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TODII (In game)

Re: TODII (In game)

Postby Rayoson » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:44 pm

Ethan rushed forward his tendrils picking up and pulling everyone to the exit.


16th? Floor-Mystic Miasma

A natural veranda of resources and wildlife the 16th floor seems like an ideal place for settlements and towns to appear. It wasn’t until the downside of this level was discovered. Magic can be a fickle thing and with this floor it is indeed true to heart and soul. The floor’s background magic is rather high and seems to be drawn to natural life, causing organic’s to grow, giving the lifeless life, and empowering magic users. At first this seems like a blessing, but the magic has a chaotic nature and acts oddly with prolonged stay.

One of the first few recorded settlers found that within a years time non-magic users began to get sick, fevers which set them alight, colds that froze their lungs, and other maladies. Warnings were placed, towns were abandoned, and people never stayed for lon
Magic users, even the most inept can indeed last longer, are stronger, and can do things normally unable to do. Enchanted items easily were made, but found potency was lost outside of the level. The stronger magic users found they could do miracles, like flying cities and other astounding things, but they soon became affected as well.

They began to become more erratic and temperamental, things were increased or simply ceased ranging from eating and breathing, to emotions and common sense. Random actions and insane actions were done with no reason. To quote one incident, the wizard Arkanen (who’s real name was found to be James) was found dead in bed naked with one arm malformed in to a wing and a very disturbed looking chicken… It all tends to end in death for them and ruins of their experiments or actions can be easily spotted or found.

While magic is rampant on this level it is a very personal in nature and affects users differently, and hauntings are quite common, alongside restless dead or even zombies. Despite these actions there are indeed a humanoid population on this level, immune to any forms of magic they are known to live mostly in nature and are little more then equal to a monkey with basic tool knowledge and a tribal system.
They shy away from the towns believing them to be haunted or taboo, and should not be approached in the best of terms.

Entrances are plenty to this level, and exits too, but by no means is it easy to leave.

Common Creatures-Giant Variants of common animals, undead, spirits, golems, dolls, crazed magic users, and tribal groups.
Fun Fact-surprisingly “Gods” are quite common as well as “Demons” in this respect to be found within this place.
Advisory-Watch your magic users, and do not stay for long.
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Re: TODII (In game)

Postby Improbable odds » Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:44 pm

Bismarck was going to leave in the same way he came in, he was going to be the last man out. It wasn't out of any sense of bravery or gallantry in fact it was quite to the contrary, Bismarck was scared to death that he might be buried in a heap of falling rubble. However he also knew that he had been assigned as the man to cover the rear and that barring disaster he was going to fulfill his duty whether he was afraid or not. That didn't however mean he wasn't going to place himself as damn near close to that tube as he could so as to make his escape as quick as possible once everyone else had gone up. As rocks and water flowed in around him and the final members of his intrepid party made their escape Bismarck gave the collapsing area one final look over before launching himself upward along with the rest of his companions, as even the rear guard had to abandon ship sometimes.

"Ohgoooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!" needless to say after everything that had just happened Bismarck wasn't a terribly huge fan of flying upwards at any rate of speed. Couldn't they have just made stairs or something? Still he would make it through safely, soaked and a little disoriented, but quite alright.
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Re: TODII (In game)

Postby Rayoson » Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:55 am

Everyone was out from the well, Mistet and Teka stark naked with Amra's body* on the ground, Bismark was there soggy and clothed, Ethan was out lying on his chest breathing heavily and his body gently heaving face down in to the ground. Ray was sure to follow shortly.

A wooden cart with a life sized wooden horse was moving up the dry dusty road at a trot from the town up ahead, it seemed to be large enough to hold 10 people easily.

*I used corpse my bad...
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Re: TODII (In game)

Postby Kithrune » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:53 pm

I'm at full mana, on a grassy field, and two beautiful women are standing here naked. I'm naked too. Spiriah killed killed me. This must be heaven.

Ray was still slightly dazed, until he looked over and saw Tekia standing over Amra.


He ran forward, placing himself between Amra and Tekia. "He's an ass, we all know he's an ass, but he's One. Of. Ours. Whatever you do to him I'll repay ten-fold."
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