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Registration thread: version 2.0

Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby blackshade10 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:59 am

Character: Denbo Feltbeard

Worldsetting accuracy - (4)

First off, like Thalar said, age. Bump that down big time. I understand that this will take away a lot of the justification for your abilities and experiences, but I'm afraid that is what we have to do.

Now, the Dvergar fortress. As far as we know, there are none left in the Underworld, having long been wiped out, even 300 years ago. In addition, there is no word that the Sarghress ever targeted dvergar settlements; they raid the surface. Hence, "Highland" Raiders. After the battle, he finds some gold and jewels which are dwarf treasures. It should be noted: Just 3 ada of Drowish currency can buy hundreds of golds and many jewels. Such things are not as valuable in the Underworld. On the surface, that's different, but Dwarfs are not surface creatures and would certainly not put much value in common gold and jewels. In addition, the Sarghress do not enslave races, only purchase slaves. They are not slavers.

Later you go on to mention him fighting Dragons and Demons. Both opponents would be immensely unlikely to face outside of Chel, though there are far more problems with that which I'll explain below. In addition, it is extremely unlikely that a dwarf would want to head so far out to the human lands. Dwarfs greatest strengths are in the Underworld, that of their toxic resistant bodies and their keen eyesight in darkness.

In addition, it should be noted that much of the Dvergar people have indeed "given up" the fight with the drow and have adapted the mentality of "if you can't beat em, join em". Some have joined or made strong ties with the Nal'sarkoth, become War Meat among the Sarghress, found at least haven among the Kal'yantra, begun work with the Chellian Dvergar Association, or just gone to hiding in their small settlements full of toxic gas that no creature save they can live in.

More or less, a good chunk of the Dverar population has found peace and, understandably since most if not all of the Dvergar who ruled the Underworld are now dead, it's come to a point that the current ones who could fight have no real reason to beyond some of their parents telling them stories that they parents told them, who's parents told them, who's parents told them that they used to rule everything in the Underworld. Understandably, a good many have decided that fighting just isn't worth it. Not all have mind you, some do still hate Drow and fight over territory. Some Dvergar extremists took over a Kal'yantra mine and have refused to settle anything with diplomacy, and I'm sure there are other pockets of extremists and resistors who remain elsewhere.

The spectrum of resistors to supporters of the drow goes from the hatred extremes to the joiners. Some have held onto their grudges, others have not, some have learned to live with their grudges, and some have an altogether differing opinion. The dwarfs have no unified front.

Now, there is also a large amount of leather mentioned in your character. Leather is a rare commodity in the Underworld, and a Dwarf would have a hard time getting the money to buy something like that. Same thing with the woolen cape. Also the same with wood, like your shield.

Mana arts - (NA)
Abilities - (0)

Ah, here comes the mean part.

He faced horrors unimaginable by most, and felled even mighty dragons and daemons with his trusty axe.

Facing down Demons and Dragons? Unlikely at best. To survive that is. Pretty much flat out possible to win, though you might be able to kill a demon, if it was just one, and you were lucky. Demons and Dragons, and to clarify, Dragons are ridden by the Sharen who also make fighting them less likely and winning such an encounter on your own is not something is viable for the DTRPG power level restrictions, are some of the strongest things in the Drowtales universe. The Dragons are mighty creatures, with the strength to crush plate in their jaws. One bite and it's over. Both dragons and demons are an incredibly rare encounter: Especially out of Chel'el'sussoloth.

Items - (6)

The items are overall OK, with the exception of the ones made out of foreign materials.

Total power level - (0)

As above, this character is just too powerful. Mention of fighting Dragons and Demons, things that could kill experienced and powerful Drow warriors if they were to even have a moment of carelessness, is just too much. In addition, his age must be reduced, which further puts this into the "impossible" category.

Backstory cohesiveness - (5)

Overall it makes sense, but he has about zip in his life beyond having his home destroyed and then spending the next 200 years hating Drow. It's a really a character that just lacks much depth, especially for one who is supposed to be very old. The older the character, the more we expect, so remember that if you plan on making a new character of a high age.

Plausibility - (4)

Overall, this character is extremely unlikely due to the lacking of large dwarf fortresses nowadays, that of Highland Raiders attacking things underground, that of a being who fought great beasts and went to strange lands for no particular reason, and overall has been a great nuisance to the current major population of the Underworld without getting himself killed and hasn't had anything else happen that is notable in his life. Very unlikely.

Conclusion: Refused.

Unfortunately there was no answer as to the possible life span for a dvergar, so I'm going to have to ask you to cut his age down to 75-ish. Most of his background is fine, although it is mighty convenient how things just happened to be left behind for the only survivor to find. But going up against dragons and demons? The way you have written it suggests he does so alone, and that is unfortunately too much. Especially considering we don't know how plausible it is to encounter either of these opponents. Perhaps if you went into more detail here, and added a group of dvergar rather than just your own character, it could still be plausible. Additionally, you may wish to update his appearance based on the new dvergar information which will be posted soon.

Any questions can be taken to the Newbie Thread and any complaints should be sent by PM to Thalar only. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:29 am

blargargarg wrote:
Thalar wrote:blargargarg
Character: Andy
I regret to inform you that orcs were removed from the list of playable races due to the complete lack of information available even after the worldsetting questions list was answered. Your character can therefore not be reviewed nor approved.

Question: since the specific problem with this character is the fact that he's an orc, would the character be acceptable if his backstory and species was changed so that he was a dwarf, or human? Or is there something else inherent in this character that would make him unacceptable?

If possible, I'd rather adapt this existing character to fit with the setting, rather than having to make a new character just because of a poor species choice on my part.

Like blackshade mentioned, you'd have to rewrite him and resubmit for a new evaluation (or rather, a first evaluation). It is quite unfortunate that orcs were taken out, I was hoping we'd get enough information on them to make them viable player characters. You can probably make much of his background work as a halme, for example. I suggest you post your rewrite in the newbie school thread for comments and assistance :)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Hetros » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:16 am

Going to rewrite hetros with the changes you requested Thal ^^ just waiting on the new Dueregar info to be released ^^ (unless i'm blind and just haven't seen it yet >_>;)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Halfwot » Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:17 pm

Thalar wrote:Halfwot
Character: Karken Stonehand

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (6)
  • Mana arts - (NA)
  • Abilities - (7)
  • Items - (6)
  • Total power level - (7)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (7)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Conditionally approved.
Please give an accurate estimate of the amount included in "a handful of money" or confirm that it was an oversight as you already have 20 ada at the top of the equipment list. Also, if you wish to update his appearance following the new dvergar information, please do so by submitting it to this thread.

Oh, forgot I had written an exact amount. Well, the handful of money is supposed to be enough for frugal living expenses for a week or so. But I guess 20 works. And I'll updated the apperance when the new information is posted.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby The Watcher » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:58 pm

Name: Durin Bergthalsson

Race: Dvergar (free)

Age: 45

Line of Work: Expert artificer, business-owner, former smuggler and adventurer

-Modest metal/stoneworking shop with second-story living quarters, equipped with forge and anvil
-Not insignificant savings of ada, kept in a hidden safe at his home in Raveran
-Artificer's tools, for work as a jeweler, metalworker, or stonecarver
-Wardrobe of good quality but not opulent clothes, mostly of reinforced spidersilk
-Set of decent quality drowsteel light armor and skullcap from his adventuring days (well-maintained, seldom used).
-Drow-steel Battle axe, warhammer, and roundshield from his adventuring days (well-maintained, seldom used)
-Somewhat battered iron pickaxe (maintained, seldom used)
-Heavy crossbow that never leaves his shop, used for solely as a theft deterrent (much too clunky to actually carry around).
-Springbow : A pistol-shaped object roughly a foot in total length, the Springbow is little more than a very stiff adamantium spring in a tube, mounted on a mushroom-wood handle with a complicated winding mechanism. By winding back and locking the spring (with a modicum of difficulty considering the enormous force required), Durin can use the device to launch small projectiles such as rocks, metal pellets, or darts by pulling a crossbow trigger to release the compressed spring. Functionally, these are no more potent than a midsize crossbow, single shot weapons that require a significant amount of time and muscle work to reload, and not quite as accurate; their true worth is in their relative compactness and concealable nature. Durin has managed to fabricate a total of four at extreme difficulty, labor, and personal expense, and typically carries at least two on his person for self-defense. They are a point of pride, their existence and design a secret he has no intention of ever divulging, sharing, or producing any more of.

Typically carried on person:
-A small pouch containing a selection of some of his best-crafted and most useful tools
-Good quality but not flashy clothes of reinforced spidersilk
-Long knife and hand-axe
-Concealed Purse(s) containing approximately 30 ada total and a handful of gems
-Two to four springbows, depending on whether or not he's expecting trouble.

Beginning city: Val'Raveran

Clan: No formal affiliation; however, he maintains ties with several, including the Illhar'dro and other trade-friendly clans, and is particularly close with the Nal'sar'koth.

Durin was born to a small, nomadic community of roughly twenty dwarves, the son of the group's master metal and stoneworker, Bergthal. Their community was the last remaining fragment of what had once been one of the great Dwarven clans, who had fought to the bitter end rather than flee in the Drow invasion centuries past and been almost completely wiped out. As a child, young Durin was enthralled by the tales of the grizzled greybeards, mighty sagas of doomed heroes and hatred against Drow barbarity. None of the elders' grandfathers had been alive when the fighting took place, but hatred was burned deep into their memory, and they had passed the tales down in an oral tradition as unyielding as the rock, that had not changed a word since its first recounting. These tales put fire in the bellies of Durin and the other dwarves, as such tales will, but the clan was remote from the Drow, and only the oldest of the Elders had actually seen any of the black-skinned elves. Checking the force of their hatred to a slow burn was the ever-steady influence of Artificer Bergthal, a gentle man who hated the drow for what they had done but believed the Dwarves were better off avoiding their conquerors. Righteous, suicidal assaults were heroic and grand, Bergthal would always remind them, but always counterproductive. It betrayed the interests of the Dwarven race to waste brave souls who could have lived to rebuild its strength in the quiet secrecy of the Underworld's many caverns. The Elders always reluctantly agreed with him.

From his father, Durin learned the arts of working with rock, gem, and metal with an eagerness and skill unmatched save by the old crafter himself, but the old dwarf's quiet, nonagressive defiance did not sit well with his impassioned young son. Their arguments on the matter were long and loud, and would have ended badly grace of Dwarven stubbornness were it not for the reconciling influence of Durin's mother and his younger sister, Djalni. Bergthal would return to his work, grumbling but calmed, and Durin would return to his duties and lessons in stonecraft, mining, and metalworking to beat out his frustrations upon steel and stone. Bergthal would not teach his son any more of combat than techniques for self-defense with fists or bludgeon, but Durin rebelliously learned to scrap from his fellow dwarf-children anyways.

It worked, for a time, but then the group began to fall upon hard times, encountering difficulties in procuring enough supplies for themselves. The voices calling for aggression and raids became louder, only to be argued down by an increasingly strained Bergthal as the old crafter exhorted them to avoid trouble and pull through via hard work towards self-sufficiency.

Eventually, it came to a head. Fed up with the constant caution and naysaying of their elders, the youngbloods committed to save their clan by raiding a Drow caravan for the food and supplies they needed. Durin was intrigued by this brave idea, and thought he could convince his father of its rightness. That night, Durin and his father got into such an argument that after a period of explosive yelling and shouting, things ended with Durin storming out of his own home. The youngbloods departed immediately, before Bergthal could spread the word and marshal the Elders to forestall their plan.

To cut a long and painful story short, the young dwarves found their caravan. But when they attacked, it ended in the utmost disaster.

The caravan was a heavily guarded Sharen envoy, and the young, untrained dwarves were slaughtered out of hand. Those few who survived the initial onslaught, Durin among them, panicked and fled, not realizing in their terror that they would bring the vindictive Sharen right along their trail wherever they fled.

They fled to the only place they knew; they fled home, and unwittingly bright the Sharen right along with them. In a swift and brutal instant, the Sharen raided and destroyed the entire Dwarf settlement. Durin fell, his arm laid open at the shoulder by the cut of a blade before he was smashed unconscious by an armored elbow.

When Durin awoke, there was nothing other than flaming wreckage, dead or dying dwarves, and the awful realization that he had betrayed his father and helped bring down the destruction of his entire family and clan. Half mad with grief and bloodloss, he seized upon a single fact: There were not enough corpses. His sister was nowhere to be found. His fevered mind could only safely draw one conclusion, that the Drow had taken a handful of captives, and his sister was among them. That gave him a reason to live, to bind his bleeding shoulder, gather what he could from the wreckage, and muster the strength to leave, in search of the Drow and his sister. That became his singular focus in the days to come, as he wandered through the tunnels and limped his way to Chel'el'sussoloth.

His stay there did not go well at first. After an exceedingly rough first few weeks, he found himself in the ranks of the Sahrgress War Meat for protection, sustenance, and for the animosity he had learned the Mercenary Clan held towards the Sharen, who he loathed above all others. His daily routine consisted of seeking oblivion in the physical exertion of his basic combat training, followed by seeking oblivion in the depths of an ale tankard. He discovered in himself a particular proficiency for the use of axe, hammer, crossbow, and the consumption of cheap alcohol. Eventually, the bitter realization that he would never truly accomplish anything where he was, for he was non-fae and the Sahrgress and Sharen did not war openly, caused him to desert the ranks of the War meat. He stumbled around in a mean existence in and around the meaner slums of the city, until finally, one day, he collapsed, mugged and half-dead, on the steps of a house in the Nal'sar'koth district.

He awoke to find that the lady of the house, Jali'na Nal'Sar'Koth, had taken him in and nursed him back to health, out of personal generosity and to honor the Green Clan's ancient ties with the Dwarves. Humbled and abashed by this generosity, and struck by the fortuitousness of a benefactor whose name was so close to his lost sister's, Durin stayed with Jali'na and her household for a time, working as their valued servant, until one day Jali'na was taken aback when, after learning of an expensive piece of surface jewelry that had been ruined, Durin made use of the skills his father had taught him and repaired the necklace to such an extent that it was more beautiful than when it had been purchased. Impressed and sensing the potential for profit as all Nal'Sar'Koth, she helped Durin set up a business as a jeweler and an artisan in stone and metal. He could not match the metallurgical skill of the fae, but the sheer skill and artistry of his work more than made up for the slightly inferior quality of the metal he smelted. Soon Durin was making a tidy profit, and with Jali'na's blessing, expanded his business, contracting to set up his own mining operation to obtain ore and stone for his work. Soon, he could afford to commission Drow-forged metal for his equipment and his pieces, and his profits grew even more.

Eventually, Durin amassed enough wealth to become independent and self-sufficient, though he always made sure to send a portion of his earnings to Jali'na out of gratitude. Having become secure, he returned to the task he had originally started out to accomplish- locating his sister. After a time, he was able to find her, and expended much of his wealth in buying her freedom from her Sharen owner, paying three times her actual value to ensure the sale. He was overjoyed to have found Djalni, but she was in poor health; they dwelt together for a time, but eventually, her illness claimed her. Grieving but having found a measure of closure, Durin explained to his Nal'sar'koth friends that he could no longer dwell in the city of the Sharen, for it brought back too many foul memories. He packed up his things, commissioned a set of armor and weapons, and moved to Val'Raveran. There he worked for a time as an adventurer, guarding caravans and mining operations, exploring the caverns around the trade city, and slaying some of their fouler denizens, seeing action against tunnel-crawlers, xuile-solien, and even, once, an animalistic demon that claimed most of his compatriots before it was slain. Retiring from the adventuring life after this horrific near-death experience, he returned to his work as an artificer and jeweler, establishing himself again in Raveran until once more he had found a measure of wealth and contentment.

Taking advantage of his newfound wealth and independence, Durin began running a side operation to vent his anger at the Sharen, smuggling supplies and weapons to Dvergar resistance fighters. However, as tales of Drow caravans who had managed to defeat surprisingly well armed raiders filtered back to him and mounted, he began to question what he was doing, feeling guilt pile on his shoulders at the news of every Dwarven death. More and more, he came to feel that all he was really accomplishing was sending valiant Dvergar to their deaths well-equipped, until one day, hearing of the sudden destruction of a full twoscore dwarves who had become infamous as well-outfitted and dangerous raiders, he could not bear it anymore and closed down his clandestine operations entirely, coming to realize his father's long-ignored wisdom. It was better to build than destroy, and only a fool disregarded the survival of his kin to pursue a vendetta.

These days, Durin is still known as a friend to all dwarves (particularly the disenfranchised), but has come to trade almost solely in useful items, foodstuffs, and other supplies rather than military hardware. He is hardly famous, but his name is known to many, partly for his fine crafts and jewelry but particularly amongst his fellow Dwarves both within and around Val'raveran, for his philanthropy. When and as he can, he prefers to hire Dverger to aid him in his artificer and mining businesses, and thereby offer employment and a means of self-support, even if temporary, to some of his wandering kin. More and more these days, he turns his thoughts to his dreams of truly aiding and improving the Dwarven condition, and thinking of ways he might accomplish this.

Durin is handsome featured and tall for a dwarf, standing at an even five feet. He dresses well but not opulently or gaudily, and has a well-trimmed beard that reaches about halfway down his chest. He is of middling bulk for a dwarf but supremely fit and quite strong, with musculature like chiseled granite. A pair of kindly green eyes peer from behind brows that are just beginning to develop the first hints of crow's feet. His hair is typically either left white or dyed green in honor of his close ties to the Nal'sar'koth, and he tends to wear green clothes. He is occasionally looked down upon and insulted as a gnome by other, more hardline dwarves in light of his relative affluence, close ties to a Drow clan, and atypically smooth features, but he tries not to let this bother him. He has a large curving scar on his shoulder from where he was slashed by a Sharen blade decades ago.

Time Zone/Activity:
GMT-5, or Eastern Standard Time.

Overall Concept: This is a dwarf who has come to terms with the realities of Drow and accomplished self-sufficiency, comfort, and a bit of affluence. He is a competent fighter, as almost everyone in this setting becomes at one point or another, but he is not a warrior in the conventional sense, and while he is competent, he is not a particularly noteworthy or exceptionally skilled combatant; this means he relies more on his wealth, influence, and if needs be, his springbows to preserve his hide. He has considerable skill in crafting things, but unlike a lot of dwarves has no skill or understanding with chemicals such as toxic gasses or explosive powder. Also unlike many dwarves, he is much more interested in peacefully rebuilding the strength of his race than waging avenging violence against the Drow. This said, he still hates the Sharen clan with a passion.

Postscript: It's wonderful to see the registration up and running again. Bravo, lads, excellent work.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Glithrien » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:13 pm

I agree to the conditions set upon my character. Still awaiting for the dvegar write up.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:51 pm

Those of you who have accepted the conditions for your character's approval publicly in this thread may begin play; You can post the updated appearance when the new dvergar information is posted, rather than having to wait for it to start playing.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby DestyNova1 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:50 am

Ditto on acceptance
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Sarcose » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:26 am

Reply to the suggestions on my character:

For Ada, I thought he'd have under 10 Ada at a given time. Perhaps he'd save up enough to add another slab to his armor or make some other adjustment to his stuff, but I doubt given both his position and his irresponsible manner that he would be able to accumulate very much of anything.

As for his age, part of the reason I want him young has to do with my eventual plan for him. Sometime in the future he's going to die. I don't know when or why. But it'll have been very young. The way his character works in my mind, if I increased his age very much I might well have to put a footnote on the bio saying: (Deceased) :B
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:54 am

Sarcose wrote:Reply to the suggestions on my character:

For Ada, I thought he'd have under 10 Ada at a given time. Perhaps he'd save up enough to add another slab to his armor or make some other adjustment to his stuff, but I doubt given both his position and his irresponsible manner that he would be able to accumulate very much of anything.

As for his age, part of the reason I want him young has to do with my eventual plan for him. Sometime in the future he's going to die. I don't know when or why. But it'll have been very young. The way his character works in my mind, if I increased his age very much I might well have to put a footnote on the bio saying: (Deceased) :B

Let's put him at 9 then for the start. I asked for an exact amount ^^
And as long as you are aware of his relative youth, it's fine :)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Sonor Val'Illhar'dro » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:25 am

Name: Waer’ah Kyorl’solenurn

Race: Drowussu
Age: 229 years old

Wae’rah adorns herself in interlocking pieces of plate armor over robes made of reinforced spider silk. The armor is embedded at the gauntlets, chest, and shoulder armor with crystal sealing stones. This armor is also engraved with the symbol of the Order of the Sentinel Eye in various places. She wields a sword. Knee high armored boots protect the lower half of her legs and feet. She usually carries about 20 ada on her person, a map of Chel’el’sussoloth, a small dagger, extra sealing stones, some tiktikki jerkey for snacking, and a roll of bandages which are all usually attached at the hip in a spider silk pouch. Upon her neck is a necklace with a small disk of polished adamantine with the nine eyes of Sharess engraved on one side and the symbol of her order, the Sentinel Eye, engraved on the other side.

Minor nether summoning (sealing demons, opening gates to send demons back etc)
Ice Sorcery (advanced)- Wae’rah has a strong affinity to ice and expounded upon it in the Kyorl’solenurn section of Orthobbae.
Basic Mana Manipulation, Aura Vision

Beginning city: Chel’el’sussoloth

Clan: Kyorl’solenurn

The Birth of a Warden (0-10)-
Wae’rah was a special little drowling, born to the union of her mother, Carua Kyorl’solenurn, and her father, Viyu Kyorl’Solenurn, a warden and templar respectively. She was born to drowussu of high rank and a good blood line; many people put their hopes on this young to be warden, and expectations were set before she had even opened her eyes. From birth she was instructed on the history of Sharess and the rules of the Kyorl’solenurn, fiercely being fed the dogma that all children of the clan were raised with. Wae’rah would sit in her family’s home, curled up at the knees of her mother as stories of Sharess and the ancient world were told to her.
Every day after a day of patrols or business of the clan, Wae’rah would be her mother’s sole bundle of comfort as she removed her armor after a long and hard day. Her curiosity was limitless; she would pester the older drowussu about questions day in and day out till the point her motherthreatened to lock her up to keep her from pestering the clan members. Despite those warnings, Wae’rah was given free pass to travel around the drowussu section at her pleasure but was expressly forbidden to travel past the walls separating them from Chel’el’sussoloth.

Beyond Those Walls (not really) 10-30
When it came time for Wae’rah to leave the Kyorl’solenurn compound, she was a mess of excitement as she was propped up on a clan mount with her mother, and made her way towards Orthobbae. Passing through the streets of Chel’el’sussoloth was an eye popping experience. She had heard stories of her dark skinned cousins, the drow, and she stared at them with wide eyes as she passed. Some of them stared back, either with disgust or indifference. Were these dark skinned cousins truly as chaotic as some of her clan claimed them to be? She would be schooling with them? This was so terribly exciting! She was nearly hopping up and down on her seat as they approached Orthobbae, her head craned upwards to stare at the enchanted ceiling but instead of heading towards the main dome, the mount took a turn towards the Drowussu School. Wae’rah was confused but she kept silent as her mother dropped her off, kissed her on the cheek and left.Wae’rah did not start off as the most confident of children when she entered schooling, and she faced bullying from some of the other drowussu girls who hoped to exceed any and all competition towards becoming a better warden in the future. Wae’rah was startled by some extreme forms of fanaticism, and due to her kind nature and bashful nature, she withheld her moderate views. She would receive constant sneers or attempts at further needless indoctrination from the extreme of extremist of children. To cope with her lack of friends in the warden area, Wae’rah quickly became friends with the less radical children and after some time, adopted their beliefs. Many of the older drowussu expressed heavy concern over the development of such a tamed and ‘peaceful’ warden and more pressure was pressed on her schooling. Wae’rah excelled in all her classes, her proficiency in ice sorcery bringing her towards the top of her class. Due to her finesse in mana manipulation, she quickly adopted aura vision with ease. Her shy nature seemed to be nonexistent in training sessions as Wae’rah was nimble footed and ferocious with her blades. Wae’rah would huddle up in the library and read about the stories of the dark elven nations, of Sharess, of the origins of the Kyorl’solenurn and wonder about the outside world. Being in the Kyorl section was not the renewed freedom Wae’rah had expected, but she coped with it. Her love for stories further reinforced her image as weak child; this was an image that was to be tested by the leader of Wae’rah’s bullies. In snide tones, a warden-in-training, one of Wae’rah’s contenders, challenged Wae’rah to a duel-expecting a easy and clean victory. To the surprise and dismay of her challenger and her associates, Wae’rah was not the simpleton that they hoped she would be. Mana blazed and practice swords clashed, and the offender was knocked unconscious within minutes. Wae’rah left her Orthobbae training at the top of her class.

Sealed Doors and New Opportunities (30-100)
Wae’rah’s mother and father died shortly after she had finished her schooling after being attacked by a group of Vloz’ress when investigating some trouble reported around the Rift area. It was a devastating blow to her morale, and Wae’rah mourned their passing. Judicator Innen, Judicator of the Sentinel Eye, felt Wae’rah’s deep loss and opened up her arms to accept her into the ranks. The Order was not large and it was just beginning to gain ground but Wae’rah found condolence with their small numbers. It wasn’t long before Wae’rah became an integral unit of the circle of nine elite wardens that represented to the rest of the Kyorls their powers and ideologies. On a visit to the City Temple to make prayers and ceremonies to Sharess, Wae’rah stumbled into a Dutan’vir guard by the name of Est’ok. Est’ok amazed Wae’rah away, and she was intrigued by this male drowussu not affiliated with the Kyorls. He was a tall drowussu, surpassing the average height, and he had dark teal hair and honey gold eyes with an easy smile always playing on his face. Wae’rah began making frequent visits to the temple to glance shyly at him from the corner of her eyes. Eventually she would approach him and make conversation; it had come to the point that they would sit in the market and chat on end during his breaks. Wae’rah fell hopelessly in love in Est’ok after courting with him for a few years. Est’ok also felt the same affection for her. Together they entered a commitment ceremony and a sense of happiness crept back into Wae’rah’s life. Intrigued by his clan, Wae’rah requested that her clan and Order release her to be a representative of the Kyorl’solenurn in the home of the Dutan’vir. They agreed and Wae’rah was released to study the culture of the Dutan’vir and be closer to her long time mate.

Collapse (100-Present)

That happiness would not stay stable for long; however, as nether summoning became more prevalent and loyalties towards Sharess collapsed, Diva’ratrika’s Inquisition threw the Dutan’virs in disarray. At the command of her Order, Wae’rah had to leave the Dutan’virs and ultimately her mate, Est’ok. In a successive sequence of events, Wae’rah had watched with horror from over the walls of the drowussu compounds as Chel’el’sussoloth fell into the devastating Nidraa’chal war. The news of the assassination of the Dutan’vir Illharess and the subsequent fall of the Dutan’vir clan had horrified Wae’rah beyond all belief. In her attempt to revisit and salvage a clan she had grown to love, she joined the group of Kyorl’solenurns heading towards the Dutan’vir fortress. Luckily, the slavers and opportunists had not breeched the walls and she ,along with her fellow Kyorls, swept into the Dutan’vir fortress. The selection process pained her beyond all belief and she accompanied her fellow wardens into the familiar halls of a home she held for many years. The children were frightened; they were so colorless, and they trembled at the chill of the Kyorl’s armor. She recognized many, but many did not recognize her for fear colored their vision. Wae’rah was given the opportunity to lead a group of her own wardens and templars to make a selection of the Dutan’vir orphans in one room. In order to not draw suspicion from her clan, Wae’rah made a stern show in observing and poking at the Dutan’vir children. Ultimately, she declared that all were pure and ushered them into the safety of her clan. It pained her to see that some orphans were being left behind, mostly the young ones, and half breeds. She pleaded with some to the older wardens to select a few more but they were steadfast in their decision. Wae’rah silently dallied behind the group as they made their leave and snuck some ada in the hands of some of the orphans. She also inquired about the whereabouts of Est’ok, but they replied that all the adults had left, slimming her hopes in his survival. She left the Dutan’vir fortress with a heavy heart. At the signal of her clan, Wae’rah marched out with Kyorl’solenurn troops to cleanse the battlefield. The battle field was horrendous; the floor was layered with bodies and the air thick with demons. Wae’rah was quick to scan the bodies, turning over every pale skinned and antlered drowussu she saw in her efforts to seek out Est’ok. It was not long before she found him, or at least what remained of him. Est’ok had been impaled into a wall by one of his colleagues who had succumbed to a demon. His last heroic action was to sink his own blade into the skull of the demon before he had died. Before the flames of the Kyorl’solenurn could torch the bodies, Wae’rah had crept up to the corpse of her long term mate and removed his helmet and sliced off a piece of fabric from underneath his armor. She tucked these mementos into the folds of her cloak and joined the Kyorl troops in their purge. Wae’rah returned to the fortress with blood stained boots and a tired body, she snuck the helmet and cloth strap into her room and collapsed upon her bed crying that night. The next morning, Na’omh approached her with her new ‘daughter’. Wae’rah looked wryly upon the child, her name was Maria, and she was one of the Dutan’vir orphans. The orphans had been portioned out into Kyorl families. Wae’rah had not taken any in but her Order had taken plenty. Na’omh requested that Wae’rah train this young girl. With a heavy sigh, Wae’rah had looked the girl up and down before accepting the job offer and diligently instructing Maria in the ways of a warden and of the Kyorl’solenurn. It was like having a daughter, a daughter she could have had with Est’ok. Most of her time would be occupied by this future warden, as Wae’rah would arrive every afternoon with books and sparring sticks. She instructed her in the ways of the Kyorls and the wonders of Sharess. It was not long before Maria grew up to be a very beautiful and competent warden and member of the Kyorl’solenurn. Other members of the Kyorl’solenurn who had adopted former Dutan’vir came to Wae’rah for tutoring and instruction for their new wards. For awhile, Maria became the instructor of most of the Dutan’vir orphans since she had lived among their clan as an ambassador for so long. It kept her occupied and prevented her from sinking into the dark depths of depression. She would indoctrinate them to be proper Kyorl’solenurn and instructed them prior to their formal schooling. Despite the period of grim darkness, a flame flickered alive in her heart and it roared to life as a creeping hatred for all things tainted and demonic possessed her in even greater vengeance. Wae’rah often itched to go out with the cleansing squads, but her duty was mostly raising the Dutan’vir orphans. However, at any possible chance that she may receive, Wae’rah travels into the war afflicted ruins to help cleanse the broken area. She still resides with the Kyorl’solenurn and has the position as one of the Nine Wardens of the Order of the Sentinel Eye.

Height- 6’ft
Weight- 165 lbs
Eye- Light blue
Hair- Silver (not gray), but a sparkling silver. Wae’rah keeps it down when in the luxury of her fortress but puts it up when venturing out into Chel’el’sussoloth.
Appearance- Wae’rah has a pleasant heart shaped face with kind eyes and a supple smile. When she is off duty, Wae’rah adorns herself in multiple layered robes of light blue and silver spider silk.

Personality: Wae’rah is a very kind and intelligent drowussu, she is modest in herself and devout towards Sharess and Illharess Shimi’lande. She is tolerant towards drowolath and half breeds, but vicious towards verdrowendar. Many would describe Wae’rah has a motherly figure with a fussy attitude.

Time Zone/Activity: EST
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby DestyNova1 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:37 am

(Edited character description)

Name: Isabella Orylson
Race: Dvergar
Age: 67
Mana Arts: none
Abilities: Brief stint in militia provides basic arms familiarity. Talented in non-magical healing, (Stitching wounds, applying healing salves, setting bones) can also identify herbs, plants and fungi that can be use with healing and the preparation of said salves, draughts and poultices

Items: Knife, Common clothes (Shirt, trousers, boots, cloak), Smock, tool belt for healing tools, bandages, pouches with herbs, fungi, plants, etc used for making poultices, wound spreads, and draughts. Also carries several pre-made items, very sharp obsidian knife, alcohol, and binding rope for amputations, books on healing, herb lore, and backpack.

Clan: None
Starting City: Val’Raveran

Background: Isabella looks up from her mortar and pestle and grunts at your question. “Want to know how I ended up grinding roots in this dingy shop, eh? Very well, I’ll humour you.”

“Lived most of my life in the underworld of course, family was either merchants or healers so it’s no surprise that I took after my father who was the clan healer and started learning the trade by fetching bandages and herbs, took years of being hunched over smelly pots, wrist deep in corpses and squinting over yellowed books before I was given the title of apprentice healer. No magik for us of course, just bags full of foul substances and lots of stitches, if there was something like a spear through your guts, the only thing we could really do is stuff you full of mushrooms so you could die in a beautiful dream.”

“*Ahem* anyways, I travelled quite a bit with patrols and caravans, getting practical training in my skills, it was one of those trips that the whole war business started up. I lost contact with my family and to this day I don’t know their fate, shouldn’t be too hard to guess though. I'm just hoping I will be able to find some remnant to enact a proper burial with.

“Now I could go on and on about the war and raids and what happened with all of the bravery, cowardice, finger-pointing, hope and despair, but there are hundreds of people that will talk your ears off about it and each one will go on about how proper or wrong it was depending on if it is a dokkalfar or Dvergar was talking. What I will say is that I saw a lot of people die, managed to save a few, and got sick of the entire business so I travelled here to Val’Raveran to try to get some peace.”

“Been an herbalist and healer my whole life, so that is what I tried to be again, tough luck finding a place of my own though. One of the drowolath apothecaries did notice that I had a knack for this business and hired me for a pittance for long hours amongst the pots, pestles and dank root cellars. So here I am at this apothecary mashing herbs, stitching wounds and setting bones. Once day, I hope to be able to find some of my kin and start a new home.

Special herbs: Numbing Lichen: This lichen is mixed into a paste and often put into a bandage to be applied to the wounded area, where upon pain will be deadened as long as the mix is kept fresh.
Staunch moss: when applied to open wounds, staunch moss will slow blood loss and aid healing, it can be mixed into a paste, but most effective when used fresh.
Dream ‘shrooms: These small mushrooms are the talked about hallucinogen, when ingested, the imbiber will experience vivid hallucinations. This is often given to those mortally wounded in order to ease their passing.
Fever tea: dried mushrooms make up most of this ground mixture, when made into a tea, it helps reduce fevers, chills, and help speed recovery of most flu-type illnesses

Description: Isabella stands about four foot six and seems ill-kept. Her patchy brown hair is tangled and her large blue eyes tend to be a bit blood-shot from long nights of work that leave her smelling of herbs and roots most of the time. Her hands are stained from the long hours of grinding ingredients but are always kept clean when she needs to work on a person; the numerous needles, knives and other tools of her trade are kept spotless and sharp.

Attitude: Isabella, while adhering to the healer’s code of helping all who come to her for aid is rather distant from the popular concept of unending care that would label her an ‘Angel in White’ in better times. She attends to her work in a brusque manner and is quick to reprimand those who don’t follow her advice, although she knows he must hold his tongue now that she works for the drowolath lords.
As for her heritage and family, Isabella quietly mourns her separation from her family and clan, but harbours no illusions about grand oaths and quests for vengeance and hopes she can one day find other Dvergar to start up a new village with
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Sarcose » Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:49 am

Alright, thanks Thalar.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Glithrien » Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:07 pm

Updated appearance and age.

Name: Belrik Malode
Race: Dwarf
Age: 73

#Drawing equipment.
#Heavy brown leather apron and gloves.
#Brown leather boots.
#White shirt with brown trousers.
#4 Dwarven books about the applications of black powder.
#Small hand axe.
#Personal decorated war axe with etchings set into it. (Crude etchings just words really)
#Bronze pickaxe
# Hammer, chisel, hacksaw, metal file.
#Suitably sized back pack to hold items.
#Wineskin filled with wine.
#10 days worth of trail rations. (Just incase.)
#Scratch boards.

Startan City: Vel Raveran

Clan: None as such

Noteworthy Abilities: Skilled engineer speciality is civil engineering but tinkers in mechanical.
Mining experience like any good Dvegar

Background: Belrik turns to you and scribbles quickly on his scratch board and you read, “You really want to know about my boring past? Fine have it your way.” Turning away from you he pulls out several scratch boards and starts scribbling quickly and hands them to you one by one telling his story.

Well to start off with my mother and father were not a normal couple a one night stand and I am suddenly half dwarf and half gnome, though my father did say my physical features were very gnome like but my insides and muscles were built like a dwarf. Of course I did not know my mother I only knew of her from what my father told me and apparently she had visited Vel Raveran for some reason or another and long story short she stayed till she had me and dumped me with my dad and left. That is all I know of my mother. My father on the other hand was a good Ol’ miner dwarf from long generations of dwarfs who mined and I was keen in following in my father’s footsteps and he was all but glad to show me the ropes. I struggled with it at first for I was not a ordinary dwarf my gnome heritage let me down in areas which dwarves would shine through but I soldiered on and did my job to a fair standard and it was all going well until...

One day in the mine all was normal we were told to start a new tunnel by the drow and of course we followed this out to the letter, little did we not know is that someone had paid off the geologist to hush about the gas pockets in the direction we were digging. A disaster occurred in a single strike of a pickaxe, my father’s, setting off an explosion caving in the further reaches of the tunnel but peppering people like me at the back with rocks. The lucky few of us came out unscathed but me? I had lost my father and from what it felt like my voice also, according to a doctor it was most likely caused by a flying piece of rock striking me on the throat where my vocal chords are. I did not care too much for I had lost the only family I had. The next couple of months were a emotional struggle to carry on but without my voice it was even harder to do my job and was a lot of times told to just sit at the back, while doing so I drew on a scratch board I had been provided, drawing complex structures seen about the mine. A Drow overseer noticed this and moved me to a engineering department comprised mostly of draftsmen where I learnt a new trade. This I did for such a long time that eventually everyone forgot I was a dwarf and believed me to be a gnome, the drow changed over supervisors and I was a gnome in their eyes and therefore a free person. I left the job I was in immediately and started working as an civil engineer for the people of Vel Raveran and you my good sir are my drinking buddy for tonight. And I am 73 years old.

Appearance: Belrik is quite a small dwarf compared to other dvegar's just clocking in height barely at 4ft. He is also less stocky and thinner than most dwarves making him stand out in a group combined with his short beard, compared to most dvegar's, which stands out on end like he had been electrified, and hair he stands out the most. His hair is black with streaks of white despite his age making him look older than he is and his skin is a slate grey. His clothes are suitable to his trade and provide him some protection from things like extreme heat, he almost never wears his goggles on his eyes they’re pretty much always on his forehead. It is not strange to see him time to time with a thin handmade cigar if he ever gets hold of suitable ingredients. His eyes are slightly larger than most Dvegar's signifying that one of his parent's was a lightborn Dvegar but this is only really noticeable to other Dvegars's.

Timezone: GMT+/-0
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Paladin Tim » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:38 am

Accepting conditions, age set at 40 exactly.
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