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Postby django » Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:55 am

Race: Drowussu
Sex: Male
Age: 203
Weapons: Short sword and Spear
Armor: Traditional Templar armor but with a great helm with no eye slits, large
round shield
Other: At leat 20 ada on himself, and at least has 82 ada in savings, from some small share of his family money given to him in the past, with most of that came from his long life saving but never spends it more than for essentials or booze. A med kit for emergency, Flask with mushroom wine.
Magic: Sealing
Beginning City:Val'Raveran

Back ground:Gaul was born in Chel'el'Sussoloth, to very strict parents who married out of not out of love or affection but practicality that there rich blood lines mixed together would benefit the clan with smart and pure children, and raise there status inside the clan. Although Gauls family were not Vals they were a high standing and rich merchants who are gunning for more power under there belt with the help of there children. Gaul had a younger brother and a sister. Who were the favorite of the family, mostly because they were controllable.
As you can see he was the black Tiki, he couldn't eat, sleep, or breath without there permission and he would fight it every step of the way. He spent more time punished and beaten by his parents then anything else that he could remember, other than being taught for schooling. He was effectively left to fend for himself and couldn't rely on anybody but himself for the most part. He never had a child hood and had only clothing, a bed and books to himself.

His Parent decided to send him off to the Orthorbbae to become eventually a Templar. With his parents breathing easier with there trouble making son out of the way, Gaul could breath fresh air and do his own thing. Free, or at least from his point of view.

Schooling was a smash there were still rules and a strict schedule but it was easier, now that he had frends to be with places to go things to learn. Oh what glorious days those were.
It was the same place he met a very dear friend of his and her name was Cea. He had some trouble getting to know her, she was very shy and had a giggle that made him quiver with anxiety. They got together when they could and had many wonderful times.

When he got older and the more serious Templar training began, the wild side came out of him more and more. He would take every chance to fight his rivals or just fight. Out of spite or to relive the sadness of being unloved by his parents, seeing many classmates around him had it better. Cea scolded him for many of the unnecessary fights he got into and oh goddess.. she nagged at him more times than he could count.
Spite all that, his teachers saw the potential for a fine Templar, if a little discipline was needed.

Cea would become his Warden and he her Templar. Oh goddess were was this woman from and how did she come into his life. They spent many romantic moments together and patrolled the streets.

Gaul wild side would appear off and on again, he would go out drinking mushroom beer with his Templar buddies after a long days work. And 1 out of 6 of those would end in a fight. One such incident Gaul was drunk from Mushroom fire water (under world whiskey) and was a rowdy. He got into a fight with a bunch of olaths roughs and it started like this, Gaul puffed his chest out and Said “Hay Olaths try crossing the street!”, Gaul and friends won but he was stabbed twice, winding him in the hospital.

Cea cried thinking she lost her lover and sword. She yelled and cried. Eventually they made up and Gaul calmed down a little once they got married. It was the happiest day of his life to that point, the only thing that could match that was when she gave birth to two healthy girls (Tolo and Lin) and a boy (Arimil). Oh goddess thank you.

Gaul was a excellent father showing love and kindness to all his children. Something he didn't have but goddess be damned, he'll be there for them and was.

His love began to strain after a long time and Gaul was faced with a mid life crisis. They didn't talk or love each other like they would before. This is were he met a Drowussu woman who was from Val'Dutan'vir. Dispite all of Gauls religious teaching, he had an affair with another woman and she became a mistress to him. He didn't really care what his clan thought of these kind of actions and sin, hes seen much worse and what differnce did it make to them. Later down the road she got pregnate with a child, his child.
When that happened she and he thought it was best to call it quits before things got more complicated and/or worse they were caught. He never saw her after that or the child she spoke of in her bellie. No one found out of the affair and he kept it to himself and the goddess, he dare to speak of it, It could have brought shame to his family.

Later as time drew on. Gaul, Cea, and there Son, now Templar Armil were assigned with a war band to lay siege to the Vloz'ress tower. Failing in their purge, they lost there son and many others in the process. He died from a fatal wound as he was carried off to safty in Gauls arms.

The tragic moment brought Gaul and Cea closer togeather again because they needed each others support from the death of there son. But sadly things would only move for the worst when the Nidraa'chal war hit home.
Never has Gaul in all his life seen such murder from everyone and everything, just utter chaos. Innocent people were burned alive in there houses and we did it. In who's name the goddess? Gaul never understood this as he watched people scream and the smell of burnt flesh fill his head forever.
How could we let ourselves get to this point, burning houses full of people innocents. Its sickening, but they werent they said and we are protectors. From whom? he thought. why would we let this happen, and we wonder why they despise us.

Cea died from an bolt to the heart killing her on the spot, an Olath looking for revenge for his dead family shot her while Gaul was fighting a Nidraa'chal brute, he couldn't get to her in time. Although he killed the Olath and survied, he was depressed losing a wife for over a hundred years, and if he didn't have his two girls left to support him, he would have killed himself there.

He moved to Val'Raveran for some recollecting and a venter to the surface for a vision. It was so much more peaceful on the surface than down below but he knew he could never live that way. His way was the protector, He later found out his surviving daughters died from an outbreak of sickness (who were doctors). He sayed in Val'Raveran thinking nothing was left for him in Chel.
When the Volress attack shortly after his return, He took charge of a flank that helped pushed back the taint and win the day, with his sheer rage from the world. Becoming a relucted hero among some of the Templars.

Description: Tall and built like a brick wall, slashes and cuts riddle his body from many brawls, short gold hair and rich blue eye that sparkle saddness.

Height: 6 '4'
Weight: 230
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Personality: Gaul believes, if we are the protectors we should show kindness and the lighter side of our ways, war and killing should always be the last resort. Purity is not skin deep but of the soul and mind, a half breed is no less pure than the pure breeds that persecute and despise them. The goddess closed the neather gate so that our people can live on.
Age and time has taught Gaul many harsh lessons and he believes the young should not do the fighting, let the old do it. I've done enough for a generation of young fit young men and women shouldn't die fighting but live, love and raise a family and be yourself, like Sharess intended.
Gaul feels old and tired emotionally, deep down he wonders if his clan will survive in comming years if they continue this fanaticism further or will the great clans get tired of it and wipe us off the map.
I understand are afraid about being bred out of exitance with only maybe a book with a passing refernce to talk about us. If we are turly the protectors, why dose it feel we have straied, have we a duty to purge or to protect the childern of Sharress. Why dose it feel not the same to me.
Why goddess? Why Im I left? My childern and wife are dead. Did you take them away to spite my in my affair or did you save them from a dire furture that I have to endure for them that they shouldnt? Leaving me only with my clan.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Thalar » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:57 pm

Preliminary character reviews have been posted in the new Registration thread, viewtopic.php?f=52&t=13949&start=0
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