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This is everyone's first warning. (Updated Dec 30/2016)

This is everyone's first warning. (Updated Dec 30/2016)

Postby midnightbast » Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:19 pm

Forums Rules

1. Racism, gender, orientation, ect. attacks are not ok.

This is a forum with a very diverse following and no group should be made to feel unwelcome. Keep that in mind so you do not get a temp or perma ban. This is a fair warning for all.

2. No personal attacks. Period.

Please keep in mind that joke-fighting among one another can mistakenly be interpreted as actual fighting. This may result in the mods stepping in despite your actual intentions.

3. No real world political or religion discussion.

4. No fighting.

There is a difference between a fight and debate.

Debate: Full Definition of DEBATE

: a contention by words or arguments: as
a : the formal discussion of a motion before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure
b : a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides

5. No Passive Aggressive Comments towards other posters

The moderator team has a VERY low tolerance for passive aggressiveness. Too often it is used to insult others. Try to keep that in check.

6. Mel/Quain/Snads Debate

If you want to have the Mel/Quain/Snads debate keep it to the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=18346

7. Be Kind to Cameo Owners

While it's cool to debate characters, their motivations, and even how they may meet their ends, there is an especially fine line in doing so when it's a fan-created cameo. People put their hearts and souls into their creations, so please take a moment to consider the person behind the character before you comment. It's one thing to debate, another thing entirely to be nasty. Wishing gruesome deaths upon cameo characters isn't acceptable.
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