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Naga Goddess Mythos

Naga Goddess Mythos

Postby Yu Rei » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:07 pm

This is where everyone can contribute their ideas for the almighty Naga Goddess. I'll start off...


"The Great Goddess, our Mother, created the first Naga from one of her bejeweled scales. Crushing it in her palm, she blew the dust across the world, and her life-giving breath caused the dust to take shape. They were the first Naga, and their scales were all the shades of the rainbow."
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Re: Naga Goddess Mythos

Postby Lordpanther14 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:10 pm

The Goddess' tail is the heavens and it encompasses all of creation and if anyone should ever grasp the end of her tail they will be granted a single wish by the Goddess. Only three have ever managed to accomplish this task; one was her firstborn daughter, the second was her devout priestess, and the third was a halme child.
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Re: Naga Goddess Mythos

Postby Dalvyserran » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:19 pm

All Naga revere the Goddess of All, often simply referring to Her as 'Mother', for She is the creator of the Progenitors, the First Naga

To bare ones body under the stars is to give oneself unto the Mother, for nakedness is nearest to Her; adversely, to cover the body profusely is to deny ones' birthright as a child of the Mother.
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Re: Naga Goddess Mythos

Postby Doom Chinchilla » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:20 am

The Goddess dwelled above the Sky for the belly of her tail was the Sky. Nagas couldn't go to meet her because the only path to the Sky was the World Three, and its trunk was so impossibly wide that nagas could's roll their tails around it and climb it as they did with common threes.

The Nagas, believing themselves abandoned by their Mother, wailed and cried.

The Goddess feeling pity for her children, and wishing to make them know that she heard all their prayers, created the flying dragons to be her couriers and send messages to the nagas below, and there was joy and content among the Tailed People.

But a few greedy nagas were resentful because the Goddess divided her blessings and gifts equally among all nagas; those greedy nagas thought that they were better than their siblings, and that they deserved to hog all of their Mother's blessings and gifts.

Many times tried the greedy nagas to climb the World Tree so they could meet the Goddess and demand that she gave her blessings only to them, to no avail.

Then one day, one of the greedy nagas saw the monkeys climb up and down the World Tree without effort, grabbing the rough bark with the fingers of their hands and the toes of their feet, and she devised a mad and evil plan, because greed drives to evil.

She called the other greedy nagas and told them "lets take the monkey's legs, so we can climb the World Tree and tell Mother to give us and only us all of her blessings and gfts" and the others thought it a good idea, so blind were they by ambition that they were willing to twist and defile their bodies.

The greedy nagas hunted a thousand monkeys, ate their bodies and tried to affix their legs to their bodies, but to no avail, for they didn't knew the Arts.

So the greedy nagas climbed the Holy Mountain and shouted to the Sky, begging the Goddess "Mother, teach us the Art of Swapping Body Parts". The Goddess heard them and, in her infinite love, she sent them a flying dragon with the secret of the Art of Swapping Body Parts.

The greedy nagas tried to take the legs of the monkeys yet again, but the goddess, in her wisdom, had made it that you could only swap body parts with the consent of both parties.

So the greedy nagas asked the monkey to swap body parts, but the monkeys couldn't answer.

The greedy nagas, unwilling to forget their mad and evil plan, climbed again the Holy Mountain, and shouted to the Sky, begging the Goddess "Mother, give us the Honey of Eloquence, so we can ask the animals permission to swap body parts". The Goddess heard them and, in her infinite love, she sent them a flying dragon with the Honey of Eloquence.

The greedy nagas gave the monkeys the Honey of Eloquence, and asked the monkeys to swap body parts, but the monkeys couldn't understand what they were asked to do, and only could speak simple words, like "food", "water", "fuck", "kill", "give me" and so on.

The greedy nagas started to feel desperate. The most envious among the greedy nagas started to fight each other, because envy drives to hate, and went to sulk in a corner. But the most vain of the greedy nagas kept trying, and wept and begged to the monkeys as if they were the Goddess, and the monkeys shouted "kill you" and "hate you" in response.

Then the greedy and vain nagas forged a foolish and mad plan, because vanity drives to foolishness. So they went to the monkeys and asked them "Do you want a gift? I have a gift for you! Do you want it?. And the monkeys answered "yes, give me", and the greedy and vain nagas gave them half their brains, so they could understand the greedy nagas' demands. And that way the talking monkeys gained half a brain in addition to the monkey brains they already had, and the greedy and vain nagas became half-brained too.

The greedy nagas could ask the monkeys to give them their legs now, but the monkeys, through had gained speech and bigger brains were still as amoral as any other animal, so they mocked the nagas and insulted them and threw their own excrements and them.

Then the envious and greedy nagas came, and had a horrible idea, because their envy and greed was driving them to insanity. "Do you want a gift? I have a gift for you! Do you want a gift?" they told the monkeys, and the monkeys, remembering that was how they gained their brains, answered "yes".

Then the envious and greedy nagas gave the monkeys half their hearts. The monkeys became able to feel mercy and compassion, so the tears of the half-brained nagas moved them, "We will give you our legs" they said, "but you must give us you tails in exchange"; "and you must teach us the Art of Body Swapping too".

The greedy nagas accepted, so mad were they, and exchanged their tails for their legs. That way the race of elves was born.

The elves who were once greedy nagas started to climb the World Tree, but the monkeys didn't find naga tails to their liking. The thought to climb the Holy Mountain ask the Goddess to return them their legs, but the Goddess wouldn't answer to non-nagas, so they called the flying dragons instead. The flying dragons had four legs and four arms then, and no tail. The monkeys swapped their naga tails for one the flying dragon's pair of legs, and happily went home.

The elves climbed the World Tree and met the Goddess, demanding the she gave her blessing and gifts only to them, but when she saw what they had done to themselves she became wrathful, and shouted them: "Where are the tails that I gave you?" "Where are the brains that I gave you?" "Where are the hearts that I gave you?" "You dismiss my wonderful gifts so lightly, and you stll have the nerve to ask for more? Get out of my sight and know that you will never receive another gift from me!" and expelled them from her domain, cursing them so they could never lay eggs again, and that day the elves' cloacas split into anus and vagina, and they couldn't lay eggs anymore.

The elves, ashamed and shocked, went to the monkeys to recover their tails, brains and hearts, but the monkeys refused them. The elves tried to gain their sympathy explaining them that their Goddess had cursed them with inferitility and that maybe the Goddess would lift the curse if they were made whole again, and hearing this the monkey felt a pang of pity, because they had half a naga heart, so they removed their monkey tails from their butts and shaped penises for half the elves with them. They also crafted stone half-hearts and stone half-brains for the elves, to replace what they had given up.

Those elves who gained penises became male elves, while those who kept a deformed cloaca became female elves.
Those greedy, vain, foolish elves who had a stone brain became vanir.
Those greedy, envious, hateful elves who had a heart of stone became dokkalfar.
And the tailess monkeys with half a brain and half a heart became goblins.
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Re: Naga Goddess Mythos

Postby Lordpanther14 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:35 am

That is one impressive creation myth. *slow clap* Not sure how I want to follow up on that.
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