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Smite Me O Mighty Smiter!

Smite Me O Mighty Smiter!

Postby Whizzard » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:22 pm



Is there anyone else out there who plays Smite?


Smite is DotA clone of sorts (I loathe the term MOBA), except it's in 3rd person view and you play as one of the 40 (and the number is growing) digitalized gods from Hindu god Agni to Greek god Zeus who have answered to mortals pleas to descend from the Heavens, ascend from Hells and generally come out of hiding from where ever their respectable homes are and lay down some good old smiting on their foes. Except the foes gods have listened as well. And gods intervene everywhere! From battlefields to tournaments to gladiator arenas, probably even in naked mudwrestling though sadly not pictured in the game.

And this leads to all sorts of fun clashes between gods from different religions! Zeus vs Odin, Ares vs Thor, Loki vs Ra, Apollo vs the Monkey King... Or all aforementioned together in a massive duke out in roman Colosseum!

The game is a lot simpler to play than say League of Legends (and more fun to be honest), plus you are much closer to the action.
There's also a prism of humor added, with gods spewing lame puns at each other (Ra: "Sunlight is good for you in moderation. *smallsmile* Unfortunately for you I am moderating it! }:3 ") and handy voice commands utilizing the Announcer can be used to quickly update your teammates on the situation.


And for extra incentive... Manowar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA4XFHfpmRQ

You can download it from: here (Yes, needs an account)

The game is Free 2 Play and honestly, I haven't seen a single pop up asking for money for some extra features nor does money give anyone any advantage over regular players. Using cash only means you can acquire new gods faster and you can also buy new skins for your gods to add more variety. Oh and all gods can be tried out in solo play so you can plan which god to buy while you gather the ingame currency.

One last thing: You can add me under the name Laerei for some team up! Right now I prefer to play as Chronos, the titan of Time.
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