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Gildorym, Serious minecraft Roleplay server

Gildorym, Serious minecraft Roleplay server

Postby Eyrevian » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:17 pm

Minecraft Gildorym, Forgotten Realms, Fae'run, Dnd Serious R


What is it?
Gildorym is a Mature Minecraft Roleplay server set in the Dungeons & Dragons continent of Faerun. The World is a Harsh place, with Fortune & Danger lurking around every corner. With the opportunity for every man to take his chance at Fame. Our Events Team run Daily events Involving deep plots, with twists both good & evil, with opportunity for the player's actions to decide its fate. We use the Heroes class system offering over 15 different and unique combat classes each with their own developing storyline and 5 crafting professions that each have vital place in our world economy. Lastly, we use the factions plugin system allowing players to become Lords of Lands, conquer other others and even fie for the Crown of Gildorym.. So fancy trying yourself to become a wealthy land owner? A Powerful Mage? A Master Assassin? or even just content running your farm, or local smithy? The choice is entirely yours..

So where is Gildorym?
The Isle, Gildorym, is based in the Korinn Archipelagio, off the Sword Coast. The isle is a place of great planes, dark woods, Huge mountains, dry deserts, high castles & deep oceans. Despite being blessed with the protection of The City States of Maer Dauldon, Filara & the Dwarven Mountain home of Agamar. Gildorym is still plagued by Werewolves, Vampires, Dragons, Cults, Pirates, & Dark Gods.

How does it work?
You make a character based on the Forgotten Realms lore (3rd edition). Choose a Race, God, Class, Proffession and an Alignment. Decide a back story and off you go into the world playing as the character of your choice. You can build, trade, and adventure to your hearts content. Gildorym is one of the few servers that already has its own preset Lore, through the D&D Faerun lore, offering players a vast knowledge basethey can use to create & develop their characters No longer do you have to worry if your taking your story too far, if its in the Faerun Lore, 99% is accepted. You can work to gain your own title, building your own Cult, Guild, Army, Town or Faction. Becoming a Master, Lord, Warlord , Knight or even just a humble farmer.

What makes us different?
Gildorym is one of the few worlds that offers the Faerun Experience in a setting that is completely changable. Our Admin team work tirelessly to create the perfect Roleplay experience possible, allowing players to develop characters with deep storylines where they can influence the world around them. We do this with a dedicated team of admins, mods & event managers that run Roleplay Events on a daily basis. These events range from the main storyline of the Isle, to smaller individual storylines, to plotlines that involve groups. These roleplay events can have unexpected twists and turns, ending in character development, levels, quests, classes and if your not careful, curses, enemies and quite possibly death.. You can get involved, or choose to ignore them and continue on your chars storyline exclusively. Our server also has its own specific and ever improving roleplay PVP system, that reflects character experience, rewarding those who have put alot of time into their character, but also giving lower level players a chance.



- No Meta Gaming - Using knowledge outside the world (chat/forums) to benefit you ingame. You are however, allowed to use Faerun or game lore provided its possible for your char to know.
- No Power Gaming, when you RP an action, "Attempt" it. IE "Richard attempts to put his hand on Johns shoulder, to hold him down."
- Your character must fit within the world setting
- It must have an authentic RP name
- Your skin must correspond with your Race description in the Races page.

Player Deaths
- If your char is killed by a monster, this is not considered an RP death. However it makes sense for the player to RP out an injury due to losing a fight.
- If your char is killed in a RP fight with another player, or by an EM in event. He is considered permanently dead. You are required to make a new character.
- To make a new character, make a thread in the Characters forum, listing your char profile like you do in your whitelist application. Including a History of a couple of Paragraphs. Then ask in Global for a Mod to help you make a new character.
- Your new char must have no recollection of the death. Seeking out revenge on the person who killed you is considered Meta Gaming.

- Your character is to be in RP mode at all times. No Jump running, it makes no sense. You cant suddenly decide if the situation isnt going your way, to turn around and say "I wasnt RPing" the way the admins will see it is you were breaking a rule and will favor the other side. So RP at all times.

- We allow players to be involved in ERP ( Erotic Roleplay ) so that their characters may be intimate with other characters. As a result we ask players to do this in a Tasteful way.
- ERP must be done in private ie in private residence using the /whisper chat.
- ERP Situations involving Rape, Incest, Paedophilia or Violent Abuse are Absolutely Prohibited. Discovery of such events will result in a ban.
- Players cannot force other players into ERP situations. Both partys must agree to it willingly.
- ERP Invitations must be done in an RP manner. Blatently asking people will result in a Ban.

- Use the RP PVP system written here!
- RP out your characters Age or Race restrictions where they apply.
- You must have a legitimate reason to kill a player.
- If your character dies, your new character must not have any recollection of what happened. Revenge stories are not allowed.

Conduct Rules
- All players are expected to be friendly and helpful. Trolling, abusing or spamming other members will result in the banhammer.
- Global is not to be used as a general chat channel, it spams chat, and makes it hard to RP. Use minimally.
- Not to abuse any loopholes or bugs found in the server, report them, so we can fix them.
- Dont block climb,

Build & Griefing rules
- You can build anywhere you like in the Wilderness. But be aware, people can grief it. Towns offer the benefit of protection. Please respect the land, keep it tidy, dont leave pools of lava lieing about.
- All buildings must fit in with the Faerun setting (think medieval!).
- Buildings made of wood, dont have stone rooves! It doesnt make sense, it would fall down, if we find it, we'll ask you to change it, or remove the whole building.
- Dwellings of more then 3 players in the same place are considered a town. Only Donators may build a town and the location/name must be agreed.
- Do not leave Floating Trees! If you cut down a tree, try to get all the bits of wood so it disapears, and replant after. Keep the landscape beautiful!

Sign up and read the in depth lore, and rules at http://gildorym.enjin.com/home TODAY!
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