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Postby Alamandorious » Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:34 pm

Alamandorious shakes his head,"Trust me. When it comes to anything like that my memory is like swiss cheese. An example: I've learned and relearned HTML about ten to twenty times, and I always forget it," he shrugs, looking a bit sheepish,"Code of any kind just doesn't root itself in my head."
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Postby Navvy » Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:00 pm

"Eek!" the shy drow squealed as she felt the sharp prod in her side. "Wha-?" She looked baffled for a moment, then mumbled an "oh" and blushed, looking down at her feet. "Well, I--yes, he is pretty. I just can't help it! Although," she continued, mulling over Kenji's words, " you mean that he can be made prettier? Or, um, was that a possible threat, or...or a warning to watch his back? I--I'm not quite sure I get your meaning."
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Postby Kite » Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:25 pm

A blue haired, scruffy lookin' drowussu picks up this bit of conversation about color codes, rolling his eyes and frowns. "This is my personal opinion, but I don't really like it when people color all of their text all the time for no rhyme or reason. It's an annoyance to have to strain my eyes reading blocks of green or purple text over a blue background, especially when I don't know why it is green or purple."

"Using color to help people discern different modes of text is useful, so long as one also writes it down descriptively for people who aren't aware of said color-codes. This is, to put it frankly, because I don't want to bother myself memorizing every person's color coding in order to dissect what is going on in their post. Use it to accent your text."

"And in the same manner," he adds with a pointed rise to his tone, "Using text formatting like italics, bold, and underlines adds to the flavor of the text. Gives it a bit of a punch. Especially useful when descriptives can't do it justice. But," he pauses to smirk, "Like color text, if you abuse it, it will do more harm than good."
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Postby kembaru » Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:45 pm

The Archivist nods to this.

"I'm personally partially color blind, I have to highlight Kenji's text there in order to be able to actually see half of it."
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Postby Black Hell » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:07 am

All present in the room hear two knocks on the door, immediately followed by the sound of the door opening...
A fairly young male Drowolath appears in the gap that was opened just recently
His hair is silverly, whit red and orange stripes. It is also big, big enough to cover his eyes if it gets wet, but right now it’s a bit fuzzy, as if this Drowolath just awakened.
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Postby kembaru » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:14 am

"My point exactly" Says the Archivist as Kembaru highlights this text and reads it that way so that it is visible.

"Though I'm not really too sure as to the actual question you're asking, the clan classes aren't really to be so easily generalised, for instance you have in the world settings under the Sarghress troops you have all those nifty troops, yet the Sarghress also have mages that they can bring to battle as well, the drow are chaotic enough to have a seemingly infinite variety of troops within these wide generalisations."

"Basically if you can think of it and justify it in your background you can do it in the FFRPG."
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Postby Glyph » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:00 am

"Red is bad color. Clashes something horrible with the background color." The red-haired girl trying to shove a whole file cabinet into her desk says. "We do try to help those who come here, but we generally do better with more specific questions. Read the comic, world setting, and all that to get a feel for the world. Should be able to get some good inspirations in some of that and then you bring those here for us to shoot down." She grins at that last part. "Or not, as the case may be. Another good place to wander around in is the World Setting and Questions thread in the main forum. That is where we agrue, um, I mean politely debate various details about the world."
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Postby Aurin » Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:05 am

"Too much color...looks horrible with the background. Yes, yes." The black-haired Drowolath slides nonchalantly out of the shadows once more, still clutching his prized spider plushy. "Plus think of just how many people's eyes you're hurting! Try bright yellow here, it'''s horrible! Go with black- yes, yes- be one with the darkness. It's loads of fun!" The boy looks nervously around and then steps back into his shadows, his black eyes peering out to watch all the different people. "Everybody agrees!"

"I think the red-headed lady and the Archivist addressed everything else. So..." There comes a squeak as the young boy squeezes his toy spider, followed by a laugh as flops down on the floor and makes it dance.
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Postby Menekai » Fri Apr 21, 2006 6:58 am

The Drow boy walks in, nervously looking around. "When did we change room's..?" He asked, before sitting down at an empty desk. He thought for a moment, before getting up and moving to the front. "Can someone help me with my Character profile? I had him reviewed in the last room and I worked on the points I was told to improve. I think he's fine now but I still want another opinion or two." He says, before picking up the piece of chalk, and writing on the board.

Name: Risyf

Race: Naga

Age: 27 (Appears 23)

1 Brown shirt
1 Pair of gloves
1 Slave collar

Magic: None (Racial Restriction)

Beginning City: Chel'el'sussoloth

Clan: None. Slave.

Life moves slowly when you have no control over it. This is all to true for Risyf, who never really had a chance. As a young naga, he lived a blissfull life, ignorant to the worlds dangers. His parents were simple Naga's as he would have been, and raised him to be a fierce warrior, and a caring individual, and his sister was abit protective of him. His father trained him to be an archer, naturely talented with the bow, he exelled in this, and outdid all the other students who were learning in the archery field.

It was during these lessons that he met the person who would be his best friend for years to come. A human named Lynna. She was helping the instructer to set up the targets when he first saw her. Afterwards, they bumped into each other by accident, stuttering alittle, they introduced themselves, and slowly, began to talk. They quickly became friends, and would be seen spending time with each other most of the time. They were the best of friends, and were always suprising each other with jokes and gifts and other things of the such.

Some time later, after being succesful and going well beyond his parents expectations in archery, he began to explore around the outside of the village, but when he was caught, he was scolded. "Terrible creatures lurk beyond these walls!", "Do not venture out, lest you wish to lose your life." These and many more, were some such warnings he recieved. His village had been skeptical since they lost alot of promising youth to the tempting wilds somes months ago. Later, the body's of several naga youth were found in the forest surrounding, and thus the village had become supersticious, assuming they had angered some diety to the point of taking there young. Risyf and Lynna brushed this off as an isolated insident though, and continued to explore outside the village anyway.

And thus, life continued.

Roughly 5 years after the incident with the village youth, Risyf and Lynna were off exploring as usual. They were in a new part of the surrounding forests this time, and were having fun, laughing and joking around. They came to a sharp incline, and seeing no way around, began the descent down. Risyf, being extra careful due to his lack of 2 extra limbs to cling to the rock with, made it down with a few cuts and bruises, nothing to serious but still aggravating. Lynna though, was not so lucky. Halfway down she lost her footing and came rolling down the hill with rocks and dirt with her. Rushing to his friends aid, he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the rubble. She groaned quietly, and yelped in pain when she tried to stand. "Don't move," Risyf said, "I'll bring us home." He seated her on his tail behind him, and began climbing back up. Around the time they got up though, the clouds began to form ahead, and rain poured down. "Risyf, over there." Lynna told him, pointing to a small cave dug into the ground. Wet and annoyed, he quickly went inside the cave to escape. While inside, he watched the storm, and animals poking around. "It's rather bad.." Risyf commented. "Looks like we won't be going home for a while." was the reply. Risyf dragged a log that was almost right outside the cave, and lit it aflame with a flint and Tinder set he had on him.

2 hours later, after much talk and babble, Risyf noticed Lynna was asleep. He smiled as she leaned against him for support, curled up atween his tail. Stroking her hair softly, he looked outside and watched the storm go by. Stirring, Lynna slowly opened her eyes, and immediatly felt comfort at the stroking. She looked up, still half asleep, and he looked down. He had done alot for her over the years, from helping her study, and with her work in the village, to today, taking care of her while she was wounded. At this same moment, Risyf was thinking nearly the same thoughts. This was the woman whom he felt happiest with, he had spent the better half of his short life with her, She was the one who made him smile when he was angry, or sad, and she was the one who advised him otherwise when he was going to do something regretful. Both there hearts were racing, As they learned closer, Risyf slowly mumbled, "I love you.." Before there lips met. It was short lived though, as not seconds later, Lynna broke free, and pointing behind Risyf fearfully, confused, he looked behind him, only to meet the blunt end of a weapon, and black out.

When Risyf awoke he found his hands bound and his tail chained to the floor. He was in a cage, and it was moving. He brought himself to a sort of upright position leaning against the cold steely bars, and looked around, desperatly hoping to see Lynna somewhere. He didn't see her, and thus, opted to figure out where he was. He was in some sort of Caravan, with numerous cages being pulled by giant lizards. Atop these lizards, all around the cages, and some even In the cages, were dark skinned creatures, with pointed ears and hardened faces. They all wore armor and had weapons of every kind. Inside the cages were creatures of every race. Small, hairy grey skinned creatures, even smaller then they were a few that seemed to be fidgiting, trying to escape from there bonds. This usually earned them some kind of punishment, be it a whack in the head with a polearm, or a rock being hurled at them. There were medium sized, pale skinned creatures that Risyf knew to be called Humans. Even other naga such as he were in some of the cages. One thing remained the same in all these creatures, They all had absolute terror in there eyes.

Confused by all this, he began thrashing in his cage, "Let me out!" He screamed, "Let me out damn you!". The Lizard pulling his cage halted before one of the pointy eared, dark skinned humans grabbed his lance and shoved it through the bars, beating Risyf with the blunt end of the weapon. "Shut up in there! Stupid naga worm!" The guard yelled. Utterly frightened and full of a instinct to survive, Risyf grabbed the polearm and pulled the person against the bars. Before he could seriously harm the guard though, the cage door flew open and several of the dark skinned folk pulled him out and began beating on him. Confused and afraid, he curled up as much as he could, trying to press out the pain, before blacking out.

He awoke later that day, in a different place. He was still in a cage, but he was on a stand now, and there were many of the dark skinned creatures passing by. A group of them halted infront of his cage and looked at him, some with disgust, some seemed to be thinking carefully while studieng this strange creature. Risyf, still terrified grabbed hold of the bars and shook them desperatly. "Let me out! Please!" He pleaded with them, but they only gave him confused looks. Did these beings not understand him?! He desperatly turned and saw another naga in the cage next to him. He called out to him, and he rose his head, his eyes were devoid of emotion, this was the face of a man who hit rock bottom, then lower. "What is this place? Who are these people?" he asked the older naga. He looked at him, "This is a place of horror. These are the drow. We are to be sold as slaves to do there will." he answered, before the sound of a cell opening was heard. Risyf turned to see 2 Drow climbing into the cage with a metal collar, and a rope. Before he could even protest his hands were bound and the collar was around his neck. Risyf did not want to be beat again, so he went quietly along with the guards. A young woman was watching them, and the guards turned towards her. They spoke in there exotic language which Risyf couldn't even begin to comprehend. After the woman dropped some coins into the guards hands, she quickly grasped the chain connected to the collar on Risyf's neck. Startled, by this, he moved back, afraid of being struck. Instead, she merely gave him a playful smile, He couldn't tell if it was ment to intimidate or calm him. "Usstan Kestal dos orn l'amith dosst sel dro Naga," she spoke softly, reaching forward to stroke his face, Which Risyf reclined from. With a look of small anger, she began speaking again. "Whol Ol orn tlu natha verve lu' zolarix uss!" Confused, he tilted his head slightly. Smirking slightly she pulled him along.

As they walked, he looked about and noticed others of varied race's also being pulled, or ordered around. Some cowered away, trying to beg others for help, only to be punished, others worked dutifully, earning no insults, and sometimes even praise from there masters. Risyf suddenly recieved a hard yank on the chain, as the woman said something to him in her confusing tongue. Confused, he merely stared at her trying to comprehend what she was saying. She suddenly struck him and pointed angrily to a basket. He noticed they had stopped earlier and that there was a man behind the counter they were infront of. He looked impatient as he gestured towards a basket inbetween himself and the woman who had bought the confused naga. Getting the idea, he reached for the basket, before looking at the woman for approval. She nodded, and he picked it up. She smiled, "Mayoe gaer's kestal whol dos p'luin jal." she said, before tugging lightly on the chain. Risyf slithered up beside her, holding the basket in his arms.

Later, they arrived at a large structure, where immediatly upon entering, 2 men came up. Both nodding to the woman, the younger one took the basket from Risyf, while the older looking one took the chain and lead Risyf Into another room. Confused at this new place, there were many books, and an odd green board on the wall. Small sticks of white lay on a table beside the board. The man gestured to the books. "These are what you will study to learn our language. What good is a slave if he does not understand orders. Hey?" He said. Suprised, Risyf looked at the man. "I can understand you?" The man chuckled, before speaking again. "I am fluent in a number of languages, including yours. I teach the new slaves Drow so they may understand what they are told." Risyf lowered his head. "So It is true.. I am to be a slave..." The man frowned before handing Risyf one of the many books. "Begin reading this, it is a mixture of your native tongue, and our language. Then, when you are done, I want you to Recite the entire book in Drow. Not by memory of coarse. You will be released from this room twice a day. Once to eat and releave yourself, and another to be taken to your quarters where you and the other slaves will sleep. If you do not study, and are not ready when you are to recite the book, you will be taken back to the slave market, and branded as inadequat. I don't think I need to stress how much more of a hell your life will become if that happens. If your confident, you may try some of the other books. It will further allow you to become more fluent in our language, though this is the bear necesittys." With that, the man left, leaving The Naga alone, and frightened, once again.

He spent the next 6 years learning the Drow tongue, and becoming further adept at wielding a bow, and even learned how to wield a shortsword to some extent. On the 6th year, the woman who had purchased him, Who many had reffered to as 'Ilharr", came to him. Her visits were rare, but usually of no consiquence. The results were varieng, as sometimes she would yell at him for inadequatly performing his tasks, and others she would give praise for his success. This time she had a grin on her face as she entered his room. He immediatlly set his Bow to the side and bowed. "Dear, Risyf. You would do anything for your Ilharr, would you not?" Confused, he replied, "Yes, Ilharr." "Even give your life?" He thought on this for a second. His stay in this dark world had not been particularily dreadful, as being a slave was supposed to be, He was treated like dirt outside the house, but inside the building, he had SOME small level of respect. He was always curious of this though. "Yes?" She smiled. "Risyf, There is a woman who questions my authority. She insults me, threatens me. She wishes us dead, the House, Dead!" She emphasized by raising her arms, gesturing to the entire form of the structure. "She is a wicked woman. And I would like very much to see her suffer. It would make me very happy. You want to make your Ilharr happy, don't you?" Risyf nodded eagerly. "Then you will kill her champion in the arena."

He was being fitted in a locker room of the arena. He was scared. This was no duel, it was kill or be killed. Despite his skill with the bow, he still had a terrible feeling on this. Suddenly, a gate opened to the left of him, He was given his quiver, his bow, and then shoved out. The gate slammed shut behind him, and he looked around. The ground was covered in sand, filed sand, cleaned to look appealing to the crowd, but Risyf still made out blood stains here and there. There was a great crowd around the circle, he spotted his Mistriss staring at him. He then looked to the other side of the field when another gate slammed. His eyes widend in fear. On the other side of the field, was a minotaur. And it didn't look happy. Immediatly siting Risyf, the beast roared and charged the naga, who fumbled with how bow. Never had his target actually came at him with such a bloodlust. He fired the first arrow and it landed clumsily on the ground. Now visibly panicking, he fired the second arrow, which flew past the minotaur. His a few metres away now, Risyf fired the third arrow, which lodged itself in the beasts eye. Roaring in agony, the minotaurs eye was stained crimson as it continued charging. More or less throwing himself at the naga, The minotaur crushed the bow, but ended up pushing the arrow in further, causing him to twitch uncontrollably. Taking advantage of the minotaurs agony, Risyf whipped his tail across its back, earning a howl. When it spun around, the naga lept at it, curling around its neck and arms. Struggling to breath now, the minotaur huffed angrily. Risyf sighed and looked away, as he tightened his grip, there was a loud snap, and he fell to the ground.

Now he understood why The Ilharr and her family and servants had given him such treatmant, had allowed a slave such as him to continue improving in weaponry. They made him into a weapon. A Gladiator. And he fought in the arena for 2 more years, his Mistriss wiseley choosing his battles, and which one's he would participate in. At her orders, he also began learning herbology, in order to create venom with which to coat his arrows. This ever increased his success in battle.

When he turned 28. Risyf's Ilharr was assassinated by unknown foes. Many were killed, the slaves were rounded up and brought back to the market, as no owner to own them was alive. Risyf, among said slaves, look out, past the bars he could once laugh at, that now blocked his world. He looked as the buyers passed by, some looked at him, studieng him, some simple passed without a second thought.

For the first time in many years his thoughts drifted back to Lynna. He wondered if she was still alive, if she was killed, or if she to was brought to this dreadful world as a slave.

Tired of the drow eyeing him like some item to be used, though technicly he was, Risyf curled himself up in his cage, and went to sleep, awaiting the next master, or mistriss.

Eyes: Green
Hair: A deep black colour, coming to above shoulder length. Kept in standable condition, as his former owner was very particular about it.

Risyf is a rather unique Naga. He is roughly 6'0 when 'standing', and is around 300 LB. His tail is a dulled emerald colour, due to the hard slave labour and fighting in the dusty arena. His complexion is fare. He would be considered handsome by many if not for the giant appendage where his legs should be. Before his Ilharr's sub-house was destroyed, he wore standable, daresay, glamourous clothes. Clearly the woman had wanted her gladiator to be a Show-Trophy as well as arena bait. Now though, all he wears is what he is given, which, most of the time, is ragged clothes, and sometimes nothing at all.

TimeZone-Activity: Very active. Canadian PST Timezone. GMT -7

He turned around again, placing the now nub of chalk down. "Also.. can anyone point me to somewhere I can find information on The Naga species? Or fill me in on it? It would be much appreciated." He say's, before looking around again, and taking his seat.
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Postby kembaru » Fri Apr 21, 2006 9:21 am

The Archivist reads it over, peering over his glasses and takes a few notes on his pad of paper.

"First of all I'd say it's all good, you have pretty much everything you need to know about his childhood and the lost love bit plays well... I think, something to motivate your character, though there are a few things I need to point out."

"First off your character has been put in a room for six years in order to master a language. it doesn't take that long to master a language, and for one thing they'd only teach him enough to be able to understand basic orders, the rest he would pick up from other slaves as time went on, no one would put that amount of time into any single slave, if they did that whole room would be full of slaves in order to minimise effort."

"Now he's been in this room for 6 years, more or less, and suddenly they've been training, him, sure enough they have been, but you don't mention it untill later, and you never tell us who has trained him or what they told him they were training him for. Sure enough he would get suspicious after training him up for six years that he would be killing SOMETHING."

"Fix that up, and for future reference Minotaurs in this setting are called 'Tauram'. Once these are changed you're set to ship this over to Xian."
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Postby Black Hell » Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:30 am

OOC: hehe now that i notice, that text is full of errors :-P Anyway, he is a Sarghess, thats why i made his speech red...
I dont think it would hurt your eyes. But if theres a list of a red-like color that matches whit the background, point me out...
i ca not reply to your actions right now, for i am in school :-P
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Postby Kalandrin » Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:44 am

ooc:I'll say this out-of-context as I am a bit lazy to say it... stylishly now. I personally play a Beldrobbaen and write with crimson... I think that fits better with the background as it is less bright than standard red. And my Kyorl uses violet for her speech...
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Postby Black Hell » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:12 pm

OOC: *nods*
hey how does this one look?
or maybe this one?
there is also this one...
much better then red!
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Postby Black Hell » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:31 pm

Roda seems unease by what the three others in the room said.
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Postby Kenji » Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:31 pm

((not using my colour sheme))

Don't worry Navvy, I meant the statement for both ways. It's likely you'll think up a way of getting him to look better... although mind you i'ld find it amusing if you managed to get a pretty charicter and make him ugly by the time you've had enough of him XD

Ah, Well...
I use the colours Olive and Green, as they seemed 'Human' colours in comparison with the other colours (Who at that point All belonged to a clan, The green Clan prettymuch didn't exist except in some peoples heads), so it was partially to give the text an accent, Though now i'ld switch for Orange Text, as i feel it to be Bolder on the background now, Originally i found green to be easier to read.

Sorry to hear that Kembaru, You should have mentioned that earlier.
Would you rather i didn't use my colour sheme hence forth?

Personally i think the drowtales forum looks nice, but you'ld be able to add more charicter to your writing with a darker shade of purple or mabye even black.

(goes off to the profile page to see if you can change the background like on some forums))
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