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Registration thread: Version 1.1

Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Akimorou » Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:49 am

I agree, but I already did the editing, and yes it's locked. :c

Well it bothers me due to my desire to have everything legit, so I will hang on to the edited copy.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Pitdragon » Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:23 pm

Name: Isaname Qin'dalasque
Race: Drowolath
Age: 154
Equipment: Curved knife and a throwing dagger on her belt. Also a pouch, containing:
50ada, small bit of folded parchment (blank), charcoal writing bit, six wrapped herbal drops, two sapphires and a garnet, a small log book (listing boring merchant stuff).
Wearing a shawl made of fox hide, an off-white kimono shirt with long sleeves and a simple hoso obi (clam’s mouth style knot). Her pants are long and loose, and she wears leather boots.
All other items are with her trade wagon (not important for most circumstances), most likely kept under the eye of the Qin’dalasque.
Magic: intermediate light manipulation, standard mana usage
Beginning City: Val’Raveran
Clan: Qin’dalasque
Background: Isaname grew up in Raveran as one of the many Qin’dalasque commoners. Her mother worked at one of the many casinos ran by their clan, and Isaname learned a good deal of money changing and handling goods and customers in her younger years. Formal education was done mostly through her mother and other clan members. Any mana use is innate, though she did have some training in the use of light manipulation, enough to know how to hide herself if needed. However, she is no high artist!

Isa did not mind being one of the few identifiable faces in the clan, as she took on duties in the supply rooms of the casino, helping in the management of goods and dealing with traders from both the Surface and Chel’el’Sussoloth. Eventually, she would assist in various duties of clan members using Velkyn personas to observe allies and enemies alike, becoming a sort of “face” informant. Most of the knowledge she gleaned dealt with the trade atmosphere and any passing gossip from other cities, including Chel’el’Sussoloth.

One day after discussing various trading methods with a Val’Ilhar’dro merchant, Isa began to consider running her own trade point in Chel’el’Sussoloth. She pitched the idea to the head of the casino, who brought the idea before one of the daughters of the Ill’haress. The idea had merit mixed with placing someone with their Velkyn to gather information, given that the Ilhar’dro clan also had influence in Chel and more information on them and the other clans with fledgling outposts in Raveran would be ideal. She also is a way-post for selling Qin’dalasque pelts and surface items.

Isa comes back to Raveran from time to time to visit and to see for herself what is going on in the city, even though she often corresponds with the Qin’dalasque via Velkyn in trade caravans and other messages. She believes heavily in touching bases with her home clan. One of her trips before the betrayal of Selic’shea she took with her a small child and a Sightless, whom did not return with her again. Her next appearance in Raveran will be her first since the tainting crisis.

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: pale with streaks of rust red
Appearance: Isa keeps her hair in a tight, high bun that usually is adorn with a simple comb. There are no discernable scars or markings on her. Her eyes are almond shaped and slightly slanted, her cheekbones are also pronounced, giving her a “fox” look. Her face is usually set into a no-nonsense look, and she’ll scowl while she is thinking. She usually wears loose clothing, a short kimono-style shirt with long sleeves and loose pants is a fairly common ensemble for her.

Isaname has the bearing of a matriarch. She is quiet and thoughtful, only asking what is needed and stating what is required in most cases. The few times she will mutter will be when she worries of someone, and then it truly does resemble a mother’s prodding. Typically she is no-nonsense, with facial expressions to match. When dealing with the market, she’s professional through and through.

Even with such a hard, slightly over-bearing nature, deep down she can be tender-hearted to close friends, and seems to have a soft spot for children.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby shadowborn1321 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:57 am

I read Drowtales a long time ago, and recently came back and re-read the whole thing with the re-drawn chapters, etc. I had made a character back then, which is what I'm going to post to get some opinions and critique on. I'm also not quite sure if I will use her or create a new character and perhaps use both. Tell me what you think.

Name: Tsak'xukuth (friends call her Tsa or Xuk for short)
Race: Ver'Drowendar
Age: 16(Appears to be 8 )
Gender: Female
Equipment: Two black-bladed daggers (one in a hidden boot-scabbard and one normally concealed near one of her wrists which were given to her by her mother for protection. At times (not very often), she carries a thin-bladed sword with a jeweled handle given to her by a teacher to use in training. She has trained using her blades with some of her few friends. She also usually carries a few potion bottles of different poisons with different uses for tight spots in which she might need them; which she made in class. She also anoints some of her dagger blades with the poisons so that when one is cut with one they are infected with whatever poison is on the blade.
Magic: Empath. She is burdened by this power and is trying to find someone to help her learn to control it before it slowly and painfully drives her insane.
Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth
Clan: Vel’Vloz’Ress Clan
Background: Tsa was born into a middle class family. Her birth was rather normal except for a tiny complication during the birthing. Her mother came close to dying but in the end, survived. Apparently, during Tsa’s birth, her mother had a vision. And quite a disturbing one at that. It turned out that her mother had envisioned Tsa’s torture and death by members of the Val’Kyorl’Solenurn clan. Her mother had seen vivid, loud scraps of unspeakable torture by Val’Kyorl’Solenurns. They had caught her in the streets and she was punished for the living doll of Kami’Seide that it was believed Kharla had made. Tsa’s mother (ilhar kyonen) could feel what would be her daughter’s pain and she grew sorrowful, she closed herself off from most everyone except her direct family.
Tsa’s mother was never the same and she never spoke of what she saw to Tsa. At a young age, Tsak’Xukuth asked her mother to summon a demon for her to absorb. She willingly accepted a demon seed and therefore became tainted. Soon enough, Tsa was old enough to start school; it seemed she had empathy powers, though no one knows where she got them since her mother wasn’t one. Most assume it was some ancestor that passed it to her. She attended the Orthorbbae. She didn’t make friends very easily due to frequent outbursts from her powers. She was never very good at making friends in the first place and her complete lack of control over her powers didn’t help, she was becoming horribly depressed.
Her older brother (who had emotionally tortured her since she was a young child) went to the same school Tsa did. His name was Sha’kael. He was a cruel person and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. But what he enjoyed even more was inflicting pain on others so that Tsa would feel it. He would beat up and torture numerous other drow children near her, just so that she would feel it. He had hoped to drive her insane.
He had hated her since she was born. The vision that his mother had seen, softened her heart to the child. Many could tell that Tsa had great potential, but was being held back by her uncontrolled Empath powers. Her mother pitied her, and it showed. She always favored Tsa, and Sha’kael resented her for it. He was never caught though, so Tsa lived on in pain, hiding it from everyone except her diary. Many entries in her diary consisted only of the words ‘Please make it stop… I can’t stand it.’ So now, she searches for someone that will help her control her powers, trying not to blurt out everything while she does it. She has begun to get private lessons so that she has more attention from teachers. She is learning academics and training in swordplay and potions but still needs someone who can help her with her empathy powers.
Description: Obviously, black skin. Pure red eyes. Shoulder length white hair with red tips. She normally wears dress/robes that are of mainly black but also consist of red and orange. On the back of her clothes is the Vel’Vloz’Ress Clan symbol as well as on other parts of her outfit, size fitting to the area. All her clothes have a high collar (duh) usually with red or orange jewels beset in them and the occasional black jewel.
Personality: Usually Tsa is rather quiet except when with good friends (in which she is a bit lacking). With males, she can become a bit arrogant, but shy all the same. She feels herself to be higher than the male students around her (because she is by Drow society) and that somewhat boosts her confidence. She is usually stone cold with her brother though, there are times when she stands up to him, but she usually regrets it.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Nanne » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:27 am

Ok, i've got positive feedback - altough not much xD - in the Newbie Thread, so... Here I am! Will you send me an angel?

Name: Rhylagh Melviir

Race: Drowolath

Age: 31 (looks 14)

Equipment: Golem gauntlets with hidden claws that appears from the back of his hands, around the middle(blades measuring 15cm), a dagger(worn horizontally, on the left side, almost at his back), boots reinforced with steel, clothes(see description), some bandages, 3 Ada, a canteen of water.

Magic: Weak affinity with fire

Beginning city: Chel'el'Sussoloth

Clan: Vloz'ress

Background: Rhylagh was born in a minor family that followed Ven'nedia's demon cult. He never met his father, nor cared about it: his mother, Mallini, was all he needed. She was a caring woman, and treated him better than most drowolath treat their male kids.

Aside from that, young Rhylagh always had a bit of an... issue. Almost everything could distract him, be it a subtle noise, or something shiny, or a bug flying somewhere. Also, he was quite hyperactive, and would usually pursue whatever caught his attention at the moment - and since his target was always shifting from one thing to another, it led to many embarassing situations - including one when he, at age 6, ended up biting his stuffed wolf's tail, shaking his head and trying to scream "I'm a big mean woooolf!".

The only thing capable of keeping him still - and, oh, Mallini spent a LOT of time searching for a WAY to keep him quiet! - was by making him fight. And that wasn't exactly keeping him still, though. Rhyl - as his mother calls him - loved picking fights with drowlings around his age, and it wasn't uncommon for him to go back home completely beaten up.

As he turned 10, his mother finally gave up handling her erratic kid, and sent him to Orthorbbae, hoping he would come back as a fine young drow. She was... partially right.

Rhylagh's first steps inside the school were completely chaotic. He skipped classes, brawled with some students, "lost" his key for four days until he found it under his pillow, and many other small issues. His talent with magic was very limited, and his lack of interest of using his fire affinity, other than to make "bright sparky staaars", made this even worse.

But, in the end, it wasn't useless. Inside the school, the young boy learned how to use his fists - specially against Ilmdor Szor'eth, his fellow classmate, roommate and "friendly" rival. While Rhylagh was aloof, troublesome, indisciplined and a bit lazy, Ilmdor was strict, serious, quiet and a bookworm. Rhyl's first attempt in trying to win his friendship ended in two pillows and a book completely destroyed, and some bruises for both. Although Ilm imagined this would be enough to keep the other away... Well, for Rhylagh, his mission was accomplished, to his "friend"'s torment.

Years passed, and the drowling was now... almost an adult. His "electric" behavior wasn't as childish as before, but his lack of responsibility and attention problems were still there. For someone his age, Rhylagh had become pretty skilled in fighting bare-handed, and one of the best in his class. His magic skills... were still around bright sparky stars. Just a little more "flammable".

Back home, his mother was eager to see how his beloved son had grown. They spent days talking about his experiences in Orthorbbae, and her years in his absence. She explained about the creation of the Vloz'ress clan, and his family's affiliation to them, something the young boy hadn't heard inside the school - or maybe his memories were just as distracted as him. Excited by the news, Rhylagh made up his mind: to become a great warrior to serve his family and their beloved clan. And maybe win some shiny medals...

- Height: 1,49m
- Weight: 37kg
- Appearance: His hair is a mix of red and orange, like a dancing flame, messy and spiky, not quite long. Rhyl uses a large strip of cloth tightly wrapped around his head, so his hair won't get in the way. His eyes are dark blue, with hints of violet around the pupil. Rhylagh's shirt is very loose, and is binded only by some red threads, and the cloth belt that covers his whole abdomen. Some short and thin strips of brown cloth are also wrapped around his arms, as a slilght detail. His pants are half-covered by his boots, with just a few pockets, used for storing money or little trinkets. Has some scars, spreaded over his body, but all of them minor, not really noticeable. In his face, a blackish-red tatoo: three paralell streaks, descending from halfway his cheeks to his jaw diagonnaly.

- Personality: Rhylagh can be defined by one word: troublesome. He likes to pick on other people, usually speaks loudly, plays everywhere, but, above everything else, he likes to fight. The little guy will never back up from a challenge or opportunity to show his skills, even if he knows he's gonna lose. Also, he is easily distracted, like a young child.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby kylefiredemon » Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:59 pm

I'm new to posting in RP forms.

name: Kyle Lorenzo

race: human

age: 25

equipment: flint-lock rifle, powder horn, side sword in case someone gets to close for the rifle to work, 10 Ada, water canteen and some food.

magic: none, he's human

Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: serves under Sarghress as a war meat.

personality: Kyle is a calm and intelligent person. He's open minded and despises getting into a fight. Kyle occasionally stares at dead demons bodies wandering where they go when they die and he supports his comrades, drow or not. Kyle tends to despise Chel'el'sussoloth for almost being sold as a slave. He'll stay out of the conversation when it doesn't concern him

appearance: Kyle wears less Armour then most war meats and makes it up with leather so he gets that 'free and easy' feel. He does have a chest plate and a helmet for protection. He's the only human in the group that wears glasses.

Background: Kyle was born on the surface. At a young age he was always fascinated with two things, gunpowder and mana. Kyle was born into a human noble family which helped him get into the university to study more about gunpowder. Later on Kyle went and designed his first rifle which would one day help replaced arrows with bullets. One day when he went to visit his sister in a far off town, he stopped by this village which on the same night would be raided. Kyle was caught off guard and ended up in cuffs with his clothes in a separate cart. But when they where outside of the city, the caravan was attacked by dwarves and allowed kyle to get his rifle and clothes. He then went off to the closest city Chel'el'sussoloth. He knew he wouldn't last long if he didn't had a clan affliction and he came across the Sarghress so he may earn enough money to buy his way out of the city.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Ninestorms » Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:45 am

Got some help in the newbie thread on getting this right, cant wait to get started.

Name: Terra
Race: Feral (Surface)
Age: 40 – Stronger breeding from her culture and extensive training have extended her lifespan, but she's still old.
Gender: Female

Equipment: None unless given by an owner. But she likes to have a sword.

Magic: None, obviously.

Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: None – Slave/Pet

Hair: Fading brown with graying roots and strands, Shoulder length and curly.
Fur: Lighter brown with grey specs and even lighter streaks marking the many scars on her underlying skin.
Eyes: Golden, will appear to be a luminescent green in some lighting (similar to real cats)
Physique: In good shape, toned muscles can often be seen under her fur when she moves or flexes.
Clothes: Typically low quality slaves clothing, whatever she is given at the time.
Height: 4 ft 9 in

Strengths: Impressive physical power, lots of experience, good hearing and reflexes, higher intelligence compared to underworld feral.
Weaknesses: low/no social status, depression, agility reduced by age, degrading memory, lesser intelligence compared to drow and related races.

Personality: Terra’s mind is broken at best, her memory is poor and she generally dislikes drow as a whole. Usually timid Terra will often avoid combat altogether, surrendering unless her or someone she cares about is in threat of death or serious injury, in which case she can suddenly end up quite vicious. Terra is prone to outbreaks of crying or sometimes intense rage, usually quickly followed by silence when she realizes that she’s embarrassed herself.


Terra could have been a legend…but fate was not so kind. She was born on the surface a secluded group feral in a partially destroyed elven city. Their society was an extremely ritualistic society based around elder matriarchs. One of these elders, near terra’s birth, claimed to have a sudden vision of the future. This prophecy was that their secluded town would be assaulted by a massive invading force, and only Terra could stop this by retrieving an ancient relic, and using its power to defend them. This prophecy was doomed from the start however, for a particularly cruel Drow, exiled from the underworld had come across the town and thought it funny to send a primivite on a quest for a useless item. It was him who caused this vision, using guile and light manipulation to fool the feral elders. Maybe he did not anticipate Terra’s willpower, but perhaps more damage was done when she lived than if she too had died.

At age 3 Terra started her harsh trading to be her peoples’ hero. She began fighting beasts and predators, surpassing initial failures and striking her first kill against a young ox. As she aged she learned old and modified version of dark elf swordsmanship. She learned that her sword was her fang, an extension of herself. Near the end of her training she stopped with sparring sessions and instead trained in real combat against humans, orcs, and rival groups of feral. She returned from these raids with riches and food.

Finally at 15 she started her real quest…she left her home behind and set out in search of the relic she was destined to find. She was over-confident, believing that she was unable to fail at this task, it was her life, her purpose, and to her nothing else was truly important. Her journey was humbling, she had many victories, but also many close scrapes with death. But as she traveled, searching for this nameless book, following a rough, inaccurate map, she grew slowly stronger. Wizened by her defeats and strengthened by another 10 years of her life dedicated to her quest Terra had become among best her home had ever produced; Strong, agile and quick-thinking. When she finally reached the cavern this book was in, she defeated its guardians with ease and claimed her prize. She eagerly attempted to open it and see what was so special about this book….but despite all of her might the book hardly budged. She was undaunted by this, possibly it was simply shaped like a book, its power could have been something else, which only the elders could activate. After all, she didn’t really know, but she believed in her elders.

She took another 10 years to return to her far off home, so much of her life had been focused on this one task, she never made friends with the people she had encountered on her lifelong journey, she never questioned its truth. As she crossed the mountains she dreamed of finally being able to rest, to complete her appointed task and then live out the rest of her life in luxury promised to her as a hero. She hoped to bear children while she still could, so she could pass on her strength to them, to see, or at least help create a bright future for her people who she had given up so much of her life for.

Instead she found dusty ruins…no remains could be found, only broken walls and burned homes, it had been destroyed a long time ago. Terra collapsed to the ground in tears; she beat the worthless book against the ground, her screams echoed through the valley. She would never recover, but she did not have long to languish in her misery. Soon after she was captured by Drow slavers. Had her weapon not been so worn, her heart not broken, her body not aged and fatigued, she would have killed them…but this was not the case, her few weak attacks scraped off the slavers armor and she submitted before she could be seriously hurt.

Recently: Terra has been a slave or pet for some 4 or 5 years, she isn’t sure herself, she hasn’t counted. She understands and speaks the drow language but generally ignores customs even though she understands some. She hasn’t remained in the hands of a single owner for long, due to her outbreaks. She hid the book she worked so hard to get somewhere in the city, but she's forgotten where it is, and she is now on sale again. She is too old to breed now and it troubles her almost more than her failure that she cannot pass on whatever it is that has let her dodge death for so long.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Maria » Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:40 am

Name: Dima (pronounced: Dee-mah)
Race: Feral
Gender: Female
Age: 13

Equipment: Has collected a few trinkets in the past (rusty nail, piece of metal, scrap of spidersilk…) though nothing of any real value.
Clothing: Dark gray long-sleeved tunic with a white tree pattern at its base, faded asparagus-green scarf, a piece of cloth she tied around her ankle for “decoration”.
Magic: None

Clan: Formerly of Nal’Sarkoth affiliation
Beginning City: Chel’el’sussoloth

Height: 4’5”
Physique: Dangerously thin
Hair: Very short and messy (pixie cut) of dark burgundy color
Fur: Gray
Eyes: Orange
-Has four vertical lines of dark fur under each eye
-Fur is darker around her eyes giving the appearance of eyeliner.
-Stutters when she talks and has a bit of a lisp

Still only a child, Dima can be gullible at times, often being more trusting towards drowolaths because she believes them to be like her former master. As drow are more than often not very kind her experiences with them have led her develop a strong suspicion of strangers. She has an overactive imagination and might come off as a bit weird to some. Rarely loud or annoying Dima prefers to listen instead of speak because of her speech impediment.

Born within a tribal community of wild ferals within one of the surface’s many forests, Dima’s time with her people was brief. Ripped from her mother’s hands at the age of one by drow slavers the young feral never had the chance to establish the surface as her home. Whatever memories she had of it would soon be forgotten, replaced by her new life in the underdark.

Fate had been kind to her and she was bought by a Nal’sarkoth noblewoman. The drowolath woman was a collector and breeder of ferals, acquiring those with fur and traits that managed to catch her eye in hopes of breeding them in the future to produce far more exquisite specimens. She had chosen Dima for her young age. A young feral would be easier to train and quick to adjust to her new environment.

In the years that followed Dima began imitating the mannerisms of the drow around her, in this way she also picked up a few words. Her progress was slow but she learned to understand those around her, relying on body-language to fill in the gaps of the words she did not know. Soon she was able to say her master’s name. Salma. (The young feral pronounced it Sssaama at the time.)

Dima grew to enjoy the life of a noble’s pet though she never understood what her “occupation” was, instead thinking of Salma as her mother and not a master. The feral child’s daily routine consisted of a warm bath and grooming in the morning, accompanying her master to parties in the afternoon and finally curling up on her master’s bed at night. Nal’sarkoth slaves tended to her every need, taking great measures to ensure that the mistress’ pet was never anything but happy. Living in seclusion from commoners Dima never knew of hunger or the hardships of life.

Salma grew quite fond of Dima and would often include her in her entourage wherever she went so as to show off her fetching pet to other nobles. To further flaunt her riches the drowolath woman also had her slaves and pets wear intricate robes of delicate surface silk dyed green. Some greatly disliked Salma’s blatant display of wealth while others found her “parade” amusing either way few dared to say anything to her face. This tranquil life went undisturbed for many years.

A year or so ago Salma deemed her pet was old enough to accompany her to the crowded markets of Chel’el’sussoloth, turning a blind eye to the natural curiosity many ferals possessed. Bombarded by new sights, sounds and smells Dima could barely focus on her master. Once the noblewoman stopped to converse with a trader, Dima seized her chance and drifted into the crowd to explore on her own. The drow crowds towered over her but she persisted in following the scent of delicious meat that rippled forth from beyond the crowd. It wasn’t long before another scent drifted over and drew her in. This pattern was repeated over and over again as the feral caught on to a new scent to follow each time. By the time she realized her mistake it was too late. She did not hear her master’s call, nor could she catch her scent in the air.

For the past year Dima has been living as an urchin. Accumulating a large stash of relatively useless object she either found…or stole. Her language development slowed considerably and she acquired a more pronounced stutter. She has taken to avoiding slavers, believing she will run into Salma again someday.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Sonor Val'Illhar'dro » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:03 am

Name: Suru'sunduiri Sariya’ssinsuurull Ihar'dro (Soo-roo' sun-doo-ear-ree Sah-ree-yah-ssin-soo-rule Ilhar'dro)
Age: 162
Equipment: Nothing much save a dagger in case of emergencies. The basics are all she carries, a purse of 100 ada, a couple gems here and there to assist in a few charms and spells. She also carries a log book that has all the financial information of her clients, sealed with a lock that only opens to her aura.
Spell Song (moderate)
Basic Mana Manipulation- Creating light
Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth:
Clan: Val’Ilhar’dro
House- The Sariya’ssinsuurul, literally translated as Cloud Music, are a small but relatively wealthy and respected house in the Ilhar’dro clan. Originally, the Sariya’ssinsuurul was from the silver city, Nuqrah’Shareh but relocated to Raveran to take advantage of the trade ties there. They still hold a a place in Nuqrah’Shareh, but the main house resides in Raveran. The House is well recognized due to the fact that they assert their influence by producing many singers, coupled with their hold on interspecies trade negotiations. The house symbol is a singular vertical feather affixed on a cloud.

The Early Years (0-9)-
Suru’sunduiri was the first borne female to the House as her mother was vying for a secure place within the Ilhar’dro ranks and was raised to be adept at deals and trade, and encouraged to practice her spell singing skills. Her father was a well respected Ilhar’dro gardener, he worked on the famed garden of Chel’el’sussoloth before the Nidraa’chal War eliminated it. Originally coming from the city of Nuqrah’Shareh to the city of Val’Raveran, where her family’s main house was located, Suru’sunduiri was exposed to a clash of cultures and races. Often, she would ride along with a trade caravan for a short distance and only for a few months to learn more about the world and trade. As a child, she was exposed to the ambition her mother held dear and the creativity her father instilled in her, making her a wry and clever child when her time to study at Orthobbae came.

Growing Up(10-36)-
Since the Sariya’ssinsuurul had money, Suru’sunduiri was able to go to school at Orthobbae. At first Chel’el’sussoloth was a dynamic place that confused but enraptured Suru’sunduiri. She was encouraged to develop relations with the children of the Sharen and the Nal’Sarkoth, the wealthiest clans in the underworld. Suru had been educated well before her admittance to Orthobbae, after learning the arts of spell song from the tutors of the Ilhar’dro clan and a certain grasp of foreign languages with the wide exposure to the trade network. Through this, Suru’sunduiri was able to rise quickly in her teacher’s eyes and respected among her peers. True to her mother’s urgings, Suru’sunduiri quickly latched onto the children of the Nal’Sarkoth, befriending a fair amount of them rather quickly and sweetening the trade relations between the Nal’Sarkoth and the Ilhar’dro. Suru’sunduiri was a very free and open person, and she could find many things to talk about with the Nal’Sarkoth children, both had made frequent visits to the surface. Due to Orthobbae’s distance from Chel’el’sussoloth, Suru’sunduiri went to scout the markets of the city on her time off and familiarized herself with the culture and the economy of the main drowolath city. Suru’sunduiri later dropped the classes of Orthobbae in order to return to her family’s main house to help raise her younger siblings and expand her knowledge.

A Whole New World(37-68)-
Suru’sunduiri helped educate her younger siblings and prepared them as her mother prepared her for a short while and took the time away from Orthobbae to further study Spell-Song back in the city of Nuqrah‘Shareh. In the following years, Suru’sunduiri had become a respectable songstress of the Ilhar’dro and an equally respectable negotiator and trader in Raveran. Seeing that her education in the underworld was at its peak, Suru’sunduiri hopped onto one of her aunt’s trading caravans and traveled further and for a greater amount of time. On the Surface, Suru’sunduiri met members of all races: human, orc, emberi, ferals and even one dark elf. On her travels, she was able to learn a few varied languages of the humans, and some dialects of orcs. She had observed the trades that were processed between each transaction and studied the new supplies. On her journey, Suru’sunduiri had taken to collecting an assortment of over world plants, either putting them in pots to grow, collecting their seeds or compressing them in books for further study. Her interest was vividly captured by the wide assortment of flowers and she made special care to harvest as many seeds as possible to bring back to the Underworld. At times, the Ilhar’dro group she was traveling with would settle in different cities where she took the opportunity to attend foreign schools. After many years of traveling and learning, Suru’sunduiri returned back home to put her newfound knowledge to use.

Making a Name (68-161)-
Suru’sunduiri had grown and matured heavily on the Surface, now even wittier than before and a keener eye. Her wide assortment of plant collections captured the interest of her people, where they made quick work to cultivate them and cause them to grow. Since her family already had footholds in Val’Raveran and the surface, Suru’sunduiri traveled to Chel’el’sussoloth once again to exert her clan’s influence in the city’s economy. Using her linguistic abilities, Suru’sunduiri assisted in trade negotiations between dwarves and the drow. Due to spider silk being a popular textile for both light wear and armor, Suru’sunduiri tried investing in the Ne’Kalsaider . Suru’sunduiri would help transport raw spider silk to weavers, and transport the finished products to the Surface where it was a valuable trade asset. Suru’sunduiri became wealthy from the fees she had placed upon the shipment of goods. However, the amount of Driders were rare and inbetween, so Suru’sunduiri built another faction of business, something that was rare in the underworld but had captured her interest on the surface. Working closely with the Nal’Sarkoth, Suru’sunduiri sold some of the rarer and more exotic seeds of flowers for high amounts but mostly kept the most beautiful ones for the Ilhar’dro clan. Some of the surface flowers retrieved by Suru’sunduiri are present now in the chaotic gardens of the main fortress.

Suru’sunduiri helped make a name for her House and further secured a niche in the trade market, her main wares including spider silk and flowers. She travels constantly on trade expeditions but currently resides in Chel’el’sussoloth to assert Ilhar’dro presence. She maintains a decent sum of money and lives comfortably in a loft near the Pillar of Light in Chel’el’sussoloth.

Vel’Sharen: “Very wealthy, it is good to keep on their good side and high favor.”

Val’Sarghress:”We often encounter their Highland Raider teams from time to time, they have much to trade, many artifacts from the Old world in exchange for some of our wares…”

Val’Sullisin’rune:”Beautiful! They are a wonderful clan actually. I do hear their parties are marvelous.”

Val’Nal’Sarkoth:” I admire their trade network, they best even our Il’haress. They make for lovely company too.”

Val’Beldrobbaen: “They are an old clan, but their gothicness and grunge isn’t very artistic. It is a shame though, they lost so many girls in that terrible incident.”

Val’Kyorl’Solensurn:”The brightness of the fortress reminds me of our own fortress but it is a pity that they are so fanatical. “

Val’Jaal’darya:”They are Mothers of creation, their science is an art form. I only wish we knew more about them.”

Vel’Vloz’ress: “Uhm…I’m not sure what to say, they are simply insane but mother tells me to keep on their good side…”

Kind, polite and very cordial, Suru would make a perfect diplomat if she wasn’t bent on furthering the clan’s wealth. Behind her little smile and twinkling eyes are the brain gears working nonstop on getting deals, appeasing the clan, and scouting for new and inventive ways to further her house in the Ilhar’dro clan.

Hair- Suru’sunduiri, like many of the drowolath, was born with white hair but she dies it with sky blue and azure streaks. She keeps half of it ornately fixed in a bun and the rest hangs down straight.
Eyes-Pale blue with the red gleam of drow,
Height-6’0 ft
Physique: Slim
Suru’sunduiri puts much emphasis in her beauty and flaunts her wealth. She usually wears multi-layered spider silk robes dyed pale blue with images of clouds adorning the upper blouse and hem of her skirt. The fashion is oriental with a ornamental waist sash and flowing cloth. The emblem of the Ilhar’dro clan is etched into a disk of sapphire and placed on the waist sash. The emblem of her clan is affixed right above her cleavage. Usually she wears light blue silk slippers on her feet. She wears a long strand of sapphires on her neck, a gift from a fellow drow trader on the surface. Strings of pale blue gems hang from ears. As a negotiator, she always looks calm and understanding with a light smile fixated on her face.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Insanity » Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:19 pm

Third times the charm? ^^;

Name: Dir'idi Illhar'dro
Age: 107

Hair: Short, about to the neck, white with a line of light-blue down the middle.
Eyes:the color would be this one

Clothes: On a normal day he wears a lgihtblue shirt, short sleeved, that covers his neck and throat. His pants are blue with light blue pockets. They end just below the knees. His shoes are very similar to the roman Caligae. When out on the streets he has a gray trench-coat and he likes to leave it unbuttoned.

Personality: Very quiet. Talks only when he deems it necessary or polite. He often trys to be kind but when annoyed enough he will gladly tell people to take a hike.

Items: A messenger bag in which he carries: 10 ADA in a small pouch, a two metre roll of bandage and a journal. He weapon is a katar which has a 23 cm long blade. He also has a small buckler attached to his arm wrist with leather straps.

Magic: Basic spell song


(age 0-10) Not much that he can remember. He lived in the Illhar'dro fort in Val'Raveran with his mother, Vadan'ja, who was one of the local traders. She took care of a small shop that selled general stuff like food. He helped her in what little way he could. Usually that involved just sitting quietly behind the counter and waiting. His father, Bad'ji, was a traveling trader with one of the cravans. One the few occasions that he stayed home longer than a few days he would tell Dir'idi stories of his travels. Often they would be exaggerated lies but entertaining none the less.

(age 11-18) When Dir'idi was twelve his father had come home for two weeks. Much longer than expected. But Bad'ji spent this time tech Dir'idi what little spell song he had learnt from his travels. Not much but better than nothing. Vadan'ja had been reassigned as a accountant taking care of the stocks and profit of the shops in the area. Dir'idi would help her take care of all the paperwork and in the process learned a little math. That was about as much education he would get for about five years. He never really liked mathematics all that much. He found writing to be a much more interesting skill. His mother agrred to teach him how to write but only the basics would be enough. Her job was stressful as it was. When Dir'idi turned fifteen he wanted to become a traveling merchant like his father. Not much of a dream but he thought it would be fun to see other cities. When he was eighteen he was allowed to travel with a few caravans to build up a little experience with the trading bussiness. He didn't learn much other than that being polite was a huge plus.

(age 20 - 40) About five moths after he turned twenty he was asked by his mother to greet a important client of hers at the fortress gates. When he went to the gates he was surprised to see that the clients were Kyorls. They were five commoners looking to make a large trade argreement. Taking them to his mothers office as fast as he could. When he got there he was told to wait outside. From what he could hear through the door things went decently well. When he was 35 he met Fam'illah the daughter of one of his mothers colleagues. Fam'illah would later become one of his best friends.

(age 50 - 90) When Dir'idi was fifty-five he asked for a job as a guard at the fortress. He was told that there was only a chance for his a guard patrolling the streets around the Illhar'dro area. Being desperate for a job he accepted. He was given a quick choice of weapon and a course in using his chosen weapon. He liked the speed and feel of a katar and chose that as his weapon. He was given his first assignement that day. He was to patrol the streets close to the fortress. An easy task. It was an uneventful duty. He continued his job for thirty years. Continuassly walking the same area. He might have caught a thief or two but not much more.

(age 90 - 105) When he was ninty two he was given the opportunity to travel as a guard for one of the caravans. He accepted the offer. His travels took him to the Surface. No words could describe how amazing it was. He got a journal from one of his traveling companions in exchange for a few peices of ada. He quickly started mapping his travels. He noted where towns and villages were and what they would trade with. He traveled like this for ten years going back and forth from Val'Raveran and the Surface and occasionally switching caravans. After the ten years were up he requested transfer to the Illhar'dro fortress. He was quickly assigned to patroll the streets, again.

(age 106 & 107) As he was about to turn 107 he quit the Guard force to seek his fortune in the city. He asked to keep the weapon and buckler. They told him that fi he would agree to pay off the cost of the katar and the buckler within fifty years it would be all right. Naturally he was a little skeptical of this proposal but accepted as he thought that a weapon would be a good thing to have handy.

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I hope this one gets approved. I will gladly tweak my backstory if need be.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Thalar » Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:21 pm


Good work, keeping it short but informative. :)
Will be interesting to see how she likes Raveran after the incident ^^




You don’t mention any cash – if she carries any cash with her you need to give me an idea of the amount. If she doesn’t have any cash, that’s fine ^^ My suggestion for a Vloz’ress child such as her would be 3 ada or less.

If you want to use poisons, please give a short summary of the poison’s effect, and an exact number of poison vials in her possession.

Is she born into the Vloz’ress? I almost assume so, although it is not stated clearly in the text (it ought to be, for completeness). It would be a good idea to make this clear in the text.

As for her being tormented by her brother – that is fine, but it can’t happen at Orthorbbae, because it is forbidden for a student to hurt another student, not to mention the girls and boys are segregated into different parts of the school. My suggestion is that you have her home-schooled (that would also easier explain how she did not get an empathy teacher) and that would be the scene for her brother’s tormenting of her. It would also explain why she is now out in Chel (Orthorbbae is unfortunately not playable at the moment).

It is not a good idea to mention Kern’s NPCs in a background, even the way you did.. My suggestion here would be to change from having the Kyorl punishing her for the Kami’seide doll, to having them punish her for the Vloz’ress’ sins. That way you are not talking specifically about something that happened in Moonless Age, but rather something that could happen at any given time.

Tsa’xukuth’s mother can’t be an Ilhar, since that word has been changed to mean “leader of a minor clan”. And the Vloz’ress don’t have houses like the other great clans, it has gangs. This is new information which you may have missed since you were gone – there is a full podcast on the Vloz’ress if you have time to listen :) But since Tsa’s mother is a Nether Summoner, she is probably the leader of her own gang, the Vloz’ress equivalent of a De’vess (the title that replaced Ilhar as “leader of a house/subhouse”).

In short, there are a few things you need to change around a little, before I can let you out to play.

Refused, if you have any additional questions please come to the Newbie School thread :)



Weird guy, but I think it works. You’re forbidden to hurt another student in Orthorbbae, but we’ve also seen that the boys have their scuffles.. If they were all in on it, no one would dare to report it to the teachers, probably. Assuming no one was seriously hurt.

Since he is not tainted, and his mother and he were affiliated with the Vloz’ress before they became a great clan, I’m going to propose the following; They are still affiliated with the Vloz’ress, but sub-affiliated to one of its gangs, and are not directly involved with the demon-worshipping. That should give them a very low status in the clan, but also makes it plausible that he isn’t tainted.

Otherwise I’d like an explanation as to why he hasn’t been tainted ^^

Approved, on one condition:

Accept my proposal (subaffiliation to a gang, not directly involved with demon-worshipping, low status, but plausible that he isn’t tainted) . If you accept these terms you are free to start playing immediately.

OR give me a good explanation as to why he hasn’t been tainted. I’ll need to review that explanation before you can play. You don’t need to repost the full character, just post the explanation :)

If you have any questions, come to the Newbie School thread =)



Unfortunately, gunpowder is only accessible to dwarves. I suggest you change out that rifle for a plain crossbow.

As a surface-born human he would not know anything about mana. Humans can’t see mana, and they can’t use it. There is also no indication that there are advanced institutions of learning available to humans, so I suggest you change “university” to “school”.

Also, Kyle’s background raises a number of questions that you’ve left unanswered. How did Kyle know the way to Chel? Why didn’t he head back to the surface? How did he know about the Sarghress?

There’s also the fact that all non-drow races in Chel are expected to start as slaves. You need to give a good explanation in order for him to be able to join the War Meat, explain how he found about them, and how he gained membership.

My main suggestion to you right about now would be to change the concept a little (necessary, because you don’t have access to gunpowder), and work more on his character. You’ve said plenty about his abilities, but we don’t know anything about him. You should be able to find some help in the Newbie School thread :)



It’s a sad but good story :) Very well done!
Hopefully she can find a good buyer ^^



Maria Val’Sarghress:
Hmm, she’s a little young to survive by herself, but I’ll roll with it, everything else is in order :) Chel is a large city, and the Klar’bol is a maze, so I can believe that Salma hasn’t yet managed to find her prized pet. Good luck out there ^^



Sonor Val’Illhar’dro:
I’m gonna have to arrest you on the ‘meeting a dark elf’ thing, sorry ^^;
As far as we know, there are none remaining up on the surface, so your character can’t have met one there. She might have met one in Nuqrah though.

I’m not gonna make you repost for that one particular detail.

Approved, on one condition: Post that she meets this mentioned dark elf in Nuqrah rather than on the surface, and you’re good to go.


Much better :)
He is a little young to be traveling at only 18 (that’s 9 in human-equivalent age, physically), but if this was together with his father (so there would be someone to take care of him) I will allow it.

In fact he is a little young in a few of the situations in the beginning there, I hope you’re aware of the human age equivalents? At 20 he’s the equivalent of a 10 year old human, physically, and around 12 or thereabouts, mentally. So he won’t be given very important tasks.
I’m not gonna disapprove this character because of that, but I’m telling you this so you can keep it in mind in case you decide to make another character at some point :)

Approved, on one condition: Post that you agree that his father was there on that caravan with him.

If you’d rather have him take this caravan trip alone, later in life, just adjust your character sheet (you’ll have to make him a little older, I’d say around 30 before he can go on that caravan by himself) and repost and I’ll give it another look :)
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Insanity » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:00 pm

Grr. Well... Fine. I guess I was thinking in human ages. Can't blame me. I will change it as soon as I have time.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Insanity » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:21 pm

Heres what I have edited:

(age 18) When he was eighteen he was allowed to accompany his father on one of his trips. He didn't learn much other than that being polite was a huge plus.

(age 20 - 40) About five months after he turned twenty his mother received some important clients. He was surprised to see that they were Kyorls. He was told to wait outside of her office. From what he could hear through the door things went decently well. When he was 35 he met Fam'illah the daughter of one of his mothers colleagues.She was a energetic one. Often she would try to go on adventures in the city. But her mother stopped her from doing so. Fam'illah would later become one of his best friends. When he turned thirty he asked his father for another trip with him through the underworld wiht the caravan. This time he learned the average value of common goods such as food stuffs and clothes. When he returned he was surprised to find that the prices of items in Val'Raveran were a good bit above average. Well everyone has to make a living, he thought.

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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Thalar » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:51 pm

That works for me, Insanity. With those changes, you're approved and free to go play :) Have fun!
Edit: I see you forgot to add Starting City, and I missed it in my initial review. I'm gonna assume you meant Val'Raveran, if not please post that you meant it to be Chel.
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Re: Registration thread: Version 1.1

Postby Svelt Rho'Vannion » Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:45 am

Name: Clae Cherch (pronounced sh-air-sh) Kyorl'solenurn

Race: Drowussu

Age: 411


The entirety of his head, face, and neck(except his mouth and chin) is wrapped in black spider silk that covers his skin but does little more. Around his waist is a black spider silk skirt that just barely drags along the ground. His feet are clad in sandals and he has a single ada sewn into the top of the hem for emergencies.

Empathy. Though a fairly strong empath, and experienced in use of his abilities, Clae is exceedingly sensitive to violent emotions and often suffers from mental breakdowns when near such emotions. For all intents and purposes, he is a healer and nothing more.

Beginning city:


Though much of the previous century had been a turbulent and disruptive time for the Kyorl'solenurn as it united the other drowussu families, by the time Clae was born in 699 most of the chaos had settled into a rigorous faith that was the perfect environment for the growing child of a proud drowussu family. Though his parents were originally from another family, they had voluntarily joined the Kyorl'solenurn shortly before the year 600. They were not worshipers of Sharess naturally, but they paid her the appropriate lip service upon joining the fanatical drowussu, and few questions were asked because of the family's rare bloodline.

Unfortunately, the family had suffered hard times during the 6th century of the Moonless Age and only Clae's parents and his mother's mother were left. However, they were a highly valuable addition to the Kyorls because all three were accomplished empaths. Though their environment growing up had hardly been the best and most helpful for growing empaths, the collective familial support from so many who had gone through the same thing helped to keep them fairly stable.

Shortly after the complete absorption of all other drowussu families and clans into the Kyorl'solenurn, Clae's grandmother finally went mad with one volatile experience too many and had to be killed after the empathic blowback of her screaming mental state crippled a Warden and two commoners during a routine patrol. It is suspected that a small nether gate opening was the reason for her final madness, but the gate was never found and those suspicions never confirmed.

Unfortunately, her death at the hands of a Templar of the order left both of Clae's parents distrustful of their supposed protectors. Withdrawing from active missions, they both focused more on reeducation and the inner purity of the clan. This kept them fairly stable, and provided an excellent environment for their child who was born nearly a century later. By this time both the father, K'vin Cherch Kyorl'solenurn, and the mother, Kym Cherch Kyorl'solenurn, were over two centuries old and convinced that they were unable to conceive children.

As an only child, despite his male status, Clae receiving a good deal of attention from parents who had no other living family. Though not Vals, Clae's family lived fairly well, and a good portion of their resources went to providing him with an idyllic childhood. As befitting a child of the Cherch family line, Clae's empath abilities began manifesting at a very young age. Though it was impossible to determine the exact age the powers first started manifesting because the young drowussu's ability to speak was still undeveloped when he first showed signs of being able to give and receive emotional information.

Naturally this made his parents very proud, and they both worked hard to make sure he had the very safest of emotional environments and trained him personally in the use of his powers. They were both fairly stable mentally, and were able to act out their roles normally. Despite or because of all this, they were highly overprotective and would regularly restrict him from playing with other children if they felt things were going to get dangerous emotionally.

So it was that he set off for Orthorbbae at the age of ten as a spoiled, socially isolated, gifted empath. Perhaps it goes without saying that the following year was one of harsh shocks and brutal wake up calls, but also a bit of a blooming. He was more than gifted, he was an empath with abilities just short of genius. The head of his class in all things mental, and with an agility and adroitness befitting a swordsman, he was once more regularly used to getting what he wanted.

Nothing particularly exceptional happened during his time at Orhorbbae beyond his constant scholastic achievements. By the time he was done there he was more capable with his empathic gift than most experienced adults and was highly regarded by his classmates. Normally the natural gift and peer worship he received would have combined with his parents spoiling him to make him insufferable at a young age, but he was politically gifted as well and was exceptionally good at telling people what they wanted to hear. This made him as popular as a drowussu can get among his peers.

What Clae did not have was the typical reverence for Sharess that one would find so commonly amongst Kyorl empaths, and it was even more unusual for an Inquisitor, and one expected to do great things. Oh, he paid lip service to her, but ultimately his view of her was purely historical, and not religious. He inherited this view from his parents and their pre-Kyorl belief system.

As he grew into adulthood, he became a stunningly attractive individual, with flawlessly pale gray skin and a smoothly muscled dancer's body. Also, his powers as an empath made him exceptionally good in bed. These combined with his good standing and powerful abilities to make him a very attractive breeding option. Of course, drowussu tend to partner up for short times, rather than randomly couple up as is the wont of drowolath, but Clae had absolutely no compunctions about using his empathic abilities to work those he wanted.

He was subtle about it, and tended to stay with a partner for as much as half a year, so he was never caught outright, though some must have had their suspicions. None of these couplings led to children, and they always ended peacefully enough that Clae left behind no grudges. Still, his near-genius ability to manipulate the emotions of others left him free of the one consequence that would often stop empaths from tampering too much with others: the pain of their hurt. He left his marks feeling fine and that allowed him to live with his own conscience.

Shortly after he got out of Orthorbbae, the Sarghress were recognized as a legitimate clan, but this had little effect on his life beyond a purely academic interest and a general but temporary shift in the web of emotions that surrounded him. Personally he approved of Quaintana's move and found it to be very similar to the absorption of drowussu clans by the Kyorl.

A little more than a century after his birth, Clae watched with mild interest as the religion of Sharess crumbled and fell apart. The Kyorl remained virtually untouched and since it bore no religious weight with him, the gifted Inquisitor kept his nose out of it. That is, until the patrol that his mother had been part of turned up dead. Clae and K'vin were both absolutely crushed by her loss, but K'vin got over it faster. K'vin mourned the passing of Kym, and then moved on with his life. This was partly symptomatic of a slight break with reality he had suffered not long ago, and ever since he'd had a difficult time remembering anything from more than a year before.

Clae himself was more damaged by the loss, and secluded himself from social contact. Of course, he still performed his duties as was required of him, but for years afterward he kept to himself and tried especially hard to avoid contact with other empaths. Still, even mental scars only last for so long, and five years later he was back to his old self. His relationship with his father became slightly closer and they spent more time together, Clae giving up his old tendency towards being as much of a party animal as drowussu society allows.

Mistrustful of the chaotic emotions of drowolath, he had always preferred to stay cloistered within the Kyorl stronghold, but after his mother's death he became practically xenophobic of all dark-skinned drow. Without the Sharess based fanaticism against tainted, his dislike for those who murdered his mother became a racism that brought an acidic taste to his mouth every time he saw a darkskin.

Still, he had a tight reign on himself and never so much as struck a drowolath in anger. Something of note, and perhaps a bit strange, he also never emotionally manipulated drowolath except when directed by his superiors. At this point he'd lived long enough and nothing too chaotic happened, so he settled into a comfortable routine. Work, play, hang with his father. All without incident through the birth of the Nal'sarkoth, the formation of the Jaal'darya, and even the beginning of the netherworld cults.

Eventually his father, who hadn't had the benefit of the comfortable environment that Clae enjoyed, finally broke completely. By this time Clae was over three hundred years old and hardly a child, but he had grown close to his father, and watching him break down into a gibbering heap wasn't easy on him. At this time he started to show his first signs of mental problems. Nothing severe, but the complete isolation he had built for himself by portraying himself as a competent and aloof individual made him try and reach out to others in a way that was almost desperate. Clae moved from being a confident, even arrogant, individual to being as needy as any drow his age had ever been.

This had a profound effect on Clae, whose powerful presence had become a shell of its former self. Still the immensely powerful empath that he had always been, his mental collapse made him unfit for any kind of leadership role and he became little more than a watchdog to point out tainted and the corrupt. Regularly shepherded by a Warden who told him what to do and when, his lack of initiative made him unusable for high risk missions. Self contained and quiet, he couldn't be counted on to relay important information, though if pointed in the right direction he was a potent tool.

In his ordinary life, the Inquisitor was fairly normal, if weaker in will than most drow, and certainly weaker that anyone of his age had a right to be. It was his empathic ability that caused the most problems, as he rarely sought to use it for reasons unknown even to himself. Of course, there were parts of it he couldn't switch off. Being such a powerful and experienced empath, he still constantly felt the emotions of those around him and sought to ease the pain of those who suffered mentally and physically.

During this time his healing ability truly took on life, while his other abilities shrank under his neglect. This worked fine with his superiors however, as they deemed him unfit for combat and only sent him out on low-risk patrols. The birth of the Nidraa'chal was almost a non-event to the self-contained Inquisitor, though he did spend more time cleansing the corrupt than healing.

Of course, even a nobody like Clae couldn't go uneffected by the Nidraa'chal war. Even an Inquisitor deemed to be too weak for direct combat was pressed into battle once the Kyorl got involved. The empath's first battle was also to be his last, as a Nidraa'chal summoner and her minions crushed his small scouting party and took him captive. Of course, this didn't seem to be normal to the confused Inquisitor, he had expected to be killed or tainted as he felt his comrades die. This nether summoner though was not entirely right in the mind, though whether from her tainting or a pre-existing madness the empath couldn't say as his mind was flooded with violent emotions strong enough to send a weaker empath gibbering into madness.

The war was mostly ended the day after his capture, but this particular summoner escaped that battle by simply not being there. She was too busy cutting small strips of flesh from Clae and eating them. The pure, alien madness that came off of her as she slowly skinned the poor drowussu was a live current across the bare nerves of his mind and even the pain of his wounds seemed small by comparison.

Several days of this passed and the Inquisitor's throat was raw with screaming when something finally broke. All his carefully held control and training split under the gibbering of the tainted's mind and the sheer shock of such a powerful empath breaking sent out an emotional pulse that was enough to crush the already badly damaged mind of the Nidraa'chal drowolath. Interestingly enough, as soon as the madness was gone from his surroundings Clae returned to normal. Better than normal, he was once again his strong and forceful self.

Not long later, with some small emotional suggestions from the Inquisitor, a patrol found him and freed him from his chains. But not until after they discovered the true damage to the empath. Though he appeared normal, the second one of the Templars directed an angry thought towards the Nidraa'chal, he went completely berserk. The drowussu empath's eyes rolled back into his head and the emotional pulse of anguish that shot out from him dropped the two Templars of the patrol to their knees and staggered the Warden.

His personality fractured into a healthy and barking mad duality by his torture, he responded to the slightest violent thought with a similar empathic pulse to the one that had killed the summoner, though none of his subsequent reactions were nearly so strong. Judged unfit for duty, he remained in a small and secluded room where his only task was to heal the injured and sick. Perhaps one of the better healer empaths under the Kyorl banner, he nonetheless remained completely useless to any violent pursuit and was even unable to cleanse the corrupt because of their violent nature.

A decade and a half after his mental fracturing, the Inquisitor was confronted by a corrupted who had temporarily escaped her captors within the stronghold. Though she was quickly recaptured without violent incident, Clae fled the stronghold blinded by both his episodic madness and the resulting self-revulsion. When finally sanity returned to him he was lost in the cavern of Chel'el'sussoloth. Perhaps he could have found his way home relatively quickly, but despite paying only lip service to Sharess, he was a devoted Kyorl and couldn't bear to return to being useless.

Determined to set himself right before returning home, he stayed out among the commoners. Carefully steering himself around those with angry dispositions, he would regularly expose himself to their emotions once he could find a safe place to hide. It is his belief that by coming into contact with these emotions in small doses that he can find a way to take control of his madness and return once more as a fully capable inquisitor.

Of medium height and slight build, Clae stands 5' and 7" tall and weighs 125 lbs. Though not particularly muscular, he is not entirely unhealthy either, and sports a musculature that is slightly defined only because of the complete lack of fat on his frame. His chest, stomach, back, and arms are ragged with more scars than are countable, and each one blends into the others. These scars are remnants of an insane nether summoner stripping the skin from his body slowly over the course of days. Though his face is rarely visible, it is finely boned and effeminate. And, unusually, he is completely bald. His eyes are a deep purple and seem exceedingly shallow, like those of a drow many times younger than he.

Forceful and even arrogant, Clae doesn't like to take no for an answer and will use his empathy to give him clues on how to manipulate others. Centuries of practice have made him a consummate politician and he pokerface is flawless even when visible. However, when in close proximity to violent emotions, or if he specifically seeks to read violent emotions from a far off person, he goes raving mad and may act violent or fearful, but has the mentality of a small child.

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