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Mel/Quai/Snad debate here.

Re: Mel/Quai/Snad debate here.

Postby Moric » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:18 am

I expect Quain'tana to be as she was. There are very few revolutionaries that can manage to be selfless. That said, her burning desire for blood succession was no different than Suube's or Sang's. Snadhya was likely behind Leale's tainting, so as to force the situation with Mel. Likewise, she sent Mel back to her estranged mother, knowing full well what would transpire.

As for Mel, yes, I pity her, but only a little. Yes, the situation was grossly unfair, however, this didn't happen overnight. This discord has been building for centuries prior to her minimum security imprisonment (pre-Ariel). She rebelled, she provocated, she did everything she could to anger her mother, but never did she work to even make a fair attempt to train for a day that she could defeat her.

Then, having given birth, she dared not to assess her situation and place Ariel's good above her own. Just like mommy.

I like the Mel character, and perhaps that is why her being a spoiled brat bothers me so much. She could have been so much more than somebody else's play toy, but that is all she ever tried to be.
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