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Are your Pageviews sensible go up? :3

Are your Pageviews sensible go up? :3

Postby Cham_is_back » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:39 pm

Hell~oooo <3 and Sorry for spamming x3

Please believe when i claim, over the Years i have showed nearly EVERY Friend or Acquaintance of myself ( AND their Friend and/or Acquaintance's xP ) your Page, that i am sure that in my Rural District are at last +50 to 70 more People who know your Page - as if would never have told others from it xD

So, some People would may have found Drowtales without me ( 'cause we ALL love Fantasy =D ) and Sorry if i sound like i would want to show off,

but many many Greetings one Time again from Germany - and i hope your lovely Page gets known by as many People as possible worldwide :D

mfg, Chameleon :3 *Waves*
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