Ch45 Summary - Everything else besides Jaal story

Ch45 Summary - Everything else besides Jaal story

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The rest of ch45 besides the Jaals story.

==Quain'tana's past==
As the Sarghress and their associates leave Ys, the battles in Chel continue. Quain'tana and Koil'dorath kill a Sharen dragon rider and the dragon as Koil notes the street urchins have gotten bold in looting the Sharen corpse before the dragon is even done dying, right in front of them no less. Quain replies that they’ve learned not to fear the Sarghress and states that it speaks of the change the Sarghress brings as she remembers her own days as a street urchin.

When Quain was a street rat, as she was stealing food to survive, a Sharen dragon knight killed one of her companions in the theft. Her other companion had already fled. Quain'tana is left alone facing the Sharen and flees in terror. The Sharen dragon rider caught up to her however and manages to injure her, causing her to black out in pain.

When Quain'tana came to, she tried to find shelter as she recovers from her injuries, narrowly escaping a slaver by falling into a pit. Hungry, she kills a tiktikki to feed on it’s blood for strengh. As her injuries heal, she encounters other homeless street urchins, all saying the same thing, that the Vals are undefeatable, making Quain angrier and angrier.

Quain'tana tracks down the Sharen who injured her, recognizing his dragon outside a tea house. She disguises herself as a servant and brings tea to him. Quain'tana then tries to kill him but he fends her off with earth sorcery and throws manabolt at her but it turns out Quain has the ability to dissipate mana, which not even she knew. Quain'tana them uses a cloak hanger as an improvised weapon and skewers the Sharen with it. She also grabs the knife the Sharen pulled out and stabs him with it. After the death, Quain declares the Vals can be killed as the dead Sharen shows what would become the future Sarghress symbol.

===Present day===
Back in the present, Koil was confused by Quain’s statement and Quain explained she was just lost in memories. She then comments on the state of the Sharen, besieged by the commoners they despised, their fortress a prison, the pretense of birthright granting them dominion proven wrong several times and that they stand alone. Quain then declares that the mighty can be made to fall. Koil brings up that rebuilding will be hard and also states that pillaging the Sharen supplies could help with that. Quain longs to end it all with Sarv defeated, Zala missing and Quain declaring she will kill Snad if she returns to the schools. Quain then takes down the Sharess statue, declaring there is no goddess and that the children of Chel can do anything without their oppressors.

==Parley with the Vel'sharen==
===Ash'waren’s message===
It is then that a Sul courier brings a message from Ash'waren. The courier states that Ash would like to meet with Quain. Quain leaves things in Koil’s hands and goes to meet with Ash at the Sarghress fort. Ash asks Quain to end it all which annoys Quain because she was going to do it anyway but Ash states that other matters have come up that needs their attention. They have lost contact with nearly every colony and plantation save for Machike. Ash also brings up the Kyorl issue and Quain is shocked to learn Shimi'lande is dead. Ash also states that the Nals have closed up, the Illhar'dros are returning to strike at them and there’s a report suggesting the Jaals may have made a weapon for the enemy. This is all in addition to the fact that her own clan is full of traitors. Ash states that Quain could kill every enemy but she still can’t kill starvation. She suggests they offer parley so the war may end, and Quain agrees. Ash has decided to stay with the Sarghress since her people are full of traitors.

===Parley given===
Koil gives the Sharen the terms and Phani'lath states the given time is not enough for a proper consideration of the terms while Sun'ya states the Sarghress will lose many of their soldiers if they attack to which Koil counters the Sarghress can afford that while the Sharen can’t. Saph'ala sees they are terms of surrender and refuses to accept them. Saph'ala wonders why her mother and their allies aren’t moving. Sun'ya brings the message that Zala’s orders are to stay put and hold, which puts them in a panic until Sabbror calms them down and declares he will give Zala the time she needs by discussing with the Sarghress as a stalling tactic.

Sabbror arrives to see Quain. He reminisces of the past and Quain brings up past grievances. Quain wonders if Sabbror is challenging her but he answers no when he sees a corpse. He wants to challenge those who orchestrated the loss of his side through their sabotage and betrayal, he wants revenge. Sabbror states that if Quain holds her attacks, he will lead her to Zala so they can speak.

===Sarv'swati and Nir'naya===
Sarv'swati and Nir'naya sees Sabbror leading Quain to Zala. Sarv thinks Zala will surrender and thinks it’s all over. Nirnaya disputes that and tries to encourage Sarv to kill Quain. Sarv refuses and believes the Sharen’s downfall would not have happened if she, Zala and Snad remained loyal to Diva.

==Diva'ratrika's legacy==
===Council Dome===
Tebryne and a fellow Sarghress search through the Council Dome. They are shocked that the Sharens have disrespected their own ancestor Sharess. As they approach the throneroom, Tebryne doubts her companion's suggestion that Diva somehow survived all this time. In the throneroom, they find Diva’ratrika’s corpse with a book at her feet.

Meanwhile, at Mimaneid, a very much alive Diva thinks that all the world needs now is the right guide to make sure Snad doesn’t destroy it. She witnesses the Kavahini clan sending their warriors flying to Felde as she reminisces on how proud she is of Sillice for not once faltering in her cause. She expresses regret that she can't join them.
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