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My D&D Campaign

My D&D Campaign

Postby Obsidian Agent » Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:28 am

Alright, I've decided to post the story of an online D&D campaign I was in, and although we never finished, we were building up to something epic (with plenty of silliness on the side). So, without further ado, here's the story of my D&D Campaign.

Dramatis Personae
Player Characters:
Kharneva - Human - Female - Barbarian/Sorceress - Chaotic Good
Albrecht Gessler - Human -Male - Necromancer - Lawful Neutral - (My Character)
Valis - Githzerai - Male - Monk - Lawful Neutral
Cliffs - Halfling - Male - Rogue - True Neutral
Oskar Dankil - Dwarf - Male - Fighter - Lawful Good
Jayariel Drillowup - Drow - Male - Ranger - Chaotic Good
Carlos Despedes - Human - Male - Paladin - Lawful Good

*Note: Albrecht was lawful not so much in that he followed the law to the letter, but in that he had a code of conduct, and he stuck to it. And he was neutral not so much in the "indifferent towards good vs evil" way, but in the "good and evil deeds balance each other out" way.

Sillaqui - Elf - Female - Bard - Chaotic Neutral
Vadania - Elf - Female - Druid - Lawful Neutral ( I think)
Lia - Elf - Female - Bard - True Neutral
Mia - Elf - Female - Bard - True Neutral
Ozymandias - Halfling - Male - Bard - Chaotic Neutral
Nicodemus - Human - Male - Cleric - Lawful Evil

Our story begins in the Riverlands, set in the DM's world's version of South America, albeit one that was colonized during the Middle Ages, rather than the Renaissance. At a tavern, four weary travelers - Kharneva, Albrecht, Valis, and Cliffs - are heading in, ready for food, beer, and entertainment for the night. The entertainment is provided by an elven bard named Sillaqui, who weaves a tale about some lost treasure, and the Lich who created it. Once the song is done, Kharneva, Albrecht, Valis, and Cliffs each independently talk to Sillaqui about it, and learn that supposedly, the Lich's treasure is actually fairly close by. Eventually, they decide to go out searching for the treasure in the morning. For the time, they turn in to get some shuteye.

In the morning, the four adventurers set out through the jungle, trying to get to the temple that houses the Lich's treasure. We get about to the halfway point between the town and the temple, when night falls. We agree to take turns keeping watch. For most of the night, it's pretty uneventful, until near the dawn, when a group of giant spiders attacks. Albrecht, Valis, and Cliffs rush into action immediately, while - due to some botched rolls - Kharneva remains asleep. Cliffs and Valis start attacking the spiders head-on, while Albrecht taps into his vast reservoir of arcane knowledge to cast spells. Specifically, I cast "Summon Swarm". Now, for those who don't know, when a Dread Necromancer casts "Summon Swarm", he can choose between bats, rats, and spiders as the animal that makes up the swarm. I chose spiders. While I'm getting the swarm of spiders to bite the giant spiders, and Cliffs and Valis are attacking the giant spiders, Kharneva finally wakes up, and joins in the fight. One of the giant spiders is dead, it's exoskeleton having been cracked by Cliffs and Valis. Another is near-death, having been poisoned by all the little spiders. There's only one left. Cliffs, Valis, and Kharneva start wailing on it, while I get my swarm of spiders to leave their latest kill to attack the last giant spider. It goes down like a bitch.

I'll stop right here for tonight, because this is where the first session ended.
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