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Auras, summons, demons, and death

Auras, summons, demons, and death

Postby Moric » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:39 pm

I apologize for this, I really do. ^^; Just pondering some magi-physics.

- Traditional Summoning (Elendlar) takes and stores the aura of a recently killed fae into a gemstone.
- Nether demons can be sealed into gemstones.
- Demons (Ver'aku, Vel'akar and Shards) exit their bodies when killed, ready to possess a new victim.
- With the death of Sene'kha, a red, tainted aura can be drawn into a sealing stone.
- Of all the deaths of Ver'drowendar, none that I can recall have a nether demon arising from the corpse on their own.
- Ran'diirk's aura, after death, while being bound by Snadhya'rune as a summon, is tainted red.
- Only the Kyorls give a thought about capturing the nether from a dead tainted.

As such, would this be considered appropriate?
- The nether demon attaches to its host's aura permanently, until the aura is fully consumed.
- If the host is killed prior to being consumed, both the demon and the host's aura fade away.
- If so, this would explain why a merged such as Sha'sana does not leave a demon behind. As the aura and demon have become a symbiotic whole, the pair will die together.

Is this crazy? Did I miss anything?
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