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Phantasy RPG.

Phantasy RPG.

Postby DemonGirlPixie » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:04 pm

If you'd like to play a online game without having to download it well them try PhantasyRPG I will put a link up for it, its free with NO download!! you'll have to sign up for it and the following classes are playable.
Male or Female
Male or Female (Elves, can be also be Dark Elf AKA Drow)
Male or Female (lizard people)
Male or Female (WereWolf, There a good class thats able to make potions, no other class can make potions)
Unknown (you'll have to see if you can find out how to be one)

Please READ & Follow the rules on there!!! it'll help you alot on there and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the chat room, Theres alot of quest on there that are either Easy or Hard to do but you do not have to do any of them though there is a lvl 50 quest that will give you some lvl 50 gear but you have to do the quest that lead up to it. Theres alot of friendly ppl that will help out, the ower has worked VERY hard on the game and if you like it you can donate if you have the money and get some pretty kewl gear by doing so that will help you lvl up fast! also as you lvl up you'll be able to join guilds like Fishing Guild which will allow you to fish after you have bought the needed item's and the best thing is you don't need to buy the high end fishing rod or fishing bait! just buy a fishing rod and basic bait and fish and kill monsters that attack while you fish. or if you want to be a blacksmith you'll need lvl 120 with lvl 30 miner. And yes you can even mine for ore's and use them to make some low lvl weapons and keys at the forge for a small amount of ore's and crown(aka gold) plus theres alot more on there to do so you'll have to check and see if it'll be something you'd like to play, and in closing be sure to READ & Follow the RULES!!! the link below
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