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Family questions answered

Postby Thalar on Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:11 am

First off, a general statement.
Kern wrote:For the sake of the game mechanic, you are limited to mate within your familly. Make it a tradition of the old city if need be!

1. Kirio: How do we register a potential for a pregnancy (as in actually trying)?

Kern wrote:1-You're a year too early, at the minimum. You can have a baby only at the time jump and this will happen around the same time as the moonless age one.

2. Tamato: can you only have a baby if your in a famliy ? and what if your family is all female or all male .

Kern wrote:2-Yes. Then you have a strange unhealthy familly...or you're a jaal'darya without the technology.

3. Cres’sin: Must one be in the same family as their counterpart to have a child?

Kern wrote:3-yes

4. Selkie: Are mates expected to join the same family? If not in the same family, does that nullify previously established couples?

Kern wrote:4-You guys love to ask the same question over and over. If you meant "mate without children" it doesn't matter as it is purely a forum roleplay thing.

5. Laerei: If it happens that two persons (to specify: from opposite sexes) from different families officially become mates (marriage), who joins who's family?

Kern wrote:5-You guys sort it out between yourselves.

6. Ein’keos: I know this might give away to much considering it'd give an approximation as to how long the time jump would be, but would children be NPC's or controlled by subscribers?

Kern wrote:6-They'd be NPC as they are too young. The jump will be of 5-10 years.

7. Tamato: do we get to deside its name, looks , and choose if its a girl or boy?

Kern wrote:7- Yes

8. Sun’alver: Just how do "families" and "Mates" tie in with each other?

Families so far sound like one big get together for procreation, but there are groups of Mates within families. Within families, will only Mates be able to have children together? Or Will The Entire Family attempt to Have Children?

If Only mates, how we we able to set that apart from others?

Kern wrote:8- See above.

9. Tohya: Will a Family/Faction that causes trouble for the clan be disbanded by Anjhali?

Kern wrote:9- If enough pressure is put on an'jhali.

10. Omb’reh: If multiple groups of mates join the same family, are all the pairings imaginable going to be done? Or we will have the choice of picking who mates with who to prevent a horrible baby boom of doom?

Kern wrote:10- ...

11. Alimie’lea: And let us not forget those who are not in any family... what of them? Will they still be able to bear children, even if they have no family ties?

Kern wrote:11- See above. No. Make a 2 person familly if need be!

12. Ka’hab: Ok, so if two people are lovers but of the same gender, would they be able to still have children if in their greater family there are males? If yes, then how would this be kept track of?

Kern wrote:12- Ka'hab Jaal'darya i'm afraid you can't have childrens. Adoptions is going to be purely roleplay on forum and if you choose to have a children from another male, then it is that particular male that is the father. Nothing stop you from having Mari in the same familly but again this is irrevelent for the game mechanic.

13. Ka’hab: Also, please forgive the blunt crassness of this question, but I think the answer would help us understand the mechanism. Is it assumed that all the members of a "family" are f--king each other? Or is it accepted that there are brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles within the same family (IE, accepting a close relation that is platonic).

Kern wrote:13- Not everybody is fucking each other. At least not in the biological way :p.

14. Quanhir’nylwae: Who decides which female has children after the timeskip, the player of that character, Kern the game master, or Reza the artist?

Kern wrote:14-Players

15. Ka’hab: Do we apply to have children, or will they be the result of family coupling and at the whim of "god" aka Kern?

Kern wrote:15-See question 1.

16. Ka’hab: If there is a time skip where unions and resulting children aren't explained, will single gender couples be looked over for children? Or, if they're in a larger family with men included, will they be able to have a child with very little need to explain comic wise?

An example, assuming that we don't apply to have children: Mari'ciel and Ka'hab are mates, but they are part of a 7 member family that includes 3 males. If one or both of them has children, would it be because it was assumed that they pulled a gene donor from the family? Or would they be passed over because they are two committed females.

Kern wrote:16-See above.

17. Tamato: can we have twins or is this by random?

Kern wrote:17- No twins.

18. Ka’hab: What's the function of the families in game beyond having babies?

Kern wrote:18- The same reasons given in the game thus far. They didn't change. Babies won't change it either.

19. Cres’sin: will a family have access to some kind of "Family house/room" within Ther?

Kern wrote:19- Possibility to consider. No in plan right now.o

20. Cres’sin: Also, will family's be featured in the comic?

Kern wrote:20- Like everything else. The comic is the game. what you do on the forum stay on the forum though.

21. Kirio: Will families be able to do things as a group that will get mentioned in the comic?
shopping trips?
send a member(s) to Orthobbae?
work on small projects for the clan?
designate a family member as child raiser, i.e. full time and not an assistant to a ranked member?

Kern wrote:21- The rules of the game do not change upon receiving babies. Nor the possibilities. We cannot be liable for babies malfonctions...

22. Ka’hab: When we have enough children, will we get to have a rank of teacher? (They can direct the children's lessons to help other the other ranks, ;p )

Kern wrote:22- Since the teacher would not affect anything beyond managing a ressources that produce nothing and cannot grow into anything useful within a resonable amount of time, that'd be a no.
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Re: Family questions answered

Postby Catriana on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:40 am

I think there is one question here that I haven't seen answered.

What if a female has two male mates? Since drow aren't exactly ones who reproduce so quickly due to their long lifespan does this mean the female chooses one mate to have the child with? If the female is allowed one child per mate how will age restrictions go? Obviously, the children cannot be the same age.
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