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Rakenzarn Tales

Rakenzarn Tales

Postby Sigard » Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:02 pm


I guess I'm back here. And I'm here to ask for a favor. And with there being no Chat forum, I had to make a guess on where I thought it would be okay to post this.

A friend of mine has been working on this game for seven years. It's been cancelled on numerous occasions, reworked, rewritten, lost, tweaked, etc. Now the guy wants some proper opinions and nearly no one wants it. I've only been with him halfway, talking him through his rough periods and supporting him. Now I'm going out on a ledge here for him.

I don't know all the details myself since I've been unable to play it myself. My computer doesn't support the game. All I'm asking here, for the sake of my friend and to help finish what could be a great fan-made game, that someone takes the time to download and play it.

Here it is:

Don't make me beg.
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