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RULES (stuff you should know.)

RULES (stuff you should know.)

Postby Kite » Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:07 pm

A Player's Guide is forthcoming, therefore there isn't much to be said RULE wise yet, so keep in mind common forum etiquette: Don't be a dick. Or spam. etc.

As for Relic Hunter players, understand this:
- This forum is a privilege to have, not a right. If you abuse it, then its access will be taken from you. If you're not banned first.
- If a player is abusive (i.e. is being a dick), report it to a moderator.
- Kern does not regularly read the forums, he's very busy working most of the time. This subforum is maintained by Kite, who is also often busy, so she delegates the job to moderators.
- If you post a comment or question on the Shoutbox, keep in mind that it can disappear off of the page if many comments are made after it. Important matters should be PMed or emailed to Kern.
- GMs have the final say. If there is a conflict with the game, talk with them directly and discreetly about it. Being crude or creating social drama will only work against you.


BUG REPORTS should be posted in the bug report thread.
The SHOUTBOX is the easiest way to get your comment to the artist, but you can email Kern ( and he can pass it along to them too.
If you have a question or a problem that is not urgent, use the FORUM.

Kern - Urgent technical or Subscription/Account help.
Thalar - Forum access
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Re: RULES (stuff you should know.)

Postby Thalar » Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:30 pm

People who need RH forum access can now PM me for this. Please spread the word ^^
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