Soldiers of Fortune: Campaign Details

Soldiers of Fortune: Campaign Details

Postby Celice » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:41 am

This is a list of the campaign to give people an idea of what may be to come in the future. These are officially confirmed things. They are updated when the mission is revealed and winner of it is determined.

Campaign 1: The Western Expansion

Mission 1: Find the Supplies
The caravan has just arrived at the final path to Chel and has been raided! The squads have set out to recover the supplies from the Sun Paw Bandits in order for the caravan to arrive.
Mission currently in progress.
Mission 2: Eviction Notices on the end of a Blade
Mission 3: Making a Pretty Penny
Mission 4: Hide and Go Scream
Mission 5: At Dawn, Look to the East
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