Ini'riia's bio

Ini'riia's bio

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| section = Moonless Age Cameo
| faction = Val'Nal'sarkoth
| status = Nal'sarkoth heir
| race = Drowolath
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* [[Rel'Lumia Val'Nal'sarkoth]] - Mother
* [[Gailen Val'Nal'sarkoth]] - Son
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[[Category:Can be featured]]
<section begin=feature />Ini'riia is the oldest daughter and heir to the [[Val'Nal'sarkoth]]<section end=feature />

==Appearance and Personality==
Ini'riia has green hair and also wears a green dress. She also has an alternative white dress. She has a friendly personality.

==Biography - Arc 1==
Ini'riia heads to Orthorbbae so she can drop her son Gailen of. She enthusiastically greets Kel'noz and remarks that it has been a while. Ini'riia then introduces her son to him and states she hopes she can meet the boy’s father again. She then greets Ariel and was misled by Kel'noz into thinking Ariel was a male.

===The Gathering===
Ini'riia was present alongside her mother at the gathering. Her expression as the Vloz'ress claim they mean no harm showed she was skeptical of their statement.

==Biography - Arc 2==
===Before the Vloz’ress attack===
Ariel and Sarnel see Ini'riia talking about an unspecified topic with Ysmir. The two Sarghress assume the topic involved political manuevering and this influenced Ariel's verdict when dealing with Minalia's claims against Calin.

===Beginning of the attack===
When Ysmir heard the commotion, Ini'riia tells her to follow her and states they’re here, confusing Ysmir.

===Planning the counter attack===
When Ariel asks what happened, Ini'riia explains that the Vloz'ress kidnapped Ysmir. Ini'riia knew Ysmir was receiving threats but she did not expect an attack and criticises herself for not being prepared. She then tells Ariel she believes the Vloz infiltrated the district through the trash chutes connecting the North Cliff district to the rift. Ini'riia then tells Ariel she’s Val and whether she likes it or not, the few Sarghress with them are her’s to lead but said Ariel could instead choose to go with her. After Ariel comes up with a plan, she asks Ini'riia if she would like to follow but Ini'riia says she can’t leave Kyorl'gan.

==Notable Quotes==
"''You are a Val whether you want it or not. You may only have three Sarghress with you but they are yours to lead.''"

==Character Concept==

Image:Concept_(CHARNAME).jpg|Official concept art of (CHARNAME).

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Re: Ini'riia's bio

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