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Of Demons and Polarities

Of Demons and Polarities

Postby Syncronocity » Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:26 pm

This idea has been rattling around in my head for awhile now, but something really clicked after seeing this latest page. Allow me to begin.

noun: polarity

the property of having poles or being polar.
"it exhibits polarity when presented to a magnetic needle"
the relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field.
plural noun: polarities
"the magnetic field peaks in strength immediately after switching polarity"
the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.
"the polarity between male and female"

This is the basis of the old "opposites attract" saying. Now consider this:

What if auras had polarities? It would make sense regarding the interactions between Drow and demons if you consider Drow auras to naturally have a positive polarity, while demons have a naturally negative polarity. This would explain the draw and ease with which nether seeds can be embedded within the auras of Drow. This also explains one aspect of how a tainted Drow is immune to the corruption of additional "nether imports".

It has been stated that Kyorls can (with training) become resistant to tainting and demonic influence. We can, therefore, surmise that this training is a method by which they subtly shift the polarity of their auras into a neutral range, therefore minimizing the draw for a negatively-aligned nether entity.

Now, while the vast majority of demons flowing from rifts are shown to be of an animalistic nature, we know of Vel'Akar, or sentient demons who have been able to completely overtake and modify their hosts.

The reason this is important is because of something about Vala'drielle, who is obviously held in high esteem among the Kyorls, often addressed as the (or at least A) "Holy Mother" of the clan. I'm gonna come out and say it, but that third eye is fsckin' wierd, and was supposedly gifted to her by "the Goddess". But what if that's not really the case?

What if Vala is actually a Vel'Akar herself, who, with knowledge of polarity manipulation, took over her host, and shifted her polarity to the opposite end of the spectrum, thereby appearing to be a "pure" Drow? She has that wierd third eye, a gift of "divine foresight" or the like...which MAY simply be predictions based on her prior experiences and life on the other side of the rifts. We don't know how much of a hand she has in every aspect of training, but we know she plays a part in the instruction of the youth of the clan, and is a staunch supporter of the traditional "kill all the demons" stance.

What if she pushes the traditional clan modus operandi simply to minimize the chance that another vel'akar will happen through a gate who recognizes her and could expose her past? She's obviously achieved a position of great oversight and authority, and as we see in the page from yesterday, is taking a hands on approach to military actions?

What if all you Kyorl fans and supporters are actually cheering on a clan who is essentially just another demon-controlled murder machine?


*hides behind an asbestos shield*

DISCLAIMER: I by no means claim to be the first person with this idea. There very may well be other threads buried somewhere out there that I didn't see, but if there are, IT ONLY MAKES ME SOUND LESS CRAZY!
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Re: Of Demons and Polarities

Postby Gunbird » Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:28 pm

I don't know how to answer this. But I think the with the basic demons, is no Polarization. They consume mana like a car burns gas . It will never give the full back.
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