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Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:15 am

(fan-made city in the drowtales setting. Done for some fun and running amok. It is an extremely corrupt and decrepit city. Don't say I didn't warn you :b)


The City of Watching Shadows

It is a city that many have heard more in rumors, a city of darkness that hunches down quietly waiting. It is a city that is built on the rules of gain where anything is legal as long as you can get away with it. Through the darken streets bathed in the red lights of lanterns and the smokey haze of gambling houses, one will find a hidden world of debauchery and treachery that is as stunning as a crystal sculpture. Tainting is not illegal and many have found a place in the streets and in the black market thriving alongside criminals, outcasts, and all the dregs of society. The place has grown as more trickle in yet no one has yet to establish a sense of order. Gangs, slumlords, and the enigmatic clans are the only power and even they have a small pieces of the pie under their control.

Those that find their way will find a haven from the outside. Here a new life can begin under a new name and your past can be buried swiftly. However you can be sure that new beginning will not be one of a simple calm life in the chaotic murk of Cal'Coro'Matoak. It is a city that is corrupt beyond measure and it remains as such. Vicious mana arts of the old ages are practiced in dark places leading to things much worse then simple demons at times. It is a Godessless place. A place that is still yet watches you. It watches and waits to pull you into the shadows, into its sin where you can't escape. What happens Cal'Coro'Matoak remains in Cal'Coro'Matoak....forever.

Cal'Coro'Matoak rests in cavern sunken into the rock and lording over a murky river that runs through the center of it dividing the city in two. The cavern itself is low bearing with very little vertical space as much as there is horizontal space. Hence instead of building up, the city built below. Most of what is seen on the surface of Cal'Coro'Matoak is the homes of the rich and prosperous. Below is hundreds of miles of tunnels and caves carved out by the drow forming a city below a city in a sense. The underground city of Cal'Coro'Matoak is lawless with little to no policing of any kind and it is left to fester in its own filth.

Other then the noble area on the upper city and the outlying areas that have been bought by nobles of other cities, Cal'Coro'Matoak is a filthy place and a breeding ground of all matter of parasites and pestilence. To this extent, ironically the common populace which makes up more then 85% of the population, has developed immunities to many forms of fungi and parasites. The river that flows through the city, the Galnor River, is so heavily polluted, that it has turned a sickening black grimy color in spots and dead bodies are hauled out daily from the river. Most cadavers are recognized as murdered victims, suicide victims from losing their money, or just people who keeled over and there family dumped the body in the river.

What little land that is used to farm is fertilized with the waste dredged from the river. There is little land that isn't built up, polluted and used for commoner housing. The noble district and uppermost tier of the city lies in the center along the banks of the river. Also a noble district is found out along the fringes of the cavern near farmland away from the stench of the city center.

Usually the rich and those with means in the middle class inhabit the upper layer of the city. Below in the tunnels the majority of the population lives. These tunnels were carved out and thus the buildings are placed about haphazardly built into the sides of the tunnels stacked on top each other forming not quite alleyways, houses that are half one one building, half on another, and always built intermingled with pipes to the houses. There are even tunnels built under the river that complain of leaks occasionally.

The land of Cal'Coro'Matoak is black and shadowy yet it seems to be constantly lit up by the excessive amounts of lights that are present in the city. Mushrooms and rodents are in such abundance that it is a common practice to eat both. Cannibalism is far more widely practiced to the point a butcher often sells drow meat on the market, raising slaves to be slaughtered for commercial sale at times.


Cal'Coro'Matoak's roots were founded before the exile of the elves. Ruins of a civilization of fae older then the dark elves by millenniums. On an expedition underground, a local dark elven noblewoman discovered the ruins and set right way to claim this new found fountain of knowledge. However, within a few years other nobles in the area were clamoring for a piece of the relic city. In order to cement her claim, the noblewoman moved her house into the relic city and started marshaling her forces to keep it under her using force. The city earned its name as Cal'Coro'Matoak due to ancient text that made mention to this name. It was no doubt the name of the ancient city. The ensuring struggles left her in charge but as a parting gift, one of the contending nobles collapsed the entrance to the cavern thereby trapping the smug woman within the cavern.

Panic set in but she managed to keep her troops and kin under control enough to start digging their way out again. In that time they were appealed to give birth to drow children. It took two centuries to dig out and in the time the small house had established itself in the land managing to produce food and the river supplied a steady supply of water. In the two centuries of darkness, the small outpost flourished into a town of sorts although the population held the dark skin abominations they gave birth to. With connection reestablished to the surface, the noblewoman quickly went to the surface to find a way to prevent the birth of dark skinned children. Her land above was taken over. She had nothing left but her Underworld jewels and she wasn't going to loose this conquest. In fact, she began to tell lies about the land in order to lure other nobles to join her.

By the time of the dark elven exodus, Cal'Coro'Matoak was an established little city in the Underworld populated by dark elves and the dark-skinned abominations although the latter were treated as slaves. The exodus probably spelled the end of peace in Cal'Coro'Matoak and the reason for its sudden and constant decline into the state it is today. Having already been established in the Underworld, scattered and isolated colonies, towns, and outposts fled to it quickly overcrowding the space and exhausting resources. The ruins were destroyed to make room for housing and people began to argue about the rule of the city. Eventually the house that had originally colonized the area, Nalorn, managed to make a few marriage arrangements and maintain power holding above other dark elves the secret to keeping their children lighter skinned over generations.

At first Val'Nalorn managed to control the city and start to organize it somewhat but the issues, parasites, pollution, and lack of enough food saw the shattering of their rule slowly but surely. Soon small leaders arose controlling their small areas of the city and governing it as they saw fit. Soon the queen of the city lost all power with the arrival of the Val'Esmeralia who stole a large chunk of control when they settled the southern areas. By the year three hundred, both Val clans were established but the city was still growing as stragglers funneled in from all over. The diverse population and overcrowding led to the construction of the Undercity of Cal'Coro'Matoak. Miles and miles of tunnels began to appear and all maps of the city became almost useless as commoner dug and built wherever they pleased turning the smallest niche into a home. With no overarching power to control the population and construction, it became a free for all and the anarchy of the city pressed against the boarders of the Val clans. Val'Esmeralia held its own while the Val'Nalorn lost more and more ground owning it only in useless deeds that no one was acknowledging.

At the year six hundred, the city was already turning into the decrepit beast it is today. The Black Thread Guild arrived at this time starting to establish themselves on the northern end of the cavern ignoring the Val'Nalorn and their claim to this land and actually pushed the ruling clan out without a second glance. Eventually the Val'Nalorn caved in and sold the deed to the Black Thread Guild for cheap to settle the matter. When the ruling clan caved like this to newcomers, small slumlords and factions clamored for a piece of the clan demanding the deeds to their land. Without the power to keep all of this at bay, Val'Nalorn decayed even further handing out deeds to save itself. In the end it was left with only 10% of the land at the center of the city around their once grand palace which they defended venomously in a effort to preserve some dignity.

One hundred years later, the war host that would become the Vel'Rakshasa appeared like a thunderstorm carving a path of destruction from the entrance to the city to the Western caverns taking whatever they wanted and leaving bodies in their wakes. The entire city was in a panic and the minor factions were scrambling to put up a fight against these new arrivals. However the war host slowed to a halt and began to entrench itself in the western cavern and lands claiming it as their own. The Vel'Rakshasa was born and demanded acknowledgment by the ruling clan. Without the numbers or might to deny the request, once more the Val'Nalorn caved in thus the vel'Rakshasa were recognized officially as a clan. With them they brought extensive summoning knowledge that began to leak into the city and soon the tainting phenomenon began within the city. Since that time, no other powers have risen to establish a strong foothold in the chaos of Cal'Coro'Matoak.

What foreigners that came into the city settled in the far eastern branch of the cavern and conducted business through the weak Val'Nalorn propping it up in order to have a connection in the city that was “reasonable” about things. The other factions were to well entrenched and well off to be lured by foreign coin so easily. Trapped in the city center with their ancient knowledge of the Moon age to offer, the Val'Nalorn were just an easier target to shackle. The Sharen, Illhardro, and Nal'Sarkoth all have dealings with the Val'Nalorn, the former seeing them somewhat as a loyal vassal. However even though the Val'Nalorn can get some things such as land for foreign affairs and legitimize their claims, they are unable to acquire anything from the other clans and finding information in the crowds is a weak point.

As the Nidra'Chaal war raged in Chel'El'Sussoloth, Cal'Coro'Matoak was continuing as it always had except for an influx of refugees from the former city. Tainted found a place in the city that was already home to a Vel clan in its own right. It was at this point that the Vel'Rakshasa were called a “vel” clan. Before hand, technically they were a “val” clan. In current times things are stable as can be for the city with only a small percentage of the land under any kind of control. The Val'Esmeralia are gaining grounds as the Val'Nalorn are starting to loose a grip. The Vel'Rakshasa hold onto their land easily but they have been putting efforts into putting small towns and outpost on the surface in order to hunt rare fae races and return the homeland as they call it.

Race in Cal'Coro'Matoak
You could be a two headed halfbreed with a halme on your back and no one is going to ask questions. The aspect of race is not a big deal in the city of watching shadows. It is more if you have the means to claw your way out of the muck and make money that matters.
Slaves are rare and those without auras actually face being put on the menu. Without aura, they cannot defend themselves well enough to survive the starving population of drow. To say the least, goblins are on the menu in spades.
The racial mixing has made halfbreeds much more common then in other cities as drowussu and drowolath are more prone to interbreed in the darkness of Cal'Coro'Matoak. The Vel'Rakshasa has a good number of tainted drowussu in their numbers that had fled from Chel'El'Sussoloth after the Nidra'Chaal coup.

Clans and Guilds

There is a semblance of structure to the city with a few clans and guilds holding some power in the city, yet their range of influence is fairly small and they tend to only protect their holdings and not go out claiming parts of the city that are unneeded and costly to keep up. To this extent, much of the city is controlled by gangs and slumlords. So technically the clans have little power and it falls to a more local power. One could safety say the city have two hundred plus factions vying for power at any given time. Becoming a “clan” or guild means merely you have maintained power for a longer duration then usual. Together the clans hold about 45% of the city with this divide:
5% Val'Nalorn (claim it at 10% but this is debatable)
15% Val'Esmeralia
15% Vel' Rakshasa
10% Black Silk Guild

The rest is controled by the thousand of slumlords and local gangs that have claimed parts of the city as their own and run it how they want. Frankly it is just anarchy outside a clan's land.

Below is a list of the long term powers that have remained in the city.

colors: Dark red and light blue
clan animal: bear
Illharess: Arlanda
Clan members to note:
Vorsc'Mu Vel'Rakshasa: Captain of the guards to Arlanda and her mate
Inthi Vel'Rakshasa: Head neather summoner of Vel'Rakshasa
Quealkas Vel'Rakshasa: Daughter of Arlanda, neather summoner and skilled axe user
Monro Vel'Rakshasa: Captain of the guard known for being skilled at flaying alive. A drowussu.

Vel'Rakshasa is the youngest clan having appeared in more recent centuries. although the practice of neather summoning has been an art that had been practiced before hand in the city the Vel'Rakshasa brought much more to the table and can be blamed for the sudden increase in the art. It was a powerful roaming war host that came into the region with thoughts of conquest. However they seemed to enjoy having stability in a single location. They built in the western wall and cavern of the city and have thus remained guarding their area. It is ironically the only area not enveloped in the mass anarchy of the rest of the city. They haven't concerned themselves with expansion in the city only seizing what they need from the city and bringing it into their controlled areas.
The Vel'Rakshasa consider themselves the most specialized hunters and trackers in all the underdark of a particular kind of prey. They don't consider animals much of hunt due to the instinctual intelligence of animals and their reliance on strength alone. The clan prefers prey that has more intelligence, prey that can think, can plan, and can put up the greatest of fights before it goes down. Thus sometime after they had arrived, they began to hunt fae. The city was quickly alarmed by this behavior but over time the fact they hunted, ate, and used the skin and bones of hunted fae in their clothing dimmed and became just another faction of the city.
Since then, the Vel'Rakshasa has grown in power and influence in the city for how well it handles its sectors, although keeping them under heavy martial law, and for their skill in taking down other fae efficiently and quickly.
The clan became a Vel clan early on making tainting mandatory of members due to the use of ver'aku as “hounds” for hunting down fae. An entire bingo book was created by top hunters in the clans in order to point out which clans and areas of the underdark have the most “challenging” prey to take down and honor. A hunter gets more fame and honor for bringing in targets live rather then dead but this is a rare occurrence.
Currently they are a major power in the city with their lands under the most control and unlike the ruling clan, they don't have foreign clans pulling the strings for them and they can easily stand on their own two feet. They also have become efforts of colonizing on the surface choosing locations with resources far from civilizations.


The thrill of the hunt is what the Vel'Rakshasa idealize in their clan. Beasts cannot think like fae nor can they utilize mana arts thus, fae and sentient begins are the favorite hunts. The clan doesn't keep goblin slaves or any kind of slave due to the fact they buy them only to use them as practice to teaching young hunters.
The Vel'Rakshasa believe in wits, cleverness, and adaptability as the keys to battle and other factors being products of the former. They believe in the use of practical techniques for hunting fae and feel that demons are a weapon to be used just as much as anything.
They are the best bounty hunters for hire in the Underdark and at times won't even take pay if the hunt was a good challenge and gave the Vel'Rakshasa a thrill. If not, they will demand their pay or your head instead.
Being hunters, they like to use every part of their pray from skin, to bones, to hair even. This often gives them a sick, twisted reputation and are considered more barbaric and bloodthirsty then the Sarghress, although a clan that isn't as eager to expand its influence preferring to enjoy the hunt to the fullest.

Clan Fortress:
The fortress of the Vel'Rakshasa is nothing pretty and is built up of items they pillage or take from prey on their way back home. Armor is usually melted down to make the metal plating that is placed on the fortress. It looks like a spined, misshapen rose bush looming over its dominion. The interior is decorated with standards of slain prey and trophies along every wall. The lower fortress has been converted into a meat locker where the meat from prey is stored to keep it fresh for the table and for feeding time for the giant bears the Vel'Rakshasa keep.

Clan Traditions:
*Nearly if not all members have hunted drow at least once in their lives
*The giant grizzly mounts of the clan are owned by only those that are constant hunters and are usually the elite hunters of the clan.
*They have weapons and mana tech specially made for puncturing through armor like hot butter and are very skilled at setting traps.
*A Vel'Rakshasa is very skilled in the killing of fae and a single hunter has been known to utilize guerillan techniques to take down a group they are stalking. They are not a warrior to be underestimated.
*They are easily drawn by bounties offered by any clan and have no loyalties to any one faction preferring to be neutral in terms of war. It is all about the hunt.
*Clothing of Vel'Rakshasa are made of the skins of their prey. For the younger, this is usual made of animals or goblins. The higher up ones are made of the hides of fae. Armor is forged at home occasionally but most of it is stolen from the slain fae if they were wearing it.
*All the weaponry of the Vel'Rakshasa is forged at home however. Bones are carved into trinkets and knives usually.
*Surprisingly, the Vel'Rakshasa still practice a form of the old dark elven religion and have dreams of returning to the surface and have made steps to establish posts on the surface. They see Sharess as a historical figure of importance BUT NOT as a goddess.
*Rumor has it that the Illharess is a figurehead to a council of dark elven summoners that control the policies of the Vel'Rakshasa hence there summoning background among females.

colors: Dark purple, golds, light blue, and black
clan animal: tiki lizard
Illharess: Fortuna (officially)
Clan members to note:
Luck'yia Val'Esmeralia: Eldest daughter to Fortuna and the overseer of affairs in Cal'Coro'Matoak
Fame Val'Esmeralia: Mate to Fortuna never far from her side.
Glory Val'Esmeralia: mate to Luck'Yia and ,as standard of the clan, never far from his mate's side.

A minor clan from another land that has set up a small base of power in the city and has slowly grown in the southern portion of the city. Their inns, pleasure houses, lounges, and taverns are the best in the city.
The clan has always been in the city since as far as anyone can remember and has only grown more powerful over the years. They are true workers in the shadows often having hidden motives for all that they do and having ties and connections so intricate, it is a dizzying web. The clan has set up not in the center as one would think, but in the south where the river flows out of the city and hasn't been bothered nor attacked for centuries. People who wish ill on the clan tend to disappear without a trace. Much of the clan's history is unknown.


Enjoying the sinful pleasures of life, indulgence, and the brewing of fine alcohol and the distribution of illegal substances is what the clan specializes in. They do not hide the fact that they own many whore houses and often express a need to show off all the debauchery they participate in publicly. However they themselves are realistic in economical pursuits not considering feelings when hooking people onto their addictive substances thus always finding a stable flow of revenue in the lower areas of a city. Where Esmeralia settles, they begin to slowly grow throwing a wider net as they build in economical power.
Pleasure is a double-edged sword. Your enjoyment can become an addiction and the Esmeralia hope that you become hooked by their hidden lures where they can drain you dry of all your assets. Playing with Esmeralia is a gamble for no one is sure how their military is structure and even if they have such a thing. Visitors are only shown dazzling wealth, servants that are nearly naked, and distracted with the finest wines and food. Some call their clan a death by complacency for the clan's appearance of being nothing more then a whore clan is exactly what makes people write them off and indulge in their services freely. Then before they know it, they are drained dry by the clan like a leech.

Clan Fortress:
The Fortress of the Esmeralia is a work of wealth that was made to look dazzling and awe inspiring. It is a distraction and everything shown and visible to the public is carved, decorated and lit with low blue or purple lights giving it a dark feel. The fortress is kept dark with low lights giving it a mystic feel. Statues of crystal are lit up and even tables will light up when a glass is set on them. Fine silks drapes are common as well and there is a comfortable chair and glass of wine wherever you go with your host. It is all built in a circular maze around the center with various hidden passages and chambers in it. A guest is only seeing the surface and it is rumored much more is going on behind the facade of glamor and wealth. The Illharess's chambers are located in the center of the maze and it is in her bedroom, lounging on he bed or on a couch, that she takes audiences preferring a laid back personal kind of meeting that makes visitors feel more important and powerful thus more likely to believe their lies of complacency and of being no threat.

Clan Traditions:

*All those of Fortune’s children have bright golden eyes that are of an unnatural hew and so far all have been born powerful empathists. Also all of Fortuna's personal guards and elite troops are known for the same kind of golden eyes making it believed to be a clan trait among higher ups...some think it is a hint they are truly not drow at all.
*Every Overseer is a daughter of Fortuna and there is one for each outpost in a city that Esmeralia has established themselves in.
*The clan has a high number of members born with empathy and rare sorcery talents, however the clan has no known summoners.
*The clan is known for an indulgence in cannibalism and often have fresh drow served up on the table. They even discuss which kind of people make the best eating and claim that drowussu flesh has a slight honey taste to it.
*Servants usually dress in little more then a loin cloth for both genders and are trained to be enticing and highly sexualized for guests.
*The clan is neutral in all accounts and seems to come on top of any event that hits a city easily. They also are a clan that does not really centralize power, having various small claims throughout the underdark in various cities in order to grow influence.
*The majority of people don't see them any kind of threat leaving them to go under the radar and they often don't try for official clan status preferring minor roles in city politics so they may focus on growing their wealth.
*They are master gamblers and have invented a variety of games that are taking off in the Underdark.
*The ranked nobles have false names such as “Chance” and “Fortuna” in order to hide their identities. A female of Esmeralia always has a male consort that often speaks out and participates as if a female in discussions.
*Males and females in the upper class of golden eyed members treat each other equally, however the rest of the clan centers on the female in charge. This behavior is attributed to some bizarre cultural aspect. Some say it is because they aren't truly drow...

colors: white, gold, and light brown
clan animal: Tanuki
Illharess: Tana'Rash
Clan members to note:
Al'Tela Val'Nalorn: Eldest daughter of Tana'Rash, weak-willed frail girl
Moorln Val'Nalorn: Eldest son of Tana'Rash, skilled swordsman
Dablaon Val'Nalorn: chronic gambler and second daughter to Tana'Rash

Official, Val'Nalorn is the ruling clan of Cal'Coro'Matoak yet they control only ten percent of the city and that is is mostly around the city center. Long ago, the dark elves that came to Cal'Coro'Matoak to settle were a paranoid lot and already in upheaval as they were a mixed nation with bits and pieces from various bloodlines thus no one could figure who was destined to rule. Nobles all clamored for the seat and squabbled as the population of the city fell more and more into a downfall. Eventually, a few bloodlines came together and a daughter was born to take the head of their combined forces. Thus the Val”Nalorn was born and for a long time it was the only clan and actually controlled the city. Yet over the years more soldiers deserted for better pay of local slumlords and gangs and the city grew more chaotic. With the growth of the Esmeralia clan and the rise of the Vel'Rakshasa clan, their power has become even more broken. Now all that is left is a weak fragment barely standing on its own and a queen who is no more then a puppet for foreigners to use to get what they wish from the city. The Val'Nalorn clan easily bends to the wills of outside forces unable to defend itself and seen as the “official” rulers of the city. In fact they have less real power on how the city works and just sell land out in the more wanted areas of the city to outsiders.
It now is kept alive and supported from foreign clans and relies heavily on this aid. Thus they will do anything that is required of them to keep their benefactors making them a clan that is truly not very independent and more a political pawn. Without any aid, they would no doubt fall within a few years into the chaos of Cal'Coro'Matoak. They haven fallen a great deal from their former glory.

Allies are those that pay the most. To survive is the new philosophy of Nalorn as it has fallen so far into decay. They are loyal to who pays to keep them up and will through themselves behind a clan that can spare the ada to them or whatever currency that is being offered. Despite its decrepit state and need for outside support to maintain what little land and influence it has, there is a philosophy of honor. Many warriors are ashamed of what the Nalorn clan has become and now seek to serve it in order to end the dependency it has and reclaim its lost glory hence it has a strongly loyal houses still under its sway that train some of the best weapons masters in the region. They are a very meek clan that is more akin to find powerful allies however, then take its destiny into its own hands again.
They still do their best to show wealth, the nobles often covering themselves from head to toe in order to give themselves an ethereal, godly feel. They have put themselves in a glass, fragile world above the chaos making some in the city seeing them as a figurehead clan that needs to remain if only due to its historical aspects and to use the royal influence to assert their own claims in areas.

Clan Fortress:
The Nalorn fortress is located in the very center of the city and built on the highest tier for all the city to see. From far away it looks beautiful yet up close you can see the strain of the times. The place is falling into disrepair. A lot of the trappings and finery are old, falling apart, or stained with repairs done to them rather then replacing. Overall they are the picture of slow decay of a once grand clan to nothing more then a pawn clan that has to play the puppet now to foreign interests.
The fortress is only assessable through a single huge elevator that is heavily guarded by the Nalorn clan. Their fortress is a floating world of peace, harmony, and order were the nobles can live and ignore the issues of their clan and the filth of the city below them.
Clan Traditions:

*They are dependent on other clans for support thus their economy is weak as well as their military standings
*The clan has a very skilled honored guard to their Illharess
*Despite Tana'Rash being the empress of the city, she is never addressed as such due to her weak grip on the city
*They often pay off slumlords that threaten them rather then putting up a fight
*To boost their numbers, they often have lots of children and all males are included in bloodlines to give the appearance of having more members then they truly have.
*They have a pressure sorcery bloodline that is strong and trained up.
*They have many skilled mana users in the clan, most being well versed in the high arts.
It is traditional for the females to braid their hair and wear it up in elaborate hair-styles and add a braid for every century the have lived.
*The Nalorns are not above scavenging for what they need and making repairs to items. They will use an object to the point it nearly disintegrates into dust from use.
*They dress from head to toe in cloth to hide their bodies and all skin from those not of the clan.
*The skin color of the Val'Nalorn is lighter then usual for drow for some reason. It is nearly the shade of a dark elves skin. Some think this is from their sheltered upbringing.
*They rarely go out in the city and it is rare to see them outside areas of wealth.
*The Val'Nalorn are very gracious hosts to foreigners and will go out of their way to treat noble outsiders like kings and queens in order to garner favor from their clan.
*The Teunuki are used as pets, not so much as mounts anymore due to the expenses of keeping a cavalry of the larger Tenukis. Ones used for riding are therefore often privately owned.
*The Val'Nalorns are often oblivious to the state of the city due to living in their floating world.

Black Threads Guild
colors: Black and silver
clan animal: silkworm
Illharess: Maca'Damia
Clan members to note:
Cashew: The mate to Maca'Damia and attends to the raising of new strains of silkworms for their work. He is a drowussu.
Tun'Law: Eldest daughter of Maca'Damia. A skilled weaver and halfbreed.
Pistachio: Son to Maca'Damia and a halfbreed. He works mostly in sewing the most stunning plushies found in the Underdark.
Malabar: A male who deals with the trade and distribution of their specific cloth and products to the Underdark in order to keep the market up. He is the one that deals usually with other clan ambassadors.

The Black thread Guild came into the region to escape the duress of Nuqrah'Shareh. The Illhardro were slowly choking the livelihood of the guild in order to obtain the special silk worms they raised and bred that produced some of the finest silk in the Underdark. Maca'Damia quickly gathered her small guild and fled in order to not be taken over by the larger clan. The lawlessness and decentralized power of Cal'Coro'Matoak appealed to them for it meant no large clans would try to force themselves on them. Slowly they began to build up the northern wall and fortified themselves within the city. Soon they had enough influence and economic freedom to keep above the chaos about them and to keep themselves free of economical tyrants.
The guild produces all of its goods within Cal'Coro'Matoak but sells its goods abroad in the markets of other city. Their home city doesn't have very many people with the means to buy the finer, thicker, silk they produce. In recent times they have put more into the defense of their holdings and bribes to keep local slumlords from threatening their operations.


The Black Thread Guild is one of tailors that are described as magicians with their hands. They are known as the best in the business of creating cloth goods due to the rare silkworms that they have raised and bred. Some believe that they even have a species that has mana and gives a near mythical quality of silk so fine, it will shimmer with the light of a thousand stars.
The silkworms of the Black Thread Guild is something of a legend which keeps them in demand. These rare worms are about the size of a cat and if well fed will produce silk in large amount in a controlled environment. Over the years they have genetically bred worms that produce certain colors of silks that hold their color and do not require dye. The silkworm silk in comparison to spider silk, is stronger and more durable, yet still light and holds more vibrant color for longer making it a good buy.
The Black Thread Guild also specializes in making all sorts of cloth items to sell from rugs, to curtains, even to stuffed toys.

Clan Fortress:

The home of the Black Thread Guild is built along the cliff side in small, what appears to be, basket like structures with bridges connecting the whole structure. It blends into the rock not looking flashy on the outside. Inside it is nothing short of a busy factory. Looms are working at all hours of the day in shifts to produce the cloth made from the silk of the worms. Special environmental caverns have been built behind the buildings to house the many silkworms.
It is heavily guarded to ensure that the Black Thread Guild affairs stay their own and no one can sneak in to steal one of their precious worms.

Clan Traditions:
*They are a clan of weavers and often wear the finest in silks. However they always were mostly black with silver trim to show they belong to the guild.
*They are shrewd business dealers and always drive for a hard bargain but will barter as well.They are wary of the Illhardro due to their history with the clan and the duress it original placed on the guild in the home city.
*They take requests for special clothing or dolls to be made for a price. You can guarantee though that every aspect you requested will be done right.
*Sometimes they work with the Vel'Rakshasa to obtain fur to trim their clothing.
*The silkworms of the clan are NEVER ridden. They are an object of their business and are cared better then their own children at times. Silkworms are very hard to raise in the Underdark and the technique is something the guild has master. Sometimes found as pets.
*They dye their hair black and trim it with silver. The more skilled weavers have badges on their cloaks that show their rank.
*Once you become a member you are a member for life. Thus it is mostly those that are born in the clan that learn how to handle the business.
*They are non-violent as a whole, but one or two houses are dedicated to protecting the guild and will fight tooth and and nail to keep things safe.
*The sightless have been seen employed to handle the more dangerous tasks and are used as a semi-slave force by the guild.

There is no one religion and there never has been. The belief in Sharess however is minimal. Some factions in the city claim to be aesthetics, others are extremely fundamental to their beliefs. The largest beliefs in the city are a belief in spirits that stems from a large population of the dark elves having come from the swamps of old and were practitioners of the arts that the others have not seen. In time the suspicions and beliefs spread like a wildfire through the population. They have a strict hierarchy of which spirits belongs where but all are called Whaol. All the Whaols of the world were created by the divine energy that makes up the entire world called the Moza'Wrai.
All that is part of the world, every deity worshiped is a Whaol in the mind of the people of Cal'Coro'Matoak making it easier for them to accept various religions into their culture by simply adding said goddess or god right into the Whaol rankings. Sharess in fact is somewhat considered a whaol of sacrifice.

Other then this spiritual belief, exists three other major factions of religion. The age old belief of Sharess as the savior is practiced by the Val'Nalorn officially however this is mostly done to appeal to foreign clans.

The Vel'Rakshasa practice a version of moon worship that reveres all nine moons on their given time of the year and it is customary for all members to take a pilgrimage to the surface to bask in the light of the old world. Their rituals involved sacrifice and dance to the moons and magic to symbolize the sacrifice that comes with the gifts given to them by the old powers. There is rumor that there are many old dark elven summoners who make up the core of Vel'Rakshasa policy and that the taint the Vel'Rakshasa bare might not be the same as the one found commonly in Chel'El'Sussoloth.

The Val'Esmeralia have their own belief that is similar to the spiritual belief of the city surprisingly, but it reveres the old kings and queens of their fallen home as their own. No one has ever heard of the names of their deities though making the religion confusing to many and thus only the clan itself practices it.

Rare Sorceries and Mana Arts of Cal'Coro'Matoak

Summoning, in particular, neather summoning, is an art practiced from professionally to amateurishly. Being tainted is fast becoming a trend of the city and commoners will actually pay to have the ceremony placed on them. Usually though they get an incorrect lethal taint by some half-learned amateur self taught summoner for cheap.
The most skilled summoners are said to have a different taint then the rest that is safe and all the Vel'Rakshasa have this version of the taint as well. The use of Ver'Aku as hounds for tracking fae is also common among the Vel'Rakshasa.
As a whole, traditional summoning as it is known in Chel'El'Sussoloth is a fairly rare and nearly dead art. The study and practice of neather summoning is so common, it is nearly standard for all females to learn it within the city if they have the means to do so and the information is so easy to obtain off the black market that there are amateur commoners who attempt it with disastrous results. Small time slum lords are known to either know summoning themselves or have a summoner on hand to close up gates and clean up the streets after an amateur has their art blow up in their faces.
A tainted is a more common a sight in Cal'Coro'Matoak but the varieties of taint seen in the city is extraordinary and some can only guess what each one does.

Pressure Sorcery:
This sorcery bloodline is common among the Val'Nalorn and the many old families that still manage to survive in the city. It is trained up in nobles but those commoners with the bloodline are largely overlooked.

Shadow Empathy:
This is the name given to the powerful empaths of the Esmeralia. The extend of their empathy is extraordinary and a rare bloodline trait. All those that have this trait have bright golden eyes and are high ranked nobles of the clan. Some hint at a link between all three aspects. Empaths have reported a feeling of unease and dread around the shadow empaths and have hinted at feeling more then just a single persons emotions wafting off a shadow empath.
The shadow empaths are highly skilled at crushing the minds of others and the devastating ability to encase someones mind within a fantasy world. They can create the perfect dreams and settings to the point the person's mind cannot let go of this vision and will start to create it in more depth themselves, deluding their minds into a vegetative state. At this point the empath doesn't have to use their own minds to enforce on the victim. The victim keeps the prison of their mind going. In a state of blissful compliance, the person will die without even knowing they are dead until it is to late, the body in a vegetative state. This ability is not seen often but there is no doubt it exists.
A shadow empath is more sensitive to slight changes in the world about them and bit up emotions of others in finer detail to exploit. They always seem to be sharing some sort of inside joke.

Some drow outside of the Esmeralia clan have shown incredibly talent in empathy as well, yet they tend to go insane, untrained, and the empathy itself is strong enough to be uncontrollable and grants disjoint bizarre flashes of some believe to be the future although they could just be the person using the talent on themselves.

Parasitic Golems:

These are a bizarre combination of life sorcery and golem technology that have flourished in Cal'Coro'Matoak. There are a variety of dangerous parasites that can infest a drow in the area no matter how healthy they are. Even with a mana shield in place, there are a variety of parasites that can still get into the body of a drow. The parasitic golems are based of these local killers but they have a secondary goal as well.

The parasitic golems usually bury into the body of a drow and hijack it under the control of their masters turning the once living drow into a macabre walking dead. Some parasites actually continue the body working in order to keep it fresh while others control only dead slabs of meat that eventually will begin to decay to bone. It is often utilized as an assassin or method of execution within Cal'Coro'Matoak. The makers of these parasites is unknown and the patterns have been replicated and remade so many times by local factions to fit their needs, it has become simply a phenomenon of Cal'Coro'Matoak.

In recent times these parasitic golems have a tendency to go rouge and wild developing a basic sentient and need to find a host much like the creatures they are based on. Although incapable of any real thought, they will take over a host and wander the streets at times.

Witch Doctors and Old Swamp Traditions:

The “swamp traditions” are a branch of mana arts that were even rare during the Moon Age and held with some misgivings and fear even then. They come from the swamp lands of old that were populated by dark elves who had abandon traditional arts to forge a new one that was somewhat related to what the light elves practiced. In fact many of the swamp landers were halfbreeds and there was a population of light elves that lived in peace with the dark elves.

All were outcasted from society and built their communities deep in the swamp and bog lands hence the term “swamp witch” to describe the practitioners of their art. When the exodus to the Underdark began, the swamp dwellers were not affected heavily and some say they went just for the fact to remain in a large mana pool. The majority at first settled in Chel'El'Sussoloth but feeling oppressed by the powerful nations there, left en massed coming to Cal'Coro'Matoak and settling in much more peacefully with the local population due to its fractured state.

The “swamp traditions” took off with a big belief in the healing abilities of the witch doctors and spirits becoming important. It is said to be a form of traditional summoning that is used in a way that is more vicious. The use of voodoo dolls and hexes have become a big part of the fear with them. Anyone with a hex can be sure that the results will be awful. Very few manage to get rid of their hexes.

The way it works is hard to say but it is noted that whatever is placed on a victim grows out of their own aura as a new entity that digs itself into the victim and won't let go until the terms are met. It is guessed to be a branch of traditional summoning that is akin to neather summoning in some aspects. The practitioners of this art keep it under wraps and no one has written about how to preform the feats. It is a form of mana arts that is taught and passed down from teacher to student. All practitioners are female.


The city of Cal'Coro'Matoak does not have very much in terms of natural resources but in the form of labor, the place is not lacking. Due to lack laws and little to no enforcement of the majority of the city, it is easy to get away with en massed slave labor to make products. Thus much of what comes out of Cal'Coro'Matoak is cheaply made items that a clan can buy in bulk.

Also the selling of occult items and witch charms is a huge market. Shrunken heads, talismans, rare herbs, the teeth of a Sharen guard boiled for seven weeks in oil...all of it is for sale in the giant Witch Market of Cal'Coro'Matoak. It isn't just witch items for sale either. Drugs, alcohol, and many substances that are mostly frowned upon in Chel'El'Sussoloth is found here. In short? The black market of Cal'Coro'Matoak is pretty much the public market and is enormous. There is nearly nothing that is illegal to sell and trade within the city. Nobles who become addicted often take trips to Cal'Coro'Matoak to stash up on their substance of choice to abuse.

The Cal'Coro'Matoak white chocolate and bittersweet chocolate are very popular in the area. The cities exports of chocolate has been a life blood for many of those who live in the city.

Other substances abused in the city are demon red, fairy dust, magic mushrooms, big bad wolf, and various assortments of alcohol. The Vel'Rakshasa prefer to drink their own brand of surface made moonshine with a proof that will kill braincells faster then getting run over by a stampede of mounts.

Visiting Cal'Coro'Matoak
If you go to Cal'Coro'Matoak, be prepared to be shocked by how cheap things are. To get a good room is not that expensive due to how depressed the place is. An ada or any currency goes a long way. The trade-off is security is non-existence unless you bring your own. The major clans and guilds will do nothing to cover losses and being associated with one won't do you much good outside their lands.

Most foreigners keep to the outer reaches of the city out of the way to the perpetual anarchy that afflicts the majority of the city. Here there isn't as much crime and it is less heavily populated and diseased.

When traveling in the city you'll get use to the smell of rotting garbage and bodies fairly quickly. The people of the city dump raw sewage into the river as well as their garbage. The river is cleaned somewhat however and the garbage is piled high in barges to be dumped at the entrance to the city. It is probably the first sight you will see upon entering the city: mountains of garbage decaying in the still air with beggars and sightless picking their way over the filth.

It is no wonder that Cal'Coro'Matoak is a breeding ground of all sorts of parasites and fungi. It is HIGHLY suggested that you do not sleep with locals to avoid contracting and STP (Sexually Transmitted Parasite). There are over thirty-three different parasites and the about twenty-five of them can be contracted in a healthy drow through intercourse with locals, eating food not properly prepared, especially meats, exposing open wounds to the air and filth, drinking and or swimming in contaminated water, and bites from infected insects in some cases. Most locals have developed an immunity to some of the savage parasites of their land and fungi that can take root. Witch Doctor are actually very good at getting rid of such issues if you become afflicted. Just do not ask what they concoctions they are feeding you are made out of.

Local dishes are good if you can get over the fact that the majority are made out of vermin, goblins, or drow. Cannibalism is practiced in all walks of life and there are drow slaves raised to only be slaughtered for meat. Butcher shops selling drow meat are ungoddessly common and any local can explain how to properly cook any part if you want to try to make a Cal'Coro'Matoak dish.

The Val'Nalorn tend to avoid eating drow or at least don't publicly announce this fact. The same with the Black Thread guild. The Val'Esmeralia and Vel'Rakshasa however publicly and even glorify eating the flesh of drow with the latter to the point they were the bones of their meals as jewelry.

Just make sure all meat is cooked thoroughly before eating.

Places of interest within Cal'Coro'Matoak is in the center districts historical buildings from when the city was in its golden age. This includes an ancient temple to Sharess that has been maintained in good order.

The two large markets, the Witch Market and the Slave Market, are worth visiting. The gambling houses near the center of the city are grand sights were you can pretend to a be queen before you run out of money to gamble. You come to Cal'Coro'Matoak to indulge in all the things in life that are looked down upon and pretend to be anyone you want to be. No one is going to know or care if you lie. This is your time to become something more then what Sharess made you. Just indulge responsibly and don't get dragged and trapped in the wild life.


Val'Nalorn Characters
*drowolath only
*all members are Val so feel free to have Val' Character name

Vel'Rakshasa Characters
*Ver'Drowendar only. Can be a tainted drowussu or halfbreed
*Hunters of significant rank must be older in age, no young prodigies
*only high ranked hunters with a lot of hunts under the belt get a bear
*Only Vels are those of the Illharess's lineage or promoted very high ranked hunters/positions

Val'Esmeralia Characters
*no main family characters, only minor house members
*No alarmingly bright gold eyes.
*if you put down shadow empathy, make sure to express it was trained up for a long time
*Drowussu, drowolath, halfbreeds and tainted allowed

The Black Threads Guild Characters
*drowolath, drowussu, or halfbreeds allowed
*adhere to the dress code of the clan please
*can make high ranked members. Being a guild, they don't use a “val” title
*you are allowed one pet silkworm, you are allowed as many as you want for business purposes in your home/room

General Housekeeping

*Most races are allowed. Halfbreeds are allowed just for the fact they are more common
*if you want a goblin race, you are mostly likely a slave to someone OR you are on the menu
*Ferals are not seen other then in the homes of the VERY rich so sorry, but they are not allowed
*Sightless are allowed but generally they are clanless. Poor Buggers!
*Driders are allowed with no issue. A few are employed in the Black Threads Guild but generally they are clanless. Poor guys!
*if you put down the voodoo as your talent, PM me and I'll give you a better explanation of how that works
*No godmoding, no overpowered characters, ect. Ect.
*You CAN be clanless or working for a slumlord. Just put that fact under clan.
* You CAN be a clan of Chel'El'Sussoloth visiting if you so desire. The option is open

Registration form
hair color:
eye color:
items on person:

Instead of a lengthy history, you simply must fill out this questionnaire IN CHARATER. It will give more insight to how your character is and the important aspects of their life. Plus it is more fun then a history I say.

1.Well, hello! So do you have any family? Mother, father, brother, sister? All in tact I hope?

2.So do you believe in Sharess? If not what do you believe?

3.Do you believe that the Val'Nalorn are really in control or just fat freeloaders?

4.What do you think of foreigners?

5.Do you believe in aliens?

6.There is a man dying of hunger in the street, what do you?

7.You find tiki stuck on its back, its soft underbelly burning in the mana you flip it on its back?

8.Does drow sound good for dinner tonight?

9.Dear Sharess! Muggers appear armed to the teeth! What do you do?

10.Interested in finding a significant other or do you already have one?

11.Now the most important question....boxers or briefs? (or thong, panties, commando...)

There are a few things we can do here with who registers.
We can do a freeform RP with the characters interacting within the city, just a general RP
We can also do one where you are a member of the clan seeking to establish more power to your clan and work to take control of the city
Can also do one where there is a push to throw out foreign powers and restate Cal'Coro'Motoak as its own entity free from outside influence.
Tell me what you guys would like to see when you post. Throw ideas around and a final plotline will be decided on >:3
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby blackshade10 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:32 am

Wow Celice!

This is amazing! :D

Totally gonna make a character.
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Ax'smira » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:47 pm

Interesting. I love all the work you've done.
I'll have to work on a character. I would like to see where this roleplay goes.
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:50 am

Awesome to see people are interested! ^_^

I decided to do a concept of a member from each clan of Cal'Coro'Matoak just to help give an idea to what they dress like so you can make nifty outfits. The only one that is probably a copy is the uniform of the Black Threads Guild since they all dress the same :b

Val'Nalorn Dress ... llamo&qo=1
Vel'Rakshasa Dress ... -196849499 **
Val'Esmeralia Dress
The Black Threads Guild Uniform ... llamo&qo=2

** the Vel'Rakshasa DO have tainted drowussu in their ranks. This is not unusual for them :3
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Eltharrion » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:21 pm

Hmm, so, I just HAVE to make this as hard as possible and be annoying as second ring, but I have simple question:

How common Driders are? Seeing that they can control mana, they SHOULD be around, now, shouldn't they?
Yeah, as you can guess, I'd love to play a drider. Don't know, it's just... Yeah, just want to play one. =)
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:08 pm

You aren't being annoying XD it is a legitimate question since I did overlook them. Added the edits :3

Driders ARE allowed to be role-played. A few got lucky employment/member status in the Black Threads Guild, but most tend to be clanless and on the streets eeking a living of some sort. What that "living" is, is entirely up to you .From busboy to drugrunner, small shop owner to casino bouncer, the options are open WITHIN GENERAL BELIEVABILITY!
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Alric » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:22 pm

Hm, it's a neat idea! :3 I'll have to think up a character myself XD
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:48 pm

Super! ^_^

Here be a question to all those thinking about joining: What clan/character do you have in mind? I myself am not probably going to settle on which I want until I get an idea of the spread here :3 That way there can be a mix or whatever and help to finalize the plot.
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Zickman » Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:26 am

Interesting. This just screams to me Drow Godfather. :D. Would you allow a bit of personalization to the clan someone choose?
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:44 pm

Would you allow a bit of personalization to the clan someone choose?

I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly, BUT I'll do my level best to help clear things up!

If you are thinking of playing a:

Chellian Clan/Val'Raveran
Just abide by the worldsetting of Drowtales and make a character how you wish within those boarders :3

Foreign Clan
I'm aware that there was another DT related RP called Varash'D'Veldrin where clans were made. If you want, you can have a character from one of those clans be in this one.

For the two above options in clans, mostly likely you are either coming to lie low, enjoy the gambling or lose morals, or are looking for some somewhat illegal substances or items. No one has diplomatic missions to lay claim to land and build power in Cal'Coro'Motoak...that would be like trying to get a slice of the garbage heap. There is a reason nobles with interest in the city get it through the Val'Nal'Lorn...they don't WANT to dirty their hands and get involved in this cesspool city :b

But since there are no laws you can get away with murder easily enough. Thus for foreigners, the big draw of the city is the fact it is a lawless, lose, decrepit place of ill reputation where you can get away with a lot of things you can't get away with at home. Whatever your fetish, Cal'Coro'Motoak will supply.

Native Clan
For this you can make what character you want, can make a minor house, can customize your outfit (although try to keep to the clan colors/styles so people KNOW your clan ^^; same thing with ideology. Just have to be recognizable AS that faction), can pick and choose what your character has, the rank (although Val/Vel restrictions apply to some clans), and other things. You can make references to the NPC's listed above as well just as long as you don't god mode or overpower or over flourish your characters importance in the grand scheme of things.
Really it is just the basic common sense things but I'm fairly lenient if you want to talk over a concept via PM before you put it down here :3

Since only 45% of the city is under a clan's control, that leaves a lot of empty power. Those pockets are filled in by thousands of gangs, slumlords, and cults. Here you can make a minor player in the game that is at war with all the other factions. These factions are small, hence why there are so many of them and they tend to not get along with other smaller factions. So little power and land to go around, it makes it hard to share when you have a want to gain power. These rise and falls daily, some having a longer life then others. Overall though, they don't last long and tend to not maintain power or gain ground. Hard to gain the hearts of the people when you extort them for money, threaten them, raid them, and muscle in.
The big clans hold more power and play the big dogs on the playground. If they feel threaten, no doubt they will strike out hard and fast just to maintain their positions of power they fought tooth and claw for over centuries. For these factions you can be creative and do what you want within reasonable boundaries. You can't make a gang that are super hi-tech ninjas :b these factions tend to not have all that much wealth...and usually that wealth belongs to the defacto leader.

All in all, if you have something in mind, PM me and I'll give more insight into what you probably want to know if this didn't answer the question ^^:

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PM ME! I want to make this into a fun and entertaining RP and to do that, compromises and discussion can help :3
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Pariel » Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:48 pm

I'll pass, although your offer of a whole city where murder is cheap would certainly be a nice place to set crazy bio sorcery and tainting experiments of the Val'Mortath loose...
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Celice » Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:50 pm

Going to go first and Register my character :3 Remember that you need to do this before we get the main topic open so we can all get an idea of who are in this crazy Role-play!

Name: Yuyu'Maa
age: 112
Clan: Black Threads Guild
hair color: grey with light blue highlights at the tips
eye color: pale blue
Mana: Wind affinity trained enough for basic defense
items on person: needles, threads, thimble, various sewing supplies, dagger, baby silkworm named Tutol, giant messenger moth named Atlas, smoke bomb for quick escape, and passport into Black Thread Guild controlled territory.

She is a quite girl unless you bring up the topic of insects in which case she becomes extremely chatty. She knows everything there is about whatever crawls on the ground with more then four legs. She is fascinated by insects and has an extensive collection of creepy crawlies in her room. Some alive, some carefully mounted, categorized, and framed. She also gets quite chatty about the sewing of plushies. She, like most of the guild, are accomplished tailors having learned from a young age the trade. She is a very serious gambler when it comes to the table, keeping her face blank although pouts most epically when she loses.



1.Well, hello! So do you have any family? Mother, father, brother, sister? All in tact I hope?
Yes I do. I have a mother, father, brother, and sister, thank you very much. All are alive as well, thank you for asking.

2.So do you believe in Sharess? If not what do you believe?
No. not really, I mean she was important...but I don't think she was a goddess. I believe in the goddess of creation of my old city.

3.Do you believe that the Val'Nalorn are really in control or just fat freeloaders?
Well, not fat freeloaders, but they aren't in control, that is obvious.

4.What do you think of foreigners?

If they have the money to buy our products then I have no reason to like or dislike them. Business is business. As long as they don't try to put my guild under their control. That is just not right!

5.Do you believe in aliens?
Hmmm...aren't demons aliens? They are from another world thus they have to be aliens. Seeing is believing!

6.There is a man dying of hunger in the street, what do you?

Keep walking of course. You can't encourage them or every beggar is going to want food from you!

7.You find tiki stuck on its back, its soft underbelly burning in the mana you flip it on its back?
Why would I care about a tiki? When it dies the insects will be well fed and they need to eat too!

8.Does drow sound good for dinner tonight?
Why not? Sounds fine with me as long as we have some fruits perhaps served with it.

9.Dear Sharess! Muggers appear armed to the teeth! What do you do?
Drop a smoke bomb and run for cover of course. No way am I staying around to fight some dirty muggers and ruin my hands!

10.Interested in finding a significant other or do you already have one?
Well of course! I would like to have a nice charming, strong, good-looking, elegant boy who doesn't mind insects, shopping, and having cups of hot chocolate smothered in fluffy marshmallows at night cuddled up. So far, men like that are rarer then a two headed flying dragon.

11.Now the most important question....boxers or briefs? (or thong, panties, commando...)
THAT is one hundred percent not your business, you pervert!
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Eltharrion » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:09 am

Well then, I think I'll take the honor of being a first non-GM gamer to join this one. =)

Name: Tian'kiria (goes to close friends as Tian)
Race: Ne'kalsaider
age: 60
Clan: Black Threads Guild
hair color: White-bluish to black, changing gradually from top-white trough-middle-grey to bottom-black.
eye color: light blue, nearly ice-trough-white. his other eyes have bit varying color scheme, ranging from extremely light purple-like blue to greenish of same lightness. From bit afar, his eyes might even seem to be pure white.
Mana: Stone affinity, though only trained to be used in helping his natural ability to climb on walls.
items on person: Large bag full of darts, a collapsible blowpipe, quite a few bottles of powerful paralysis-venom, Throwing needles, scimitar on his back, a belt to fit all his smaller stuff to be at easy reach and a guild's passport to its territory.

Tian is rather open person, talking easily to other people, though tends to keep up a formal way of socializing with others unless they are part of his inner circle. When he decides something, it being him paying back the money he owned or not wanting to be hungry, he will do it to the end, even if it would mean his death.
Tian is adventurous, even a bit too much of one for a Ne'kalsaider, getting exited about nearly anything mysterious or possibly rewarding adventure. This is his main reason for leaving his natural home, The Hive.
If you get told you are a spider too many times, you believe that you are a spider. In Tian's case, the negative effect of people on him has caused him to embrace certain aspects of spider-life. He builds webs in his room, has no guilt whatsoever of eating stuff that comes along, sometimes gives his victims paralysis-drugs and takes them home alive, tying them up in silk so that he may eat them later if he is not hungry at point, stuff like that. You could say he is a bit paranoid. He does, however, also respect greatly the Guild's bugs and it's members, and would never, NEVER even think about attacking one of them. They are part of his family, the only people out here who don't want him dead, and that is big thing to him. He might also have developed some kind of "father-mentality" toward the bugs, as he sometimes spends a lot of time caring then and warding off anything that might be a threat to them.

Tian's upper body is bit muscular, taller-than-average and has some little fading paint on it from old-time marks. He wears his hair long enough to be tied back, and ties usually some long drider-silk chords of his own make into it. His hairline is quite high, giving lot of room to his bit larger 8 eyes on his face. Has silver rings in his both ears. Face is rather sleen and long, but seems to be happy most of the time with the little upward mouth and everything. Wears the guild's standard clothing, though has cut it from the waist to fit his lower body's change line.
His lower body is a thing in itself. His body hair is longer than normal Ne'kalsaider, seeming to almost be fur instead of hair, and it's colored extremely light grey. He tends to walk on the same level as normal drow, though he can extend his stand high enough to let other people stand straight under him. His legs don't have that much hair in them, and instead look heavily armored with some overly soft fluff to cover them, if you look close enough. He has some varying Guild-colored spider silk armor pieces over his legs and back to protect him against possible ambushers, but mostly you can see his own hair and natural body-armor joints.


1.Well, hello! So do you have any family? Mother, father, brother, sister? All in tact I hope?
Should have mother and father still out there somewhere. Haven't seen them in years, though, they living at The Hive and me being in this... Place.

2.So do you believe in Sharess? If not what do you believe?
Haven't really though about it, though they made waelinder in her image... Causing us to be though as stupid, savage beasts. So yeah, not really though about it.

3.Do you believe that the Val'Nalorn are really in control or just fat freeloaders?
The guild is the real power here. We just let them be up there to take the quilt.

4.What do you think of foreigners?
Hmm, might have cleaner flesh than locals... That, or some money to buy stuff from guild.

5.Do you believe in aliens?
...I am an alien to the drow, so what can I say?

6.There is a man dying of hunger in the street, what do you?
Nah, he doesn't have any good meat on him. Not worth it.

7.You find tiki stuck on its back, its soft underbelly burning in the mana you flip it on its back?
Yes, after I've injected it with paralysis-toxins and then take it back home. It will be a nice meal.

8.Does drow sound good for dinner tonight?
If it isn't too hard to come by.

9.Dear Sharess! Muggers appear armed to the teeth! What do you do?
If in hurry for some reason, just try to get away using the walls. If, however, NOT in hurry, try to first poison few of the juiciest ones, grab them and then make an escape.

10.Interested in finding a significant other or do you already have one?
Well, um... If somebody would... ya know, think me anything else than a monster... Then, maybe... *blush*

11.Now the most important question....boxers or briefs? (or thong, panties, commando...)
...I wear no pants. AT ALL.
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Eltharrion » Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:05 pm

...Okay, can't keep my head shut this time.

Really, it's been a week, and nobody even said anything up here? Not calling people lazy, just being a bit amazed, this game seeming to be extremely interesting and all...
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Re: Cal'Coro'Matoak: City of Watching Shadows(registration)

Postby Sonor Val'Illhar'dro » Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:04 am

/blown away/ :O
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