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RPG/ action games (DROW BASED)

RPG/ action games (DROW BASED)

Postby I'wyce Sol » Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:10 am

there was a very old game from an open source gaming site (from about 1999-2001-ish)
it had a few Drow based games, i wish i could remember the name of the site

all i remember is; one of the games was a side scroller action type,
called "_____'s journey" i think. this one was dealing with a human invasion of the underworld .
it seemed like almost a prototype version of drowtales
were you controlled a drow girl , i think it was incomplete...

the others were Castle wolfenstien 3d types
where you were a drow sorcerer or something ,
i dont remember the story

does anyone know what im talking about ??
and if anyone does, do you think its worth while to resurrect them?
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