Ch45 Summary - Jaal sidestory

Ch45 Summary - Jaal sidestory

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And now, for the last part of Ch45. *wee*

==Jaal'darya sidestory==
Right after Ariel drops Wafay of with Suu’be and long before the Sarghress complete their conquest of Chel, the allegations of Nidraa’chall activity within the Jaal’darya are about to be investigated.

===Suu'be’s skepticism===
Suu’be points out the absurdity of sending troops away from where the Sarghress needs them based on a seemingly improbable story about a clan that should have already been wiped out while Wafay tries to obtain her help by stating she can pay for it. Suu'be explains that it’s the only reason why she even bothered to hear Wafay out. Suu'be tells Wafay to wait while she tries to find troops to spare.

Several days have passed and Wafay is still waiting. A servant comes and Wafay asks where is Sata to which the servant responds the golem is ok. Suddenly, three other Sarghress clan members arrive to harass Wafay but two other members of the Sarghress comes to her rescue and sent the three on their way. One of the two turns out to be named Erelice and Wafay asks if they are here for her to which Erelice confirms yes.

===Meeting the squad===
Erelice and the other Sarghress takes Wafay out to meet the squad, where she is reunited with Sata. Erelice introduces herself as the squad leader, and then introduces Wafay to the rest of the squad. The other Sarghress she has already met is Filf'rae who is the second in command, Vayas'arn, Brizdra and Sabryne. Vayas'arn is impressed with Wafay’s golem. Wafay asks if this is the entire squad and Brizdra states that Suu'be wouldn’t waste troops before Erelice interrupts her and tactfully states that with the war effort, the Sarghress can’t afford to send more troops on this mission. However, Erelice proceeded to state that Suu'be handpicked the squad members for this mission and that they are all specialists. Sabryne in particular is one of the elite Fallen Legion. The group then leaves to start the investigation.

===Towards the Jaal'darya fortress===
On the way to Wafay’s home, Wafay asks how the squad’s skills can stop her mother. Erelice responds that they are equipped to deal with a range of scenarios. She does however ask Wafay what the squad might face. Filf'rae and Vayas'arn encourage Wafay as she tries to recall what might be important and states that her mother has been spending all her time experimenting on a flower. She explains that the flower latches on a victim and after a while, the victim shrivels up and die. Erelice asks if it’s a mana draining plant to which Wafay is unsure. Brizdra asks for what proof Wafay has that her mother’s experiments are linked to the Nidraa'chal. Wafay answers that she has been looking through her mother’s encoded notes. She also states that a woman who may also be a Nidraa'chall visits her mother often but because she wears a hood and hides her face, she isn’t sure who the visitor is. As the group talk, it turns out they were being spied on. These spies make themselves known.

===Separation from Wafay===
The spies turn out to Jaal'’darya golems. They demand Wafay back. Wafay protests but Erelice decides to let them take Wafay back, surprising Wafay and Brizdra. As Wafay leaves with the golems, Brizdra protests but Erelice states that the mission proceeds as before, giving Brizdra some relief.

===Crossing the lake===
The squad secures a couple of boats to cross the lake separating them from the Jaal'darya fortress. While crossing the lake, they are attacked by the Jaal’s golems. The squad fights back and successfully crosses the lake where they are greeted by the Jaal'darya clan members.

The Jaals ask the Sarghress squad to explain themselves. Erelice, who is surprised to see a male member of the Jaal'darya answers that Wafay invited them. Erelice explains that they have information that may be worthy of the Jaal Ill’'aress’ ears and would like to speak with the ambassador the Jaals have for the Sarghress, if not Asira herself. The Jaals decide to let them stay as they arrange an audience with Asira'malika.

===Investigation begins===
Several hours later, the squad is still waiting for somebody to see them. Vayas'arn notes that they’re like prisoners since they can’t leave the room. Suddenly, Sabryne notices a small golem with a message attached. She whispers in Brizdra’s ears and Brizdra uses a spellsong to put everyone to sleep. She then helps her squadmates wake up. Brizdra tells Erelice that they have a lead and Sabryne has a map courtesy of Wafay. The squad then follow the map. They reach a room and Erelice tells Vayas'arn and Brizdra to stand guard while Filf'rae and Sabryne goes in with her. They are shocked by what they see. The flowers causing two bodies to rot inside out and a map apparently showing the flowers have been sent to various locations. A golem attacks them but the three defeat it. Unfortunately, the Jaals catch them.

Later, during a hearing with a council of Jaal representatives, the Jaal'darya demand that the squad explains their actions. Erelice explains Wafay’s concerns about a Nidraa'chal conspiracy within the clan and the squad has found that Femi has indeed created a flower similar to what Wafay describe. This troubles the Jaals who admit that while Femi has the right to develop such a weapon, they have had traitors before. They also state that Femi is in Felde and thusly can’t answer to the allegations. The Jaals state that if Femi doesn’t return, the Sarghress have their permission to go after Femi and bring her back, so long as they do so without harming her. They then allow the Sarghress to leave.

===After the hearing===
Asira saw the entire hearing without the Sarghress’ knowledge. A subordinate states it was as Asira suspected and the Sarghress won’t let it rest with Sillice among them and she wonders what is Asira’s next move. Asira answers “What do you think?”. Filf'rae and Brizdra asks Erelice why she didn’t mention the map or the encoded journal. She answers that the Jaals would figure it out anyway and they might never have let them leave. Vayas'arn is concerned that the Nidraa'chal are still around and worries there might be another war but Sabryne reassures her saying that they are already at war, the stakes simply got higher. The squad leaves Jaal territory and proceed to report back to Quain.
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