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Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Fri May 14, 2010 12:56 am

You all know and survived such crazy situations in the shoutbox. Most of them were funny or only freaking crazy. So i thought of an thread where such crazy discussions between usern in the shoutbox cna be posted so that the next generations of tei`kaliaths knows how crazy we all were. XD
This thread is for such discussion/situations/etc between you, them and everyone else.


20:24 Sen´gil: wellwell, well come to the green clothed people club XD
20:25 Sen´gil: our numbers grew stronger every day, soon we´ll take over the Tei´Kaliaths *insane laughter*
20:45 Mar'ak: oh noes! we must unite to face this new threat! Hurry get the red paint. we must destroy their sorce of power!
20:48 Sen´gil: muhahaha, too late Mar'ak! We already have our own in the ranked members! Soon the Illhar... WILL ONLY WEAR GREEN CLOTHES!!!!!
20:50 Sen´gil: *takes out water gun blaster filled with green paint*
20:51 Sen´gil: Take this, Ma'rak! Come over to the dark... i mean, the green side!!!
*shoots Ma'rak with green paint'
20:51 Mar'ak: *hides behind a rock*
20:52 Sen´gil: *takes out a with green paint filled water bomb*
20:53 Sen´gil: *throws it behind the rock Ma'rak is hiding*
20:53 Mar'ak: *covered in green paint* damnit I just washed these clothes!
20:54 Sen´gil: HAH! And to make things worse.... THIS IS UNWASHABLE PAINT!!!
20:55 Mar'ak: *raises white flag that is now green*
20:55 Sen´gil: *looks into dictionnary*
Uhh, i meant insoluble of cource.^^;
20:57 Sen´gil: Good boy, raise our flag so all may know the raise of the clothed people club!
Soon the screams of the fallen green painted Tei`kaliaths will be heard....
20:57 Mar'ak: I'm still not changing my clothes...
20:59 Sen´gil: ......
wait...does that mean, you´re NAKED right now? oO
Did you took off your green painted clothes? O.O
20:59 Mar'ak: YES!
21:01 Sen´gil: OMG! It´s the NUDE FTW CLUB!!! Quick! Take shelter! Take out your sunglasses and then aim for the unspeakable points and SHOOTSHOOTSHOOT!!!
21:03 Mar'ak: *changes into backupclothes in the blink of an eye despite there being no place from which they possibly could have come*
21:03 Mar'ak: Luckily I always keep a spare!
21:04 Sen´gil: *aims and shoot naked/now in new backupclothes Ma'rak with green paint*
21:05 Sen´gil: dude...did....did you take them out of YOUR A§§§????? o.O
21:05 Mar'ak: that is a secret
21:06 Deraldin: Hey! Get a room you two...
21:06 Sen´gil: OM*G! You people from the NUDE FTW CLUB sure are something else.... still NOW YOU`RE GREEN! GREEN I SAID; GRRREEEEEEENNNNN!!! *crazy laughter*
21:07 Deraldin: *paints Sen'gil red*
21:07 Sen´gil: *aims at Deraldin*
Green or death! Choose!!! }:3
21:07 Mar'ak: I change into a second set of back up clothes thus thwarting your plan once more
21:08 Sen´gil: *shoots Deraldin with green paint in the face.... IN THE FREAKING FACE!!!* XD
21:08 Deraldin: Says the person with red eyes...
21:08 Mar'ak: stupid red eyes.
21:08 Sen´gil: *looks down*
OM*G!!!I´m bledding? I`M BLEEDING!!! Oh no, it´s just red paint..... NOOOOOOOOOEEEESSSS~~~
21:09 Deraldin: *goes to scrub the green paint off his face*
21:09 Sen´gil: @Ma'rak How many §$&§%" back-up clothes do you own? You have more then our Illhar! >.<
21:10 Mar'ak: that was my last set.... I keep them iin my satchel they are very compactable.
21:11 Mar'ak: *runns off before Sen'gil can take advantage of this new knowledge*
21:12 Sen´gil: YES!
*takes aim, shoots...and realizes he´s out of green paint*
21:12 Sen´gil: Daaaammmmmm~~~ truce for now?^^
21:13 Mar'ak: *stops running and turns around* sure.
21:15 Sen´gil: good....sooooo how is it in the NUDE FTW CLUB?
21:16 Mar'ak: I'm not with them I'd just rater be nude then green
21:16 Deraldin: Truce? When I have you on the run? NEVAR! *tosses a bucket of red paint at Sen'gil*
21:17 Mar'ak: or to have any color forced upon me
21:17 Mar'ak: Ha! thats it show him what its like.
21:18 Sen´gil: argh, nooooessss! GoDdamm, i mean SHARESS be dammed, i have red paint even IN MY UNDERWEAR!!!
21:19 Deraldin: o/
21:19 Sen´gil: Deraldin, that´s not a way to use the newly made red dye! *goes to take a bath in the river*
21:19 Mar'ak: I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.
21:20 Deraldin: It worked didn't it?!
21:21 Sen´gil: *comes back with a water TANK full with green paint*
21:21 Mar'ak: *runs really fast*
21:22 Sen´gil: OIIOIII! Wait with running till i had thrown my TANK!
21:22 Mar'ak: Never! *runs faster*
21:23 Sen´gil: DAMM! I knew there was a fault in the perfect plan! >.<
21:24 Deraldin: Quick! Don't let him get away!
21:25 Wil'liraen Kuse: *puts arms around Deraldin and Mar'ak's shoulders* Lads, lads, there's no need for this contention, I'm sure both colors can live together in harmony.. *grips both tightly in a bearhug* NOW SEN'GIL!
21:25 Sen´gil: Meh, he´s already too fast, next time i come with a Terminator shotgun to clear things.... with green paint of cource.
21:26 Mar'ak: *is not there to be hit*
21:26 Deraldin: *shields himself with Wil's huge bear-like bulk*
21:26 Sen´gil: HAH! MY PERFECT PLAN WORKED OUT!!! *gives Wil a tissue to wip off green paint*
21:27 Mar'ak: except you know for me not being there
21:27 Sen´gil: dude, look at your shoes, they got green paint ;P
21:27 Wil'liraen Kuse: Off what, my already green scarf or my naked torso?
21:28 Sen´gil: that counts too^g^
Your face?
21:28 Mar'ak: what about your black pants
21:28 Sen´gil: they are green now, good color
21:29 Mar'ak: *suddenly notices his green shoes* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! curse you Sen'gil!
21:29 Wil'liraen Kuse: Hmm, that gives me an idea... Wet green hugs for all! }:3
21:30 Sen´gil: YAY! green bear hugs, want!!! *hugs Wil*
21:31 Sen´gil: Awww, come on Ma'rak. We give you a good hug too.^g^
21:31 Deraldin: What's that? I think Due'gar is calling me, gotta get back to work on that bath house you know... *runs*
21:31 Mar'ak: No! *is engulfed by Wil* ack.... *gurgling noises*
21:32 Deraldin: *slips away while Mar'ak is being hugged*
21:32 Wil'liraen Kuse: Darn it, we need an evil smile emote asap
21:32 Deraldin: >:3
21:33 Sen´gil: totally, i also want a nose-bleeding one....for the forums XD
21:33 Wil'liraen Kuse: Wait, I promise I'll try to leave a little of your spine intact!
21:34 Deraldin: *is gone*
21:34 Mar'ak: He Lies! run for your life!
21:34 Sen´gil: Don´t run, Deraldin! It´s your destiny! GREEN IS YOUR DESTINY!!!
21:36 Sen´gil: You know, we need an thread where we can post such crazy encouters of the shoutbox. XD
21:37 Mar'ak: yeah
21:39 Sen´gil: goona make one asap^^
21:39 Mar'ak: hope you still have the full conversation cause I lost it
21:41 Sen´gil: yup^^
21:41 Mar'ak: tell me where you post it
21:43 Kris'tian: Hey Wil! I think you dropped something. *points at a large rock*
21:44 Sen´gil: it needs some time, too many posts^^;

And there it ends! :D
I hope you had as much fun as me and the others, it sure was an hell of a fight. XD
Also this was the end of the very first war between the green clothed people club and the NUDE FTW CLUB! *wee*
Thanks at Mar'ak, Wil'liraen Kuse and Deraldin for their awesome act. :3
Applaus everyone please!
The stars will give autogramms later. Roses, chocolate and other presents are to give to me, i wil give them later to teh others.... NOT! *muhahahaha*

Edit: Lol, i just realized that i called Mar'ak always Ma'rak. XD
Sorry man. :D
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Fri May 14, 2010 3:04 am


22:05 Wil'liraen Kuse: *hefts rock* Thanks. Hmm, now what to do with it?
22:05 Kris'tian: its MORALE... follow your training
22:08 Wil'liraen Kuse: Right, lift and carry, then toss at nearest Englishman when done...
22:09 Wil'liraen Kuse: I'm kidding about the tossing part, before anyone starts...
22:10 Sen´gil: Okay, then what for am i holding Kris'tian here? XD
22:12 Kris'tian: I'm a continental and therefore not an englishman
22:13 Sen´gil: .....OH! Hey Wil! Are you still coverd in wet green paint? Cause i guess good old blue Kris'tian could need a color change. ;)
22:13 Sen´gil: which part of it? germany? france? italy?
22:14 Kris'tian: otherside of the pond
22:16 Sen´gil: ah i see^^
22:19 Wil'liraen Kuse: It just so happens I AM! What an astounding coincidence! C'mere Kris >:3
22:24 Sen´gil: hehehe, another one joins the rows of the green clothed people. Welcome to the club kris.^g^
22:26 Biel Tel'Mari: *hums softly to himself* <---- babababam!!! There comes...... GREEN VADER!!! *wee*
22:30 Sen´gil: Sir Biel, SIR!
Master Chief Sen´gil and Sarge Wil'liraen Kuse notifies of another...volunteer to join your growing army of loyal followers!
22:31 Kris'tian: Well the proper shade of green does go well with blue, but... it could get expensive. Are you guys stealing green from the Nals?
22:33 Sen´gil: pssht, they don´t know that yet, also An´Jhali would get our heads if she hears of it! oO
22:33 Deraldin: *makes notes*
22:34 Kris'tian: On a more serious note I'm thinking proposing 2 new ranked positions. Just not sure how to do so.
22:35 Sen´gil: *hugs Deralding and paint the notes green so that they are unreadable*
two new ranked positions? Which ones?
22:36 Biel Tel'Mari: Who is this new volunteer Komrade?
22:36 Deraldin: *chiseled his notes in stone since he has no paper*
22:36 Kris'tian: I'm calling them spy master and professor for now
22:37 Biel Tel'Mari: spymaster? That would fall right into scout's area of control I think.
22:37 Sen´gil: spy = scout
what´s the prof for?
22:38 Sen´gil: >Who is this new volunteer Komrade?
Sir Biel, SIR! His name is KRIS'TIAN, Sir! He was one of the "always blue"-gang from the drunken Brorn. He changed sides to join our glory army, SIR!
22:39 Sen´gil: *throws the stones from Deraldin in the river*
22:40 Ky'osarae: *stops and stares*
22:40 Deraldin: *considers how best to retrieve his notes*
22:40 Ky'osarae: Holy ***** what have you guys been drinking? And can I have some?
22:41 Deraldin: Drinking? I haven't been drinking anything. O.o
22:41 Sen´gil: viewtopic.php?f=81&t=14385 <- take as much as you want Ky'osarae.^^
22:41 Biel Tel'Mari: He would have to leave the scouts before aligning himself to out cause
22:42 Ky'osarae: Thanks. I hear duty calling, gotta run.
22:42 Sen´gil: Sir Biel, SIR! When Seargent Wil comes back we can take Deraldin.... as a volunteer too, Sir! }:3
22:43 Deraldin: *considers getting Ky to get his notes from the river. Reconsiders when he realizes just how much taller she is*
22:44 Sen´gil: Ky is away, komrade. maybe next time.... Here take a green paint to come over her. *pats Deraldin*
22:45 Mar'ak: now that I think abot it there really are an inordinate number of people wearing green. However it may just be because they stand out so much from everyone else.
22:45 Deraldin: Hmm...
22:46 Sen´gil: Oh sharess may be... Mar'ak got our great plan to slowly underwnader the clan with green clothed people!
22:46 Deraldin: Green paint. Notes at the bottom of the river. Water only method to remove paint. *goes to look for Ky*
22:46 Biel Tel'Mari: If you wish Komrad you could always count our green brethren.
22:50 Biel Tel'Mari: Remember to add the correct Hammer and Sickle to every one of those flags Komrade.
22:51 Mar'ak: a green hammer and sickle
22:51 Sen´gil: Sir, me and Kris are on it, SIR! We will fulfill your order under the risk of our lives, SIR! }:3
22:54 Biel Tel'Mari: *hard glare* White upon the green Komrade, not green upon green. Would you have it disrespected so by not being visible?
22:54 Biel Tel'Mari:
22:56 Sen´gil: Uhhh, Sir Biel, Sir.... white was out....... Uh... BUT SIR! We have RED avaiable!!!
22:57 Sen´gil: Great Official Soundtrack btw.... SIRBiel, SIR! }:3
22:58 Mar'ak: *ties green rag on arm* I surrender and join the increasing ranks of the mighty Green army
22:58 Biel Tel'Mari: Although our souls may be red we must use white for it's colour contrast Komrade.
22:59 Mar'ak: To fight is useless all will be assimilated...
23:00 Solona: *streeeetch, wave.*
23:01 Sen´gil: SIR, YEEESSSS SIIIIIIRRRR! Your wisedom is beyond the heaven SIR! Private Mar'ak will get some white somehow! *toss Mar'ak before Biel*
23:01 Deraldin: *waves to Solona*
23:02 Solona: *slides through backscroll.*
23:03 Sen´gil: <- that´s easier Solona^^
23:04 Sen´gil: Sir Biel! I am using propaganda to get more volunteer for our always winning army, SIR! }:3
23:04 Biel Tel'Mari: Plus we do not wish to over throw our leader Komrade so we are indeed white loyalists.
23:05 Sen´gil: Sir Biel! Of cource, SIR!!!
23:07 Biel Tel'Mari: Good work Master Chief Sen´gil I will see that you get into the Order of the White Star for this.
23:08 Solona: *wears black, grey, and red.... right now. o.o*
23:09 Deraldin: *whispers to Solona* Shhh! Just play along...
23:09 Deraldin: ...Act like there is nothing out of the ordinary...
23:10 Kris'tian: I'm starting to wonder if the Smiths have metal poisoning
23:10 Sen´gil: SIR BIEL, SIR! Thank you for your generosity, SIR! My life and soul for the GREEN BRETHREN!}:3
23:11 Deraldin: Sen'gil is a healer.
23:12 Biel Tel'Mari: *raises an eyebrow at Kris* What was that Komrade?
23:12 Kris'tian: experimenting with medication?
23:12 Sen´gil: damm right, i have the gooooood stuff XD
23:16 Sen´gil: SIR! Kris is new to the army, SIR! I can brainwash, i mean EDUCATE him more if you order me to do, SIR! }:3
23:18 Deraldin: *passes notes to Kris and Solona: "Don't give in fellow freedom fighters! Support Xenon's Rainbow Legion. We support the right of everyone to choose their own colours!"*
23:18 Biel Tel'Mari: See that you do Komrad. I would not hurt the casuse to see his tongue shortened an inch or two.
23:19 Kris'tian: *puts Sen'gil in a choke hold and waits for him to pass out*
23:20 Sen´gil: *takes out green paint blaster*
23:22 Deraldin: *disarms Sen'gil while Kris has him distracted* Bring him to the river!
23:23 Sen´gil: Xenon is a snake!
She serve the DARK OVERLORD in truth!
We army....under...Sir a-away....
23:24 Deraldin: Someone needs his mouth washed out with soap to get rid of all those filthy lies...
23:25 Biel Tel'Mari: *takes out green paint pistol and shoot twice, once at Deraldin and once at at Kris*
23:26 Deraldin: You shall regret your impudence Biel! Once we have dealt with Sen'gil we shall be back for you!
23:26 Deraldin: >:3
23:27 Kris'tian: *mana shield blocks paint application*
23:28 Kris'tian: Do you really think you can beat me? I'm a lone scout. A that triggers the inverse ninja law
23:30 Biel Tel'Mari: We shall never fall, Komrade Sen use the secret weapon, I have given my authorization. Initiate the paint bomb.
23:30 Deraldin: *ties up Sen'gil*
23:32 Kris'tian: *looks at the ticking bomb that somehow been activated* Anyone got a toothpick?
23:32 Deraldin: *gags Sen'gil for good measure*
23:33 Deraldin: Why don't we just throw Sen'gil on top of it to absorb the blast?
23:34 Sen´gil: SIR, yes Sir! *use mana to activate bombto tick faster*
23:34 Kris'tian: Where is the fun in that?
23:35 Kris'tian: *Puts a blind fold on*
23:36 Kris'tian: Okay. Whats the timer at now?
23:37 Mar'ak: As I'm new here I have to ask, is the shoutbox ever used for anything usefull or just for clan members to talk about whatever? I don't really care either way.
23:37 Deraldin: 5h minutes? O.o
23:38 Deraldin: It varies depending on who's online. Sometimes you get clan discussion, sometimes it's just random crap.
23:41 Biel Tel'Mari: It does vary but having fun every once in a while certainly grabs more attention
23:44 Kris'tian: &%$#@, the Shout box is giving Firefox problems
23:45 Deraldin: It does that to me too.
23:46 Deraldin: Something about a script running really slow. If you refresh on occasion it resets everything and isn't as noticeable.
23:47 Mar'ak: solve firefox problems - use google chrome
23:47 Sen´gil: well, there are no potato bugs out there sooooo it´s JUST TEN SECONDS NOW! XD
23:49 Deraldin: *drops Sen'gil on the bomb just before it explodes*
23:49 Mar'ak: wait what bomb?
23:49 Deraldin: Paint bomb
23:49 Mar'ak: famous last words
23:50 Deraldin: Also, welcome to PtP. : ) <---- LOL XD
23:50 Sen´gil: SAVE ME, MAR'AK! T.T
23:50 Sen´gil: SIR BIEL; SIR! It was an Honour, SIR!
23:51 Deraldin: If you move him, you'll get covered in green paint.
23:51 Mar'ak: *flees... again*
23:52 Sen´gil: COWARD!!!
23:53 Biel Tel'Mari: Your sacrifice will not be in vain Komrade
23:53 Mar'ak: Never said I wasn't! Even though I joined Green the paint still doesn;t come off easily
23:55 Sen´gil: >Your sacrifice will not be in vain Komrade
I want a statue, SIR! }:3
23:56 Mar'ak: should the statue be green?
23:56 Sen´gil: @Mar'ak I kill you *Achmed the undead terrorist voice*
23:56 Mar'ak: cause that'll cost extra
23:56 Sen´gil: YES!
23:56 Sen´gil: I hate you *Achmed the undead terrorist voice*
23:57 Sen´gil:
23:57 Mar'ak: Why do you hate me :[
23:58 Mar'ak: and I know who achmed is
23:58 Sen´gil: then you should Know it!
23:59 Sen´gil: Green soldiers never runs away! Look at Wil! He´s still satnding thre doing nothing! But he´s not running away!
00:00 Wil'liraen Kuse: You dropped him on explosive paint ordenance and are leaving him to his fate?
00:00 Sen´gil: Oh damm oh damm it will explode it will explode it will godamm****onapogpstick EXPLO-BOOOOOOM~~~ <- damm you Mar'ak *doh*
00:01 Mar'ak: *gives Sen'gil a moist towellette*
00:01 Sen´gil: Avenge me, Sarge Wil *in a ghost voice.... in a GREEN ghost voice*
00:02 Sen´gil: okay CUTCUTCUT!
00:03 Sen´gil: Thanks everybody, movie is over, go to the buffet and eatsome potato bug burger^^

And there it ends!
Damm was that a long one. You know this will be like the great Star Wars movies! I can already hear the money. XD
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:14 pm

I still can´t decide if i should call this one *Your typical crazy day In Ther´Avare* or *Marsha?*. XD

17:58 Sen´gil: argh, the update is slow again! >.<
I need a mushroom beer. -.-
*takes a keg*
17:59 T'yrel: oi i inherited the beer, you have to ask nicely for it
18:00 Sen´gil: how about a potato bug cookie instead?^^
A cookie for a keg mushroom beer is fair trade.
18:01 T'yrel: hmmm arnt we meant to be saving the bugs tillw ecan breed them?
18:02 Timotheus: The beer is still fermenting. Sorry.
18:02 Baste'ymma: oh yes we are <3
18:03 T'yrel: I can give you a jug od my stashed booze for a potato bug i guese but it will have to be hush hush
18:04 Timotheus: That and no one returned their empties for refilling so we have no place to decant them to when we do open the fermentation jugs.
18:04 J'hon D'rak: Hey! whats a mug of beer gonna set me back? I could go for a little (alot of) Sorrow drowning right about now!
18:06 T'yrel: Well their aint hat mutch left tbh, i managed to salvage all the beer i could but im down to my last few bottles
18:06 Timotheus: Very little. Just convince the beer master your worthy.
18:06 Sen´gil: >The beer is still fermenting. Sorry.

Brorn didn´t cared about that either.... *sniff* i miss that drunk guy; such a funny dude. T.T
18:07 T'yrel: I inherited his stash, he had a few bottle sleft and when i say inherited i mean i was the first to swipe em
18:08 J'hon D'rak: I think I'm a little too new for the whole 'proving my worth' thing, but a little goes a long way. A favor for a favor? >puppy eyes< PWWWWEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE
18:08 Sen´gil: why does that methode remind me of dogs? XD
18:10 Baste'ymma: lol anw we can give him a little T'y
18:11 Timotheus: We're attempting to determine how long it has to remain in the fermentation bottles. One sequence says two weeks and another says five weeks. I'm guessing four myself. This week will make three weeks for this batch.
18:13 J'hon D'rak: Having just joined the harvesters i volunteer for testing (we need at least one token drunk around here i figure, might as well be me )
18:16 Timotheus: What I'm looking forward to is the tiktikkis after they get the separated mushroom mash from the bottles. Stoned tikkis anyone?
18:16 J'hon D'rak: roflol! If its anything like a drunk dog it will be hilarious!
18:20 Sen´gil: aren´t they more like cats? Drunken cats can be scary. I don´t want to see our end at the claws of stoned tktikis. XD
18:24 Taruna: J'hon?
18:29 Timotheus: Marsha?
18:30 Wil'liraen: Ah good, another kindred spirit, now I have someone t'drink with!
18:30 Wil'liraen: @timotheus Heh, nice one.
18:31 Timotheus: I seemed called for.
18:35 Sen´gil: @Wil

I knew it! You´re seeing other drinking buddys behind my back! You player!!!
And that after all the times where i held your hair so you cannot puke onto your pants!
That´s it! We´re through! And i gonna take my *BDBE*(BestDrinkingBuddysEVA)-keg with me!
18:36 Sen´gil: @Tim

Nice one. XD
18:36 J'hon D'rak: Sharing a drink in friendship is always a good way to spend your day. Unless your sharing it with a dog, having seen a drunk dog before (not mine), its funny, but also messy, and a little sad now that i think about it...
18:37 Sen´gil: ever saw a drunken cat? Not funny, really, it´s not even sad; it´s just hell!
Also it seems Taruna wants something of you. better ask her why.
18:40 Wil'liraen: @Sen You can never have too many drinking buddies, it makes sure there's always someone to drag you out from under the table...
18:41 J'hon D'rak: I'm guessing its something to do with my RP character creation process...
18:41 Wil'liraen: Though in my case it would likely take two people to drag me anywhere...
18:42 Sen´gil: Know it, just messing with ya.
So when will we three steal- i mean try the new beer?^g^
18:42 Sen´gil: I think after a week *MORALE training* you lost enough weight so that one is enough to drag you around. XD
18:44 Sen´gil: i mean, looka at the update; your training is like running in a sauna.
18:44 Wil'liraen: Not necessarily m'boy, muscle weighs more than fat after all...
18:46 J'hon D'rak: He makes a valid point, lifting weights is not a good way to loose wieght...
18:47 Sen´gil: on the other hand, grilled muscle meat tastes better then grilles fat meat. Hmmmmm, yummy Wil.... *looks hungry at Wil who´s about to jump over the fire*
18:48 J'hon D'rak: oh stop, your making me hungry...
18:49 J'hon D'rak: Joint attack? strap him to a pole and spit roast?
18:49 Sen´gil: looks like we got alot of new jobs on our hands like building a water source in the area the settler should settle down and such
18:50 Wil'liraen: @sen&j'hon *cracks knuckles* I'd suggest you look elsewhere fer red meat boyos
18:50 Sen´gil: also who´s going next to ortho? the builders? the minders? harvesters? Scouts?
18:51 Sen´gil: @J'hon

You know, we just take one of the faceless, they don´t crack their knuckles usually, they just scream like pussys when you eat them XD
18:52 J'hon D'rak: crap... i hate it when they scream... especialy if have been drinking... screaming + sensitive heading = bad!
18:53 Wil'liraen: Now, now, no eating th'new recruits... wait till they've been here awhile and fattened up like the last bunch...
18:53 J'hon D'rak: come to think of it, i really should object there seeing as how IAM ONE OF THE NEW RECRUITS!
18:54 Xenon: >w< <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
18:54 Sen´gil: but when we wait to long the evil overlord from hell (i don´t mean Taruna, seriously, i don´t *trys to look innocent*) will eat them all in dozens like last time.^^
18:55 Sen´gil: Xenon is there! Rejoy of her colorful appearance!
18:57 J'hon D'rak: YAY! UPDATE-AGE! WOOOoooo... ooo? "..."
18:57 Xenon: n_____________n since it seems that nophc has no need of my constant presence, i'm going ot head to the kal'yantra, if i can get ahold of shiir to do the job if we need meng power.
18:57 Taruna: You at least need an escort there.
18:58 Niar'suru: Hey Xenon. Want some skittles?
18:58 Taruna: And *I* Don't eat anything until proven otherwise.
18:59 Sen´gil: Hey guys you think the many colors of Xenon implies that she taste after strawberry, apple, banana, kiwi, mango and other yummy fruits? *hungry drool*
18:59 J'hon D'rak: My ears are not edible... just incase you were wondering...
19:00 Jan'avin Rylin': ...Why is it that the first thing I thought of when I saw the preview pic was "Dance monkeys, dance!" XD
19:01 Taruna: *huggles Xenon and hovers into her Goth Corner(c)* See you tomorrow, Tei'Kaliaths
19:02 J'hon D'rak: lol, dance my pupets! Mwaa Ha Ha! and so-forth and so-on
19:02 J'hon D'rak: Till next time Taruna, It geting close to bedtime for me to come to think of it...
19:03 Niar'suru: Bye goth person. Until next time.
19:06 Sen´gil: > My ears are not edible... just incase you were wondering...

You´re sure?
19:07 Niar'suru: We must test this statement! *stalks J'hon like a Cattail*
19:09 Toreuol: What is Tor eating in that panel? Do I even want to know...?
19:11 J'hon D'rak: @Nair & Sen'gil: Have a go then, i have military training mind you >evil grin<
19:12 Sen´gil: Why do you ask when you don´t want to know? XD
Dammit, he got away before i could take a bite. >.<
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:12 am

*Tei'Kaliath's five: The beer run* - coming soon

20:13 Sen´gil: @J'hon
Had no idea you like me THAT MUCH.^g^
So, my room or yours, sweetie? I have the sauce...
20:14 Timotheus: m to pissed right now. I'll be back later when I've calmed down. And WE tried all that.
20:18 J'hon D'rak: >facepalm< Oh dear... and all i was after was to avoid becoming a meal... I've been on for what 3 days now and it looks likely that I'm about to either be eaten or bedded...
20:20 Wil'liraen: It's okay J'hon, just get 'im sloshed an' he'll forget the matter... unless it's about colors, the boy is always going on about color...
20:20 J'hon D'rak: cant we just have a (more like 50 at this point) mug of beer and get back to the origional idea of, umm... stealing moar beer?
20:21 J'hon D'rak: Oh dear, i HATE bright colours, black is the new black, and will remain so untill something darker comes along...
20:23 Sen´gil: I always thought that black is no color which is why it´s so original ?.?
Also yeah, stealing *moar beer* is a nice idea. I support this leader advise. XD
20:25 J'hon D'rak: well yeah, TECHNICALY black is the absence of colour. But why publicise the beer raid? if everyone knows about it they will either stop us or want a cut! Less beer for us either way...
20:29 Sen´gil: But we need at least five people so that it may be shown in the leader advise... Okay, you, me and Wil; then maybe Biel who will post the advise and then someone else... how about someone who plays the role of the sacrificial lamb? Niar for example?
20:33 J'hon D'rak: Hair product as scapegoat... I can get behind this >begins to cackle evily<
20:36 J'hon D'rak: Very well, you have my >cough< *support* >cough<... of course, for legal reason i deny that i just said that >whistles inocently< Posted: Wednesday Jun. 2, 2010 at 20:36.Info
20:38 Sen´gil: we have to plan carefully though and ask for SIR BIEL´s support too. To have a ranked behind our scheme is a huge advantage for us. *small evil giggle*
I can already taste the beer...
20:39 J'hon D'rak: Of course, We'll need a suitable distraction...
20:40 Wil'liraen: Ah Sen? Tellin' an authority figure about a beer run is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot, it defeats the purpose and makes you look silly...
20:42 Sen´gil: Meh, Biel is cool and he likes beer too. So we have his support, also he can distract the other ranked like Kat or Lady An´Jhali.
20:44 Sen´gil: And if something goes wrong we can still sacrifice our lamb (Niar, sry man. Nice to knew you. *manly tears in his eyes*) and run away to saftey.
We need some masks though... also i have the feeling that Wil wil be easily recognized even with a mask cause he´s such a bear.^^;
20:47 J'hon D'rak: >nods< I like this, we post Niar as lookout, he gets caught first, and gives us warning at the same time so we can escape with the loot that we no longer have to share with as many people. Win-Win... except maybe for Niar... >shrugs< cant be helped...
20:49 Sen´gil: yeah yeah, that´s called *dieing for the great goal* or something like that. As long as it´s not me and i get a beer for it, it´s a good goal.
20:50 J'hon D'rak: we still need a fifth before we can make this work though... I'm too new to suggest who...
20:51 J'hon D'rak: Hmmm... the miners have masks, face covered, miners get blamed, another win-win for us as far as i can see...
20:53 Sen´gil: well, three or four would be already enough, if enough people vote for it to see it happen. XD
20:53 Sen´gil: good idea with the mask, but that means we need a miner in our team to *lend* them
20:56 Sen´gil: we have so far, a healer, a warrior, a soon-to-beharvester, maybe a ranked blacksmith (Biel) and then a miner who´s yet unknown... we´re already an awesome team!
Ocean´s elven - 6!!!
20:57 J'hon D'rak: Hmm, actually having miner in on the deal would make that easier, rather than having to 'borrow' the masks ourselves...
21:02 J'hon D'rak: lol, me like-y hijinks, especialy when i can celebrate them by drinking myself into unconciousness
21:06 J'hon D'rak: Once we have the team confirmed we can decide how to celebrate, in the mean time, Sen'gil can you save all this planning somewhere? I fear i have gone way past my bed-time already, and i need my beauty sleep. I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun due to bad timing...
21:07 Sen´gil: sure, have the perfect thread for it
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:19 am

Just poking my head in right-quick, so my fellow Tei'Kaliath Five member know I'm here.

PS: This thread is the lolz!


The following occured on Monday 7th of June. Staring at about 9:30am (australian Eastern Time)

[03:12] J'hon D'rak: Hmm... back down to 296? I swear *I* didn't eat them this time... really!
[03:15] Niar'suru: *burp* So, what's going on?
[03:28] J'hon D'rak: >does the spock eyebrow thing< Well well well...
[03:29] Wod'rar: RAWR!
[03:29] J'hon D'rak: I should have know, especialy after i caught you trying to steal my recipe book!
[03:30] Wod'rar: What recipe book?
[03:35] J'hon D'rak: >quickly tucks a small book under his shirt< Hmm? I don't know about the book 101 way to serve Drow... No idea at all...
[03:42] Xenon: *baps j'hon* don't let due'gar hear you. He goes all kyorl anytime we mention cannibalism.
[03:43] Trey'la: I'm a people person.
[03:46] Niar'suru: Oh? How so?
[03:51] J'hon D'rak: @Xe: I do so hate religios types >sighs<
[03:51] J'hon D'rak: Maybe i can buy him off with the lever-action heavy crossbow plans i was working on...?
[03:53] Kitab Al'Ibar: Xenon, you still around?
[03:57] J'hon D'rak: >rubs sore spot from Xe 'baping'< Not sure... have anything brightly coloured? like atracts like after all...
[04:02] Niar'suru: I have just the thing. *pulls out a bag of skittles* If this doesn't bring her in, nothing will.
[04:03] J'hon D'rak: Oh man... just be careful, she may tear your whole arm off to get them...
[04:03] Xenon: hi kitab~! *baps j'hon again* yeah i'm here! *whispers in j'hons ear* (my mate's a scout, i dare you.) >:3
[04:04] Kitab Al'Ibar: Talk on skype a sec?
[04:04] Xenon: OMG SKITTLES *tackles niar with the force of a hurricane*
[04:05] Niar'suru: Oof! *goes down* See, what'd I tell ya.
[04:08] Xenon: *purrs and noms the yummies*
[04:09] J'hon D'rak: >rubs head again< *owies* how am i supposed to draw complicated weapon plans with a concussion Xe? Geez!
[04:10] J'hon D'rak: D'awwwww, shes so cute when shes nomming... Though i prefer tic-tacs myself (orange flavour FTW!) >produce a pack from his pocket and promptly scoffs a whole handfull< Homf homf homf, mmmmmmm...
[04:11] Niar'suru: What're you complaining about? You weren't the one who got tackled by a supersonic rainbow.
[04:11] Trey'la: @niar I eat them.
[04:12] Xenon: =w= <3
[04:13] J'hon D'rak: @Niar: Tru dat... thanks for being the distraction alowing me to escape with comparitively minor injuries.
[04:14] J'hon D'rak: Of course, honesty forces me to admit the whole crossbow plan is motivated primarily by my desire to become know as the official Tei'Kaliath Sniper.
[04:15] Niar'suru: I love ya to Xenon. But could you get off me now? You're kinda squishing my lungs.
[04:16] Niar'suru: Sorry J'hon. Kerr already holds that position.
[04:16] Xenon: nu.
[04:20] J'hon D'rak: @Niar: SHOOTOUT!! Oh, and what i think Xe is trying to say is: "All your lungs are belong to us"
[04:23] Niar'suru: But I like my lungs. T-T
[04:24] Xenon: *rolls off and runs away*
[04:24] Xenon: *niar's clothes turned into tye-dye where she had sat*
[04:25] Niar'suru: MA VEST! GET BACK HERE! *gives chase*
[04:31] J'hon D'rak: >colapse to the ground with laughter< *HAHAHA* HELP! *gasp* can't... *HAHAHA* breath... *giggle* and laugh *snort - HA HA* at... same... time... >passes out<
[04:33] Xenon: *is hiding, using the rappelling equipment on the tower. watches niar and everyone run around, noms a sandwhich*
[04:37] J'hon D'rak: huh? wha? how long was i out? >from his position flat on his back, J'hon looks up and sees Xe high above< Oh, that just wont do! >merges with the shadows at the base of the tower and waits for his oppertunity to strike<
[04:39] Niar'suru: *runs around for a bit before stopping* Now where did she . . . ? *looks up* Aha!
[04:42] Niar'suru: *changes into his Bandage Man outfit, which is also tye-dyed* *begins scaling the tower with bandages*
[04:44] J'hon D'rak: @Xe: I can stop Niar for you... for a price >evil grin< The last of them skittles! (I'm hungry and its the skittles or one of the faceless).
[04:46] Xenon: 0w0 *stuffs sanwhich in mouth and unbuckles, dropping, shoots a crossbow and it latches to anjhali's window, does a spiderman move inside and lands on anjhi's desk.* ohai thar
[04:49] J'hon D'rak: >disembodies voice from the shadows< o-kay... since when could Xe fly? >J'hon walks back out into the light< Your on your own Niar, hope you dont mind hights!
[04:49] Niar'suru: Hmph! *looks down at J'hon* I'll deal with you later. *launches himself through Anjhali's window in pursuit of Xenon* Oi! Stop bothering the Ilharess! And change my shirt back!
[04:50] J'hon D'rak: >evil grin< think its really that easy? >runs over to ground level access to An'jhali's Den and awaits Xe and/or Niar<
[04:52] J'hon D'rak: no way out but past me! MWAA HA HA HA!! >prepares to tackle anyoneone other than who come through the door (other than An'jhali herself of course)<

What happens next? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNN!!!
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:03 am

Harharhar, good one! You guys must have been on drugs or you still are! XD XD XD XD XD
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Hfar on Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:37 am

Eh, that's nothing. You should've seen the great shout box war of 08. That one got so out of hand the moderators had to break it up.
We shall settle this in the ancient way. WITH A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:32 am

This just couldn't be left out...

10:14 Niar'suru: One must be careful of the Illam. It can sneak up at anytime and *leaps on J'hon* surprise you.
10:15 J'hon: GAH! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETIT- Oh, its just you...
10:16 J'hon: Goes back to humming along to Green Day's "Holiday"
10:21 Niar'suru: Hmph! You're no fun! *curls up on top of J'hon and takes a nap*
10:23 Valyn: *cuddles in blankets on the floor*
10:27 J'hon: >evil grin< Shouldn't have let your gaurd down >countertackles and proceeds to tickle< I've just finished drinking 500ml of very strong energy drink (the one can a day max stuff) and am feeling hyper!
10:28 J'hon: I'll tickle the kidneys, Valyn, you get the feet (?)
10:32 Niar'suru: *from the shadows* Why are you molesting my life size body double? *dummy Niar is limp in J'hon's hands*
10:34 J'hon: >pulls out his battle rake and holds the blade to the body-doubles neck< MWAA HA HA HA! how much is your little decoy worth to you?
10:35 Valyn: wait, what am I doing?
10:36 Niar'suru: Considering the fact it's made of 100% phantom stuff? Not terribly.
10:38 J'hon: Valyn, i was gonna let you tickle Niar's feet, but he seems to have pulled a subsitiution Jutsu on me and left me tickling a bag of stuffing... Of course, if you were to assist me in subduing him, i would reward you apropriately...
10:39 Niar'suru: Just for trying to get the drop on me though . . . *reappears behind J'hon* THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN!
10:42 Valyn: well, if you can fix my possibly broken foot I'll help you. ^^
10:44 J'hon: >is replaced by a large rock< *booofsh* >disembodied voice< Your not the only one who can play that trick...
@ Valyn - since my mate recently did something similar, I'll start by saying, add ice and elevate. Once pain subsides, replace ice with a heat pack (reduces stiffness/swelling - I happen to be first aid trained for realz).
10:45 Valyn: lol ^^;; already did that and now my foot is throbbing. ^^;; *ties balloon to self and floats* I will help how I can, though!
10:46 J'hon: >Drinks another can of "V"< I now have so much energy i that i can move so fast that it borders on relitivistic time dilation.
10:47 Valyn: ;D *grabs basket of water balloons*
10:48 J'hon: @Valyn: OOO! AIRFORCE FTW!
10:50 J'hon: >plays ride of the Valkeries - REALLY LOUD!<
10:50 Niar'suru: *smooshes fingers on rock* . . . ow. *looks at J'hon* *looks up at Valyn* Double team huh?
10:51 Niar'suru: *ninja vanish* *reappears on top of Valyn's balloon with needle in hand*
10:52 J'hon: Or you could surrender and accept the tickling that you deserve >shrugs and casts 'mountain of pillows under Valyn<
10:54 Niar'suru: NEVA! *pops balloon*
10:54 J'hon: Tsk tsk tsk... *ninja vanish* >re-apears above Niar, and mid-air tackles him off the top of Valyns balloon.
10:55 J'hon: *bear hugs* oh dear, it seems your going to hit the ground first (meanwhile Valyn lands on the pile of pillows - glad i did that)...
10:55 Niar'suru: Hmm. This could be problematic.
10:56 Valyn: ; ^ ; popped my balloon... YOU POPPED MY BALLOON! *goes into a ridiculous rage and pulls out water guns, soaking Niar* D;<
10:57 J'hon: 5
1... *boofsh* leaves Niar to hit the ground alone...
10:57 Niar'suru: *transforms into chibi Niar* Bye! *hit's the ground feet first and cricket jumps*
10:58 Valyn: *tackles* D;<
10:58 Niar'suru: *lands on J'hons head, soaked* Fun! Funfunfunfunfunfun!
10:59 Niar'suru: o_0 *leaps off J'hon's head before Valyn collides*
11:00 Valyn: *collides with J'hon, shakes head, gets up, tackles Niar* you popped the balloon goji gave me. ; ^ ; for why? *pokes Niar mercilessly in the arm*
11:00 J'hon: >re-apears behind Niar and splats a water ballon filled with icing sugar on his head< HA HA! Now your Caek! Valyn, we should go now, the caek-eaters will finish the job force (casts shield of anti-caek on self and Valyn - just to be safe)
11:02 J'hon: OO-hoo! Odd'ana!? Free Caek!
11:02 Valyn: >.> *pokepokepokepoikepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokes Niar in the arm, then rolls away*
11:02 Niar'suru: Ceak? *licks self* Ceak! *omnomnomnom*
11:04 Valyn: *boops Niar's nose*
11:04 J'hon: O_O Niar apears to be eating himself... interesting...

And thats a wrap...

> J'hon D'rak Tei'Kaliath. D'rak Patriarch, KIA on the 12th day of the 3rd Moon
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:44 pm

This seems as good a time as any to reserrect this old gem...
Our victim for today? Me... yeah... mostly just me... What can i say, i was drunk!

13:22 Eh'rin: somonrey get me a shrom ber, im not don yet! WOO!!!!!
13:24 Anareth: All hail the new Bron!! My he live long and be happy.
13:25 Eh'rin: WOO!!! *Hic*
13:25 Naraan: I'm gonna out on a limb and ask 'whats a Bron'
13:26 Eh'rin: SOH iss twenny pas 5... I can kkep goin! more booze!
13:26 Naraan: Question mark insert
13:26 Gemini: Interesting surface name
13:28 Eh'rin: lolity lol z lolz!
13:28 Gemini: I think mine will be "Flying with Mushrooms"
13:29 Eh'rin: Raiss yoir glash... HERES TO YOU SHARESSSSH!! *hic*
13:29 Gemini: *hands Eh'rin tequila*
13:30 Eh'rin: y6g hy67y y9hyibm *heddeask*
13:31 Eh'rin: BARKEEP! nuffer round fer me anna my frens
13:33 Gemini: *drinks a beer from the round* Say Eh'rin, do you want to do a ballancing bet for control of the family?
13:33 Gemini: *hands Eh'rin anotheer tequila*
13:34 Eh'rin: sooo... hows erre- eber- evv-ebberyone doing?
13:34 Eh'rin: An no Gummy-Bear Ish MY fambilee!
3:34 Gemini: Fine. How are you doing Eh'rin?
13:35 Naraan: Fine tuning my reference picture
13:35 Voth: there should be other shout chans too p: like "bar" "relaxing room" "workin sweeatlyy room"
13:36 Eh'rin: SHoutBAR!!! wOOt!!
13:36 Gemini: Oh, hi Voth. *hides*
13:37 Voth: :)
13:39 Naraan: One can barely hold the amount of crazy here already
13:39 Gemini: *snip link*
13:39 Eh'rin: I caan feeel my nose... Nutherr round here! I can stillhjere my brain!
13:40 Gemini: We need more pork
13:41 Gemini: And some Tax Increaser
13:41 Eh'rin: Free Huggs fooooooooor evyerone!
13:41 Naraan: Are we linking random things?
13:41 Gemini: Oouuphh
13:42 Gemini: Naraan: hoping some of it will stick for internal jokes
13:43 Anareth: Gem why do you ask why we think you are perverted again?
13:44 Gemini: I didnt say I wasnt perverted. I just noticed you guys seem to see anything I say as perverted, even cult refeerences to PG films
13:45 Eh'rin: is a giuft
13:46 Gemini: And I really do not want to know how the hell Alice in Wonderland can be perverted, nor the 1994 film Junior
13:47 Eh'rin: ITs alicsd in Wonderlansd Dude! Thaat moive is pergverted withuot yoir halp *hic* Posted: Saturday Jan. 29, 2011 at 13:47 -05:00. I
13:49 Eh'rin: brb... Rinny waaaants a ciggiie
13:49 Gemini: Okay, Ill give you that Eh'rin, but Snow White, Beauty and The Beast and Pinocio?
13:51 Gemini: You guys make me look like a priest Posted: Saturday Jan. 29, 2011 at 13:51 -05:00.
13:51 Gemini: Okay, maybe a priest is a bad example

- intermission while i was outside smoking my ciggie -

13:57 Eh'rin: Well sumin ya considerr teh Church if Gaming too be an achual churchh. the jkn i kinda ama prist... mzOre liek a prophet actualy
13:58 Anareth: Gem: Actually married his own sister then had sex with pretty much everyone but her.
13:59 Gemini: Ohhh, an incest chastity fetish :D

Wait, incest chastity?!?
13:59 Naraan: I'll never look at greek mythology the same again
14:00 Gemini: *ponders incest chastity* So they are committing incest, but they are chaste?
14:00 Naraan: Actually...this points me in the mood for some Kratos
14:01 Eh'rin: owwies... my head... goddam hagngovers
14:01 Anareth: Eh'rin: didn't you say to have a beer if you had a headache? Posted: Saturday Jan. 29, 2011 at 14:01 -05:00.
14:02 Naraan: Kratos puts new meaning in 'beating the living man ***** out of ua Posted: Saturday Jan. 29, 2011 at 14:02 -05:00.
14:02 Eh'rin: BEEEEER!!! WOO!!
14:02 Gemini: Does thaat include alcohol induced headaches?
14:03 Gemini: *hands Eh'rin a bottle of tequila, again*
14:03 Eh'rin: nohesdachesh,moaer beer!
14:03 Naraan: You should watch out the ones caused from time lapses
14:04 Eh'rin: annnnn Caek! cant forgert teh ccaek
14:05 Gemini: *hands Eh'rin a christmas beer instead*
14:06 Eh'rin: WOO! *hic* *belch*
14:06 Naraan: Brb, need to grab my some caffeine
14:07 Anareth: lol
14:08 Eh'rin: I caan haz a sammich! >noms<
14:09 Gemini: Wait, there are two jokes I could use here. One is from 4chan, the other is from xkcd. I am confused about which onee I should use
14:10 Naraan: Sammich...
14:10 Eh'rin: I caan tadste... colorz?
14:10 Naraan: *snip link*
14:11 Naraan: Sandvich!
14:12 Gemini: Naraan, Sudo go get me sammich
14:13 Eh'rin: Who touched sasha? WHO TOUCHED MYY GUN!!
14:13 Naraan: Sure! Then I'll get the chance to punch out someone's blood
14:14 Anareth: Eh'rin I might have placed a mine on your gun :D
14:15 Naraan: *Returns with the sammvich....and super charged*
14:17 Eh'rin: Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brutha- I hurt people!
14:19 Gemini: Thanks forr the samich
14:19 Eh'rin: Maaan that sammich really helped! I can see again!
14:24 Eh'rin: O_O ... Wow... I was really out of it there for a while...

Aaaaand SCENE!

> J'hon D'rak Tei'Kaliath. D'rak Patriarch, KIA on the 12th day of the 3rd Moon
> Eh'rin D'rak Tei'Kaliath. D'rak Dev'ess: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=14467&p=765500#p758482
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:51 am

There was an incident in the shoutbox today... a adorably evil incident...

20:46 Eh'rin: Nel'seer! Leave her be, the ball of string is safe! I wouldn't keep it in my pocket if it wasn't!
20:47 Haedril: that's almost as bad as being covered in cookies and thrown to the chibis...
20:47 Eh'rin: oh no...
did someone say chibies?
>there is a distant rumbling noise<
20:48 Nel'Seer: *looks at Alu's hands* Err... wanna play catch? ^_^;
20:48 Jak'Sura: Oh... god....*whispers* not again.....
20:49 Eh'rin: >Dives headfirst into the box-o-doom< Must activate defensive perimeter!
20:50 Haedril: what's the matter? so i made a few cookies
20:50 Haedril: fresh chocolate chip cookies
20:50 Jak'Sura: DONT SAY THAT!!!!
20:50 Gemini: *nails box-o-doom closed*
20:50 Alulienne: MAI ball o string ;;
20:51 Gemini: *rethinks his actions and unnails the box-o-doom* ((JD: He's finally learning! how cute!!))
20:51 Jak'Sura: *rumbling gets closer* well.... good bye. * hides out with Rin*
20:51 Haedril: *nibbles a cookie, oblivious to increasing volume of thunderous rumbling*
20:51 Gemini: *puts Chibis in box-o-doom THEN nails the box-o-doom shut* ((JD: *facepalm* spoke to soon...))
20:52 Jak'Sura: >suddenly thousands and thousands of chibis swarm out of nowhere and attack everyone!!!<
20:52 Haedril: want one? *offers to alu*
20:52 Eh'rin: *brzzzt* Shields are up and fully charged! That should hold them off for a little while at least...
20:52 Haedril: that tickles
20:52 Haedril: hey! they ate my cookies!
20:53 Gemini: Unless there were Chibis in that box-o-doo already
20:53 Eh'rin: But they'll get through eventually... they always do... *shudders* they mostly come at night... mostly...
20:53 Gemini: Hey Hæ
20:53 Nel'Seer: Help! I'm drowning in chibi's! *gets carried away...*
20:53 Jak'Sura: *brzzt* RUN!!! Haedril before you are Swarmed!!
20:53 Alulienne: *dead*
20:53 Gemini: NEL! Turn onto your back!
20:53 Jak'Sura: Oh god stay back, STAY BACK!!!
20:54 Haedril: *is getting increasingly alarmed/ tries to run/ sea of chibis are worse than running in molasses*
20:54 Gemini: *grabs rope and rugs hard*
20:54 Anareth: *pulls out the Bieber gun and adds to the confusion*
20:54 Gemini: c'yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *is launched into air escaping chibis*
20:54 Nel'Seer: *distant voice* Save yourselves! It's too late for me... blarg...
20:54 Nel'Seer: x_x
20:55 Haedril: *body surfs the chibi tide* I'm coming Nel!
20:55 Eh'rin: Oh frak! too late! >Dives back into here box-o-doom and warps out tardis style - a faint echo lingers:< So long suckers! - wait... is there someone in here with me... AAARGH!
20:55 Gemini: *distant voice* use the rope!
20:55 Jak'Sura: ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! * gets swarmed by chibis who pull his hair, bite him and do almost evry evil thing you can think of*
20:56 Haedril: *tries to grab rope end, is teased with it as the chibis keep it moving like on the surface of fast moving water*
20:56 Haedril: are they giving u wet-willies there Jak?
20:57 Haedril: *in a mock serious tone* good thing they don't know about my cookie stores in my kitchen!
20:57 Jak'Sura: i said every evil thing didnt i?
20:57 Haedril: those wedgies must hurt
20:57 Jak'Sura: And...... GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!! * continues to get swarmed*
20:57 Alulienne: *still dead*
20:58 Valyn: *revives Alu*
20:58 Haedril: *still body surfing, but Nel'seer is getting pulled away from me/ finally grabs rope* pull Gemini!
20:59 Alulienne: *GASP* .. wait.. I'm still in the sea ARGH!!!! *reach for rope*
20:59 Haedril: *grabs Alu's hand with one hand and rope with other*
21:00 Alulienne: SAEV'D- *Trap activated*
21:00 Jak'Sura: * finally manges to get out* RUN for the rope!!! * grabs rope!!*
21:00 Nel'Seer: x_o What... don't go... *chibi Nel emerges from the crowd* Join us... *Gives a sharp toothed smile*
21:00 Haedril: i like looking at drow name generators... like Sbat'baste would be yellow path or more loosely "the yellow (brick) road"
21:01 Haedril: wha-? there's a chibi Nel?
21:01 Anareth: *continues firing*
21:01 Eh'rin: >A portal opens in the space-time continuum, and an arm reaches out< Valyn! Alu! take my hand! Come with me if you want to live!
21:01 Haedril: oh yea, but i get left behind? just cuz i summoned this horde? ;)
21:02 Jak'Sura: Can i come to Rin ?!
21:02 Eh'rin: yep
21:02 Gemini: *falls from very great hight wearing a space suit* Where was I?!?
21:02 Nel'Seer: *Chibi Nel grabs onto Gemini* Nom! *Big bite*
21:02 Gemini: Hæ: The rope is a launching trap. You tug it, it launches you into the air
21:02 Eh'rin: >catches gem by the leg as he falls past the portal< Try and grab Jak, i can't maintain the portal much longer!
21:03 Jak'Sura: *grabs hand before gets swarmed again*
21:03 Gemini: *grabs Jak and pulls*
21:03 Haedril: ah! *tugs rope* whoooOOOOEEEEeeee *flies a great distance*
21:03 Jak'Sura: get off!! * shakes off Gemioni*
21:04 Eh'rin: >kicks chibi-Nel, sending him plumeting back to the horde bellow< Now Pull!
21:04 Haedril: *is dragging Alu with me*
21:04 Alulienne: *Falls from forever high back into sea* X.x Endless cycle...
21:04 Gemini: *holds onto Jak and pulls himself nto the portal*
21:04 Jak'Sura: *pulls as hard as he can*
21:04 Alulienne: *Carrying a flamethrower* Time to solve this the Alu way!
21:04 Eh'rin: Haedril! thats CHIBI Alu! I got the real one already!
21:05 Alulienne: *click click. FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH*
21:05 Jak'Sura: im SAFE!!! * IS INSIDE THE PORTAL*
21:05 Nel'Seer: X_O Noooooo! Wait... *Jumps onto Alu's back* Nom! *bites her*
21:05 Haedril: oh crap! *fingers are getting bitting for cookie crumbs/ shakes vigorously* how do u get it off?
21:05 Gemini: *turns on helmet light* I think I found alien life
21:06 Eh'rin: No Gem... this is just 'phantom space' notice all the random junk?
21:06 Valyn: *floats in circles*
21:06 Alulienne: UHG I AM BITE'D *Starts flailing the flamethrower around, sending large jets of flame everywhere*
21:06 Gemini: Uh, guys? *points at chibi that snuck into box-o-doom*
21:06 Eh'rin: I can't keep the portal open any longer! If your not in already, your on your ownnnnnn...
21:07 Haedril: hey - am i floating in space? *starts falling from rope launch* how do i laANDDD??
21:07 Jak'Sura: im in already
21:07 Eh'rin: Oh him? He's safely contained - force fields...
21:07 Haedril: catch me please!
21:07 Gemini: Hæ: AIM FOR NEL!
21:07 Valyn: *floats above all the silliness*
21:08 Haedril: *falls on Nel who is biting alu for some reason*
21:08 Eh'rin: >the 'contained' chibi lunges at Gem, but rebounds off a wall of static<
21:08 Haedril: is this... the portal?
21:08 Gemini: Ah, cool
*snip snip*
21:09 Eh'rin: Haedril!? Howed you make it in? I though the portal had destabilised...!
21:09 Gemini: Hey, is Nel a vapire chibi or just a chibi?
21:10 Nel'Seer: *chibi nel is squashed under Haedril, returns to normal Nel* o_O; Okay... That was three different flavors of crazy.
21:10 Eh'rin: All chibis are the same, adorably cute, but utterly evil....
21:10 Haedril: i think it was a some residual energies got on me when i flew up the first time and i slipped in as it closed
21:11 Gemini: That explains why you are a couple feet shorter Hæ
21:11 Gemini: You didnt make it all the way through
21:11 Haedril: wheres chibi alu? it was biting my fingers
21:11 Eh'rin: Then who is Nel nomming? >points to a view-screen which shows the continuing chaos outside in the shoutbox<
21:11 Haedril: lol
21:12 Haedril: nel noms whom nel wills
21:12 Nel'Seer: Where am I? What's with all the short people?
21:12 Haedril: i am missing everything below the knee, how are you?
21:13 Nel'Seer: *Falls into a plot hole* I seem to be leaving. Remember those without a family can join mine.......
21:14 Eh'rin: I think we need a plan of attack... I could trigger a poleron burst... It would make all the chibi's fall asleep (don't as me why - i don't know)... then we could safely transport them to a secure location...?
21:14 Valyn: u.u
21:14 Haedril: Nel? what family is that?
21:15 Nel'Seer: *Ghodtly voice* Ex Libris...
21:15 Gemini: I think we should go with your plan Eh'rin
21:16 Nel'Seer: *GHOSTly voice* Look at my profile...
21:17 Gemini: *notices a rope tied to an anchor point leading off into space* ..... Waaaaait a minute. Is this rope? *stares at rope*
21:17 Alulienne: ;; The chibis have me ball o string...
21:17 Eh'rin: Ok, hang on everyone, things could get a little turbulent for a few seconds! >types in several comands into the view-screens control console<
21:17 Gemini: *starts climbing rope into box-o-doom space*
21:17 Haedril: can u translate the latin for me?
21:19 Haedril: and why are you the only member? o.O
21:19 Eh'rin: >There is a sound of a build-up of power, then a loud *BRRRRRRZZZZT* , everyone inside the phantom-space pocket is thrown to the ground...
21:19 Nel'Seer: "A sleeping dragon is never to be tickled" and it's a new family. No heavy role playing required.
21:20 Haedril: LOL I love it!!
21:21 Gemini: *falls from a very great hight wearing a kilt and playing a bag pipe* eeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE *lands on Nel*
21:21 Eh'rin: >clambers back into the shoutbox through a new portal... All the chibis are strew across the floor... all are snoring< They should be completely unwakable for a few hours at least...
21:21 Haedril: done and done
21:21 Anareth: *uses the wakeatron 5000*
21:21 Eh'rin: >Grabs a sack and starts collecting the chibis<
21:21 Nel'Seer: Welcome! *Gives hug*
21:22 Eh'rin: ReRe... I said COMPLETELY unwakable and i meant it!
21:22 Gemini: Thanks for breaking my fall
21:22 Gemini: *plays the bag pipe*
21:22 Eh'rin: I wasn't expecting survivors... I though those Chibis would have eaten you for sure!
21:23 Haedril: yeah! i have a family :D
21:23 Eh'rin: >grabs the last chibi and stuffs it into the now full sack and throws it through another (different) portal< Back to the Chibi realm with yee!

>dusts off hands< And thusly was the war won...

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> Eh'rin D'rak Tei'Kaliath. D'rak Dev'ess: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=14467&p=765500#p758482
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Hfar on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:53 am

A discussion about C&C leads to a war of epically silly proportions as Niar and Rin do their best to one up each other:

Command and Conquer: Tei'kaliath Wars part 1
01:25 Jak'Sura: Never played it so i wouldnt know. * starts the bon fire with Alu*

01:25 Alulienne: *Click click... FWOOSH*

01:26 Niar'suru: Fire? Sh**! We got Nod flame troopers! Bring in the ORCAs!

01:26 Jak'Sura: Lets dance the bonfire dance

01:27 Eh'rin: I got it when i got that '10th anniversary' pack they put out... Only got it so i could play the original as TS again... Ahh, so many happy memories... I loved playing Nod, because you didn't just get to kill your enemies, you got to F### with their heads! :P

01:28 Eh'rin: ORCAs? Here? ARM THE SAM SITES!

01:30 Niar'suru: Wait a sec. Rin? You're Nod? Die scum! *gets in a Titan walker*

01:30 Jak'Sura: Popcorn Alu, while we watch these two go at it? *offers popcorn*

01:31 Eh'rin: Jumps in a 'Banshee' bomber with its awesome 'alien' tech... Each plasma charges!

01:32 Eh'rin: And of course I'm one with the Brotherhood, the Black and red clothing didn't make that clear?

01:32 Alulienne: Sure, Jak. *Takes popcorn and munches*

01:33 Niar'suru: Eat this! *shoots vainly at Rin*

01:33 Jak'Sura: This needs classic music with classic game referances.

01:34 Eh'rin: LoLz @ Niar: You forget, the Titan had NO aa abilities at all!
>laughs as Niar is incinerated by the volley of plasma bombs<

01:35 Eh'rin: >Stares at JakJak and shakes head slowly<
O_o ??? SOOO doesn't go!

01:36 Niar'suru: Curse you! *hops in a hover craft*

01:36 Niar'suru: *launches a volley of missiles*

01:36 Jak'Sura: well its classic and it fits post-end of the world games.

01:37 Eh'rin: This is more suitable, CLASSIC:

01:38 Niar'suru: Hel ya!

01:38 Niar'suru: Oh by the way, I think your Banshee is on fire Rin.

01:38 Jak'Sura: hey that is classy XD

01:38 Eh'rin: >ejects moments before the Banshee explodes and promptly hijacks a Mammoth Tank (Nod had hijackers in TS, so yes, i can do this - and I'm talking an original mammoth TANK too)<

01:39 Eh'rin: Ahh, nothing like Heavy metal! >the Mammoth tank that is<

01:39 Eh'rin: >Fires on and destroys Niar's weak little hoverthingy<

01:39 Jak'Sura: This is getting funny isnt it Alu?

01:39 Niar'suru: Well if that's the way it's going to be then let's play hard ball. *jumps into a Mammoth MkII*

01:40 Eh'rin: >takes careful aim at a knee joint< So many weak-points to chose from...

01:41 Eh'rin: (I never was a fan of the TS Gdi 'walker obsession')

01:41 Niar'suru: *blasts Rin with a rail gun and rocket pods* But oh so much firepower.

01:42 Eh'rin: >Fires - the MM2 topels to the ground, still mostly functional, but completely unable to engage<

01:42 Niar'suru: 'Sides, Nod's one to talk. You got into the walker fad yourself with the Avatar warmech.

01:42 Eh'rin: >Niar's attack goes wide and fails to do damage as a result<

01:42 Niar'suru: *except the missiles, which Rin forgets are seekers*

01:43 Eh'rin: In C&C3 *ALL* factions had some kind of walker... It was a gimmick!

01:43 Niar'suru: *mutual destruction*

01:43 Niar'suru: Nod still copied GDI.

01:43 Eh'rin: >is hit my a volley of missiles, disabling the mammoth tank< Crap... I guess I'll have to get out and do this myself...

01:44 Niar'suru: *pulls out an assault riffle* Let's do this.

01:45 Eh'rin: >Jumps out, with flamethrower in hand (wouldn't be Nod without one >:3 ) and starts to stalk Niar<

01:45 Alulienne: Jak: This is getting interesting.

To be continued.
We shall settle this in the ancient way. WITH A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Hfar on Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:09 am

Command and Conquer: Tei'kaliath Wars part 2
01:45 Eh'rin: ... re=related

01:46 Eh'rin: >A strange noise is heard, then nothing< I coming for you Niar!
Mwaa Mwa Ha Ha Ha!!!

01:48 Niar'suru: That's what you think. *activates his jetpack*

01:49 Jak'Sura: Heh, this is classic stuff here.

01:49 Niar'suru: *goes up to about eighty feet and starts scanning for Rin*

01:51 Eh'rin: >missiles appear as if from nowhere and home in on Niar, exploding him messily<
Niar, you can't scan for me if your dead!
...Good ol' Ezekiel's Wheel! :P

01:51 Jak'Sura: just took some more pain pills so srry if i start responsing a little slow or typing weird.

01:52 Niar'suru: Fool! I got Commando armor! *rail guns the spot where Rin fired from* That was left handed.

01:53 Niar'suru: Still, that hurt. And my armor is pretty beat up now too.

01:53 Eh'rin: >isn't there any more> ... re=related (One of my Favs)

01:54 Eh'rin: Another volley of missiles will make the pain stop Niar, and *I* am happy to provide!
>two more missiles appear as if from nowhere<

01:54 Eh'rin: BOOM!

01:55 Niar'suru: Curse these Nod and their stealth tech!

01:55 Eh'rin: In fact, i might go so far as to say "Boom goes the missiles (dynamite)"

01:55 Niar'suru: *lands* *missiles explode*

01:56 Eh'rin: Still got ya, they can track you in the air or on the ground!

01:56 Jak'Sura:

01:56 Niar'suru: *Niar walks out* Missiles don't do as much damage to infantry.

01:56 Eh'rin: Submit Niar! I got you good! Round 1 to me!

01:57 Niar'suru: *plants a sonar charge in the ground* Ah! There you are! *pushes a button*

01:58 Eh'rin: No I'm not... I'm over here? Or am I? maybe over here? So many places i could be, all out of range of your silly sonic do-hicky...

01:58 Niar'suru: Oh so? Then are you out of range of what's about to happen next?

01:59 Eh'rin: (Nod were all about the long-range stuff too remember) Fire! >budaboom, budaboom, budaboom<

02:00 Niar'suru: *Firewall activates* Nye! :P

02:00 Eh'rin: yep
>a shrieking noise is heard a moment before the whole area (say about a square mile) where Niar is i torn asunder by massed artillery firing from within a cloaking field<

02:01 Eh'rin: >meanwhile at the Gdi base, an APC erupts from the ground and engineers pour out and capture all the power plants, leaving the Firewall with no way to operate<

02:02 Niar'suru: Tsk tsk Rin. I rapid built a Firewall grid around me. If you recall, it blocked all projectiles including missiles.

02:02 Niar'suru: Also, I never work with only one base. ;)

02:02 Eh'rin: Wrong, the firewall had no power, your still dead!
Round two to me? I do believe it is!

02:03 Eh'rin: So, you going to admit that i can own your arse as Nod any day of the week? Or are you going to keep strugling in futility? And believe me, either is fine!

02:03 Niar'suru: If you look around, you'll find that I have harvested all the tiberium on the map and that both your new bases are being overrun by my "lame" mech armies.

02:04 Eh'rin: What bases? you can't invade what you can't see fool!

02:04 Niar'suru: And that, my dear, is why you have a build priority.

02:05 Eh'rin: And even if you could... >power-up noise< *BZZZAP*
Obelisk of light FTW!

02:05 Niar'suru: Please. I have enough sensor outposts located around the map to locate any base hidden by your stealth field generators.

02:06 Niar'suru: And since MY artillery just took out your power plants, those stealth generators are going to eat up a lot of power.

02:06 Jak'Sura: Tis is getting more than awesome.................... its epic.

02:06 Niar'suru: Which is not helped by the fact that you just constructed a rather draining Obelisk of Light. Bad timing my dear.

02:07 Eh'rin: Are you sure? are you sure that they arn't actually MY radar outposts? My engineers deployed via sub-terrainian APCs say otherwise... I believe the phrase is:

02:08 Niar'suru: After you first attempt, I used concrete. :P

02:08 Eh'rin: Plenty of power, i did capture YOUR power plants remember :P

02:08 Niar'suru: Which my artillery just destroyed. ;)

02:09 Eh'rin: "first attempt?" your implying that it sisn't all happen at once... besides, i captured your barracks to train more engineers, i believe your whole base now belongs to me. >:3

02:09 Niar'suru: You have no power, you have no money (except what the feeble amount you might get from trying to sell you power plants before I destroy them), and I have the advantage of numbers.

02:10 Niar'suru: And I sold the rest of my 1st base as soon as your engineers started capturing plants.

02:10 Eh'rin: Oh well, 3-0 me... I tire of this >summons the Monotauk and disapears below ground<
Just in time too... i do believe your doom is inbound as wee speak...

02:11 Niar'suru: Tsk tsk. Concrete, remember? We go together.

02:11 Eh'rin: >the Nuclear missile that is targeted directly on Niar's bio-signs arrives<

02:12 Eh'rin: >from underground where its safe, Can't concrete over the whole map my friend!

02:12 Niar'suru: *ion cannon blasts it out of the sky*

02:12 Niar'suru: Can't I?

02:12 Niar'suru: :D

02:13 Eh'rin: No, you cant... (it was directly overhead from your, you were caught in your own ion blast and are just as dead as a result)

02:14 Eh'rin: And don't forget the tiberium bomb right under your feet... Laterz!

02:14 Eh'rin: >wanders off to play fallout3<

02:15 Niar'suru: *tiberium bomb explodes underneath Niar, but only creates a sinkhole* *Niar flies off* God I love my jetpack.

02:15 Alulienne: xD Bravo!!

02:16 Jak'Sura: Bravo more more!!! XD

02:16 Niar'suru: Why she didn't actually use the TB in a local with Tiberium is beyond me.

02:16 Alulienne: *throws popcorn!*

02:16 Niar'suru: *bows*

02:17 Jak'Sura: And the winner is ri - uhh i mean NIAR!!!!XD

02:17 Niar'suru: No my friend, twas a draw.

02:18 Niar'suru: We were both to stubborn for our own good, just like GDI and NOD.

02:18 Jak'Sura: Then the real winner is C&C 1-3 for being just EPIC!!!

02:18 Niar'suru: By d*** if that wasn't fun! :D

And it was. ;)
We shall settle this in the ancient way. WITH A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby James Rye on Fri May 18, 2012 8:58 pm

Time for me to do an update then.Sexy make-out comin soon. ;)

16:16 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *Notices something - walks over to the jukebox* ... I almost always get this place set up... But even *I* haven't see this button before... I wonder what it does...?
16:25 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): ((What...? NOBODY is gonna try to stop me from pushing the mysterious button? Fine then!))
16:26 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *pushes the button* - Two stripper-poles and a glitter ball descend from the ceiling.
16:28 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): What, Why do we have stripper-poles. I mean there's nothing wrong with a glitter ball Yay shiny but stripper-poles?
16:30 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): Stripper poles are a necessary evil
16:31 Minalia (minalia): traditions demands it
16:31 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): That too.
16:31 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Riiight.
16:33 Minalia (minalia): and its usualy the man with the sexiest abs who do the pole dancing with the girls cheering
16:33 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Lets just hope Odd'anna doesn't see them and get inspired... again...
16:33 Minalia (minalia): belly dancing is optional^^
16:33 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): (facepalm)
16:34 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): I'm still recovering from the mental scars from that
16:34 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *looks around* Tsuris, you do appear to be the only make present! >:3

16:34 Minalia (minalia): what? the time i managed to Shiir to do his belly dance in front of anjhali?
16:34 Minalia (minalia): no one has yet to top that one
16:35 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): I'm not dancing.
16:35 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Wow... You blocked "it" out that completely did you Min? I envy you...
16:35 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Either dance or get set upon by a pack of angry females Tsuris... Your choice! :P
16:36 Minalia (minalia): hmm. im more into belly dancing then pole dancing
16:36 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): Not doing it Eh'rin.
16:36 Minalia (minalia): odd is my mate. so her drawings im kinda used to it
16:36 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *cracks knuckles menacingly*
16:36 Minalia (minalia): shame she quit. might return when the game becomes free for play
16:37 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *sigh*

16:37 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Awwws... So no caek? (anyway, who wants to help Eh'rin murder Tsuris and hide the body?)
16:38 Minalia (minalia): i can bring a shovel but i rather not stain my suit with blood
16:38 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): Why does this always happen?
16:39 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Hey, not up to us, you refused to dance, so you must be punished, thems the rulez!
16:39 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): I don't much care for dancing.... or taking my clothes off....
16:42 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Weeeeellll... find us a WILLING male and we might let you slide this once... Don't be afraid to lie to your victim, the end result is what matters! >:3
16:42 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *dances while taking Tsuris clothes off*

16:43 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): ... dammit Sen'gil.
16:44 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *takes own clothes off*
What? There are two stripper poles, i can handle only one long big stick. :P
16:44 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): I take the left, you the right. ;D
16:44 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *uses death glare on Sen'gil*
16:45 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): WOO! dance for Rinny! >throws money at Sen'gil (not Tsuris coz he ain't doing anything)<
16:45 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Doesn´t work, i got holy abs of oily protection.
*smears Tsuris naked upper half with shiny oil*
Now lets dance! For the women! For the men! For the Update gods! 8D
16:46 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): ... oh alright fine, *dances sensually for the ravenous females*
16:47 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): For you Mistresses and the Goddesses (of update-y goodness)!!
16:48 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Uuuhh~ *right leg over pole*
Woouuuuhuuu~ *robbing the pole with chest*
Oh yeah~ *moving around it while exposing butt in raccon thong*
16:48 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *quickly bents down and pick ups money to stick it into raccon thong* I gonna get rick tonight. <3
16:49 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): LoL! yeah! moar!
16:49 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Thats what makes it fun!
16:49 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): ...and funny! :P
16:50 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): TAKE THAT COMFORT ZONE! WOO!
16:50 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *hoist himself up the stripper pole and does a pole roulette*
16:51 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): ... *sighs* *reaches over and grabs Sen'gil before proceeding to ravish him*

16:51 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): @Tsu
Be happy they haven´t asked us yet to kis- O_O
16:51 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): :3
16:52 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Yikes, your tongue like a snake, Tsu.
A hungry, quick and flexible one... i like it! <3
16:53 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): Shut up and kiss me. *continues to make out with Sen'gil*
16:53 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): O_O OMG! This just keeps getting better!
16:53 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): WOO!
16:53 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *showers the two boys in adda and confetti*
16:54 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Is too distracted by glitter ball to watch the show* Damn, what did I miss?
16:54 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *makes out even more with Tsu, hands running down his oily chest, squeezing his hard buttcheeks while trying to grab as much money as possible with the feet*
16:55 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Gods, i love those male healers. <3
You can nurse me anytime you want, Tsu. ;3
16:55 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): MOAR! MOAR! Dance for your mistress!
16:56 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Notices the guys and whistles*
16:56 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *cat calls* WOO!
16:56 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Throw money, if you want a show, Oply. *stops kissing Tsu on his mouths and continues to smooch his neck, moving to his chest*

16:57 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Cannot possibly throw away shinies and weeps in despair before throwing her bra instead.*
16:58 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): O_O @ Oply
16:58 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): ...What the hell! EVERYBODY DANCE!
16:59 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *waltzes with Sen'gil, taking the lead*
16:59 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): >ducks out to change into a 'special outfit' saved just for the occassion<
16:59 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): If we're going to do this, I'm on top dammit.
16:59 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Obeys Eh'rin and dances*
16:59 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *takes bra and uses it to pull Tsu´s face closer*
I can lead too, Tsu-babe. I can show you aaall the moves. Like al 101 of them. *wink*
17:02 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *firmly grasps Sen'gil's butt cheeks* I. Am. Leading.
17:02 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *moves up to the guys* Mind if I join?
17:02 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *grabs Oplynache* GET OVER HERE!
17:03 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): YAY!

17:04 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): >returns in... a TRENCH-COAT!?< *throws of the trench-coat to reveal a full black-silt set of lingerie, complete with corset... and whip!* >cracks whip<
17:04 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *takes Oply between him and Tsu, both starting to dance very closely to her* (very close)
17:05 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): O_O
17:05 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): more like o_O
17:05 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *uses secret technique* *Pounces Eh'rin*
17:05 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Boy, i´m for running, a warm bed and us two with three or four bottles of vine. What ya say?^^;
17:06 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Better than Rin with whip anytime. o_o
17:06 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): >hangs the whip up on the wall then joins in< :3 The whip is just so you know to behave (by which I mean miss-behave)
17:06 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Hey, I don't mind whips.
17:06 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): I used to date a Sul! YOUR MEAGER FETISHES ARE NOTHING TO ME!
17:06 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *tosses Oply towards Rin to distract her, grabs almsot complet naked Tsu and both escapes into th night*
17:06 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *is pounced* SQUEEE! thats the spirit!
17:07 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): ...awwwww...
17:07 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): That´s Rin were talking about, dude. That whip is not for whiping, it will go PLACES.
17:07 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Aaaw I wanted the guys too though
17:07 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *smacks Sen'gil unconscious and drags him back to be properly punished for running*
17:07 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *hits breaks after hearing Oply*
17:07 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *gets dragged back*
17:08 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): SIT. STAY.

17:08 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): YAY! good boys! Now maybe I won't have to USE the whip... much... >:3
17:08 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Do i get a kiss, my angelic nurse? <3
17:09 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): For running away or coming back?
17:09 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Before the devil starts using the whip on your smooth back? *mine´s already hard enough for all the warrior training*
17:09 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): If possible for both, that makes double kissy time. 83
17:10 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): For running away of course *wispers to Oply* - only need to scare 'em a bit, so they don't run again... Wanna have a go?
17:11 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Whispers back* Don't I get whipped then?
17:11 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *stands next to Oply, having retrieved the whip* - You do it like this - >Cracks whip<
17:11 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): You get kisses and two pairs of hands doing WONDERS to your body. ;)
17:12 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Oh no dear, its to show you how to use it on males!
17:12 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): That's a shame.
17:13 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *moves hands quickly over Oply thights, massaging them in all the right places with his oily finger, moving up and up and up~*
17:13 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *Cracks the whip again, it hits the floor less then an inch from Tsuris's feet* - Wait... You want to receive? I s'pose, I didn't want to assume you were.... 'game'
17:14 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *shee, i´m trying to avoid us being the target, Tsu-babe.*, whispers Sen to his healer angel.
17:15 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *is undeterred by whip* If you've ever been to a Sullisin'rune party in Chel, you'll realize this is pretty tame compared to what I used to do with them....

17:15 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *jumps in surprise as she was too busy paying attention to Eh'rin's lessonl*
17:16 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Well, now i´m glad i wasn´t. Though Brorn almost went to a Jaal one, as a male, to get boobs... hah, those were the times i tell ya. XDDD *get whiped* Aua~ <3
17:17 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *Cackles evilly and cracks the whip a few more times at random - enough to be felt, but not damage*
17:18 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Uh, uh, uh~ <3
I think i can see why you´re used to this, Tsu-babe. It´s nothing comapred to Taruna´s MORALE training.
17:18 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Now Oply dear - it takes a while to get good at it... A true master can keep her victims at the very edge of the line between pain an extasy...
17:18 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *gets tired of Eh'rin acting dommish and proceeds to tackle her to the floor*
17:19 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *steals whip as it goes flying*
17:19 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): >:3 no more talking or evil laughter, it's sexy time now
17:19 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): O_O Oh! you want to PLAY do you! >There is a grin best described a 'predatory' on Rins face now<
17:19 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): It's my turn Muahahahahaha
17:19 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *goes up to Oply*
Now do you wanna whip?^^
17:20 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Or better which back shall it be? ;3
17:20 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Hands Sen'gil whip* Mine? <3
17:20 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): The strong and muscle filled warrior back or the slender and smooth healer one?
17:20 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Well, that´s always a possibilty. Hard or soft first?

17:21 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Soft.
17:21 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *slaps Oply´s butt with free hand to get a loud sound*
17:21 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *counter-tackles Tsuris, pinning him to the ground beneath her... The "purrs" over her shoulder at Oply*
Be gentellll... orr not... nyu :3
17:21 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *squeels*
17:21 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): didn´t heard ya. *whips her right buttcheek hard, but not too hard with whip, left with free hand*
17:22 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): As forrrr you Tsu... *bites the side of Tsu's neck (vampire style) while keeping him pinned*
17:23 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *shrieks, spins and grabs Sen'gil. Eyes burning*
17:23 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *nibbles Eh'rin's ear*
17:23 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Ohuh, eh, i´ll whip softer next time? pleasedon´teatmealive...
17:24 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *develops a taste for drow flesh* ... *begins to feast on Eh'rin* RAWR!
17:24 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *laughs, nono that was just right. Kisses Sen'gils nose*
17:24 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): ooooooh! You know yourrr way Tsu! Be careful, I might just steal you away all together! Rawr!
17:25 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Hmhm~
*kisses Oply on left cheek,then right,then tongue kiss*
*whole time his free hands massages her chest*
17:25 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): Oooooo!
17:26 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *notices Lua*
Ah wahtever! *continues to kiss Oply, moving his leg up to touch her "below" softly*

17:26 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): Tee hee hee :D
17:27 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *sees Lua'nar* .... >:3
17:27 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Hi Lua. Care to join?
17:27 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *baps tsu on the nose* Now now pet, we don't bite the hands that feed usss! *purrrrs*
17:27 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): GET HER!
17:27 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Pictures cost ten ada per piece Lua. *mumbles Sen while busy making out with Oply*
17:27 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *hears Lua'nar - ears twitch - mischievous grin appears*
17:28 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): *winks* I don't think you guys can handle me, and I'm the one who can draw it all ;)
17:28 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Ohhhh Luaaaaa! >:3
17:28 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): DO IT! DRAW THE MADNESS!
17:28 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): *Grabs two of ya by the rears*
17:28 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Woot! <3
17:29 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *is grabed* Gweeeeee!
17:29 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): *is grabbed by rear*
17:30 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *while being dragged by the ear, Rin manages to twist herself around and give Lua a healthy slap on the arse*
17:30 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Yay we´re not grabbed. Now where were we again, my dear? *pushes Oply on the ground and continues to kiss down from the neck towards her chest*
17:31 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): >Incase it has gone unnoticed so far, Eh'rin's blue eye is glowing fiercely<
17:31 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd):
17:31 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): If ya join, let me know, we do have a PtP section

17:32 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): I'll approve your account
17:32 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *objects to being pushed down* Hey we should switch.
17:32 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Where?
*agrees and let himself being controlled by Oply*
Have fun, darling~
17:33 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): Kk, I'll keep my eyes open
17:33 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): ooh, the site is pretty :3
17:33 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): And I'm in XD
17:35 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *purrs* So dearrrr mistress Lua... What evil do you hav in store for poor little me...? (and Tsu -you seem to have us both by the ear)
17:35 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *moves hand along Oply´s back*
Im waiting~
What ya gonna do to me now that i´m below you, huh? *wink*
17:36 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *Grins back then bites his ear hard enough to draw blood*
17:37 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): O_o Oply needs lessons in the art of flirting
17:38 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): oooo! we have a bleeder! :3
17:38 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): *nibbles on Eh'rin's ear* Oh, you know...
17:38 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Uuuiii, my first scar like this. Totally worth it with you, Oply! <3
17:38 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): @Tsu: says the one with bite-marks on his neck!
17:38 Lua'nar (Jaibyrd): (ARG! Having a brain fart about my password there!) Gimmie a sec

17:38 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Sorry sweety *kisses it better*
17:38 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): @Rin You remember he used to go to the Sul parties. XD
17:38 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): I didn't draw blood XD
17:38 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): That too
17:39 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *is nibbled on* @_@ gweheeheehee -tsu-rissss, you could learn from thisss one...
17:39 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): D'aaawww~ :3
*runs hand through Oply`s hair*
Have i ever told you that i love your hair?
*kisses her slowlyon the lips*
17:39 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *secretly has a fondness for biting to draw blood*
17:39 Tsuris'Zinn (Tsuris): That was before I was the incredibly depressed man who lost his entire clan to demons
17:39 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): *is secretly, okay not so secretly after all, okay with this*
17:41 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): *manages to 'grab' the fallen whip with her foot and drag it within reach* Now... whatever shall I do with thissss!? :3
17:43 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): *kisses sen'gil back before eyeing the whip in Eh'rin's hand*
17:43 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): @Oply 23:39 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): D'aaawww~ :3
*runs hand through Oply`s hair*
Have i ever told you that i love your hair?
*kisses her slowlyon the lips*
17:44 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Eh, pretty boy below you wants kissy/make-out time with possible bed adventure afterwards? Canustoplookinatwhip? w*A*w
17:45 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): You likesss the whip Oply? *cracks whip at her expossed back*
17:45 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): You haven't, *smiles softly* but I'm glad you like it
17:46 Oplynache (Rilla Treespirit): Yess I like the whip. *gasps when hit*
17:47 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): And i like your expression when you get hit. :) *squeezes her butt while burying his head into her chest*

17:47 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Purrrrrrrr... Urr? UPDATE!
17:47 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): waitwhatUpdate???
17:48 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): Okay stop, no more making out. it´s over. So sorry Oply, my love, but we can continue next time okay? we defintly should. ;)
17:49 Wy'shira (Kalhirst): I beseech my fellow hunters to discuss the options together, but selfishly maybe wait to post it until I get back from my date. >>
17:50 Eh'rin (Jonarus_Drakus): Awwwws...
17:50 Sen'gil (Sen´gil): I think they should...How long are you here Wy? <_<

And with that the sexy make-out time ends and it proved that sexy make-out time has the power to draw the update closer! XD
Yeah, it was fun, crazy but lots of fun. XD
We had a blast and i hope you did too.^^
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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Fri May 18, 2012 11:38 pm

}:3 (('nuff said))

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Re: Shoutbox crazy times

Postby Hfar on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:24 pm

Time for an update! Today's lesson: on tickling and shoe tag!
16:31 Elhvir (Eltharrion): Huh, what next... Pillow fight?
16:32 Elhvir (Eltharrion): would be correct for me at least... it's nearly midnight.
16:32 Fila'sofi (Hfar): >:3 *holds a pillow behind her back and sneaks up behind Elhvir*
16:33 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Surprise! *baps Elhvir over the head with pillow*
16:34 Ninorok (Catriana): *starts slowly backing away*
16:35 Fila'sofi (Hfar): *notices Nino out of the corner of her eye* >:3
16:35 Elhvir (Eltharrion): -bamf- ...Oh, now you've done it! *grabs two pillows and slams Fila between them, grabbing for a bear hug tackle*
16:36 Ninorok (Catriana): *runs away*
16:36 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): Hey everyone talked to my friend and said hill do.
16:36 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Oh no! You're not getting away that easilyyyyyy! *iz bear hug pillowed*
16:36 Ninorok (Catriana): Gaah!
16:37 Fila'sofi (Hfar): ((No, I'm the one who got bear hugged))
16:37 Ninorok (Catriana): ((Okay, Nino is running away still!))
16:37 Elhvir (Eltharrion): Hey Nino, no running away! Fila, prepare ammunition! *runs after Nino while holding Fila along*
16:38 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): *tickle Sofi's feet while being hugged
16:38 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Uh, okay? *starts flinging pillows at Nino*
16:39 Ninorok (Catriana): Ahh! No! Leave me alone! *tries to run and dodge*
16:40 Fila'sofi (Hfar): o_O Eh? G'elde what're you dooohahahaha! Heeeee!
16:40 Elhvir (Eltharrion): Fila, get read- *falls over due to Fila's twitching in laughter, bringing her on top of him*
16:40 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): famous tickle attack
16:41 Ninorok (Catriana): *stops* Oh wow. Uh...thanks. I think you saved me.
16:41 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): anytime
16:41 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Eeheeheehee! Ahahaha! Stoahaha, stop iiiiiit!
16:42 Celia (Laerei): *reaches the Kurr battle part of LA* Brorn, no!!! ... *sniff* I always knew you were going to have a badass death...
16:42 Elhvir (Eltharrion): G'el, stop, I want to keep myself in one piece! *squirms under Fila as she keeps laughing*
16:43 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): continues to tickle accidently starts on Eltharrion
16:43 Celia (Laerei): After that event clans brewery noticed 50% drop in beer consumption in a single day... they lost a valuable customer
16:44 Elhvir (Eltharrion): ...stop it. Stop it! *squirms a bit but doesn't seem to react that much*
16:44 Fila'sofi (Hfar): *pant* *pant* Oh good. He's stopped. *begins sneaking away*
16:45 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): notice ticling wrong person embaressed look on face
16:46 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *sudden grin* what's with that face? Oh, I'm not good enough? *reaches after Fila and grabs from ankle* Then I take the spoils!
16:46 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Now where're my shoes...?
16:46 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Ack! o_O
16:47 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): picks up shoe ....I wonder sho this belongs too
16:47 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Hey! Give that back!
16:47 Elhvir (Eltharrion): I think it belongs to my spoil *reels himself next to Fila* hi there.
16:47 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): sees angry look and runs away still carrying shoe
16:48 Fila'sofi (Hfar): o_0 Uh, hi there.
16:48 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Hey! Get back here! *gives chase*
16:48 Ninorok (Catriana): *watches it all* .....
16:48 Elhvir (Eltharrion): your shoes ran off. Need someone to carry you if we don't catch them? *runs along with Fila*
16:48 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): passes shoe to Nino...catch
16:49 Celia (Laerei): Anyhow gtg, cya all!
16:49 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Very well. *hops on top of Elhvir* Charge!
16:49 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Bye Lae!
16:49 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): later lae
16:49 Elhvir (Eltharrion): bye lae
16:50 Ninorok (Catriana): Bai!
16:50 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *runs full speed past Nino and grabs the shoe* hah, got it! *keeps running with Filla on back*
16:50 Ninorok (Catriana): Wait wha? *catches shoe* What am I doing with this?
16:50 Ninorok (Catriana): *shoe vanishes* Uh...
16:51 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): running from sofi and el....Wwaaaaaa
16:51 Fila'sofi (Hfar): After him! D:<
16:52 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): Hides behind Nino
16:52 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *grabs Fila's other shoe* I'll hold to this until we catch him. *turns around back toward Nino*
16:52 Ninorok (Catriana): Hey! I'm not your shield!
16:52 Ninorok (Catriana): No! *tries to shoo Elhvir away* Go find a tree to hide behind!
16:53 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): I'm not going down alone huggs onto Nino
16:53 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Hey! Gimme that! *clamours to try and get her other shoe*
16:53 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): Screams save me!!!!
16:54 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *switches shoe to right hand* and now... ultimate... golem aaarm- *runs with fist lifted up to a punch* -flick! *gives a small flick to Nino's forehead with one golem finger*
16:55 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): @Nino see you where a good shield
16:56 Ninorok (Catriana): Would you stop hitting me with that hand!
16:56 Elhvir (Eltharrion): But your head makes so nice sounds when it connects! see? *flicks again*
16:57 Ninorok (Catriana): Yeah but I don't even know you and you're abusing me worse than my matron did.
16:57 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): Looks at El's golem hand...ooooo, shiny Kalla's goning to love you...snickers
16:57 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Hey! Stop hitting Nino! *starts smacking Elhvir on the head*
16:58 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): sofi misses and accidenltyl his G'elde ....Hey I gave you back the negatives
16:58 Fila'sofi (Hfar): But you still distributed the pictures! DX
16:58 Ninorok (Catriana): @ G'elde: And I am not a shield. :p Hey, what's your name anyway? I'm Ninorok.
16:59 Ninorok (Catriana): *blinks* Pictures?
16:59 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): @Ninorok its G'elde and Sofi it was Goji-chan who gave the pictures away
17:00 Elhvir (Eltharrion): I think they refer to the bathhouse incident or something... *covers his head against Fila*
17:00 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): @Nino Ohh you havent' seen...I think I have one left
17:01 Ninorok (Catriana): Ah's okay. Sofi and I are from the same house so...and I don't really want to see her naked.
17:01 Fila'sofi (Hfar): X///X They're not naked photos!
17:01 Elhvir (Eltharrion): ...damn...
17:01 Ninorok (Catriana): I don't wanna see you in the bath!
17:02 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): @Nino you have naked photos..Goji-chan will pay big Ada for that
17:02 Ninorok (Catriana): Naked photos of me? No.
17:02 Fila'sofi (Hfar): They're photos of me in the bath either! DX
17:03 G'elde Ilztantar (GEM76): Well I have to go be back latter...secretly hands Nino the picture of Sofi getting kissed on the lips by a feral
17:03 Ninorok (Catriana): @ Sofi. Oh. What kind of photos then?
17:03 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Gee, for a male who preffers other males you sure have some dirty thoughts concerning me! DX
17:03 Ninorok (Catriana): *looks at the picture and tries not to laugh* Oh wow...this is pretty good blackmail material...*tucks away for later*
17:03 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *looks up in confusion* are ya Fila referring to me, or should I start looking up and around?
17:04 Fila'sofi (Hfar): *pouts* I was reffering to Nino.
17:04 Fila'sofi (Hfar): And give that back Nino!
17:04 Ninorok (Catriana): I don't have dirty thoughts about you...but other men do and I know how other men think because I'm a guy....and nope. I'm keeping this!
17:05 Elhvir (Eltharrion): ...Okay, you show that to me later Nino! *starts to run away from Nino, holding Fila on his back*
17:05 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Meanie! DX
17:05 Ninorok (Catriana): XD
17:06 Ninorok (Catriana): Sure thing! Only if you promise to stop hitting me! :p
17:07 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *shouts over shoulder* can't promise, but I try! *lifts Fila from back to chest, carrying her like a princess*
17:07 Fila'sofi (Hfar): And no, you cannot see it Elhvir! *starts bopping Vir on the head* And give me my shoe back!
17:08 Elhvir (Eltharrion): I'm keeping the shoe as a payment of helping you get your other shoe back. *grins widely while carrying on*
17:08 Minalia (minalia): your pic is accepted hfar please post it in the forum thread to make it official
17:09 Ninorok (Catriana): Huh. I think little Fila'sofi has found a boyfriend. I should tell the family. *wipes away a fake tear and sniffs*
17:09 Fila'sofi (Hfar): @Elhvir: In that case take this! Secret Nal'sarkoth Technique: Fingers Up the Nose! *sticks index and middle finger up Vir's nose*
17:10 Fila'sofi (Hfar): @Minalia: Okey dokey!
17:10 Elhvir (Eltharrion): nwha-! *pulls head back and manages to fall with lost balance, keeps hold on Fila* owowowow... What's with people causing me to fall today!
17:12 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Owwww! *sees shoe lying on the ground* *snatches it up* Ah ha!
17:13 Elhvir (Eltharrion): hey, no fair! ya gotta pay for that! *holds Fila firmly with one hand and starts to tickle with other*
17:13 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Whahahaha! Stop that! *sends shoe flying away with flailing arm*
17:14 Fila'sofi (Hfar): And hahahaha it's heeeee my hahahahaha shoe!
17:14 Elhvir (Eltharrion): now look what you did. Now neither of us gets the shoe! what you got to say in your defense? *keeps tickling*
17:16 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Eeeeee! I heehee say ahahaha stop it!!! *accidently hits Vir with a flailing arm*
17:17 Ninorok (Catriana): Ooh ouch. *gets out popcorn* You two are adorable!
17:20 Elhvir (Eltharrion): auw- *stops tickling and grabs again bear hug, locking Fila's arms to sides* no hitting, if I may request!
17:21 Fila'sofi (Hfar): *still out of breath from tickling* Hmph! Then *gasp* let me *gasp* get my shoe! DX
17:22 Odd'anna (Hellsion): viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17003
17:22 Elhvir (Eltharrion): *pulls self to sit up, placing Fila to sit on self's lap. Still holding arms, though* I don't think you need your shoe if you don't walk. 'Sides, Nino can hand it over.
17:22 Elhvir (Eltharrion): Right, Nino? *evil grin*
17:23 Fila'sofi (Hfar): *gives Nino puppy dog eyes* Pleeease?
17:25 Ninorok (Catriana): *shakes head and starts to head over* Sure. *pauses at Sofi's look and picks up shoe.* Oh boy. All right Sofi, I think you deserve a break. *puts Sofi's shoe back on*
17:25 Ninorok (Catriana): Try not to lose it again.
17:25 Ninorok (Catriana): Thanks for the link Odd!
17:26 Reayna (BlackFulcrum): Still as crazy in here as I left it?
17:26 Kay'sae (Sen´gil): Boy, we gonna break 150 players before tuesday. And i thought we could only get like 60-70 active voters. Well, back to writing~
17:26 Fila'sofi (Hfar): ♥
17:26 Fila'sofi (Hfar): Thank you Nino! :)
We shall settle this in the ancient way. WITH A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!
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