The Orthorbbae Athenaeum Rules!

The Orthorbbae Athenaeum Rules!

Postby Madea » Sun Apr 08, 2007 7:09 pm

Copied from the Main Page of the Athenaeum.

Rules of the Wiki
1 - If there is a structure already in place; follow it.
2 - Be prepared to have your entries edited for structure, content or other.
3 - If you don't know whether it's canon or not - don't put it in.
4 - In cases of multiple spelling or capitalization methods, one specific spelling has been chosen. Respect this and use the same spelling as given.
5 - Check your spelling. This goes double for names. The more errors you enter the more work someone else has to do to correct it.
6 - No bias. If you hate a clan or a character discuss it on the boards. Be as neutral as possible on the wiki.
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