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DT Lantern Corps

DT Lantern Corps

Postby Obsidian Agent » Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:02 am

Okay, having just learned about the upcoming Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover comic, I decided to apply the same to DT. Namely, which characters would belong in which Lantern Corps. Now, to those unfamiliar with Green Lantern, let me explain the basics. There are seven Lantern Corps (okay, technically nine, but Black and White aren't applying in this case). Each Lantern Corps is a different color, due to using a different part of the "Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum". That is to say, each one specializes in using a different color of light to make "hard light" constructs, by channeling the emotion that corresponds to each color. Now, which color corresponds to each emotion?

Red = Rage
Orange = Avarice
Yellow = Fear
Green = Will
Blue = Hope
Indigo = Compassion
Violet = Love

And which Corps uses which color?

Red Lanterns - Red
Orange Lanterns - Orange
Sinestro Corps - Yellow
Green Lanterns - Green
Blue Lanterns - Blue
Indigo Tribe - Indigo
Star Sapphires - Violet

Now, there are a few things to mention about the specifics of each Corps. Red Lanterns harness rage, but not just any rage. Specifically, when recruiting for new members, they search for the rage that comes from loss or injustice. The Sinestro Corps gets their power not from their own fear, but from the fear of other people. As a result, they often resort to terror tactics in battle, for the fear and confusion makes the yellow light stronger. The Indigo Tribe is composed of former sociopaths who have been forced to feel compassion by the indigo light, as well as their rings - to the point that even when no longer under the control of their rings, they usually end up genuinely trying to atone for their misdeeds. They have the ability to force others to feel compassion. The Blue Lanterns recruit those who not only are optimists, but those who can instill hope in others as well. The orange light works best when there's only one person wielding it.

Now then, who do I feel would fit each corps?

Ariel - Green Lanterns
Faen - Star Sapphires
Chiri - ???
Shan - ???
Chrys - Green Lanterns
Nau - ???
Kyo'nne - Blue Lanterns (at least, before she saw Snad's true colors)
Kiel - Green Lanterns
Kalki - Sinestro Corps
Zhor - Green Lanterns (remember how he tackled Kalki while still being wheelchair-bound?)
Snadhya - Either Orange Lanterns or Indigo Tribe (seeing her being FORCED to feel compassion would be deliciously ironic)
Mel - Either Red Lanterns or Star Sapphires
Ni'bai - Red Lanterns (although, even Atrocitus might find her methods a bit much)

So, who do you think would belong to each corps?
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