he sets out into Raveran to seek answers, though he knows well that alone he would find very little. He needs to seek the assistance of drow far more savvy and cunning than he, and he can only hope once he finds them, he won't be screwed by the very wit he needs to find his parent's killer.

Description: A terribly short drow, even for a male, Yao stands at five feet four inches exactly with an almost waifish look in body when he wears anything not formfitting, in fact, he almost looks as if he drowns in anything else, ergo is often seen in the traditional sleeveless 'turtlenecks' of the Jie'yen and pants, with little to no armor. Despite this, years of martial arts has given him lean muscle and a solid weight. He has slightly wavy hair in a pastel pink shade, though if you said so, he would be very quick to correct you it is simply a light shade of most definete red. He has grown his hair out in recent years, now just long enough to reach mid-neck, and is frequently tied back in a small puff of a tail. Something of a 'pretty' boy, he has a soft face, even androgynous from some angles, with the bright blue eyes of a Sul. His hands and arms are scarred up to the elbows from burns during his first attempts at taming fire, which are usually covered up by gloves, and wears a single gold earring on his left ear that once belonged to his guardian before her death.

Time Zone/Activity: Eastern
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:00 pm

Yao Huang:

Please change your character's sorceries. He can only have either empathy or a sorcery, and empathy cannot directly heal.


Character is now approved, have fun!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Gunbird » Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:56 am

Name: Inynda




Weapons: She carries a Kukri like blade and a smaller dagger that looks similar to a Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife.

Equipment: Standard fallen Legion clothing and armor. Rope, canteen, notebook, pen, and rations. She sometimes has a coin purse with 25 Ada in it when she's off-duty.

Magic: Light sorcery.She use it to blind enemy, some what like a flashbing grande.

Beginning city: Val'Raveran


Profession: Fallen-legion Hand to hand trainer and scout.

Skills/Fighting Style: Unlike the kung-fu like fighting style Jie'Yen, Inynda is much more savage and brutal. It's similar to hybrid forms of martial arts like Krav Maga, Hapkido and Systema.

Hight:7.8 feet
Build: Muscular. Almost like the Quain'tana.
Eye color: Blue
Hair:Louse Ponytail colored black and red black.

Personalty: Like most legionnaire, she is a no-nonsense type of person. She's calm cool and collective and does her best to keep herself from getting distracted while on mission. SHe doesn't even yell that much when training recruits for the legionnaires.

Background: : Inynda was a former trainee of the Jie'Yen dojo,(or whatever they call it in the drowtales universe) but she was kicked out for performing "dishonorable" techniques. After a decade of wandering she join the Sarghress, first as a home guard then as a legionnaire.

She personally believes in commoners ruling the underworld. But she also understands that the former mercenaries that are running the clan seems to have a lack of political understanding.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:32 pm


Refused. Sorry, but Fallen Legion aren't allowed in the Raveran RP as each Fallen Legion member has to be personally approved by Quain'tana.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Gunbird » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:29 pm

Yah, I over looked that rule. Sorry about that.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Tath'roosyraen » Sun May 08, 2016 9:58 am


Name: Tath'roosyraen
Race: Drowolath
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Clan: Sarghress
Beginning City: Val'Raveran



Height: 2.41m (7'11'')
Weight: 119kg (262lbs)
Eye Color: Dull Blue
Hair Color: White

Physical Description:
Tath's tall, looming figure catches people's attention unless he manages to slip away into the shadows, and he is unmistakably a very handsome young man in his best years with objectively good physical traits and a fair amount of muscle adorning his lithe frame — much to his dismay. Tath's face is slim with sharp angles and straight lines, clearly distinguishable eyebrows, and a long and small but pointy nose. His pale blue eyes looks like they had been dulled by his hardships and foul attitude, often out of focus when talking to people as if he was looking at something behind them, and very seldom full of life; if ever at all. His movements are surprisingly smooth and precise, as you'd almost expect him to be jittery and twitchy, and his talent for avoiding and dodging is almost uncanny. Almost as if he has spent his entire life avoiding people.


  • Basic Mana Manipulation
  • High Arts [Unknown & Untrained]
  • Hand Crossbow
  • Fine Dagger
  • Light armour made of Spider Silk
  • Mismatching left shoulderguard
  • Short cape
Other gear:
  • Crossbow bolts [9]
  • Hunting Knife
  • Comb
  • Hair brush
  • Mirror
  • Bandages

Combat Skills:
Alone, he learned to survive, partially thanks to what little combat training his sister would allow him to have, but also as Tath does not have any honour or pride, playing dirty to win by any means necessary. To not be killed, he favors avoiding blows rather than letting his armour take them, something he was exceedingly good at. He learned to be pretty good with his hand crossbow, and his skills with a dagger are at the very least subpar but he prefers not to get into situations where he needs his dagger, so he usually relies heavily on his good reflexes when he must. As for Tath's mana manipulation and High Arts, he was never taught to use it at all, and doesn't even know what he is capable of. But he is fine with that, as drawing too much attention to himself is only bound to bring trouble along with it.


Tath is a very paranoid, pessimistic, and grumpy individual, mainly due to his upbringing. As such, he is not very good at dealing with people in social situations, and especially women who make him feel uncomfortable and afraid. Of course, he can function socially, but he'd rather be left alone most of the time, and prefer not to attract much attention. But, if approached he will not tell anyone off unless he is clearly in an advantage were a fight to break out, due to being a complete pushover. Though if left alone, Tath can be surprisingly stubborn as well as clever.

Coming from a house serving under Sarghress, Tath'roosyraen was decently well off during his childhood when it came to wealth, much thanks to his oldest sister, Xunintra. But, all was not well. In fact, Tath's situation within his house caused him to eventually run away.

With only older sisters in his family who — along with his niece — only viewed him as a tool to gain more power, Tath'roosyraen grew up to be a pushover who is terribly uncomfortable when women are around. Due to discovering his capability for High Arts, he was deemed worthy to live by his older sister who had killed all his previous would-be brothers that she thought were unnecessary for her House's survival. But when his oldest sister decided to force Tath to have a child with her daughter to produce an suitable heir for her, he ran away, afraid that as soon as his child grew up to be the heir his oldest sister wanted, he'd be disposed of like his brothers as he no longer served a purpose.

As of now, he has just arrived in Val'Raveran, where he seeks to find a way of living without feeling the intimidating, huge figure of his sister looming over him every step he takes.

Time Zone: GMT+1
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Tue May 17, 2016 3:32 pm


Your character is approved, however with one caveat; keep in mind that High Arts are learned and not innate as your character sheet seems to imply.
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