Soldiers of Fortune: Worldsetting information

Soldiers of Fortune: Worldsetting information

Postby Celice » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:37 am

This is the Worldsetting aspects that are utilized in the campaigns in addition to drowtale worldsetting which can be found here on the wiki <=== general Drowtales worldsetting

We make a BIG attempt to keep to general drowtales worldsetting. Below are added aspects so far introduced.

The Esmeralian People: The Drow-agthoi:
(lots of info on them)
Esmeralian Language:

Menlos-Chel: Homecity of the Esmeralia. A mysterious city in high moutain caverns deep in the viel of the mist. Outsiders are usually killed on sight upon approaching its lofty mountain paths. They have a tribal alliance with the black suns in the area to it.

Cal'Coro'Matoak: It is the cesspool of the deep dark, overcome with anarchy and possibly the worse place in the entire underdark. It has rampant diseases, rampant tainting, and yet it continues to spiral on despite all the issues. The people who are born and raised in Cal'Coro'Matoak are not playable yet, but they are a very sturdy people to say the least, more immune to diseases and fungi that would kill others.

Sun Paw Bandits
A group of thugs that raided the caravan in a sneak attack. They made off with the supplies of the group. Nothing more is known.
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