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On Squad Manning and Votes

On Squad Manning and Votes

Postby Madea » Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:11 am

Due to the recent situation, I've received requests for bots to fill up the shortfall. Because of this, let's look at how the system already works and what the GMs do to help work with people in terms of some people being less than consistent due to whatever reason.

The system is hard-coded so that a squad of less than five members cannot function until they get a full compliment; because of this, as a stop-gap to prevent the occasional subscription dropoff from stopping a whole squad in its tracks, the bot system was implemented.

The bot system, however, is a temporary fix to help ease situations of subscription and sudden player inactivity. Once a squad drops to three members, however, they have to wait until at least one more subscriber joins.

Additionally, both GMs have adopted a policy wherein a single missing vote slows, delays or makes an action less successful (or endangers the party). But we've gone away from "squad x fails due to lack of votes" unless more than one people fail to vote. It's been like this for a while, now, and you'll note that at least some information or event is shown instead of a complete block like I did in the beginning.

Repeat offenders who fail to vote without reporting an absence begin to penalize the squad; if you have a member who hasn't said anything or voted in more than a week, report the individual to a GM and kick them. If they return, they can rejoin, and if they do not, then the available slot is being advertised and that's a situation where a bot would be considered. The GM will make a decision on that in a case-by-case basis.

While every player who has a completed adventure is eligible to start a new squad, it doesn't mean they are automatically entitled to five members; if you want to start a squad, it is up to you, the squad leader, to find the five bodies. If you can't do that, you can either announce your intention and wait until more people have joined or recruit some friends to come play with you before forming the squad.
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