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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby Ein'keos on Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:57 pm

pen wrote:As Kel'noz states here, Sarghress use the no-tax-for-gate method.

I suggest the scouts do some mapping of the area beyond the gates leading out of our cavern, then we will know exactly what they lead to. We may even find something... interesting. }:3

If we wish to route traffic around Tear then a road may be a good idea. It will not only route traffic but also ensure that more people use the exit. ^^

Yes, but that was years ago. With the war and the new rumours going around it's possible the Sarghress have decided to start charging tolls as well.

Exate wrote:Regardless of our ultimate decision on what to do about the gate, I would advocate stationing someone to keep an eye on our cavern exit and take note of the people moving through it, effective immediately. With the clans tightening their hold on traffic, it's likely that we will see some increased level of travel through our gate over the coming weeks as people seek to avoid the tolls. But more than looking for specific changes, on general principles it's probably a good idea to be monitoring traffic so that we have more information to work with- not just for if we decide to charge a toll, but also because one never knows what interesting tidbits might pop up. Much of the time, when we have people travel into or through the city, we get new information on the city's mood and rumors; just having a couple people sit at the cavern entrance and chat people up could potentially tell us a lot on a fairly consistent basis.

On the toll thing: Upon reflection, the reason that the great clans can charge a toll of anyone passing through their gates is ultimately because if someone refuses to pay, the great clans can forcibly stop them and/or kill them for their impudence. Until we're able and willing to meet that standard for the vast majority of those who would wish to pass, it would probably be a bad idea to even try.

I totally agree about monitoring Ther traffic. On the topic of the Great Clans having the power to stop or kill caravans that refuse to pay, I don't think we're in a very different situation. The disadvantages of us fighting a caravan refusing to pay (political fallout, reputation etc.) are the same the great clans would face and it's not like we don't have the military capacity to destroy a caravan on our own turf. Our military is actually pretty robust, at least enough for the purposes of backing up a toll. Not that we necessarilly should, just that we can.
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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby AthenAltena on Fri Nov 20, 2009 6:27 pm

Well in terms of tolls, for or against, the last LA makes it look like someone beat us to the punch. :\ Not good.
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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby Nagimalice on Fri Nov 20, 2009 6:34 pm

This may work in our favor though, If it's a minor group we can kick them out and take over. If it's a Major Clan then we are out of luck...
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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby minalia on Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:19 pm

Not yet..we can try and make the next turn into a 1 day event, we negotiate with them if they are a big clan..if it's a small clan we wipe them out no question asked. IF it's a big clan, oh boy we got a serious problem then. If they are extremely taxing in that toll..we may have no choice but to somehow dig a tunnel under them or around them?
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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby Finish on Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:46 pm

minalia wrote:Not yet..we can try and make the next turn into a 1 day event, we negotiate with them if they are a big clan..if it's a small clan we wipe them out no question asked.

Whipe out a small Clan? Good luck with that. It's not easy to whipe out a whole Minor Clan. The stupidst thing we could do is to start a war with some Clan we don't know anything about in this times.

So let's check who are this guys first. And if it's a Minor Clan just capture them or send them away and told them that we are in change of this gate and want to keep it open.

If it's only a bunch of thugs... then we should of course wipe them out. :D
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Re: Capitalizing on our Chel Exit

Postby Cayen on Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:41 am

speaking of capitalizing on our chel exit, lets evict the squatters who are sitting on ours please....
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