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FAQs: Subscriptions! Ask your questions here!

Re: FAQs: Subscriptions! Ask your questions here!

Postby partner555 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:54 pm

I was able to find time to do this after work on Friday. If the links don't work, close the tab and try the link again. If this doesn't help you, try calling Paypal themselves. I used links because the images were too large to put on the forum itself.

1. Go to settings, the button that looks like a gear. ... pbyutn.png

2. Go to Payments ... ag0k7a.png

3. Click on pre-approved payments ... 0jubuy.png

4. Find the Drowtales subscription and click on it ... zgb68q.png

5. The page should look a bit like this ... 84sis7.png

6. The cancel option is at the bottom of the page ... xfpviq.png
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