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Val Raven Shinning Mussel

Val Raven Shinning Mussel

Postby Raknel » Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:15 am

(( Its party time in a minor brothel . For everybody what play minor clans , traiders , merecnarys, rogues or normal peasants can meet here other or enjoy the party (..of course can join a great clan too but he must have his reasons too be here in a commoner brothel) . I can play any NPC to bring you more inside when you want . Renember its a brothel but its open forum too - discretion ^^; . Have fun.))

Its party time in the shinning mussel, a old brothel in a former traiding destrict . The signhead of this house , a sliced mussel , blink in the brightest colour and invite everybody to come closer . Two bouncer , a huge orc and a grim looking drow let everbody in what not look for troubel .

Inside was the paradise for everbody what have littel bit money . The building have two floors , the ground floor was a long main hall ,the cold walls a decorated with diffrent colored cloths and silks strips . Endless carpents lay criss-cross overlapped around so thats the custommer see nothing from the cold stone floor and go walk around with bare feets . Eight Pillow isel's offer for the guests sitting possibieltys and water pipes send her delicous smell in the air . Eight chambers , four on every side , was reserved four the quest what found her women or men of her choice . For the discretion have the chambers only a purpel curtain , any from them already used .

The first floor was for the better quests . Here can rent visiters two private rooms for his personal amusement . A gambling room and a music room give the visiters option to spend her money in other enjoments . The gambling room is moment halffull and inthe music room wait a female musican for customer . The rest of the rooms are privat and closed.

Actualy work today 20 peopel here . 8 from them are minor hooker's whereof 2 are dancers and dance for the visiters in the mainhall the rest wait togehter on a seperated place for customer . This women and mens can rent everybody . 4 already higher hookers and work in the first floor whereof one of them is the muscian . This women are only for good quests or with big siezed moneybag . The next highest ranked under this prostitue is the "sister" ,this women stand under the personal care of mistress Yutani Quin self . This women can choice her customer self and third mightest women in this house . Her Name is Filani Quin .The rest are bouncers and servants .

The shinning mussels is aperfect place for street whisperings and mistress Yutani Quin have always a open ear for that . Its a open secret thats she make more money with information as with the buying sex . She have good relations to any minor clans and is a big fan from them. She is knowed as a warm smilling person but everbody what know she closer , know thats she have a cold caculating mind . For the party today let she work all her women and mens addtionaly let she serve out her best musroombeer for the half prize .

Yutani self sit with her new acqaintancechip by the end of the hall on a heigtened postion from where she have a perfect look of that all.

Street whispers:

" Hey did you hear from that massacer in that old trading house , Yutanis mercs should reputed kill everybody inside , a templar was with them."

" He did you know thats Yutanis "sister" have a heavy disease ? I bet the other womens fulminate already which becomme this postion ."

" I hear from a servant what work in the mussel thats they becomme the rights to open a new house in a better destrict . Somebody from a big clan help should help them .."

" when i say you the shinning mussel work a woman with three... no no im not drunk."
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Re: Val Raven Shinning Mussel

Postby django » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:45 am

Sitting in a padded chair besides Yanti, Gaul looked down at all the people from their heightened position. He was quite initially when the party got started, he knew he slipping into bad habits again. Damn him sometimes.

After sipping his wine, Gaul turned to Yanti "I haven't been to a party like this in a long time. It feels a little odd being up here with you." He leaned in to kiss her on the cheek "Its not that I don't like it, its something I haven't enjoyed since my younger careless years."
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Re: Val Raven Shinning Mussel

Postby Bamawing » Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:44 pm

((I'm assuming Pon'ni is with Itoh.))

Pon'ni entered cautiously. He was nervous in this kind of place, and Thun was tense. He had to calm down before she attacked.

He took 2 wines from one of the serving trays, and handed the second one to Itoh. "So other than having your fingers broken, how are you?" He knew that Itoh was tougher than that. Still, he was a little worried. He led Itoh back to a small table with short fat poofy chairs. ((poofy = very soft, lots of padding. Pillows tend to be poofy, and a nice thick Feterbett is wonderfully poofy. This is American English I'm using... in British English, poofy has some sort of homosexual meaning. *doh* ))

A dancer came over and performed for them. She was skilled, and was apparently only a dancer, as she didn't try to seduce them in any way. (At least not yet!) Pon'ni began to relax. He sipped his wine - it was sweet. He wondered if they served dendal mushrooms here.

"Itoh," he said softly, "You've saved my life twice now. I want you to have this." He handed the emberi the keystone to his collar. "After a day or so of rest, we can travel up to your homeland. You're free."
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