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Registration thread: version 2.0

Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby IkaikaKekai » Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:16 pm

[EDITED: Added info as to how obtained iron dagger in back story]
Name: Bokii Napualani
Race: Goblin: Mu'uan (tentatively named, Pacific Islander type human)
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Weapons: Wooden Spear with barbs on one side of blade, made of koa wood; iron dagger

Armor: Leather tunic and pants, above average quality; bronze breastplate, royal hawk painted on, bellow average quality, light patina; bronze gauntlets, low quality, light patina; leather boots, worn, average quality; cape made of red silk, with two crossed spears painted on the back in black.

Other Equipment: koa wood bracelet, family crest; leather pack with wood pole frame; mat woven from palm leaves, used as bed/seat; koa wood food box, contains simple utensils, 4 days military rations, 8 balls of milk chocolate; a canteen made from a dried gourd, about 1 liter capacity; 4 Ada; sun hat, woven from palm leaves; 2 red shirts, high quality; 2 black pants, average quality; 1 pair wooden sandals; 2 sheets of above average quality, used as blanket and clothing/toga/body wrap; 2 long strips of cloth, average quality, used as underwear/wrapping; Bronze tube, watertight caps, contains nautical maps (Mu'uan Island chains) tactical maps (different valleys), 'tokens' made from wood and stone with different weapons carved on them, painting showing Napualani Royal family, and Bokii's father; conch shell, used as a trumpet; one beautifully carved stone idol of Makuahine (Mother of All), showing a naked Mu'uan woman, gently holding her pregnant stomach and smiling; one roughly carved koa wood idol of Kaua (God of War), wrapped in a bloodstained cloth, craved into a male, the face is grotesque, almost demon-like, the wide open mouth is covered in dried blood and ringed with real teeth, 7 canines from as many people, with what looks like spaces to secure more.

Magic: None

Clan: None (yet), Is a Member of a Royal Family in his homeland.

Beginning City: Val'Raveran

Back ground: Bokii was born the 6th child and only son of Queen Lamoia Napualani, in a far off island chain. Blessed with a relatively safe and happy childhood, he grew up wanting nothing and fearing little. An incident involving a dry ditch on a farmers land filled with spiders lead to his only phobia. He showed an affinity for learning the different languages of the queendom and nearby Islands, and began to train as a diplomat under his mother around the age of 12. This sadly did not go well, and he started undergoing other training that would be of use to the Royal family (book keeping, town management, 'tribute' assesment ((tax collector)), etc), though showed no real affinity for anything. On his 16th birthday he was drafted by his father, the Military Ruler of his homeland and trained in the arts of traditional combat. However with his Royal upbringing he was overweight, and a result was him being slow in combat, but with an affinity for spear fighting. Under his mother's influence it was suggested he be trained as a tactician and be kept at the back of the battle, somewhat to his shame. This was met with mixed success as a war was started between his homeland and a rival island chain. Every battle he commanded was a victory, but his first few were costly. It was during these campaigns he earned the moniker 'the Spoiled Commander', largely because he was given command of some of the best troops in the queendom, access to rare bronze armors for him and his lieutenants , and 'handed everything, even victory', much more to his shame. His spirit was crushed in his 20th year, when he was forced to deal with an attempted uprising lead by his youngest sister Ele'el. By law in his homeland women are considered sacred, and to murder a mother would normally be dealt with execution. This order was temporarily lifted for him when his sister was captured and brought to him to be executed for her crimes against the queendom. He hesitated during the execution, when Ele'el attempted to kill him first, a trusted lieutenant delivered the death blow, then committed suicide. After his sister's death he went into seclusion for a while, hiding in a cave where his first battle occurred, training further in spear fighting and conducting mock battles to get his mind off what he had done. In his 25th year, war was declared against the rival nation again, and he was called to command the invasion force. On the eve of departure, he was alone in the cabin of a supply ship when a freak storm occurred, damaging the masts of the ship and breaking its free of its mooring. Cast adrift and pushed far away by the storm, Bokii thought he was being punished by the gods for the death of his sister. He survived for 6 months at sea, due in part to large amount of rations and supplies on board, spending his free time mediating and training again. Conducting mock battles on maps in the cabin during the hot parts of the day, swimming along side the ship during the cooler parts, and fighting a makeshift training dummy in the evenings. For a time he attempted to keep track of the ship's progress, giving up when he realized he couldn't read the seas and stars like he could read terrain and troops. When the currents and winds finally bought him back to land, it was strange and unknown to him. He spotted a trade caravan being attacked by bandits near the coast, leaping from the ship and swimming the short distance to shore, violently killing one bandit with his spear, and throwing the body towards the rest, causing them to panic and run. After the short battle he turned to return to the ship, only to see it being destroyed against the rocks, and quickly salvaged his few remaining possessions and some food. Having nowhere else to turn, and happy to have some kind of contact again, he traveled with the Caravan, learning the halme language along the way. Another attack by bandits was repelled again by the 'Warrior from the Sea', causing a bit of a stir among the caravan when he smashed the head of one wounded bandit who had surrendered against a rock, collecting a tooth, and smearing the blood and gore into the mouth of a wooden idol he carried. He also acquired an iron dagger from the body, seeing its value more as a tool than a weapon. Afterwards the traders started giving him a wider berth than normal, whispers of fear they thought he couldn't understand or hear reached his ears. When they arrived at Val'Raveran's gate, he decided to simply disappear into the crowds, stopped by the Caravan Leader just long enough to be given a small amount of Ada, an apology and wishes of well-being. As he headed into the crowds, the final word of warning about the 'black devils' and their 'mana arts' was lost to buzz of trader activity.

Description: A somewhat handsome, brown skinned goblin male, with a rounded out face, clean shaven, with a long ponytail. Overweight, but kept in fit condition by carrying a heavy load and exercise. Due to his size and weight he can be somewhat slow in combat. Has high endurance due to marching long distances with the Army of his homeland. His fighting skills are as follows; Unarmed: strong but slow, focusing mostly on grappling, will usually only fight hand to hand if he wants to avoid hurting someone; Highly skilled with a spear, average speed, a fighting style focusing on keeping the opponent at bay, and either disarming them or putting them off balance, hooking an opponent with the barbs of the spear, and pulling them around and to the ground, either for a deathblow (stab to the throat with the blade or crushing the head with the end of the shaft) or another warrior to dispatch, disadvantaged against armored opponents and forced to sweep the legs or do a pull-down with the barbs in such a situation. Uses his dagger mostly as a tool and often doesn't think about using it in a fight, kept sharp. Speaks broken halme, though boasts a comprehension beyond what his speech would imply, sometimes using it to his advantage, and is slowly picking up the Drow language. If not wearing his armor, will usually be wearing medium to high quality fabrics consisiting of a pants, a shirt, and/or a wrap.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: ~300 pounds
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Personality: Generally cheerful or happy, if somewhat haunted by (what he perceives as) his past failures, and slow to anger (normally). Friendly, if cautious because of his diplomatic and command training. Very curious, sometimes bordering on excitement about all the new things hes seeing, often attempting to examine an object to see how it works if he thinks it won't cause a fuss. Spiritual to a degree, carrying an Idol of Makuahine with him, which he takes great care to not damage, as well as one of Kaua that he keeps and 'feeds' mostly out of fear. Very respectful towards females of any race, and would never attack one outright, but would defend himself until the woman stands down, is too injured to pursue him (short of a mortal wound), and in cases where he would have no other choice but to kill the woman or is sure he would lose/die anyway, to surrender.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Ardarious » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:54 am

Name: Vex'ios (no last name given)

Race: Drowolath

Age: 45

*One Brown Duster ( http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/dboil2.jpg ), with various pockets and pouches holding tools and parts for his craft. Previous owner was his father, taken after his death.

*One brown leather satchel (http://www.bolsitabags.co.uk/wp-content ... square.jpg), very worn and old but still useable, used by his father before his death.
[Contains: 1)small box of metal ball bearings, rough metal used. 1)small toolkit, hand-me-down from his father. 1) Medium-sized container of small leg joints, arm joints, body and head pieces for a Tiny-sized golem.]

*One pair of slightly rusted eye-protective goggles (http://www.likecool.com/Style/Accessori ... oggles.jpg) Good for protecting against flare-ups and light generated by intense heat.

*One owned and worn-out hooded mask, fixed with a breathing filter to survive in Dvergar areas. (http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/ ... 37odnt.jpg)

*One pair of knee and leg protective boots, very worn and ragged: (http://www.classicboots.com/moto/images/hp14.jpg)

*One outfit, commoners clothing with suspenders and ragged slacks. Not comfortable but covering: (http://www.aradanicostumes.com/articles ... hanic2.jpg)

Ada: 10 (life savings)

Magic - Golem-making (mid-level apprentice, can craft Tiny to small-sized golems. Small-sized requires more materials for useage.)

Abilities: Normal physical attributes for a average character. Intelligent and witty. Able to construct Tiny golems and Small Golems, along with repairing them. However, Small golems (no bigger then a drow child) require more materials and time to construct.

Background: Vex'ios was born to a single father and grandmother, having never met his true mother nor knowing any information about her. Growing up, Vex'ios was taunted and teased by the other local commoner boys because he was being raised by his father..a male. It did not bring shame to him, nor sadden him the least bit. Which was odd for a male, atleast one of his young age. Gelva'sul, his father and artisan Golem-maker, trained his only son to follow in his footsteps and perhaps make something of himself besides being the 'odd' child. Day in and day out, the young lad worked himself to the bone fetching materials and helping out melting down various metals into a useable medium for his father. If not in the work-area, he could be found in his room after supper studying the history of his people and learning all his father had told him to learn. Reading, mathmatics, culture, history, anything at all that could be learned, Vex'ios would study it. It came as no suprised that Vex'ios's father was sought out by the various clans for his skills in fabricating small arm-attachment golems and various weapons that could be 'hidden' from view. In exchange for his work, Gelva'sul was left alone and payed in what little Ada he could earn, but enough to feed himself, his own mother and his son easily. However, being a clanless Drow ment you were the target of the higher clans, even lower ones seeking to make your life miserable.

One night, a band of Drow Warriors carrying the banner of the Sharen House invaded the home of Gelva'sul in a attempt to destroy his work, and him as well. Gelva'sul himself was not one to not fight, as he was trained to use tactics and stealth to dispatch his foes. A grouping of twelve well-armored warriors became less then five when the night was over, with the bodies of the fallen littering the outside of Gelva'sul's dwelling and painting the rocky ground red. The artisan golem-maker, suffering from his own wounds, asked the remaining Captain of the group to spare him and his son, in exchange for taking all of his devices for themselves. She, a high-ranking member of the Sharen Clan, mocked him and silenced him..with a single downward blow to the head. Vex'ios, hidden away in a secret section of the house, had to watch as his family..the only one he had known, was taken from him in one single night. Hours passed, days it seemed to the young drow male as he exited from his hiding spot to see if the coast was clear. Seeing the sight of his father and grandmother laying before him in a puddle of dried blood and gore made him retch off to the side, never once seeing such horrors in his life and never wishing to see them again. Packing what he could into his fathers satchel and donning the leather duster he always wore into town, Vex'ios left his only home in search of a distant Dvergar Outpost his father had traded with, hoping to find safety..and to start a new life.

Years had passed since that faithful day, and never once did the growing lad ever let himself forget. The sight of seeing that Sharen women striking his father down..seeing his Grandmother being butched..made his blood boil hotter then a forge-pot full of smelted metals. Bidudal, a Dvergar Forger and Blacksmith took in Vex'ios when he had arrived at the Outpost known as Grelden's Hovel and given him a home. He as Vex'ios's father had traded and worked alongside one another at types, never truely trusting Gelva'sul nor his kin very much. Bidudal continued with the training of Vex'ios into a fine crafter and designer, improving on his skills as a Golem-maker and even studying the workings of clockwork mechanics. Using the skills taught to him, Vex'ios would make trips to Chel'el'sussoloth to peddle his wares and make a profit off of it. Remembering that being seen may be a bad thing, he would don his father's leather duster and wear a hooded mask to hide his face, nicknaming himself 'Cog' when in the city and when addressing himself around the public. Nobles payed him no mind, commoners and children came to see the various 'wonders' he brought with him as entertainment. One such attraction was two sides of tiny crafted soldier golems armed with little sparking lances, able to march forward and do battle with one another. That in itself drew in a decent amount of ada, enough to cover his food expenses and material's list for the Trader's who come from the Upper portion of the world.

His male goal in life is to not seek out power or wealth, not to become some important person, he only strives to bring joy to those around him, and make abit of money on the side. Still, a side of him burns with a angry flame at the sight of Sharen forces. Who knows what will happen to him in the future, as time itself..is quite odd.

Description: Standing roughly 5'5, with a slim lanky build with lean muscles and a slightly toned figure. The body of a male who only eats when he can, but is trained to lift heavy items and working with tools. Long ghost-white hair flows down along his head, with no signs of a actual haircut..more so him clipping it when needed. His eyes are of a coal-grey color, with the typical reddish dot in the middle as most drows have. A single long scar runs across his back, a old wound from a beast in the outskirts of the Dvergar Outpost he recieved as a child. Nothing very special about him, just a typical male drow.

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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Crilltic » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:02 pm

*This is post-timeskip*

Name: Just'alci Val'Dutan'vir(now clanless)

Race: Female Ver'drowendar(at least she appears so)

Age: 61

Equipment: She has two short-swords , Blackened Steel armor on chest, upper abdomen, wrists and shins. Wears semi-tight spider silk clothing under armor Lower Abdomen has three pouches used to store items, such as Ada, lockpicks, typical thief equipment etc. Her armor has an inbuilt hood that extends from the base of her neck. Key feature is smooth ceramic mask over face, focuses Mana sight, she is blind, and can only see with her Mana sight, Mask helps focus sight. She keeps a slightly charred piece of paper on a chain around her neck, one of her few remaining memories of her family. she normally carries 15-20 ada on her.

Physical Appearance: Just'alci is moderately tall for a Drow, at 5'11. She has dyed her hair jet black,although recently small streaks of her natural blond are beginning to show through, and keeps it in a single braid running to her lower back, the tips of this braid have small steel rings on their tips. She keeps her face covered in her mask most of the time, except for eating and when she is with trusted fellows. She has deep scars around her eyes due to having deep knife wounds there, One eye is solid red, while the other is a milky white. She is strong and agile fighter, but she lacks endurance, this is one of the main reasons she avoids direct confrontation She prefers to remain silent as a personality and as a lifestyle, although she will not hesitate to give voice to her frustration, then use her voice and draw attention to herself.

Skills: Almost all of Just'alci's fighting abilities were learned on the street, aside from the instructions she learned at Orthorbbae, and even then she had chosen to concentrate on her magic. She prefers to remain hidden, and waits for the time to strike, she fights dirty, and is not above using any tactics that will ensure her survival. She is not the best physical fighter, preferring to end the fight before it begins, through wit or underhand tactics. Her former profession as a thief and assassin has given her invaluable experience at striking from the shadows and avoiding detection. She currently works as a information broker and owns a small weapons shop in lower Chel. She remembers some of the lessons that her mother taught her as a young child. These allow her to maintain and repair golems well enough, but the making of complex and intelligent golems is still far beyond her. She knows basic skills with most common weapons, but she is really only skilled with her dagger and short swords. With any other weapon a competent opponent could best her with minimum effort

Mana arts: Her natural affinity for light magic is the backbone of her talents, most of her abilities stem from her exceptional skills in light mana, she is not a master of the arts, but if she lives to gain some more experience she may well be. Most of advanced techniques hinge on allowing her to remain unseen, or distracting enemies so she can escape, although she does have the ability to form a small dagger of pure mana, but only for short times. Her most powerful ability is not known to her, but she is a shape-shifter, but since of her lack of knowledge and training she remains unaware of her abilities. Suka has full-access to these abilities, including Nether summoning, but seeing as she is not normally in control, Just'alci does not make use of these abilities. When Suka is in control she is frightening opponent, though she only use Nether arts and Just'alci's innate shape-shifting ability. And while these abilities are truly terrifying to behold, they are extremely endurance intensive, and Just'alci keen weakness in this area makes them useful for only short periods

Just'aci's Personality: Just'alci's personality has, over the years been influenced by Suka'vas's to a minor extent, and while the old Just'alci kindness and exuberance is still there it is mixed in with a hefty does of cynicism, black humor and acid sarcasm. Just'alci is quick to frustration, and she usually vents these through minor tirades of cutting sarcasm and copious amounts of language, another habit she picked up from Suka. While she does have a rough exterior, she realizes this, and she is very loyal to her friends, for they are all she has left. She is the dominate personality in her mindscape.

Suka'vas's Personality: Suka's personality has mellowed from Just'alci influence, but make no mistakes Suka's temper would be legendary, if it was known. She is a lot kinder than when she was first trapped by Just'alci. She has come to genuinely care for the young drow, though neither she nor Just'alci will ever admit that to anyone else. Recently, Just'alci has loosened her leash a little by allowing Suka to have control as long as she behaves and doesn't kill anyone. These jaunts usually end up in one of the dwindling number of bars Just'alci is allowed into, and usually means she is banned from that bar after several hours, and gallons of alcohol have gone by. The consequences of these nights are not nothing. Just'alci has numerous tattoos, piercings and two metal teeth, acquired after a fight with a particularly insulting garbage can.

Relationship and Terms with Suka'vas: Just'alci and Suka have spent a lot of time together, this much is no question, and they don't see anything in the future that would cause that to change. After thirty years of being together the two have grown more than little fond of one another. Just'alci sees Suka as one of the bedrocks of her foundation, someone who while not always there for her, is always there with her. While Suka still doesn't like being trapped in Just'alci's head and I by no means a good person, many of Just'alci's better traits have rubbed of on her, she now has a conscience, much to her chagrin. She is also a devout alcoholic, and uses her new found freedom to drink herself into the gutter whenever she can. Just'alci doesn't much like this, but as long as Suka isn't killing anyone, she knows Suka doing the best she can. Suka does care about Just'alci and not just because, as of right now, if one dies the other does too. They have grown more trusting of each other more, and seeing that Suka will not go on indiscriminate killing sprees, Just'alci lets her go barhopping now and again.

The Mask: The Mask Just'alci wears was an experimental prototype, developed by Just'alci's mother in the hopes to give any wearer mana sight. In actuality, it proved to expensive and only gave the wearer basic mana sight. The project was abandoned, with only a handful of prototype production models. One of these was stored in Just'alci's mother's workshop underneath her home, it was here that Just'alci found it near her mother's corpse. The mask sacrifices the 360 degree vision of normal mana sight, to a 180 degree FOV in front of the Focus crystal embedded underneath the ceramic. It allows the user to perceive auras through other substances, and they can make out inanimate structures, it allows some semblance of reading and perception of minor detail. This is far inferior to biological eyes, and requires intense concentration. Just'alci removes the mask during times when sight is not needed, or the mask would be impractical, such as eating, sleeping and maintenance She has trained her other senses to compensate for her lack of vision, since she realizes the mask is a crutch she can ill-afford to rely on indefinitely. And while she does have very weak mana sight without it, the mask still provides an extensive boost over her self-taught abilities

Starting City: Chel'el'sussoloth

Background Overview: Just'alci was born into the Dutan'vir clan 30 years to the day before the Nidraa'chal crisis, Her mother was an important figure in the clan, serving as one of the chief scientist tasked with finding new technologies for use by the clan. As her mothers only child and heir, Just'alci was very close to her mother. Her mother kept her heir separate from the clan politics the she herself was embroiled in. Her mother was concerned that the status as sole heir would go to her daughters head, for she had seen too many young people corrupted by power in her time, but she need not have worried. Her daughter grew into a kind and compassionate young girl, with a very outgoing personality and penchant for insatiable curiosity. 6 days after her tenth birthday, Just'alci was sent off to Orthorbbae

At Orthorbbae Just'alci made fast friends with almost everyone she met, she especially hit it off with her roommate, Qain'va Val’Illhar’dro, the two quickly became inseparable. It was also here that Just'alci was first introduced to magic, and it was found that she had a very strong affinity for Light. She was overjoyed, magic class quickly became her favorite class, and she excelled at it. Her other class grades were good to, but nothing was better than her magic. Her weakest classes had to be the fighting classes, she was never a fan of hurting anyone, and she found physical violence distasteful, believing her skill with magic would conquer any obstacle. She did what she had to do to pass the classes, but the grades in those classes were nowhere near her others in terms of skill.

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday Just'alci took a vacation to visit her family, tensions were running high in Chel, the Nidraa'chal clan had been called to answer for their crimes, and the city looked ready to tear itself apart, and it looked like Just'alci's clan would be caught in the middle. She knew her mother was one of the strongest detractors for tainting in her clan, and she was worried for the life of her family, and the well-being. These worries proved horrifyingly accurate.

The city dissolved into chaos mere days into vacation. Rushing home, Just'alci returned to find her home in flames, and demons roaming the streets. Unable to fight, she ran, but she didn't escape the notice of one of the Nidraa'chal summoners. He captured the girl, but decided to have some fun before throwing her demon-ridden corpse at the attacking oppressors. The pain Just'alci experienced next was horrendous as she had knife thrust into both of her eye sockets blinding her, but as the knife descended to her throat she instinctively lashed out with her magic, burning her attackers optic nerves to cinders.

Unfortunately, the magic show of force attracted exactly the wrong attention, and now weakened and blind, the young girl desperately stumbled away from the cloud of demons gaining on her. Fleeing towards her was the shell of a former elder demon, severely weakened by a Kyorl detachment, and barely retaining it's grip on the material realm, it spotted the weakened Drow and took it's chance, diving into her aura. Unfortunately for both of them, Just'alci was strong enough to absorbs the Demons essence, but not it's personality or memories, trapping the Demon's conscious as an alternate personality of the Drow. As the Girl stumbled along, blinded and in pain, the Demon managed to guide the drow to safety. Eventually, with much bickering, they managed to find their way away from the horde and back to the ruins of Just'alci's home. They looked for survivors until they came upon the door to Just'lici Val'Dutanvir's workshop, which had been left ajar, something Just'alci had never seen before.

As Just'alci carefully inched down the stairs, she allowed herself the small hope that someone had survived, a hope shattered as she reached the bottom and tripped over a body. She reached down and found the corpse wearing her mother's favorite shirt, and many tears mixed with blood in that moment. The Demon noticed something, a mask, on a pedestal on the opposite side of the workshop, and when Just'alci put it on, the world exploded in colors, she was enraptured with the ability to see, no matter in what form, for she thought she had lost it. Her mood sullied again when she saw the outline of the corpse by the landing, it was now unmistakeably her mother. Just'alci could not be moved from her spot of mourning, no matter the angry threats and insults directed from the Demons corner of her mind.

She only snapped out of it several days later when a group of slavers came upon her in the basement and attempted to capture her, the last thread of rationality snapped, and Just'alci emotionally collapsed from the strain. This allowed the demon the opening it needed and it proceeded to slaugheter the slavers using Just'alci's body and abilities. Unfortunately for the Demon, it found it could not escape it's prison, or consume its current host, it was irrevocably part of the girl now, and the girl was part of her. It was at her realization that the girls body gave out from the strain, and both parts of the mind lapsed into unconsciousness.

When Just'alci awoke she found herself covered in gore, surrounded by the remains of the slavers. Shocked, she bolted from the home, running to anywhere but the torment at her back. She made her living on the street, surviving any way she can, she eventually found work as a cut purse and assassin, she found the work distasteful, but she really had no other option beyond selling her body, an option neither of her personalities would ever consider. Her break came when she stumbled upon her old friend from Orthorbbae, Qain'va, Qain was shocked to see her old friend after so much time, she had long since assumed that Just'alci had perished along with her clan. The two friends quickly rekindled their friendship, Qain noticed how Just'alci had changed and asked her about the night she disappeared. Just'alci told her the story of how she and Suka'vas “met”. Qain was horrified that her friend may be taken over by a demon at any moment, but Just'alci assured her that wouldn't happen. Qain accepted this with some trepidation, but she trusted her friend. When she heard her friend was living on the street, she quickly decided that couldn't do. She demanded that Just'alci follow her, and they went towards the Illhar'dro section of town

They arrived at a fenced off, run down warehouse, Qain'va quickly pulled out a stone, unlocked the gate and ushered Just'alci, they quickly got down to talking, as long as Just'acli kept a low profile and stopped by to see her every now and then, Just'alci could live in the warehouse, and as make any changes she wanted as long as it didn't affect the outside appearance. Just'alci was speechless, stuff like this didn't happen to her anymore. She quickly agreed and as Qain'va left, Just'alci carefully maintained cynicism cracked just a little bit.

After reuniting with her friend Just'alci tried to stay on the straight and narrow. Her left over contacts proved useful for another purpose, the were goldmines of info on everything happening in and around Chel, Just'alci took up a new job as an information broker with an impressive amount of gusto. Her natural curiosity finally proving it wasn't just meant to kill her. She also has a small shop in the markets of Chel were she buys and sells weapons, serving a dual purpose of keeping her armed, and supplying a second source of income. She has found it impossible to get completely out of the life that had occupied her last 22 years, but she now had a layer of separation she had never had before, and she reveled in her new-found freedom.

Just'alci has spent eight years setting up a network of contacts, enforcers and mercenaries around the underbelly of Chel, and while she is nowhere near a major player, tales of the “Faceless Mistress” have begun to spread. While the number of bars she is allowed into has steadily been dropping. She has also found work with Vel'Vlozz'ress as scourge, most of the people there make her feel downright normal, and while Suka takes mock offense to that last statement, both support the withdrawal of support for the Vel'Sharen, Just'alci because she still harbors a grudge for the lack of support her clan received all those years ago, and Suka because it makes her feel like an anarchist(and closet communist, she knows Marxism, Just'alci just thinks she's making words up again). They have chosen to remain neutral in the conflict that has brood up recently in Chel, since as long as both sides need weapons and information, her future looks clear.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby snuffles11 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:09 am

Name: Alter

Race: Goblin (Human- Halme)

Age: 24

Equipment: As a slave, he can only keep with him what his captors allow him to. Usually, he's allowed to keep a small knife with him, which can be used as a tool in many of his tasks (although this depends on how trusted he is), and a small messenger bag that he scavenged from a heap of what was thought to be scrap cloth.

He also has a small wooden horse, colored blue with small flower designs on it, which was carved and painted in his old homeland- it gives him strength, and reminds him of who he was.

Occasionally, he's allowed to carry a few more things- he can fit a waterskin, small rations, other tools, or a change of clothes if he has to. Other than that, he has little need for anything- however, he will sometimes try to look for scrap paper to write things down if he can. He knows how to read and write well, at least in his own language, and he doesn't want to get rusty. However, scrap paper is very rare, so he's not often able to find any. He keeps it bound using twine to tie through small holes to keep it all together.

On the rare occasions that he's allowed to carry a lot more than just his messenger bag, he's usually a porter for somebody more important, and carries a backpack, though neither the backpack nor most of the things in it are his.

Magic: He is not a fae- as such, he cannot use magic.

Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: He is not a member of any particular clan.

Background: Alter was born to two humans on the surface in the middle of a long, wide plain where the sun hung high in the sky all day and crops grew as far as the eye could see. Through the middle of the area, a wide, shallow river ran, seasonally expanding in size. They were in a small village which grew steadily over the years since it was a good place to trade in the region. In their memory, nobody else had lived there, but a human's memory is short. The ruins of the town had once been an elvish settlement in the Old World.

The village grew steadily until it was rather large- because of this, certain things like civil defense were somewhat neglected. It was impossible to build a city wall when people kept coming, and new housing kept going up. However, at the time, this was of little importance to Alter or his parents.

Alter never knew who his biological father was, because he left his mother and him when he was young. However, his mother found another man by the time he was 3, if only because he wanted company, and she needed help supporting her child. Although it was a relationship primarily built on respect, it was also one of duty, and love grew between the two until she gave birth to Alter's younger sister. The two were very different, because Alter seemed lighter skinned and lighter haired, almost reddish blonde. His sister had darker eyes, brown hair, and darker skin, as was customary, like her mother and father. His father got along with him very well from the start, and carved him a small wooden horse which Alter kept with him always. His father painted a small design onto it that consisted of sunflowers, the boy's favorite flower- it was tough, and grew wherever the sun would shine.

They were not farmers, nor anybody even particularly important in the town- his mother was simply hired as a picker, and otherwise, as a general farm-hand. His father, however, was a carpenter of some skill, so they were economically saved, at least for the time being. Alter learned from him as an apprentice as soon as he was old enough to learn. Another surprising development was that he picked up a book his mother had inherited, and began to try to read it. As a young man, he was proven to be quite intelligent.

As he grew into a teenager, he played with his friends when he had time to, kicking a small inflated bladder around with the rest of the village fools, learned to be an assistant to his father, and helped around their small, thatched roof home. However, he also learned from the village elders in the mornings, reading, math (useful in carpentry), and basic history. This was a good life, of course- a very good life, especially for a peasant.

However, it may have been a little too good. In his mid teens, the sun, instead of nurturing the huge crop fields, began to beat down like a reckoning had come to the region, burning them and destroying them. No rain, the river shriveling up, and disease setting in. The town declined in population overnight- through death. His younger sister was one of the first to go. Sunburned, starving, and desperate for change, the family of three packed up what they could, and started walking upstream. They weren't alone- refugees from all over were going towards the larger cities away and up north.

They never made it. Along the route they took, black devils from under the ground suddenly came from the hills with sharp swords, long spears, and some kind of magic that none of the warriors could match. Alter's father died trying to protect his family with a wood axe, impaled on a long spear. His mother needed little to convince her it would be best to surrender, and Alter was beaten into submission as well. The whole lot was tied up, leashed together like animals, and pulled away to a grisly fate. Alter would forever remember his last sight of the sun... and the last, tiny sunflower he saw on the rim of the cavern they entered. That small, tough flower was something he would always miss.

His first years as a slave were spent in service to those at a trading post on the outskirts of drow territory, where he was sold to without his mother. He had no idea what was going on at first, but he picked up the language faster than the other humans, and he was decently intelligent, so they had a few uses for him. He could translate for them if slaves needed to be spoken to, he helped them learn the new language faster, and he was used for normal labor, like gathering mushrooms, porting materials about, anything. He proved to be a very good slave for them, but this wasn't going to last forever. A slave trader saw enough value to offer them a price that they couldn't refuse- so he was taken away to Chel'el'sussoloth to be sold, about 7 years after he came to be a slave.

He didn't sell well, however- the slave trader had overpriced him, and would make a large loss. It turned out that the slave trader was not a good businessman- he had 4 other human slaves who didn't sell well either. The slave trader took this out on Alter, beating what little spirit the young man had left in him to pieces. He became grim at best, keeping duty to himself in his mind. He wasn't an animal, like they said he was- he was alive, as alive as they were. He had to BE alive, BE better than some stupid pack animal. It wasn't easy, though. After a year of this, the slave trader tired of his slave, and decided to get rid of him anyway. He planned to simply kill Alter, but didn't get to fulfill his wishes- he was a debtor, and so he was ordered, on threat of death, to give up whatever property he owned to pay off those debts.

Alter was property, and so he was given over to his new owners- somebody important. Anyway, he never dealt with them, because this important person was only worried about value- so he is currently in Chel'el'sussoloth, about to be sold at market to whoever will buy him. He has little hope for the future, being very meek and polite, but a small, tiny part of him hopes to fight back against his captors, and escape to see the sunflowers again- somehow.

Description: He's 5'7" tall, weighs about 165 pounds, and seems rather small. He has light colored skin, blue eyes, and reddish brown hair. His clothing is shabby, dark brown and blue, faded and dirty. He does the best he can to keep himself clean, but he doesn't get to do that much. His hair is kept fairly short, including a full beard that is kept short and trimmed. His messenger bag is light brown with a strap to keep it closed, and 2 side pockets. His new masters allowed him to keep it after he begged them- who knew the black devils could show pity? (Although perhaps it was because the contents were worthless, and not because of anything else.)

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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0 [TEMP CLOSED]

Postby Alric » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:44 pm

Name: IkaikaKekai
Character: Bokii Napualani

Worldsetting Accuracy (0): Very in depth, but unfortunately you cannot create goblin races at this time. If Bokii was described as a Emberi sub-race you might be able to get him approved, however
Mana arts (10): Clear enough.
Abilities (8): Seems reasonably powerful for someone his age, perhaps a bit underpowered, but the reasoning given is good enough
Items (8): Well-researched, but could run into the Worldsetting Accuracy problems mentioned before.
Total power level (5): It seems hard to accept to have him singlehandedly hold off a bunch of bandits when the character's fighting ability was said to be unexceptional.
Backstory cohesiveness (9):
Plausibility (5): This character needs some work, please alter and resubmit.

Name: Ardarious
Character: Vex'ios

Worldsetting Accuracy (2): Being taken in by dwarves may be troublesome, many dwarves consider drow to be enemies to be killed on sight. Dwarves, as far as memory serves me, do not make golems as they have no auras or source of auras to power them.
Mana Arts (7): Looks decent. Keep in mind that golem creation is not a quick or simple process.
Abilities (8):
Items (6): Leather is very rare among drow, chitin is a much more common alternative.
Total power level (8):
Backstory cohesiveness (4): It's not well explained why the Sharen would go and kill his father outright, as to why it's imperative that he must keep himself hidden.
Plausibility (2): See world setting accuracy and backstory cohesiveness

Name: Crilltic
Character: Just'alci

Worldsetting Accuracy (1): Your character cannot be a Val, much less a female Dutan'vir one. All of the female Dutan'vir Vals were slain during the Nidra'chaal war.
Mana arts (0): You cannot form weapons out of pure mana (other than projectiles of mana), also shape shifting and other high sorceries are not allowed for RP characters. The alternate personality might be a bit troublesome to explain, I'll have to check with Thalar about that.
Items (3): Is there anything like the mask that exists in DT? Try not to include items that there's no grounding for in the Drowtales universe.
Total powerlevel (3): See “mana arts” Furthermore, your character cannot command sizable numbers of NPCs around, which is implied by her having “contacts, enforcers and mercenaries around the underbelly of Chel” at her call.
Backstory cohesiveness (4):
Plausibility (2): The whole part about a fourth-wall breaking demon personality has appeared in the comic, but it may not be plausible for a forum RP character.

Name: snuffles11
Character: Alter

Worldsetting Accuracy (7): Seems accurate & vague enough.
Mana arts:
Items (6):
Total Powerlevel (8):
Backstory cohesiveness (5):
Plauibility (8): The ability of a dirt farmer to be literate and educated may stretch it a bit, but I think it can be a pass in certain cases.
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