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Postby Brawl97 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:53 pm

Nel sighed What in the fuck is going on boss? Why is that damn human running and what is he running from? o_O

(All i got ^^;)
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Re: Hearts of War. (SA) Open

Postby SoulCode » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:45 am

No sooner had they ordered Chrono to surrender did they start blasting holes in the building.
"I'm too young to die. Eh, in drow years that is." Chrono started the engine, it's inhale of it's air-intake buffled as it spurtted out balls of black smug. Then it purred like a kitten and shook like a cylinder-powered fire.

"Ohhh I think I'll keep you." Chrono smiled as another shot pierced a wall, taking a side mirror off a parked Humvee.

The main door was suicide yet with this bike he could squeeze through the back door.
No later had Chrono mounted the bike and aimed at the door did Mr. Angry Agent burst it open.
"Die MotherF**ker Die!" he shouted as he shot at Chrono.

"No thanks!" Chrono yelled in response as he used his good-for-nothing halm weight and forced the tread-bike up in a wheelee with a high-torc reeve. The shots rebounded off the armored track as Chrono sped ultimately ran over the Agent and out the door.

Had it been a Humvee it would not have made the sheer climb over the snowbank wall. Yet this tank-like cycle not only drove well, it gave the halm a few seconds of air as it reached the top.
Off he sped away from the base.
In a tower Reka had positioned herself to snipe.
Special Agent Parker was yelling Valeera for simply doing nothing. Pausing from his lecture for a moment, Parker saw the exit Chrono made and nearly shook Reka with his yelling,
"What Are You Waiting For?! Shoot!"
Chrono gained further distance, 50 m
Reka paused then asked, "Dead sir?"
Agent Parker looked to have been hit with a realization brick. If Reka had to guess it, his mission was to bring Chrono in as undamaged as possible.
Chrono gained further distance, 100 m
"Dammit can you blast his tire?"
"No." Reka replied
"What!? Why not?!"
Chrono gained further distance, 200 m
"Armored Track."
"What kind of bike has that!?"
"My bike."
Chrono gained further distance, 300 m
"Grrr if he..."
"450 meters"
"What no way he got that-"
"500 meters"
Chrono gained further distance, 400 m
"Goddess dammit! I don't care anymore! SHOOT!"

The sound of the un-silenced Sniper rifle echoed over all the sounds around.

Rolled a 13

Reka calmly stood up and turned, smoke still coming from the barrel.
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Re: Hearts of War. (SA) Open

Postby Tsukiko » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:46 pm

Taldrin was still in the cafetariat with Trinita and few others.
It really annoyed him not to know what was going on there.
But then, it turned clear all the issue was about that goblin guy. And Taldrin felt even more pissed.
All that mess for a single goblin? One that was supposed to be an ally?
Sure, Taldrin didn't really knew him, but so far his instinct never failed him and he still was sure the guy was not an ennemy, for Sharess sake!
"What had been done to make him run for his life, you think?"
Having a good hold on his gun, he was ready for orders from the officer.
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