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Registration thread: version 2.0

Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:38 am

With the change to preliminary reviews and review assistants, I am opening a new registration thread. This introductory post is sourced from Xian's first post in the 1.1 version, with a few minor changes.

Here is the required information for character submission. Anything else you'd like to add (personality, etc) can be tacked on to the end.

Please note that foreknowledge of the Drowtales world is a requirement, not an option. It is a good idea to read the Basic rules and the Review Guidelines for an idea of what you can and cannot do. You will also want to read Kite's player's guide and the Encyclopedia thread (though much of it is outdated at this time). Those who are rejected on these grounds will be directed to the player run school thread, where they will be taught the basics about the world, and given a bit of experience interacting with an instructor in an Rp setting.

Also note, this thread is for character submissions only! Post only character sheets, and nothing else here. If a facet of your character needs to be discussed with me, contact me via PM.

Player etiquette:
  • Read the Drowtales webcomic.
  • Don't control anyone else's characters unless you have their permission; let people decide how they react to you on their own.
  • Do not god mode or power play.
    - Power Play: Power-play, sometimes called "Closed Emotes," is when you attack a person, or use some sort of special power, without giving the person you're attacking a chance to defend themselves.
    Eg: Xianthalor whirls and strikes his dagger straight through (character)'s throat, severing his/her head from his/her shoulders!
    - God Mode: God mode is when you make yourself invincible and undefeatable. That, or you completely ignore a wound inflicted or a potential wound inflicted.
    Eg: Xianthalor ducks beneath (Char1)'s swing and dodges (Char2)'s crossbow bolt, resisting (Char3)'s spell with ease and blocking (Char4)'s dagger in the process!
  • Don't kill anyone unless you both agree on it first.
  • Mass killing NPCs without giving the GMs the chance to fight back IS considered powerplaying.
  • When creating a new thread, it helps to have a friend or two to start it up.
  • If you need the help from a NPC to solve a problem, or need help in general, refer to theHelpers and Encyclopedia thread.
  • Try to have a little fun while you're at it.

Character Creation:
  • Stay away from over powerful character, it will be more enjoyable for you and the others if you start with medium abillity.
    - Example: A sorcery along with a specific combat or magical skill is perfectly fine. To have 5-6 sorcery along with your own house and a dragon pet is not fine.
  • Mysterious origin is not a valid character background.
  • You may register multiple characters, but they must begin and stay in separate threads. These characters can never meet or otherwise interact.
  • If it is easier for you, read the threads first and search for an RP you want to join; build a character according to it, and make your character fit in.
  • This isn't D&D. Drow here do not have dancing lights, faerie fire and darkness three times per day or whatever it is. Everything you know about drow, you should learn from the comic and worldsetting pages, not D&D.
Here are the required fields:


Race: See this post for a list of playable races in the DT rpg.

Age: (For those of you aiming for a certain age, remember that drow age half as quickly as humans up until about age 60, when their physical appearance ceases to change. Hence, an 18 year old drow would look approximately like a 9 year old human.)

Equipment: Please keep in mind that there is no excuse for being a walking weapons platform. Be reasonable with this.

Also, due to problems encountered with players pulling out all kinds of random stuff, please include a short list of the stuff your character would typically carry. This includes any special medicines, poisons and their effects, gadgets, gizmos, thingies, whatsits, and doodads that might be used for something. This makes things much easier on GMs of story-based threads.

Magic: Much like weapons, be realistic about this. (Only ONE power, one sorcery, per character.)

Beginning city: Characters may begin their careers in one of three cities. These are:
Chel'el'sussoloth: The main drow establishment of the Underworld, Chel'el'sussoloth is a bustling metropolis and a major centre of trade. This city is most commonly home to Drow characters of any subrace, although Xuile'Solen are very uncommon. Non-drow races (humans, orcs, elves, gnomes, dwarves) may also live within the city, but not as citizens. Non-drow in Chel'el'sussoloth are invariably either members of a militant organization (such as the Sarghress highland raiders), part of the Nal'sarkoth clan, or slaves. Ferals may also find a place in the Sullissin'rune clan, but probably as a pet.
Val'Raveran: A major trading outpost between the Underworld and the surface, Val'Raveran is a prosperous city of about ten thousand people of all races and beliefs. In stark contrast to Chel'el'sussoloth, most inhabitants of this city are free people, no matter their race. Ver'drowendar however, are no longer tolerated in this city and may not start there.
The Hive: (Currently closed) A little-known drider home of almost mystical reputation, known by few outside the community. Boasting a population of only a little over a thousand, with few drow to speak of, various breeds of drider (including Streekaider, which are tended carefully in hopes that they will regain their lost sanity) are almost the sole inhabitants of the city of webs.
Orthorbbae: While it isn't a city, per se, characters currently attending classes in the Orthorbbae, or teaching there, may have what amounts to a second character in Chel'el'sussoloth who is restricted to the Orthorbbae. Chel and the Orthorbbae are isolated enough from one another that your characters should never meet one another. Only the male section of Orthorbbae is currently available for play.

Clan: Note that being a member of a clan is not necessary. You're free to be a renegade, a mercenary, a travelling merchant, or what have you.

If your character is from a city other than Chel'el'sussoloth, please read the clan options posted in the appropriate city thread.

Background: A detailed description of your character's life to date, including the circumstances of birth, how he/she was raised, any significant, life-altering events, and other things of that nature. Your background defines who you are, and should involve a great deal of thought and planning. If you want to play a character that has been struck with amnesia and cannot remember his/her past, that is fine, however, you still need to provide a detailed background!

Additionally, do NOT include in your background that you have ever met, or have any relation to, any of Kern's NPCs, either ones seen in the comic or ones mentioned in the worldsetting pages. The DT rpg must peacefully coexist with the comic without altering it in any fashion; hence, no interaction with the comic characters is possible. There are thousands of other drow in Chel'el'sussoloth (and Raveran and the Hive are totally free of Kern's NPCs). Use them instead.

Description: This doesn't need to be long, just include obvious features. Hair dye, scars, general attire, and other things that will help other players gauge how they would initially react to your appearance.

Time Zone/Activity: This is a little, helpful tidbit that might promote a bit of understanding between players from either side of the pond. Activity is just an estimate of posts per week, and it's not really necessary if you don't know, but it's also nice for other players to be able to determine how heavily to rely on a quick response from a character.

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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:50 am

(Reserved for future use)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Thalar » Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:53 am

Just a note since this is the first time we do the preliminary review thing:

The preliminary review:
A character sheet will be put through a preliminary review as soon as possible after it has been posted. The character sheet will then be locked for editing, awaiting the written review.
NOTE: A character whose preliminary review ends with Approved (not conditionally so) may immediately be put into play.

The preliminary review will grade a character sheet in the following areas:
  • Worldsetting accuracy - Does the character and its background fit with the worldsetting?
  • Mana arts - Is the listed mana arts skill as expected of a character of this age, with the amount of training and practice indicated in the background, and does the mana art confirm to the worldsetting?
  • Abilities - Are the indicated abilities in line with what one would expect of a character of this age, with the amount of training and practice indicated in the background?
  • Items - Are the items in line with the worldsetting, with the character's funds/other means of acquiring items, and are they acquired in a manner that is in line with the worldsetting and the character's background?
  • Total power level - Is the power level, as comprised by Mana arts, Abilities and Items, appropriate for the character described, and is it in line with the power level restrictions of the DT rpg?
  • Backstory cohesiveness - Does the background make sense, is the character progressing from its birth to where it is now in a cohesive, rather than random, manner?
  • Plausibility - How likely is it that the indicated character background would actually work in this worldsetting, meaning that the character actually survived to the point where it is now? Does the background make overall sense?

The grades will be from 0 (unacceptable) to 9 (good). A score of 4 or below indicates this area needs work. A score of 2 or below suggests this area needs radical change. A score of 5 or 6 indicates some refinement is possible, while a score of 8 or 9 indicates that change is unnecessary, unless an overall change is to be made.


Svelt Rho'Vannion
Character: Clae Cherch Kyorl'solenurn

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (9)
  • Mana arts - (9)
  • Abilities - (9)
  • Items - (9)
  • Total power level - (9)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (9)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Approved


The Black Mage
Character:Pierce Smithson

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (6)
  • Mana arts - (-) - Not applicable
  • Abilities - (5) - Berserking and foregoing armor in vital areas are generally disadvantageous.
  • Items - (5) - Meteoric steel able to cut through all but the thickest armor? If non-metal armor, yes.
  • Total power level - (0) - Description of numerous successful fights against multiple enemies of much greater power.
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (4)
  • Plausibility - (4) - Why send an emissary when you can send a slave taker. Why seek the Black Dragon tavern? Unlikely to have been through and survived all the described fights.
Conclusion: Refused


Character: Mi'nata Mae'yukir Sarghress -and- Fa'tima Kyorl'solenurn

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (6) Twins do not share one aura, they have each their own aura, though they are quite similar.
  • Mana arts - (0) - Unfortunately Lightning is not an allowed sorcerous affinity.
  • Abilities - (6)
  • Items - (3) - Personal slaves not encouraged. If Ni'zass does not accompany the character it -could- still be allowed, but it is not optimal.
  • Total power level - (7)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (9)
  • Plausibility - (7)
Conclusion: Refused


Character: Neputae 'Nepu' Nal'Sarkoth

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (8)
  • Mana arts - (8)
  • Abilities - (8)
  • Items - (8)
  • Total power level - (8)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (8)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Approved


Character: Sol'inyan

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (8)
  • Mana arts - (8)
  • Abilities - (8)
  • Items - (8)
  • Total power level - (8)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (9)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Approved


Character: Bren Val'Beldrobbaen

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (6) - normal time to spend in Orthorbbae is 20 years, from age 10 to age 30
  • Mana arts - (7)
  • Abilities - (7)
  • Items - (7)
  • Total power level - (7)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (8)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Conditionally approved (school time reduce from 60 years to 20, or explain excessively long schooling)


Sir Malifact
Character: Zair Bloodwing

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (0) - This character wasn't made for this worldsetting and it shows. No doubt it works fine elsewhere, but unfortunately that is not the case here. Worldsetting errors too numerous to list in the preliminary review.
  • Mana arts - (0)
  • Abilities - (0)
  • Items - (0)
  • Total power level - (0)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (4)
  • Plausibility - (0)
Conclusion: Refused (recommend starting over with a new character concept)


Kiro Kiemi
Character: Akela Sali'cidae Beldrobbaen

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (8)
  • Mana arts - (8)
  • Abilities - (8)
  • Items - (7)
  • Total power level - (8)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (9)
  • Plausibility - (8)
Conclusion: Approved


Character: Zephyr'arub Aleiryn Val'Beldrobbaen

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (9)
  • Mana arts - (8)
  • Abilities - (8)
  • Items - (9)
  • Total power level - (8)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (9)
  • Plausibility - (9)
Conclusion: Approved


Character: Gaul

  • Worldsetting accuracy - (7)
  • Mana arts - (7)
  • Abilities - (7)
  • Items - (7)
  • Total power level - (7)
  • Backstory cohesiveness - (6)
  • Plausibility - (7)
Conclusion: Approved
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Alric » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:35 pm

Name: Kadan'shi Aleiryn Val'Beldrobbaen

Race: Drowolath

Age: 114

Equipment: Wears Chinese style gold thread embroidered black spider silk robe (strong enough to be light armor), white Asian-style shirt, and loose fitting black trousers with belt/sash, as well as a spiderweb pattern cloak and black boots. Also has a set of standard Aleiryn plate armor with golem enhancements (retractable visor, shield, and vambrace dagger). He often carries around vellum and writing materials, as well as around 30 ada on him. As for weaponry, he carries a dao sword and a halberd.

Magic: Shadow sorcery – moderate skill/Golem crafting-beginner skill

Kadan'shi can create mid sized illusions and can even manipulate shadow to an extent, in addition to crafting small golems and repairing others.

Kadan'shi is the son of a (male) golem crafter and a (female) Aleiryn warrior; he also has a younger half-sister. From a young age he was steeped in the martial virtues of the Aleiryn house whilst learning the art and science of golem construction from his father. Although such an attachment to the father is rare in most drow families, Kadan'shi's mother wanted him to know at least something about golem maintenance and creation, and thus had Kadan'shi's father teach him.

Much of his early life was fairly uneventful, save for when he was nearly separated from his father due to fears that his father was losing his sanity due to the conversion to a drider. From that point on, contact with his father was limited due to the need for his father to make periodic trips to the Hive. These events had an effect on the young drow; Kadan'shi is somewhat ambivalent on the prospect of being converted to a Waelinider, having witnessed some of the more unpleasant side effects. Though he is enamored with the prestige and power that comes with such a transformation, he secretly fears losing control to the bestial appetites that Waelinider struggle with.

Kadan'shi would soon go on to Orthorbbae to begin study. While there, he learned how to harness his shadow affinity and even continued with the art and science of golem construction. His views on other clans continued to be shaped during this period, as per the Beldrobbaen clan's relations with the other noble families.

Concerning clan relations, Kadan'shi considers the Vel'Sharen clan to be close allies and the divinely guided rulers of Chel'el'sussoloth (though he is somewhat puzzled and even disturbed by their sudden embrace of tainting and nether summoning). Regarding the Vel'Vlozress, Kadan'shi sees them as the likely perpetrators of the massacre that claimed the lives of most of the Beldrobbaen's young females. As for the Val'Sarghress clan, Kadan'shi views them as a bunch of troublemakers and assorted mercenaries and thugs who suffer from a collective delusion that they can play Val with the rest of them.

Later on, Kadan'shi would be placed within the heavy infantry of the Aleiryn house, where he would continue his martial studies. Although competent at combat and battlefield tactics, Kadan'shi generally preferred the quiet of the study and honing his golem constructing skills to those of the battlefield. However, the demonic slaughter that claimed the lives of many of the Beldrobbaen clan's young females forced Kadan'shi to return to his clan and house in these dangerous times. Whilst not on duty, Kadan'shi enjoys leaving the Beldrobbaen fortress to travel around Chel'el'sussoloth, particularly to check out the markets.

Kadan'shi cannot help but feel pessimistic at the thought that other expansionist clans may be licking their chops at the thought of the faltering Beldrobbaen clan. Despite this, Kadan'shi hopes for the restoration of the Beldrobbaen's prestige and honorable place in the world. Kadan'shi sees the world as a mad chaos of hostile forces, seeking to drag him and his family down into ruin. There is no winning of the war, just minor victories to be won here and there, before one goes off to get drunk and forget about the pain and suffering that the material world has to offer. This does not mean that one should not fight back, no matter the futility of such a gesture.

Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Eyes: Black
Hair: White, mid-back length with ends dyed black.
General description: Kadan'shi is a male drowolath of lithe build with dark eyes and (relatively) pale skin tone.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby django » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:53 pm

Name: Bren Aleiryn Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drowolath
Sex: Male
Age: 95
Weapons: A Heavy Cross bow, a short sword as well four throwing knifes.
Armor: spider silk armor armor
Other Equipment: Back pack, 5 rations, water skin, wet stone, 40 ada on hand or
have access to but keeps 20 on hand and a basic med kit and a black berets. Robes and plain
clothing when hes not on duty.
Magic: Shadow sorcery
Clan: Val'Beldrobbaen Akeiryn subhouse
Beginning City: Chel'el'sussoloth

Back ground: Bren Mother was a powerful sorcerer to the Beldrobbaen clan Aleiryn subhouse and
his father was a solider turn Drider in the Aleiryn Drider knights army. Bren was born with
a twin sister but she was stillborn, his mother was heart broken by the tragic event
and after for so long, having difficult getting pregnant with other mates. Many have
thought she would neglect Bren for surviving and his sister dying at birth but she was
blessed with a child and that all the truly matter to her in that difficult time.

Bren didn't know his father much growing up, he didn't stay with his mother for long
after his birth and was busy in the army. Bren child hood was normal but had lots of
schooling from his mother in sorcery.

As soon as he was old enough, his mother sent him to the Orthorbbae to become a sorcerer
and has a shown lot of potential. It was heart breaking to leave his mother but he promised her
that he'll become strong sorcerer and one day a warrior like he father one day and make
her and the clan proud.

He studied hard and passed his classes with flying colors, with his mothers funding his
stay in the Orthorbbae, he was given a long time to tone his sorcery. History, math, ect, he took it all.
Combat was a guilty pleasure and he relished every class. But his choice of weapons where
range, cross bow was his favorite pick and was a crack shot.

After 20 years toning his skills and being a favorite student for some teachers, even been given
a chance to teach and substitute a couple of classes. He left the school to become a solider in the Aleiryn light infantry. He thought it would be best to put his honed skills to use and a chance to meet his father personally.
It was a rough life style that he wasn't use to but Bren pushed on and was molded into it, using
his sorcery to support melee troops from a range.

After ten years in the army Bren became a sorcerer/archer in the Aleiryn light infantry.
His group was assigned to kill this band of would be thieves that stole and murdered a Beldrobbaen
merchant. During this intense fight, he and a couple others moved into a kitchen to clear it but in
the chaos and before he could act he had a pot of boiling cooking oil slashed at him burning mostly
on his left arm. To be exact stolen cooking oil. After a long painful recovery he was able to return
to active duty.

Over the years he's had a couple of mates off and on but non of them were really successful,
some of them where even repulsed by his red burned arm and hand. Because of this burn Bren has
been giving the name red arm from some in his group. He hates it and sometime lashes out about it.
Although never talks about it, he wishes to be a drider one day like his father and his fathers before him.
The man he’s never known, in a hope to be close to him one day.

When the Tragedy hit his clan, almost wiping out an entire generation of females.
The tragedy hit mother hard and her attitude became bleak and moody, staining the once strong relation
ship they once held. Bren avoids his mother when he can, finding her company moody, snappy, and lashes
out at him too much to be around for long... No fire burn was greater than when he heard his mother utter
the words, 'I wish your sister lived and you were the one dead, Then maybe this clan can have a better chance'.

He worries about his clan and its long proud history. He feels there’s nothing much he can do but his duty as a
sorcerer and a solider. He feels so weak and small; thinking about his clan’s bleak future, knowing there may be
nothing he can truly do to change the course of the future, of the clan.

Description: A lean but strong body and handsome. His left arm and some of his left body is scared
by an oil burn. His left arm is the worst all, red from shoulder to hand, at least on the top. Although it took
a long time to recover from it he gained back full use of his hand but is usually covered with a spiders silk glove,
deeply hating the sight of it and people touching his left arm or hand, reminding him of a failure to get out of the
way. His hair is short.

Height: 5 '9'
Weight: 163
Eye Color: light Grey, Often mistaken for being blind.
Hair Color: White with black streaks
Personality: Bren has a tendency to be shy and quiet around others but can a have a fearless
courage when his friends or comrades are in danger. Generally likable and has an attitude of treat other the way they treat you.
Never the one to laze around when there is work to be done.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Sir Malifact » Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:53 pm

Name: Kardun Doombreaker
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Profession: Currently seeking employment in Raveran as a mercenary
Class: Berserker

Armor: A heavy set of brutally-spiked and razor-edged plate armor, which serves an equal purpose as both armor and a formidable offensive weapon. The armor covers the chest, stomach, shoulders, shins, thighs, wrists and forearms. The application of the armor is quite simple-he literally throws himself at an opponent, using his own body as a weapon. Punching, smashing, and pummeling with reckless abandon, he can tear an opponent to pieces. To receive a hug whilst he is clad in such armor would result in a swift, untimely demise. The spikes and ridges are not so large as to be unwieldy-at most, they are four inches long.

Melee Weapons: Besides his armor, Kardun packs a pair of spiked knuckle-dusters, as well as a pair of unusual fist weapons. They appear to be a spiked macehead that encompasses the fist, with six inches of wickedly serrated steel protruding from the front of the spiked ball, allowing Kardun to smash and stab with abandon in close quarters while utilizing his fearsome armor to its fullest affect.

Ranged Weapons: Kardunn packs a large supply of Dwarvish hand grenades (Think 25 or so-not all on him, of course), along with a tri-barreled rifle. Each barrel is rifled, and depending on the whim of the wielder, can be set so that each barrel fires one after the other, or so that upon pulling the trigger each barrel will unleash their payload at the same time. This ingenious design is unique to the Doombreaker clan, whose relentless pursuit of ever newer and better ways to kill Drow has set them years ahead of their brethren in the field of Rifling. Kardun himself has showed incredible talent at the forge, developing a new, easier method of loading and firing the weapons than his predecessors had; loading the weapon from the back, instead of shoving the bullets in manually from the front of the barrel.

(I'd put in an image, to give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about, but it doesnt fit on the page. I've put in a link instead. The weapon i am referring to is the one which is above the double-barreled rifle.)
http://mythicmktg.fileburst.com/war/us/ ... -29_01.jpg

Rifle Ammo:
Stoneshot: Basic ammunition. Good penetration capability’s, with a chance to splinter upon impact, creating a small burst of shrapnel. He posses’ 500 rounds of this ammunition, and can easily make more by carving them from stone. (Note that he does not carry all 500 rounds with him, only a hundred or so in pouches, with the rest secured in his pack)

Flechette Rounds: Ingeniously evil in design, these bullets are the signature work of the Doombreaker clans most devious gunsmiths. In design they are a bulb of dull metal with forward-pointing, overlaid leaves of razor-sharp alloy. Ingenious in their design, the barb’s leaves are scored to ease impact-shatter – either against a hard surface to produce a cloud of shrapnel, or against bones as it chews through tissue to inflict the worst damage possible. The leaves are slightly spiraled, so that the rifling of the gun barrel would set it spinning when fired.

Kardun has a limited supply of these rounds, only about 50 or so, and uses them only in the direst of circumstances. The bullets are irreplaceable-only a master artisan can forge them, and as of yet, such devices are far beyond his ability to create.

Other Equipment: A large rucksack, a hip-flask of Gutbuster Stout, a coinpurse containing a meager sum of silver and copper pieces, several pouches of rifle ammunition, and a special box for the carrying of Flechette rounds (kept inside the rucksack)

Magic: Dwarves, as a race, are Aura-less, thus they have no magical talent. However, untold eons of living underground has given the race a natural affinity for the Earth.
Racial: A "defect" lies dormant in all who are of Doombreaker blood. Their clan is the only one known to have a Beserker trait inherent in their blood. Left untrained, the mere sight of violence could throw the Dwarf into a rampage, so any who display these traits are taken at birth from their parents, and trained to become ruthless killing machines. If they do not gain control over the Rage, they are killed. Kardun has inherited his clan's 'curse' but in truth it is merely another weapon to be used in their silent war against the Drow.

Beginning City: Val’Raveran

Clan: Kardun belongs to the Doombreaker clan, a violent para-military Dwarven holdout against the expansionist Drow. They posses several fortress’s in the deepest depths of the Dwarfhold, and whenever a Drow raiding party or invading army steps foot near what remains of the Dwarves’ ancestral homeland, the Doombreaker’s will be sure to send all available contingents to repel these unwanted guests. Their hatred of the dark-skinned Drowolath knows no bounds, and each and every member of the clan has been brought up with tales of the glories that the ancient Dwarven empire once possessed-and how it was stolen away by the black-skinned devils, evil fae wielding unholy, unnatural magicks. Every Doombreaker dreams of the day when their race can reclaim its lost lands-but that cannot be accomplished while a single Drow still lives. Fortunately for the Drow, the Doombreakers’ hatred does not match their numbers, which are only in the thousands, nowhere near enough for them to launch a direct assault upon Chel'el'sussoloth. In lieu of that, they have trained hard in ambush-tactics, striking from the shadows to pillage merchant caravans or slaughter guard patrols. The Doombreakers employ firearms to great effect, using snipers to take out Officers and mages amongst the enemy ranks before charging, and utilizing volleys of deadly Thundershot to smash open shield walls and defensive formations. They also make great use of their Berserker bloodline, employing an entire company of the battle-crazed warriors when the situation calls for direct conflict. Shrugging off wounds that would prove mortal to even an Orc or Troll, the Berserkers fight until no living enemy remains in sight, or until they are hacked to pieces. Whichever comes first. The Berserkers of the clan are able to, with training, bring the Rage upon themselves at will, and retain some monotony of control over-themselves while 'Zerking; allowing them to recognize friend from foe and obey orders from their commanders.

The weak are not allowed to live in this Spartan clan, with only the strongest of the whelps surviving to adulthood. The unworthy are weeded out through a vigorous training regime that keeps every dwarven member of the clan in Olympic shape. By the time a child reaches adolescence, he is able to wield a myriad of weapons, as well as utilize the dwarvish firearms to their full potential. Instilled in each and every member of the Clan is a sense of deep, racial pride, as well as a burning hatred of their mortal enemies, the Drow.

Background: Kardun is the son of Murados Doombreaker, the current King of the Clan. Born in the middle of a fierce battle between the Doombreaker’s and a Drow raiding party, war has been a literal part of the young Dwarf’s life since birth. Inheriting his fathers Berserker bloodline, Kardun was thrust into combat training the day he could walk. He has toiled tirelessly to appease his father’s voracious battle-lust and master his own, striving to be the fiercest Beserker in the history of the Clan. He is unusual amongst his berserker brethren in that he does not share in their battle-lust; the Rage is something he incites only when left with no other possible options. Now, after passing the rite of Dwarfhood , his father has assigned him with a daunting task-he is to infiltrate the Drow’s society. To learn their weakness’s, and see if there are any potential allies amongst the races that the Drow have enslaved. His cover-story would be that of a prospective mercenary. But young Kardun has his own doubts and views about the dark-skinned Fae, and about his own race. He views their genocidal zeal with tempered disdain, but understands that his race can never truly flourish if the Drow continue to hold sway in the Underdark. He has yet to actually speak with a Drow on civil terms, and is secretly looking forward to his task for reasons other than the further-empowerment of his clan.

Description: Kardun is a hardy example of his race, standing at 5’1-a giant of a Dwarf, if there ever was one. His body is heavily muscled, with not an ounce of wasted flesh on his stout frame. A thick black beard pours down from his chin, bound into two separate tails by a pair of leather straps. The rest of his hair falls down to his shoulders in a mess of dreadlocks. His skin is pale, and scarred heavily from years of harsh training under his fathers brutal regime. His features are strong, as berefits a dwarf, but there are slightly genteel touches amongst them as well. All in all, he is unusually handsome for a dwarf, but he himself pays no attention to vanity, taking no notice of his good fortune in this regard. His eyes are an unusual, vivid Jade.

(I run by Eastern Time, and most of the time I'll be active all week, and mostly each day.)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Velleri » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:09 pm

Name: Velleri

Race: Female Drowolath

Age: 43

Profession: Formerly a petty thief and thug, currently working as a mercenary

Class: Warrior.

Primary Weapon: A wide-bladed bastard sword.
Backup Weapons: Three throwing knives in her left boot, and a small dagger in her right boot for emergency use.
Headwear: A purple bandana worn over her head.
Torso: Thick, beat-up leather armor covered in scratches and a couple burn marks, with poofy white sleeves. Purple sash with a long tail on the right side. Black leather back-sheath belted on.
Arms/Hands: Thick leather gauntlets reaching her elbows.
Legs: Brown leather leggings with metal studs placed so incoming blows glance off the studs.
Feet: Thick leather boots, knee-high with half-inch heels.
Miscellaneous Equipment (potions, poisons, the like): A beat-up backpack holding two minor healing potions, a bedroll, and bare-minimum adventuring gear (flint and tinder, a bullseye lamp, two flasks of lamp oil, first aid kit). A tarnished silver necklace with a small locket, with the words “For my daughter, with love” etched on the inside is always around her neck.
Starting Ada: 15. Most of her possessions were given to her by her father as a child, or were taken from weaker prospective gang members who didn't make the cut.
Leisure Clothes: A simple, sleeveless grey shirt, loose grey trousers, aforementioned boots, aforementioned bandana, and a white ribbon tied around her upper-left arm. Sometimes includes a long brown cloak.

Magic: None. She never learned to use magic.

Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: Clanless, currently works as a mercenary in the employ of the Sullisin'runes.

Background: Velleri was born to a pair of clanless merchants, her father a blacksmith and her mother selling flowers and what valuables she came across. Her father made most of the family's money, what there was of it, by crafting weapons, armor, and various metal goods for the various Clans. Unfortunately, most of that went to his fellow shopkeepers to pay for his daughter's tendencies to steal food for the family, leaving them little to work with even when their primary benefactors felt generous.

As she grew up, Velleri grew apart from her parents and, after moving out, fell in with a rough gang of pickpockets and thugs. Sticking to the alleyways in the seedier parts of the city, Velleri spent much of her years leading up to a life as a sellsword making a living, if it could be called such, as a petty cutpurse and a thug going around intimidating anyone unfortunate enough to be alone and passing through whatever alley her gang happened to occupy for that day. The last she saw of her parents before being disowned by them was her father giving her the tarnished silver locket that she wears to this day.

Then she had the poor fortune to pick a Val as a potential source for easy ada, only to be soundly thrashed by the practiced spellcaster. Desperate to avoid imprisonment, Velleri tried to cut a deal—she would work for the Val's clan, with no questions asked. Amused, the Val got her accepted into the Sullisin'rune as an indentured servant for five years, and Velleri was put through a fast, brutal crash course in proper combat techniques to carry out her time as a house guard.

When Velleri's training finished, the Val responsible for bringing her into the Clan was surprised at how strongly Velleri's loyalties had flip-flopped. After her second year, Velleri was allowed to leave the clan's lands at will, so long as she returned before the house slaves were in bed. Velleri took it all in stride, since these people had taken her off the streets, and even went so far as to dye her white hair light blue and gold in streaks, and oftentimes got into fights at taverns whenever someone had the poor taste to insult a Sullisin'rune Val within earshot. Unless she had several people backing her up, she didn't win all of them, and in one particularly nasty fight that engulfed the entire tavern, the one who insulted her favorite employers slashed her with a broken bottle, leaving a deep scar going across one side of her face and notching her ear.

As the years dragged on, her time as a guard for the Sullisin'rune done, Velleri would hire herself out to various Clans for various jobs as a mercenary, from murder to something as simple and second-nature to her as blindsiding someone, dragging them into an alley while they were dazed, beating them senseless, and leaving a message warning them to keep out of her employers' business. Always, though, the Sullisin'rune clan was given better rates than other clans, and she often accepted a wider range of jobs—sometimes guarding kitchen staff, or taking a few weeks to guard a young Val during their breaks from school—that she refused for the other clans.

Height: 5'8”.
Build: Slender, but with wiry muscles.
Eyes: Light blue. Tendency to glare on reflex.
Hair White, dyed light blue and gold halfway down, worn loose around her shoulders in a shaggy cut.
Notable Marks: Silver, tribal-looking tattoo going up her right arm over the matching side of her neck and face, interrupted by the occasional scar. One long, thick scar going from the bridge of her nose across her left cheek, notching her ear.

Velleri is sharp-tongued, abrasive, stubborn, and everything else you'd expect from someone who spent their formative years as a thief and gang member, then as a mercenary. To her credit, though, she is also fiercely loyal to a contract, and will often go by the spirit of the agreement rather than strictly adhere to the written word. Velleri displays a soft spot for ferals and young children, the former because they're little more than a humanoid kitten to her and the latter because her own childhood was spent scraping for everything she owned (and stealing much of what was still out of reach), and she hates the idea that someone else has to go through that.

Time Zone/Activity: US Eastern, will be active 2-4 days a week.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Cowhideking » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:16 am

Name: Kronaste
Race: Drowolath
Age: 33

A single six and a half foot polearm with a thick curved head (7 1/2 feet in total, or 228.6 centimeters) resembling a glaive. No outstanding features other than that its not intended for a child his size. Simple hardwood shaft with a smooth finish, though the head of the weapon has seen its share of battles.

-Two large, curved steel knives, roughly 22cm in length (35 with white pommel). Brand new by the looks of them, but still far shy of artesian work. They arent often used, but are utilized if the target gets too close to use his glaive effectively.

A single straight-edged shortsword with a mirror finish and decorative pommel and silver guard. (81cm altogether, the blade itself being 60cm) It has a mirror finish and appears well-crafted. The sheathe itself is made of wood with a lacquer finish, red and black with a bright sheen. Is usually kept wrapped with dirty cloth to prevent anyone from taking avid interest in it. As it is purely ornamental, its possibly a gift for someone other than himself, and definitely not afforded by him.

A single iron crossbow, mid-condition, with 14 bronze bolts. Not used for fighting, more of a hunting weapon than anything else. It was made with him in mind, being a male child, so the draw strength is considerably less than a war bow.
A serrated hunting knife, nothing more to its function than carving meat.
At most he carries about 18 ada on him.

Beginning City: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: No current clan affiliation. Former Sarghess in title and by blood.

He has an affinity for bone magic, though he has not tapped into it yet, and probably never will thanks to his status.

His prowess is in physical combat. Thanks to his light frame he can maneuver swiftly. The training that has been beat into him from a young age has made him well adept for a boy his age. But he is still a child. He makes mistakes and is too light to fairly face an armored adult. His main weapon, a heavy polearm, should be unwieldy for him, but he's adapted to it rather well, if not for the awkward size of it. He's built for agility and endurance more than power.

He's skilled in most trading techniques and could be used as a fill-in for someone's shop. He's not an active thief, though he will take if its needed and too expensive for him. If caught he's a swift runner and a bit of an acrobat, using his light size and the length of his weapon to propel himself.

He knows butchery, some leatherwork, some skill with maintaining and fixing equipment, and is a capable hunter of small and large game. His cooking could use some work, but he probably prepared a meal every now and then for his former master.

He was born the child of a wealthy Sarghess. Before he could even begin to walk, he was snatched from his home by opportunists, seeking easy pay. Unfortunately his family's status was descending rapidly thanks to the less-than-par ability of the eldest daughters, and funds were diminishing quickly to try and save face. The family collapsed before the ransom could be paid and he was simply sold. A barren tracker bought him instead of letting the infant fall to the side, seeing the value in a living investment. She wanted him to be a competent fighter which could become a valuable asset if push comes to shove. And there's always the arena if things go wrong. With a few "cosmetic" changes he could rake in some ada every now and then.

By the time he could hold a sword, night and day the woman, Ja'aoth, beat her philosophy into him and he was quickly becoming a mirror image of her, at least in form. His skills with the polearm and basic hand-to-hand combat were advancing quickly. But his mind was still his own, and he was stubborn by nature, often arguing with elders or anyone in civilization. (This is probably why he opted to keep his awkwardly large weapon instead of using a smaller one.) He had a bad eye for telling the difference between a wealthy woman and a wealthy important woman and frequently had to escape with his life.

By the age of 20 she began increasing his daily regiment. She had something greater in mind, something stronger. He could become quite the professional with time. But by age 30, his master was killed while on duty. He himself survived the conflict, but he was left with a tough decision. Go back to the clan, masterless, "up for grabs," and possibly become some dredge slave or house slave, or go on his own and face the world. He was a fighter and such a thing was beneath him. Instead of succumbing to the Sarghress, he ran, and ran hard.

For three years since, he's been wandering from place to place, looking for a spot to call home. Everything he's learned has been mostly practical skills, things to help with survival in harsh conditions. These skills have helped him survive up until now. He still finds himself at odds with city-folk. Theyre just too uppity for his taste. Despite his frequent arguments, he's a calm-souled individual who gets into a surprisingly few number of fights. He knows how to wield his weapons excellently, but he would rather not do battle so often, especially with his usual opponents being older than himself.

Ja'aoth also ensured he knew without a doubt that females were superior, according to her teachings, and though he will get unabashedly angry with them, he often doesnt lash out, simply because of fear.

A drowussu male with a slightly below average stature. Five and a half feet from top to bottom. He has shoulder-length black, messy hair and green eyes like dark emeralds. He has hard, sharp eyes, but due to his size and youth, his features only seem to be set in a childish frown. He has two long scars on the same side of his neck, on the right, and several up and down the lengths of his arms and legs. His torso is fairly in tact, so he probably took whatever hit him to the limbs rather than the body to protect himself.

His armor is very light, mostly a mix of his traveling clothes and protective gear. He isnt a soldier, so there are no embellished or heavy pieces. A light steel single-sided breastplate to cover his heart, plated cloth gauntlets with large, but thin brass scales with shinguards to match. His clothes, pants, long-sleeved tunic, short wool shirt and leather vest, are mostly green or tan in color, save for the black cloth gauntlets. The vest, made of tough lizard skin, can double as protection for very light attacks (small animal bites, rocks, hastily thrown daggers, the like).

My Activity
I run on eastern-standard time. I can be up between 6:30am to 2am, but am usually active between 1pm and 2am. Looking for a job, so this may change.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Alric » Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:25 am

Name: Ash'oka Ist'aven Val'Sullisin'rune

Race: Drowolath

Age: 186


-Wears navy blue robe embroidered with gold thread over light grey shirt and trousers, in addition to a light grey cloak with jeweled shoulderpads. Also wears two adamantium bracelets around each of his wrists, for everyday casual wear. Wears a gold circlet inlaid with jewels as a symbol of his nobility when he isn't wearing his helm. When outdoors he wears dark blue boots. Often substitutes a navy blue vest with no undershirt for the robe and shirt.

-Suit of Sullisin'rune plate armor; dark blue color with gold inlaid engravings, as well as jewels for mana storage/power.

-Crossbow with bolts.

-twin Tulwar-style swords with decorated and jeweled hilt/pommels and wootz steel-pattern blades.

-retractable Katar dagger. Ash'oka is quite skilled in unarmed combat and uses this as a backup weapon should he find himself sans swords.

-~ 100 ada on person.

-Vellum and writing materials

Off person:

-Various formal and other attire.

-Traveling gear (tent, rations, water, medical supplies, etc.)


Earth Sorcery: Ash'oka learned how to utilize his innate earth sorcery at his time at Orthorbbae.

Light High Art: In addition to learning to harness his innate abilities, Ash'oka learned Light High Arts at his time in Orthorbbae.

Mana Manipulation, Mana Vision

Starting City: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: Val'Sullisin'rune, Ist'aven House


Ash'oka's mother was a noblewoman of the Ist'valen house, who acquired a strong reputation as a skilled business-drow and manager of clan lands. His father was a bold young Sarghress cavalry officer seeking to make it big by wooing rich Val females. Ash'oka's family's fortune came from business from the surface trade, as did most of the wealth of the Ist'aven as a whole. Despite their wealth, Ash'oka's immediate family were never considered that important by most other Sullusin Vals.

Ash'oka grew up hearing stories about how his ancestors fought and crushed (usually) the ancient enemies of the Sullisin'rune nation, especially how his great-grandmother (whose personal name Ash'oka's name derives from) battled (albeit ultimately unsuccessfully) the warriors of the hated Sharen clan during the Moons War. It was from these stories that he cultivated a dislike of all things Sharen, and would lead him to follow the family tradition of military service.

Once he was of age, Ash'oka began combat training as do all other Ist'valen. His military training with the Sullisin'rune clan was halted temporarily as Ash'oka headed off to Orthor'bbae to begin his training in the mana arts. There he learned to harness his natural sorcery and began to study elemental high arts, and got his first taste of real combat in scuffles with students from rival clans. Often Ash'oka found himself teaming up with Sarghress students in attempts to rough up or play pranks on the Sharen students. After a period of transitioning between the Sullisin'rune clan's barracks and the halls of Orthor'bbae, Ash'oka found himself honing both his martial and mana skills. Eventually Ash'oka became both a skilled duelist, cavalryman, and practitioner of the high arts.

Declining to help teach at Orthorbbae (in his own words, he found it "a bit boring"), Ash'oka returned to the Sullisin'rune dome to serve in the Sullisin'rune's defense forces and to help manage the Ist'valen's trade organization. He did a decent job helping run the family business, but so did his mother and female relatives, thus making him redundant. Thus, Ash'oka found himself riding with the Tiger Knights. Generally, this entailed chasing down squatters on the outskirts of Sullisin'rune territory; not quite the glamorous tales of derring-do that Ash'oka remembered from his childhood, but it paid and beat sitting at a desk. Plus, Ash'oka found that he looked quite dashing in uniform (and so did many of Ash'oka's future lovers).

Ash'oka's ribald tastes derive from his father (he claims that his three natural talents are animal riding, facility with foreign languages, and fornication), where his comparatively elegant manners and shrewd business sense come from his mother. Though he tries to dodge danger as much as he can (or sneak away when no one is watching), Ash'oka is a dab hand at fighting if he has to. Ash'oka is an insatiable lecher, and claims great prowess in the physical act of love. He is a vigorous and exciting (if occasionally selfish and rapacious) lover, and at least some of his partners became quite fond of him – though he claims that others tried to kill him later. He can also display a winning personality, (when he wants to), and is very skilled at flattering those more important than himself without appearing servile.

Ash'oka is known to be a bit of a bully, who gambles and boozes enthusiastically and is known to let his baser urges get the better of him from time to time. In short, he is very much a scoundrel.

-Handsome face, with slanted eyes and high cheekbones, mismatched eyes. He has an athletic build that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. His face has dark blue claw mark-like tattoo markings on his jaw, three on both sides of his face. Blue tribal design tattoo starting from the ones on his face and traces down to his shoulder blades in the back, and from his chest and sides down to his hips in the front.
Height: 6'2" (1.88 m)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Hair: upper-back length, dyed yellow with dark blue bangs
Eyes: Right eye dark blue, left eye pale gold.

Time: Central US (UTC -6)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Picanet » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:21 am

Name: El'banael
Nickname: El'ba
Clan: Sullisin'rune
House: Cros'sin
Starting Location: Chel - Sullisi'rune Dome

Age: 221
Affinity: Empath
Specialization: Drainer

Basic Description:
Height: 6'7
Eye Colours: Gold and Dark Blue
Hair: Wavy/long Dark Blue


There is nothing about Elba's features that could be considered sharp.
From her oval face set with large, but sleepy looking doe eyes of gold and navy - to her cozy curves, El'ba is the definition of comfort and luscious. She looks luxurious from top to chest to bottom; from a wavy cascade of navy hair to painted and well pedicured feet (she would rather walk around barefoot than not). Both height and proportions were generous to El'ba - and she is a dear fan of tattooing. Besides the traditional face tattoos, El'ba has gold coloured swirls that run from under her left ear - down her neck, across her chest, lower back, and down her left leg. Every so often she goes to have finer detailing added. Each line representative of something in her life - from a memory to a particular emotion. It's frivolous, but El'ba has a very fine memory for details.

El'banael is like a deep lake that cannot be disturbed. Her presence is soothing. She's always been calm, collected, and rarely finds need to raise her voice. Her empathy talents are well used in a household full of warrior-ansty individuals. She can take away stress, anxiety, tension, anger, frustrations -- the lot. If something needs to be discussed objectively and opinions start getting fired up, she's on call to curb the emotional range so the discussion can be focused again. If someone is grieving, hurt, or angry - they often find themselves in her corner of the estate in a garden of glass trees and running water. She refuses to remove all pain, grief, and anguish that others feel unless their need is dire. She prefers to provide a manageable state of mind and more often than not it is her counsel as much as her affinity that means her guests leave feeling better. Some do come whom she insists should stay the night, sometimes so that they may get a good sleep without troubled dreams, sometimes for her more personal touch.
Children love her, and caretakers love that when they visit her (as they, like any other, are always welcome to her quarters), they will sit still, nap, or be content to read or listen to her read stories out of one of her books. Very cuddly and affectionate, she considers an afternoon where she ends up group napping with a bunch of sleepy young ones - a very pleasant one indeed.

As much a balm for the heart and soul El is, the woman can be downright monstrous. Every so often a slave refuses to be broken or a prisoner acts up, and yet again El is requested to come and do a complete drain. Stress, tensions, motivation, drive, ambition...rendering the poor soul apathetic, stoic, and sometimes just...gone. Sometimes it's permanent, other times it's not. Depends on the situation. Luckily, El'ba much prefers to be an ally with few ambitions of her own.

El'banael always wears her long, wavy hair loose. Her face is politely accented with gold on her eyelids and lips, and she tends to have a dozy expression - like she might lean back and have a small nap quite easily.
She adores light, rippling fabrics - even if they do wrinkle easily. The top half of her dress seems to be wrapped snuggly around her - the sleeves billowing out over her hands, hiding them - and ends at the midrift. Across her hips a richly embroidered and decorative belt sits on her hips before the dress drops down with the same liquid ripple to the ground, hiding her feet and the bells on her ankles. After sneaking up on more than a few people by accident, El took to wearing the dancer's bells so others would hear her coming. Less work for her to do later and all.
She smells softly of mint, not enough to be sharp - just a hint. Aroma therapy.

El'banael is the third daughter of Lael. Originally, like her two sisters before her - she was to train with heavy weaponry since her bone structure suggested she would be just as tall, if not taller than her own mother. The younger El'banael couldn't be bothered. She'd skip out on classes - but even her instructors never got too upset with her. They knew they should be, and they were when she left; but while El'banael was in their presence the matter at hand seemed trivial. Eventually they took the time to categorize and refocus her training around her empath abilities. The girl was set up with a proper tutor, and came into her own beautifully. El'banael couldn't have enjoyed the process more. She's well aware of her use as a tool in the power struggle and is ready to act as necessary - but she gets to help others relax and lounge about the majority of the time - there are worse jobs.
One of the few things she did take specific interest in were the children of her family - their hopes and dreams far bigger than adults and not so easily dissuaded. Their energy and life brings joy to her life. When the Dev'ess finally did give birth to an heir, she took particular interest in the child. Even at a young age, the boy felt the pressures upon his shoulders. She would often call to him silently and give him an hour or two - whatever he could spare, to just be himself. To sit and relax and forget the burden he carried for a short while.
Any different from what she did for the rest of the house? Not really - but you don't see many children with worries like that.

El'ba has also, since her younger years, kept a guardian at her side who also acts as an escort of whom she is very fond.

On Her Persons:
El'ba keeps most things up her sleeves, so to speak. She keeps an appointment book strapped somewhere on her upper forearm as well as a 'watch' of sorts. If she's going shopping she'll have a coat and bag as well, maybe small sample-sized bottles of perfumed oil. She leaves the weaponry to her 'guardian' and consort.
What the drowess does keep on her is a very small blade coated in a neurotoxin that causes paralysis (which she still rarely carries unless she leaves the estate). She doesn't like the mess of a full blade and the toxin means that she has time to find out who made an attempt on her life. She regards all other forms of violence with a soft bewilderment. El'ba may get into arguments, but she doesn't get into fights. She finds sparring and fighting fascinating, but obviously it is not her thing.

El'banael has a purpose, a place, and privileges. Would she like the Val title? Sure. She knows what her strengths are - and will act as required, ordered, and as opportunities arise, but she won't go looking for those opportunities. No sense trying to orchestrate something when five others are already on the task - especially if there's a good book at hand.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Phoenix0995 » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:13 am

Name: Tallau'wa Sarghress

Race: Drowolath

Age: 40

Equipment: 1 sword, raider armor, 1 white cloak, 1 longbow, 1 quiver containing 25 arrows, 50 ada

Magic: Wind sorcery

Beginning city: Chel’el’sussoloth

Clan: Sarghress

Background: Tallau'wa is the daughter of a minor female noble, born into the Sarghress clan, who traveled a lot, meaning nearly everywhere in the Underworld. Tallau'wa has had no contact with her father, doesn't know who he is, and doesn't care. Her mother settled down in Chel'el'sussoloth shortly after Tallau'wa's birth, so Tallau'wa remembers nothing of the sights she saw in the first few months of her life. She was never particularly close to her mother, so her older sister, Kyalla, who was someone she liked a lot, took the role of a mother figure in Tallau'wa's mind and taught Tallau'wa until she was sent to Orthorbbae to learn about the higher fields of study. She displayed high proficiency with wind sorcery and learned her history well, but wasn't so good in the math and science subjects. She never quite got the hang of mastering a sword, so she devoted her combat practices to learning how to defend herself with a blade. She can now defend herself (without magic) against a moderately skilled opponent, but not for very long. Her weaponry skills lie mostly in her being a good shot with a bow. She made some friends and some enemies at Orthorbbae, but has long since lost contact with them. After she completed her studies at Orthorbbae, she went back to her home in Chel'el'sussoloth to find that her mother had disappeared, her whereabouts unknown*. Since Kyalla had traveled to Val’Raveran, Tallau'wa was unable to consult her on the matter, and has worked for the Sarghress for the past 10 years, trying to find information about where her mother might be along the way. However, since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, she has relegated that to being a side goal. She doesn't normally talk to a lot of people, but has been making an effort to be a little more social lately, since she neglected that before. She is now a Highland Raider who wishes to see the sights of the Overworld.

*Tallau'wa’s mother is in the overworld, but she didn’t tell anyone where she was going, so she essentially left her daughters clueless as to her location unless one of them decides to go to the Machike'Shikumo outpost and ask around there, as that was where Tallau'wa's mother went to the overworld.

Description: She's about 6'2", 200 pounds, and somewhat muscular, with an hourglass figure, a soft face, bright green eyes, waist-length white hair, and a modest bust. She wears her sword, bow, and quiver on her back under her cloak. When she's not in her armor, she wears pants, a loose long-sleeved shirt (both of which are the same shade as her cloak), and soft leather shoes. Her skin is brown, bordering on black. She has a tattoo, not visible when she wears her armor, of a lighter shade of gray encircling her neck, depicting birds of many shapes and sizes in flight, though oddly enough, one of the larger birds is orange. On her left ear, she wears an earring with a stone that seems black, but if looked at from the right angle, will reflect red light.

Time Zone/Activity: UTC-6 (Chicago time). I won't be on from about 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. Please note that 4:00 is the earliest I will be back; I get back earlier some days than others. Regardless, I will make an effort to check the RP thread at least once a day. I'm on most of the day on weekends.
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Semni » Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:40 pm

Name: Semni

Race: Drowolath

Age: 96

Equipment: A fieldmedics pack with normal field-equipment and a punch filled with small balls of a mind-numbing drug that you are supposed to chew on.
Weapons: A crossbow with a quiver containing 20 bolts and a shortsword.
Armor: A worn red dyed leather armor with a darkred leather cap(Mismatching tunes of red).

Magic: Empathy, with an affinity for healing and basic mana manipulation training.

Beginning city: Chel’el’sussoloth

Clan: Clanless mercenary.

-Semni was born as a bastard with a male noble from a minor house and a soldier. At an young age they noticed that he had an affinity for empathy and decided that he, even with his mother being a mere soldier, should receive some proper training in the magic arts so he could become an asset for the clan. When he was sent to the academy, the teachers noticed that he had an affinity for healing people, and was selected to receive almost only training in the arts of healing. When Semni was midway thought his training, his father was executed along with some of the other nobles in that house in a failed coup against the familyhead, but due to Semni's age and that he had his healingaffinity, they decided that he could still be useful for the house even if never fully trusted. When Semni's education was completed they gave him also a basic soldiertraining, so he could be able to fend himself off while on campaigns but never trusting to teach him any more magic than the basics due to his fathers traitorous ways.

Early on Semni discovered that he could never be close to many people with strong emotional feelings and being in the larger cities always gave him a strong headache. Being on the field of larger battles reduced him to a sobbing wreck, and even a small skirmish with around 20 people was rendering him next to useless. Even thought this, the house made him go on and made ruthless use of his abilities while keeping him going with a mix of drugs and meds. Being quite unstable but important, he usually had a position not in the front but as marksman support when not attending to wounded.

After 40 years of service, he was reduced to a very wornout, drugaddicted shell of his former self. By calling in the favors of some of his friends and a skilled mage, he had his face remodeled so he was not recognizable, and he managed to defect from his house. When he defected he took the name Semni, forsaking his past. After laying low and spending most of his savings on various drugs, he reemerged a bit refreshed and ready to start a new life as a free man with a new name and face.

-Due to his scares from the ruffles years in service of his old house, he is constantly chewing on a mindnumbing drug, that nowadays if he is in a densely populated area, he won't get any headache, but he can't either use his empathetic abilities. In less densely populated areas, he can go for a quarter of the drug, and then use his abilities very limited, only slightly speeding up the normal healingprocess and sensing larger groups of people from afar. He can also manage to take part in smaller skirmish between 15-20 people if chewing a double dose, but then he can't even conjure the simplest of spells. Larger battles with render him a useless sobbing wreck, as well as if he goes without his drug for more than some few hours will have the same effects. Most of the time he tries to pass himself of as a normal freelancing fieldmedic, with some few selftrained manatricks and a sixth sense for ambushes in unpopulated areas.

- Usually a slack face due to his drugchewing, devoid of any emotions. In less populated areas, where he can take a lower does, his face usually gets a bit more melancholic expression but sometime he can break out in a smile or frown.
His head is shaved clean with numerous scares and a very (on purpose) plain face. He got a quite lean and musculare build, showing of that he is a veteran.
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 68 kg
Eyes: Brown

Timezone GmT +1(Central Europe)
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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Inquisitor » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:25 am

Name: Lua'shalee (Loo - ahh - 'shal - ee)

Race: Drowolath

Age: 352

Equipment -

Falchion; http://www.wetanz.com/assets/Uploads/Te ... lchion.jpg
Whip; pure black, heavy leather.

Ornate robes
Plate armor designed to display some of her vestments

Magic: Sound Sorcery (Experienced)

Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth (Sullisin'rune Dome)

Clan: Sullisine'rune (Cros'sin House)

Lua'shalee is a Princess from the far away lands of unknown. Well this is not entirely true, but with her domineering nature, ambitious desire, sultry attitude and otherwise A-Typical female personality who could tell the difference? In reality, Lua'shalee was the chance product of a coupling between a Nal'Sarkoth Merchant, and a Sullisin'rune entertainer during one of those wonderfully deviant high class parties. She has always been a passionate, strong individual, and even from an early age people knew it. What did they know? That she was going to be a handful. Even as a babe she had a strong spirit, the difficult child constantly whaling - with added weight of inheriting her mother's affinity, it went from a wide range of musical notes, to a blaring screech.

As she slowly came of age it became painfully apparent that her personality showed no signs of changing; she was constantly swindling the younger children out of their possessions, and attempting earn both favor, and favours from the adults in her company. Even in that early stage of her life, Lua'shalee always strove to advance herself - keeping an open ear for whispered rumors which she constantly kept locked away to extort some poor soul that might cross her.

But never a brat. Lua'shalee was always a suave, smooth talking and creamy female who as a youth began exploring what role it was she'd play in the House. Having been taught since she could speak the art of her sorcery, she could manipulate sound as second nature - which made her exceptionally talented at singing. And, for a time, she found a certain exciting liberation in working the sweat from her body by pouring our heart and soul in dance and song to please the throng, or the lonely noble. And more than once a male, or female has attempted to take advantage of her young, sensual nature- only to find themselves conveniently wrapped in a web of Lua'shalee's design - and more than once she fell victim to the same devices. She always lured her dalliances, always provoking them to advance while she slowly curled a thread around them before revealing a more dominant nature. But even during this time, will filled with excitement, ambition, and exploration, she was not content.

This was until, she herself fell prey to this very crime; though not by a man, or woman, but to the very nature of violence. The woman is not a berserker, or a barbarian; she is an artist. She loves conflict. It is the same fire in her blood that makes the woman passionate, that makes her fiery, sensual, and strong. And it is a driving force behind why she took up a warrior's mantle. Lua'shalee's stalwart, aggressive attitude towards advancement made certain she was successful in this avenue, and although she has had the opportunity to acquire a position as `Tiger Knight` on multiple occasions, she's turned down such a promotion in favor of seeking potentially more rewarding offices.

Which is why her eyes are now set upon the young male heir of Cros'sin House. For while Lua'shalee is in earnest prepared, and willing to protect him like a loyal guardian, her ambitions as are yet in full affect - and this seems like a clear, if delicate way to advance herself.

Height - 6'1
Weight - 160
Eyes - golden
Hair styles - Usually kept loose, at just around shoulder length, where it sweeps in around her cheeks. When given the chance, she usually stylizes it with glossy white, or black feathers tied into the locks.
Definitive features - Lua'shalee decorate herself in the traditional Sulisin'rune fashion, with a wide array of sapphire blue, runic markings from the crown of her brow, tiger claw markings upon cheeks, the simple swirls over her breasts, and the larger, detailed visage of a tiger sketched into her pelvis.

Traditional/casual Apparel -
Dark, stunning, and dressed to kill - your heart anyway. Adorned in fitted silk, she boasted the frame of a woman, with full hips and cleavage barely contained by the sides of her plunging neckline. Fabric opened just below her naval, showing scandalous inches of obsidian skin and the border of sketched tiger tattoo. Hips flaunted the skirt of her 'robes' slit to the thighs and flow, lined in gold and displaying long, elegant limbs. Ice-blond hair framed soft features and cool golden eyes, it hung in silken tresses to the broad of her shoulders, adorned with feathers of albino and ebony that seemed to whisper and flick with each confident stride.

Professional/Military Apparel -
Dark, stunning, and dressed to kill - literally. Adorned in fitted plates and ornate silk, she boasted the frame of a female warrior, with sleek predator like muscles, and strong shoulders contained protectively within her attire. Steel coated her torso, from inner thigh to throat with an elegantly emblazoned golden breast plate stylized like a tiger's face, complete with sickly curved feral fangs and sunken but empty eye sockets. Her Ice-blond hair framed the attractive, dangerous features of her face, and confident golden eyes, it hung in silken tresses to the broad of her shoulder pauldrons - also designed in the shape of that empowering great cat's formidable jaws. Steel Tiger nose starts from Lua'shalee's brow, the helm formed like feline maws, where a pair of glimmering teeth curve in along her cheeks defensively - on the off chance she's biting someone, and wants them to be even more afraid than they already are, roar. From her hips finely scaled tassets expand around thighs, accompanied by the flowing vestments which escape her cuirass and droop down between legs on bother the front and back, a fine sapphire color trimmed in elaborate gold threading.

Personality -
Lua'shalee is the elfish embodiment of a tiger. Strong, passionate, and noble, but rolled together with silky Sullisin'rune sensuality which keeps her haughty but desirable. A very ambitious of the Cros'sin house, she's loyal, but always willing to promote herself and strives to get ahead.

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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Maria » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:48 pm

Name: Rishi Xyrrai'zestu Sharen


Age: 282

On his person:-small concealed dagger
-pipe, tobacco rolls, other surface weeds
-writing quill with a peacock feather
-purple tinted teashade (John Lennon style) spectacles (wears them to look distinguished)
-the occasional library book

In his classroom (Floor 9):-couches instead of chairs and tables
-pages torn from library books stuck to the walls
-collection of different writing quills kept in a glass case
-two potted surface plants on his desk (his personal stash)

In his personal quarters (Floor 21):
-various books scatteres on and around his bed
-loose papers covering his desk and floor
-random trinkets from the surface placed where ever there is room
-a wooden desk with a matching chair and leather seat covers
-empty glasses perched on the table he hasn't bothered to get rid of
-80 ada stashed away
-old tapestries depicting the dragons of the Sharen clan
-a small collection of clothing

Blood Sorcery, Wood High Art

Beginning city: Orthorbbae (teaches Literature)

Clan: Val'Sharen.

The son of a Sharen dragon breeder and a wealthy merchant of the growing Nal'Sarkoth power, Rishi was a child born out of financial necessity. To promote good relations between the two clans that would benefit both drow in their respective businesses. From a young age his mother had him assist her in the dragon pens of the Xyrrai'zestu, teaching him of how best to breed a pureblooded and perfect dragon. And through that method she had also taught the boy of the superiority of the Val'Sharen clan, chosen descendents of Sharess herself, pure blooded drow. This superiour ideal carried him through his years at Orthorbbae and much of his life as he asserted himself over such commoners as the Sarghress.

His blood affinity was well trained yet he never made a great use of it till his 65th year of life. It was mating season for the dragons he and his mother tended for and Rishi had forgotten the all important rule of remaining a good distance from the female dragons when their male counterparts are there and in heat. A quick duck has save him from being torn in half by the animals claws but it was not a complete miss. The dragon tore a large gash over Rishi's back. Rolling away and to safety the male put his sorcery to good use, stopping the bleeding in the most critical areas. By the time his mother had found him he has passed our from blood loss, but his life was saved. Once fully recovered and out of the house of healing, Rishi refused to work with the same dragons again, opting to make a job out of a second interest of his. Books. Thus he found himself working in the massive archives of the Sharen fortress, a place where a papercut was the worst that would happen if he were so careless. In the years that followed a young libarian, Usha, had caught his attention. The two engaged in mild flirting at first that lead to a good deal of bedroom visits before finally taking each other as mates. The relationship that followed was an incosistent one, the two leaving one another for other fancies only to reunite again later. This pattern went on for four decades during which Rishi sired two of Usha's five children, both daughters.

In the next two years the pair grew distant and dealings at the archive became awkward. Rishi left for Orthorbbae at the age of 107, with teaching literature to the newer generations as his goal. He spent his first year as an apprentice to an aging literature teacher, one that left to travel to the many worlds after a decade of Rishi's apprenticeship under him. The old man's classroom and students became his own, the chairs and tables were replaced by comfortable couches and many more volumes were added to the bookshelves. The Sharen male threw himself into his teachings, and proved to be a slightly unorthodox teacher. He ripped papers from the library books and stuck them to the walls of his classroom, to the chargrin of the librarians. They eventually had him banned from the library in hopes that his "habbit" would cease, but unknown to the librarians Rishi had sent out his students to bring him the texts he needed.

Over breaks from schooling Rishi amassed a long string of brief affairs and one night stands, along with a large collection of writing quills (a favorite instrument of his). As the years rolled by he began to abstain from the naked embraces of females, diverting his full attention to his teachings. He befriended many teachers of various clans, slowly shedding portions of his Sharen arrogance. No longer did he look down his nose at his commoner students as he was now willing to give all his students a fair chance at passing his class...though his expectations were high as usual. Rishi spent most of his days either teaching his students or locking himself away in his room to deal with his studies creating a mess of papers, books and trinkets in his room that steadily grew each year. Eventually a fellow teacher and Beldrobbaen friend of his decided enough was enough, forcing Rishi away from his studies and out into the company of other drow, introducing him to his sister, Nyss'kel Val'Beldrobbaen. He gave the woman little attention at first, but grew to have an interest in her as their chance meetings grew more frequent. To his delight she had taken an interest in him as well. Rishi had expected her to be as many drowolath (and as he was), quick to leave, but her Beldrobbaen noble upbringing had inbreed in her the need to stick with a mate for a longer period of time then a year or two ( a necessity born out of dwindling numbers of Beldrobbaen and the many members they had lost each year).

In the next decade he was surprised with his attachment to the Beldrobbaen girl, a deeper attachment that grew further once she gave birth to their daughter, Nal'del. For the second time in his life Rishi had a mate and daughter to go home to during his breaks from teaching. He had obtained something rare, a lasting relationship, one that was seemed to him more fulfilling then the numbers of women that had lain on his pillows in the past decades, and his daughter was another greater treasure. The two met frequently in the lower levels of tower Dravyd, as it connected to the crescent of Orthorbbae. A near two decades passed, the family enduring the unexpected Nidra war with minor losses (with Rishi undergoing tainting of his own will in the aftermath), before a large hole was torn in the blissful routine of their family life. An accident in the crescent of Othorbbae. An entire generation of Beldrobbaen girls gone, their lives snuffed out like the flame of a spent candle. Nal'del was one of the many casualties.

Nyss'kel and he fell into depression, each coping with the loss of their child in their own ways. Nyss'kel opted to have him sire another daughter to fill the hole that was left by Nal'del's death, but all their attempts had led to stillbirths. Rishi began to drink heavily, later giving alcohol up for the smokable relaxing "grass" imported from the surface, and he used his Nal'Sarkoth connections to obtain them from his father's house. The drugs had numbed his mind and his heart, leaving him in a permanent state of elevated relaxation with very little care in the world.

In recent years Rishi had mellowed into a happier and humerous person with the aid of surface plants (for which he has studied Wood High Art so he may grow his own), yet they did not erase his depression when their effects wore off, thus he is permanently stoned. He has become more eccentric in the eyes of his students, no longer the strict teacher he was in his earlier years of teaching. Rishi continues to do his job, at apparent "chill" peace with the world and those around him.

Description: Rishi has an oval facial shape with angular features, his hear is worn in a fohawk; the roots being black and the ends dyed teal. A red piercimg decorates his left eyebrow. He wears robes of dark teal with a dragon scale pattern, a thick lether belt with the Sharen symbol in red gems adorns his waist. Like most fashionable Sharen, Rishi has luxurious grey fur decorating his shoulders and red accents (such as red outlines, buttons, Xyrri'zestu symbol, etc.) on his clothing.

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Re: Registration thread: version 2.0

Postby Bamawing » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:56 pm

Name: An'vero Permos's "Vero" or "Ver"

Race: Drowolath


Equipment: a modest collection of fine clothes, massage oil, hair accessories. A dagger that looks more like a decoration than a weapon. His allowance has recently been upped to 20 ada every Orthorabbae break.

Magic: high arts: biological elements

Beginning city: Orthorabbae

Clan: Guild of Flowers

Background: An'vero is the firstborn child of Mafulle Permos's. The Permos's family is a long-standing one in the high-class call-girl Guild of Flowers. For generations now, Permos's women have cherished their firstborns, male or female, believing them to be lucky. An'vero was given every luxury his considerably powerful family could afford.

The Permos's have a specialty: sauna and heated massage. It was to nobody's surprise that An'vero had a heat affinity. When he entered Ortho, he already had a small background in control of this element, thanks to the tutorage of several aunts, a great-grandmother, and Maulle herself. Partially due to this head start, he rose to the head of his class. It is his 14th year at Ortho, and he is very excited about adding air to his list of controllable elements.

Personality: All this school success and special treatment have made Vero a bit of a snob. He's not afraid of "hard work," but he defines this as running a sauna/bathhouse/massage parlor/brothel. He's happy to give you an oil massage, but that's as dirty as his hands are going to get.

Description: Vero is just starting to enter the awkward years of puberty, and finally is starting to look more like a boy than a girl. He wears Oriental-style robes, sometimes with an obi sash or two. His wardrobe tends toward lavender and pale green, to match his eyes. Green is his favorite color, but he knows how expensive it is. He has waist-length hair with a few pale green streaks. He likes to wear his hair up - it won't interfere with massages or mana use, plus he can arrange it carefully to show off the green.

Time Zone/Activity:
Oh shoot, I'm not sure. I live in Germany, which is an hour later than GMT. I'm on here way more often than I should be ^^; but I don't always post very promptly. Give me about a day / once every other day.
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