Subforum rules

Subforum rules

Postby Thalar » Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:04 pm

Raveran 1114
The official roleplay setting of the DT rpg.

  • An approved character is required to play, and anything that happens to the character during play should carry over from one story to the next. If you have more than one approved character, avoid interactions between your own characters.
  • You should not increase your character's power level during play, it was approved with a specific power level.
  • Roleplays should aim for worldsetting accuracy.

DT Freestyle
An unofficial roleplay subforum where you can roleplay in pre- or post-timeskip Raveran, Chel'el'Sussoloth, Nuqrah'shareh, or anything that catches your fancy in the Drowtales worldsetting.

  • An approved character is not required to play in this subforum, but you can use an approved character if you wish.
  • Any changes that happen to your approved character in the Freestyle roleplay is not considered 'official' and does not apply to your character in the Raveran 1114 subforum.
  • Freestyle roleplays can aim for as much or as little worldsetting accuracy as they want.

General rules
  • No interaction with Kern's NPCs.
  • No God-moding.
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