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Drowtales/pathfinder crossover.

Re: Drowtales/pathfinder crossover.

Postby Rhung » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:01 am

Once Mae whip of fire hit the area and hurting the sprites causing many of them to fall back into the woods but do to her actions the whip also hit a tree branch to were after a few seconds there would be a grown as the entire tree would start to shack. To were it branches would twist and turn as the thing that seems to be a tree would pull itself from the ground two part of bottom would form into legs as a head in the middle would appear with two blue glowing eyes as other tree would start to do the same turning there full attention to the group. "Well Mae I think you just got us killed....." She would say to maw as fear would start to overtake her but around them other fey would start to appear as for Che and nubie more of the tree would start to move toward them as a group once small nearly the size of a small child would appear in front of them having simple clothing but would have red caps and scythes grinning at the two.
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Re: Drowtales/pathfinder crossover.

Postby django » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:41 am

Che's wolf went ballistic after the little creeps. All the while Mae's flame whip lashed out and struck one of the little bastards, but she also awakened something worse as the tree she touched with her flames started to unroot itself and turn its attention to them.

Getting them killed was one way of putting it. But looking into the mouth of such a monster was sealing their fate.
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Re: Drowtales/pathfinder crossover.

Postby IkaikaKekai » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:37 pm

Che and Nubie were separated from the others, with Che finally catching up with his wolf trying to climb one of the trees after the sprites. A quick hand would grab her collar, just in time for the tree to turn to face the wolf that was clawing at it's back. "Sharess tits." was all Che could muster as he leaped onto his now fearful wolf's back and tried to ride back to the others, "MAE!! TREE...THINGS! AND CREEPY KIDS WITH BIG KNIVES!"
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