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FFRPG Encyclopedia Entries [OUTDATED]

Postby Izz'la'mar » Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:47 am

Personally I would love to hear the details of summoning of the demonic and tainted variety as well as anything else you or anyone else may find interesting, of course only when you can find the time. It would be much appreciated.
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Postby kembaru » Tue Aug 29, 2006 2:26 pm

Empathy 101.
(Sourced from conversation with Kite, this is considered to be FFRPG canon, not canon for Moonless Age unless Kern says so.)

Empathy is the inherited ability to act as a reciever for the emotions of others, it is a strange ability that is not very well understood outside the few clans who make use of it and have great amounts of patience to teach it. Empathy is also a key requirement for... Empathy. Empathy being the ability to recieve such emotions from others, Empathy being the ability to manipulate these emotions to achieve a desired result.

Empathy (note the italics being used to differentiate the term for the active usage and born trait.) when used on others works on the same principal as most other magics in this world which is the simple formula:

X + Mana = Effect.

Where X is what you are manipulating with mana, the main thing with empathy is that unless you are born an empath you will not be able to detect what you are manipulating, it is like an earth mage trying to cast a spell when he does not know where the earth is.

Empaths are able to use their mana in order to manipulate what they sense in others, whether it be happiness or anger, those more powerful empaths may use their abilities to broaden their own ability to recieve emotions in order to feel things of a more base nature, such as pain or... other sensations (Dirty... dirty Sullissen'rune), however it is worthy of note that no empath can read thoughts.

How exactly does this help them? An empath, upon detecting these emotions may then inspire or repress these emotions, in a recent page we see Aether inspire Toti to a feat of bravery, what she did here was to feel his fear and repress it while at the same time inspiring the righteous zeal that was shrouded by fear, result being the boy charging ahead and frothing at the mouth ready to kill.

An empath would need a good grasp of the drow psyche in order to get the required result for this, however empathy is not so simple as it sounds. The thoughts in any given person's head are a complex thing and it could be described by an amateur empath to be like nailing jelly to a wall in terms of difficulty to manipulate others, impossible on anyone who knows that they're an empath and attempts to resist, any given person on the street with enough focus can resist empathy and really it comes down to a matter of willpower as to who will get the final say. And in at least one example given an empath was out-willed by a hungry riding lizard.

Less experienced empaths would have to be subtle with the use of their empathy in order to get the desired response on an unwilling subject, subtly adjusting the emotions of others over longer periods of time so that they do not notice it, if detected it could be easily resisted with adequite concentration, that is if they want to be subtle about it of course, one can only focus so much as they are allowed, if an empath were to stab the person they are manipulating they would find that it is easier to get things done, thus it could be assumed that the Kyorl'solenurn 'cleansing' ceremony would employ various forms of psychological torture as well as probably physical torture as well.

More powerful empaths with centuries of experience can manipulate others through sheer force of will and a little finesse which becomes the equivalent of mind control. As well as do more complicated things like overload another person's nervous system and kill them, Ash'waren could quite probably fry people with her mind.

This all works out for the FFRPG power level, where no empath by rights would be able to sledgehammer manipulate others through force of will, as such it would work on a 'action-detect-resist' basis, the empath attempts to manipulate another, the opposing player or GM would decide if the empath has done a good enough job to make the character or NPC believe that it was their idea or mood changing all along and if they decide no then they resist.

Some questions asked:

Is empathy psionic or magic?
Presumably it is magical, it detects the auras of others as well as emotions, sealed souls detected by a Kyorl'solenurn inquisitor for instance is an example of this. They can also feel the emotions of demons (usually something along the lines of 'FEED!!!') it has something to do with the mind's effect on the aura. As such for now it could be considered a subtle magical effect.

Does empathy work on goblins?
In Mel's Knighthood (GM'd by Kern himself) empathy was used on a riding lizard after a few unsuccessful attemts, so presumably the goblin/fae barrier doesn't mean much.

As a convenient excuse (this is guess work, not from Kite. But it makes sense.) an empath would be able to infuse a small amount of her aura into the goblin in order to make it resonate with their emotions so that they start to 'transmit' so that an empath 'reciever' may detect their emotions and manipulate them.

Can I read minds?
No. Empathy detects emotions and sensations only.
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Postby kembaru » Wed Aug 30, 2006 10:07 am

(Not to be considered canon, FFRPG or otherwise untill further notice. Jaal'darya clan is still unplayable.)

On the Jaal'darya clan.(EGBS)

The Jaal'darya clan is a proportionally small clan in comparison to the rest of the major powers in the underworld, how it came into existence seems to have been the cooperation of a group of sorceresses who based a clan's power on political connections and their own specific kind of art.

It could be that the clan started a small group of female scholars bent on understanding their own bodies better, and over time came to understand the basis of genetic science through magical aid. With the gradual application of magic they began to understand how to change living things.

Perhaps over time, as their creations grew to have practical applications they would have by then come to attention amongst some of the clans that knew of them and would have gradually come into political power by trading their bio-golems to other select clansmembers in exchange for various favours and protection, these indeed would have been rare pieces and a status symbols in their own right and eventually the accumulation of this would result in a clan status.

Another factor in this could perhaps be that if they wanted to the Jaal'darya could manufacture a creature that would multiply like crazy, mature quickly and stay that way indefinitely, as well as be stronger, faster and in every way better than any drow, while still being totally loyal to any Jaal'darya. Thus making them potentially a very big threat to the stability of the underworld.

Biomagic, sorcery or art?(EGBS)
Biomagic could be considered a form of high art, indeed it would be rare the person who is born with the natural aptitude for such a specific and small skill as such it would be taught as a form of extremely advanced high art, just as normal people can learn shapechange magic, however Ariel was born with a natural aptitude for it.

To quote the world settings 'some people are born with the ability to manipulate things like water or fire, those unlucky enough to not be can always just learn it the hard way like the faern'

More on Biomagic(EGBS)
Presumably this is a magic that is very powerful as well as very specific, the Jaal'darya apparently have mastered genetic magic/science to the point where they may manufacture organisms to suit their own personal needs.

Presumably this ability to control the drow genome would likely be a very long and involved process which starts before the individual creatures are born. Mapping out customised creatures before they are a complicated multi-cellular lifeform. Simply put manipulating a full grown person's genetic structure would be extremely complex, not to mention draining for the sheer amount of mana you would have to put into it for it to work. Better to start with a fertilised egg.

In the end this does not make it very useful on the combat field, the end results however may be a different story.

Speaking of fertilised eggs, how do they reproduce?(EGBS)
I knew this question would come up...

Being an all female clan with no male members to speak of, Jaal'darya likely reproduce by a form of cloning in which an egg cell is artificially fertilised via magic using other genetic material, a Jaal'darya could probably use this to impregnate herself at any given time, however a child born from only one parent's genes would be an exact clone, as such they would have to copy certain parts of the genes of another into the unborn child in order to produce unique offspring. This would allow a baby Jaal'darya to have two (or, if one were so inclined, more...) mothers.

On Golem Weaponry (MKSB)
We have all seen the basic bio golems in the world settings, however what would a Jaal'darya version of a sword or bow look like?

Thinking biologically it would be very nearly impossible to reproduce the effects of standard magical weaponry into a bio-golem, the glands and other bits required to produce a flaming sword would make the weapon unwieldy, however that leaves it down to a matter of other less active things to be incorporated into a weapon.

A given example of a bio-golem weapon would be a sword made by the Jaal'darya as a standard weapon, the weapon reacts to the aura of another and would adjust the balance and length accordingly to its user, having a well made sword is one thing, having a well made sword that was custom made for you is quite another.

What if you don't want your sword to be usable by others? Why not make a sword that reacts to your aura and if it is lifted up by others would extend spikes from the handle to make it unusable by others? It's possible.

Why not make the blade hollow and fill it with a dense and heavy liquid material so that when you swing it the blade gets heavier? It's possible.

Better yet, why not all three?

Bows could be upgraded with something such as the trapped handle, but why not upgrade your wooden bow to a bow that adjusts the pressure keeping the bowstring tight according to if it is pulled? easier to draw a bow, but it increases the pressure on release to fire the arrow a little bit harder than a normal bow. Why not add a prosthetic eye to the bow that allows you to see just what you are pointing the arrow at? Why not make the arrow a venomous organism?

Simple things like this are what the Jaal'darya would be able to apply to weaponry.

Can I have wings? ...tentacles...? <.<(EGBS)
Dirty boy, but yes you could have tentacles if you really wanted to, it is not beyond their abilities to make them, however it is worth note that if you want them to be a part of you then they would have to be added from before birth, and they would not be removable, better to have golems made for you that make the wings useable by you.

Why do the Kyorl'solenurn hate them?(EGBS)
Essentially because they, in the eyes of the fanatical greyskins have made souls their playthings, giving them to things that should by rights not have souls, such as flowers or any number of other abominations.

Can I play as a freaky escaped test subject?
No, aside from the fact that they are not on the playable races list, the Jaal'darya likely apply control mechanisms on a genetic level, as such you would have no choice but to obey them and return to them, you would not have free will because free will is troublesome. It is possible that any Jaal'darya creation is not only loyal to the clan, but also has a type of 'allergy' to those who might steal them and would die if not near their owner's aura for a certain period of time.
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Postby kembaru » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:50 am

Some stuff on driders (because some of this stuff players do annoyed me to hell)
From various sources. FFRPG canon.

Do driders have better vision?

Yes, driders have better vision, more eyes equals more light absorbed, however please note that this is only marginally better than drow, and inferior to dwarf, you are not an eagle eye.

Also, driders do not have independant motion of their eyes, they cannot look at two or three things at once, if you go cross eyed then it is very disorienting and your vision blurs, you can only look at one thing at a time people.

Do driders have the ability to sense vibrations?

Yes, just like everything else, however not to the degree that they can sense things a mile off or even a few meters away, you do not have tremorsense.

My Drider lives on blood! I am so badass!

I hope you like having a very sick drider then, because you still have and rely on all of your drowish digestive organs, as such you need a drow diet, they can live on blood if they really need to, but you can only drink about a pint of it before you get very very sick and throw up. Blood is iron rich, but you need a lot more than iron if you are to survive more than a few weeks.
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Postby Shaala Darkling » Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:49 pm

kembaru wrote:The Archivist points to a sign on the walls, it reads:

Rogue Drowussu.
Jaal'darya clan.
Imperial Family Sharen.

Thought this should be up someplace.
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Summoning, Part 2.5

Postby Kite » Sun Apr 01, 2007 6:30 pm

By some stroke of luck granted by Sharess, I found the original texts I had prepared. :) I should point out, though, that this was written *two* years ago-- Kern hasn't put to stone what he wants traditional summoning to be, so I can't say he will stick to this model (I simply take his words and interpret it for everyone).

Demon Summoning vs. Traditional Summoning
Sourced from Kern

Traditional Summons, (Elendlari) Part 2:

For the sake of not having to say things repeditively, such as "summoning", "summoner", "summoned", and "summon" all the time, I've created some new words.
(I'll edit Part 1 to reflect these changes.)

Velnari: A demon summoner.
Elendlari: A traditional summoner.
Faeyorn: A disembodied native aura intended for traditional summoning.
Soulmir (plural: soulmiri): A gem receptacle used to contain a faeyorn. (Only one faeyorn per soulmir.)

Traditional Summoning (Elendlari) Roleplay Mechanics: A typical Elendlari require several things:

  • Aquire the aura of three creatures (faeyorn),
    (From the list in Part 1)
  • Gem receptacles for containing the faeyorn (soulmiri), and
  • Training at the Orthorbbae
    (A drow is taught to become an elendlari, not born as one.)

Summoning is not an instantaneous effect for the typical elendlari, which is important to note. A brisk bonding ritual is performed by the elendlari before the summoning occurs; this is necessary for the faeyorn to exist outside of its soulmir. This bonding ritual allows the faeyorn to act as a leech to the elendlari's mana, this reliance granting the elendlari a guardian under their influence.

Once this ritual is complete, the faeyorn materializes its form into existance using matter from the summoner's immediate surroundings (usually the earth right beneath their feet). What emerges is a being of flesh and bone, ready to follow the will of its summoner. Although elendlari are able to understand all of their faeyorn, others may not (such as beasts). This is why speech is valuable.

So what does an elendlari choose to summon? It depends on the situation. With their natural instinct and predetorial bodies, Beast faeyorn are ideal for in-the-heat-of-combat summoning. Humanoid faeyorn however are intelligent, thus are capable of speech, use of tools, and basic skills-- but are summoned stark naked, so would need to be handed clothing, equipment, or other tools in order to accomplish their task.

There are several ways to kill a faeyorn:
  • It can die by its wounds-- it is just as susceptible as any other fleshy being. If this happens, the elendlari must seal the faeyorn's aura back into the soulmir to be used again.
  • The flow of mana from its summoner is interrupted. The summoner could have either done this intentionally in order to return it to its soulmir, or died.
  • The soulmir which the faeyorn was summoned from is destroyed. The complicated ritual which binds an aura to a soulmir (creating a faeyorn) can be permenantly undone when it is destroyed.
  • And finally, if the faeyorn is summoned and killed and not returned to its soulmir, the aura will permenantly die. (This is the result of the point above.)
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Val status, clarification

Postby Thalar » Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:23 am

Okay, with the new information about Val status it is time to add a little clarification on how that works in the DT rpg.

A val is a noble in the Great Clan's main bloodline. This means that in most cases a val is too close to one of Kern's NPCs, thus violating the "no interaction" rule.

A val gets to add the title Val/Vel (depending on the clan) to the clan name, whereas other members do not.

A female val's children are also val. A male val's children are not val, unless their mother is val.

A member of a subhouse is automatically assumed not to have val status, unless the val line is so large it has spawned offshoots who have founded their own subhouses.

Note that minor clans, while in possession of a main bloodline, do not get to use the val title, because it is reserved for the great clans.

Also, it is advised to avoid val status except in the case of the Beldrobbaen, which is the only clan we can absolutely say who has val status and who hasn't. Uncertainty concerning some clans, as well as definite information about other clans, lead to restrictions on val status.

With that in mind, here are the general guidelines for each playable Great Clan.

- All born nobles in the Beldrobbaen clan are val, including those born into subhouses.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Considering Sullisin'rune promiscuity it is probably safe to say val status is possible, if suitably far removed from Kern's NPCs. Subhouses with val status also possible, if suitably far removed from Kern's NPCs.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
- Only Kern's NPCs are val.
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