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Vendor Item List

Vendor Item List

Postby Madea » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:09 am

This is a list of vendor items and their in-game descriptions. You can ask about any of these items with a vendor, as they are consider commonly used or found items. Prices are not listed, as the market fluctuates pretty wildly based on region and availability; a price check must be performed with a GM for any purchase.

If a vendor is available and the squad intends to use it, the squad leader my PM the appropriate GM with their list of items to price check. Then, in their action, they put the items they wish to purchase, so that the act of purchasing something only takes one turn.

As a reminder, all relic hunters are issued a backpack, rations, 2 bandages, a coil of rope, and a bedroll. Anything considered vital to survival will be issued to the squads temporarily, anything further is considered a luxury and must be purchased.

This list will be updated as adventures continue.

Alcohol (Bottle) - A bottle of liquor, price depending on quality, potency and rarity.

Basic Lamp - A small metal lamp with a mana gem, providing light without concentration.
Bug-repellent Incense - A small cone of incense that, when burned, emits repellent smoke. Enough for 8 hours. Once lit, cannot be returned to inventory.

Chameleon Keystone, Prototype - A reverse-engineered prototype of the Chameleon Keystone, good for one use before being destroyed.
Climbing Safety Harness - A waist harness and pitons to make climbing safer for one individual.



Flintstone - Used to create sparks, but not very efficient.

Golem Firestarter - A small metal box that casts sparks, used for starting small fires.
Grappling Hook - A simple steel grappling hook.

Heatstone - A specially carved gem; when charged, bleeds mana in the form of warmth as a campfire alternative.





Mana Focus (Standard) - A basic elemental focus gem, must specify affinity. (Mana Specs only)
Mana Focus (Basic) - A one-use elemental focus made out of non-gem materials, must specify affinity. (Mana Specs only)
Mana Storage Gem (Basic) - A basic mana-storage quality gem with no special traits.
Medicine, Soothing Ointment - A vial of ointment to treat wounds and burns.
Medicine, Painkiller - A vial of clear liquid that dulls pain, senses and wits.
Mosquito Netting - A fine-mesh net to prevent flying insects from disturbing camps.


Oil (Bottle) - A small bottle of flammable oil.



Rope - The relic hunter standard issue rope.


Tent - A tent to provide shelter from the environment or some privacy during camp. Comes in many varieties.

Umbrella - A simple umbrella of various materials.





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Re: Vendor Item List

Postby Tohya » Sat May 07, 2011 9:48 pm

To settle a current debate amongst the squad, and to clarify their use.

Can the mana focus items be used to give Mana Specialist access to additional mana skill, are they a power up item for your current mama specialty, or can they be used for both.
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Re: Vendor Item List

Postby Runes » Sat May 07, 2011 9:59 pm

The foci just grant a bonus to sorcerers. They do not give you access to any other sorceries.
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Re: Vendor Item List

Postby Durlyn Val'Sarghress » Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:04 am

In regards to the mana storage gems, are they for replenishing a mana specialist's strength if they're feeling drained? Like you charge it up beforehand and can use it later in mission if your character has been weakened or tired from overusing their mana abilities? Or are they for and/or can be used for another purpose?
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