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F2P: Warframe (currently in open beta)

F2P: Warframe (currently in open beta)

Postby Whizzard » Mon May 06, 2013 7:00 pm


Long story short: Hey there's a spankin' great free to play COOP 3rd person shooter on Steam, anyone interested?

Short story long:

What is Warframe?
On the most basic level, Warframe is a free to play cooperative third person space ninja game featuring space ninjas. Space. Ninjas.
Did I mention space ninjas?
As in: Ninjas. In space. Backflippin', somesaultin', space sword swingin', wallrunning, vanishing space ninjas... with space ninja guns! In space.

Pictured: Warframe space ninja nr. 1:

It's still in beta and features are being added with every major update, for example latest update gave us space ninja stealth approach you can utilize when soloing levels.

So okay, we have space ninjas. What do space ninjas do? What is your goal as a space ninja? As a space ninja in space you face hordes of evil space cyborg robot pirate clones! Okay they are actually not pirates but then again they pretty much behave like pirates. And the rest is true. For me they are evil cyborg clone space pirate robots. But what else do space ninjas do in space? They also face the evil cyborg merchant robot trade corporation. So yeah, space cyborg evil robot pirates. Without clones. And last but not least! Space mutant zombies! Who have space zombie mutant dogs! In space!

Long story short, Warframe is about Space Ninjas vs Evil Space Cyborg Robot Pirate Clones and Evil Cyborg Merchant Robot Trade Corporation and Space Mutant Zombies with Space Zombie Mutant Dogs. Or Tenno vs Grineer, Corpus and Infected if you prefer their game names.

How does it play?
When you start off you are given a quick tutorial about shooting and swinging a sword. Then you start off with a series of missions where you face the Grineer hordes around Mercury (as in the planet Mercury in our starsystem). You either do them solo or online with randomly selected opponents or make your online game private and only invite your friends. You run and gun and swing your sword. Missions vary from destroying a reactor, clearing out a space station, rescuing a captive from space prison, destroying mining equipment, stealing intel, assassination and even more. In time the missions expand to other planets, including Earth. Some of them take place on space stations, space ships and others mix it up by taking it to the surface. In middle of missions you are occasionally thrown off by an sudden events of door being locked off, compartments being vented of air, security turrets popping up or a sudden wave of enemies coming from every direction.

Now, if you look at what I wrote you must realize: man, this game can get repetitive quick. You may be right. That is, if you approach this game with a mindset that isn't imaginative and you stick with what tutorial teached to you. What tutorial doesn't mention at all is the combat maneuvers. Combat maneuvers start from simple jump sword attack and eventually being proficient at wallrunning while deflecting bullets with your sword, leaping off the wall into a flying kick into an enemy's face dropping onto the floor into sliding on your knees while emptying your dual wield revolvers into an enemy who's off your sliding path, leaping into the air from sliding into somersault over an obstacle right into a group of enemies while doing a midair spinning sword attack landing on the floor and doing an sliding spinning sword attack finisher and then watching the satisfying sight of your opponents splitting in half.

I shit you not, that is an entirely possible scenario if you know what you are doing.

Pictured: A space ninja leaping off from a wallrun to rain down on a unlucky Corpus Space Cyborg Greedy Trader Mercenary:

What I'm saying: If you try new things and mix things up a little, it can keep the game being immensely awesome.

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned the half of it yet... "Wait, it can get better than flying kick into a space cybrog clone pirate face?" Is what you must be thinking, right?

Well, hear this:
After the tutorial, you can choose from 3 different warframes (space ninja suit).
And if I say different, I mean different.
First one, the Excalibur is the poster boy of Warframe. He has special abilities related to sword, like quick dash that kills anything on it's path, super leap that... you get the picture, a dash of dust into enemy eyes that turns them blind and last but not least, ultra move that throws swords at targeted enemies.

Second one is Loki, the one I use. Loki is named Loki because Loki's a trickster of legends. Loki lives up to it's ancient name by having an ability to create a stationary decoy that makes most of the enemies concentrate fire on itself giving Loki and friends some breathing space, an ability to turn invisible allowing him to attack enemies with extra damage without having to worry about everyone shooting at Loki and an ability to switch places anyone, be it friend or foe or decoy. An example: jump into infinite chasm, quickly switch places with a strong opponent = profit. And Loki's ultra is an Area of effect ability that rips weapons out of opponents hands. Oh gee, you dropped your sword? Well, I'll give you mine! In your neck! (PS: Loki is on the screenshot above)

Last one changes every week, for example, when I joined the game the third one was Mag, the magnetic chick. Mag can pull opponents ("Oh, woe is I, why must I be a space cyborg pirate robot clone? I am mostly metal!"), has an ability to restore ally's shield or blow the enemy's and an ability to magnetize the enemy so no shot misses (excellent to combo with Excalibur's sword throwing ultra as Excalibur can miss his throws). Oh yeah and the enemy hits himself with his own attacks, hah. Or gets shot by his own allies. And an ultra that makes enemies be torn apart. Yay, violence. Did I mention limbs fly in this game?

There's 9 more warframes, 12 in total, and every major update adds new ones. And every warframe has 4 unique abilities to unlock. Oh and weapons also level up, gaining new abilities. And you can buy new ones with new attacks. You start with the standard sword, standard revolver and standard assault rifle. Everything else is not so standard as you'll find out. (pst, waraxe, pst). I for one carry dual revolvers. For style! Oh and everything can be painted in custom colors. My sword has a seaweed green edge and my revolvers are azure blue. *bigsmile*

Pictured: Pimped red Loki with pink(!?) sword/daggers leaping into an abstract piece of art to get artsy:

How much does it cost?
Well, the game is Free to Play as I mentioned already but there's always a catch, right?

Pictured: Your bills will sneak up on you just like that! Or will they?

Now, almost all stuff costs currency that you have to buy with Real Money™. HOWEVER! All stuff can be built from blueprints by using resources that you pick up during missions. Blueprints can drop from enemies or be bought from store for ingame currency that you earn with missions. Uhhh, it means farming, though. But in my experience, you earn resources quickly enough.

You can also earn special warframe blueprints with weekend events. By special, I mean same as equal standard counterpart but with extra bling and bonus points in damage. Though to make it fairer, they also have minus points in something.

You can make your life easy with Real Money™ but for a persistent one who earns and builds his spankin' new warframe that can mindcontrol opponents (Nyx) it's a rewarding game (if a bit tedious).

Will it blend?
Burn it on a DVD, then yes, it will blend perfectly!

Pictured: Blender at full power:

Where can I get it?

OR Steam

PS, I didn't tell you but it's only 600mb big. When modern in gigabytes games are like swedish table, just stacked full and table (your harddrive and internet bandwith) breaks down, then Warframe in it's gorgeous graphics and gameplay is like s sandwich, nice and light, full of nutritients and keeps your stomach from clogging up.

You can join me in the fight through Drowtales Steam Community!

All lame jokes and pictures makes article a dull boy, gimme some videos?
Here you go:
Gameplay trailer that barely scrapes the gameplay barrel:

And an amazing trailer that shows no gameplay and yet contains tons of elements of the gameplay:

Or a fanmade gameplay trailer with a warframe that looks like a... fat chicken?


Final word
Have you heard of the game called Dark Sector? It was just above average game, nothing great and all. Featured a guy in modern day fighting some "deadly cold war secrets" in Eastern Europe. It was drastically different game from what it was meant to be initially. Initially Dark Sector was supposed to be a heavily sci-fi action game. But nooo, the publisher stepped in and said "Call of Duty is all the jazz today, sci-fi is a no-no, modern day is go-go!".

Watch this Dark Sector original concept video:

Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept. Now look at Warframe. Now look at the Dark Sector original concept.

Looks similar? Hell yes! It's the same developer and they dusted off the original Dark Sector concept for Warframe and told the publisher to fuck off.

Did I mention... space ninjas?

And yes, I like to write.
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Re: F2P: Warframe (currently in open beta)

Postby Shrg » Sun May 12, 2013 9:57 pm

I like it very much and I would say I have played it a little bit too much in the past, but if you like to play with me just contact kyrdra ingame or Vren in the Steam group
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Re: F2P: Warframe (currently in open beta)

Postby razer666L » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:33 am

Anybody in Drowtales is a Tenno too? Because I've been playing Warframe for 1428 hours and still loving it. XD :D
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