Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Altruis » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:49 pm

so i changed my kyorl background is it ok?
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:50 pm


Sadly, I have to refuse this character again due to the poorly defined background and the rather contrived manner in which your character's father died. It's hard to believe that a trained fighter would accidentally kill someone in a "honor duel." If it was an exposition duel the fighters wouldn't be using sharpened weaponry.

Svelt Rho'vannion:

Your character has been approved, have fun!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Obsidian Agent » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:12 pm

Okay, I'm only half-expecting this guy to be approved, since he IS a comic relief character, but here goes:

Name: Wa'hooni Sarghress
Gender: Male
Age: 132
Race: Drowolath
Height: 1.96 meters (6'5" approx.)
Build: Slightly Lanky
Job: Demolitions Expert
Weapons: Mana Grenades, Dvergar Cannons, Mana Cannons, Battleaxe
Mana Affinity: Fire

Appearance: Waste-length hair dyed red and blue (for reasons known only to him), blue eyes, a manic smirk almost perpetually on his face. Wears standard Sarghress armor when in combat, a white short-sleeved shirt, black pants and boots when out (or on one of his 'missions').

Wa'hooni is, for want of a better term, a nutcase. To be more precise, he is a psychotic, paranoid pyromaniac who is convinced that several people, whom he has put together on a "shitlist", have wronged him deeply in the past. Whether or not they actually have is irrelevant. What is relevant, is that once a person is on his shitlist, he doesn't give up until he's sure that they've been blown to smithereens. To see these carried out to their end, he is willing to use any means necessary, even joining up with the Vloz'ress or Kyorl'solenurn when convenient. He is always plotting, scheming, trying to get the people on his shitlist. Currently, Kalki is his number one target, although how he knows of her existence is unknown. Then again, he has spent a lot of time with Sil'lice and the other Val'Sharen renegades, so it's possible he learned about her from them. The fact that Kalki never personally attacked him, or even knows of his existence is irrelevant to him. A frightening thing about his love of fire and explosions is that in his mind, the terms 'collateral damage' and 'acceptable losses' are synonymous. Still, he is kind enough to give out a warning - specifically, "Duck, you sucker!" - and hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

His Clan

Others on his Shitlist

"I Love the Smell of Fire Foci in the Morning."
"What's in the bag? Enough mana explosives to level half of Chel. If I were you, I'd start running. Now."
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Pyra » Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:14 pm

Name: Elain Kyorl’solenurn

Clan: Kyorl’solenurn

Sex: Female

Age: 148

Weapons: Bastard sword (Heavy and unadorned, with a leather sheath), a thin dagger in her left boot

Armor: -Chainmail long shirt
-Thick leather bodice, gloves and boots.

Magic: Fire affinity (fully trained) and average Mana Arts

Other gear:

Elain often carries with her sealing stones, a symbol of Sharess and she’ll never be seen without her blue scarf.
Her clothes are simple and white under her armor. She also wears a blue sash over her leather bodice.
Elain will only rarely wear casual or elegant clothes.

Back ground:

Elain was born to a pair of highborn (not Val) Kyorl clan’s members that belonged to the order of purity. She was their fourth child, a pureblood Drowussu they and their order could be proud of.

Elain began her warden training from a very early age and was instilled with the passion for righteousness and the deep faith for Sharess that was expected from a typical Kyorl. She was taught to hunt the tainted and despise the half-breeds with all the hate her heart could muster. For her, anything touched by a demon had lost all virtue and purpose.
She became so extreme in her convictions that she surrounded herself with like-minded individuals only.

Elain grew to be very tall, much above the clan’s average female height. Because of that fact she was trained to use the bastard sword, a weapon that needed a lot of strength, height and endurance to be wielded properly. It was a weapon she grew to love, because the forceful, all-out fighting style suited her passionate character best.

Her fire affinity once again matched her passionate destructive character and her mentor sought to teach her to use it well.

What her mentors did not expect was that their rigorous training would be ‘over-effective’ with Elain. She knew no boundaries or hesitation when it came to battling whatever she was taught was evil. There were no gray areas with her, which made her a dangerous fighter, more interested in victory than safety and prudence. Elain was the type of fighter that was willing to endanger innocents to kill the guilty.

This character flaw hindered her ascendance in the ranks and she ended up being one of those fighters called upon when things where too dire for diplomacy or caution. Elain only saw the ends of the bloodiest battles and was expected to clean up after the Kyorl armies with the rest of the misfits.

That was until she was assigned the young templar Airen to fight at her side. He was everything she wasn’t: patient, calculative and calm. She was the brawn and he became the brains of their duo team. Although weak in constitution himself, Airen managed to bring the best out of Elain. He saw her as a burning weapon of righteousness that had waited for the right wielder, himself.

Airen became Elain’s lover very soon after they met. They spent thousands of nights, naked in each other’s arms, discussing morality and the will of Sharess. Finally, after many years of combat and discussions together, he had mellowed her fury down enough for their team to become among the best of the army.

They both gained enough fame to make their clan proud. The only cloud in her life at that time was her obvious inability to bear children. Elain wasn’t certain if it was her problem or Airen’s, but having another lover was a taboo subject between them. Her failure to procreate weighed heavily on her sense of responsibility towards her clan and her parent’s order.

That was until a couple of months before her 148th birthday. In what seemed a typical tainted hunt, a lesser nether portal opened up too close to them and Airen was mortally injured. Elain, and the other six Kyorls with her, managed to fight and retreat in time. Airen suffered for five nights in the Kyorl healing ward, but it was obvious that he had been tainted.

Elain never saw Airen again, only hearing of his death, seven days after the battle. She knew not if he had been executed or if he had succumbed to his wounds. Her anger and sadness were boundless and she had nothing to direct them at or hold her back anymore. From that day on she would never be seen without wearing Airen’s long blue scarf over her armor.
During the next battle she was engaged in, she carelessly killed two innocent children together with their tainted mother. It wasn’t an inexcusable sin, but her higher ups feared for her mental stability and decided to send her away to the city of Raveran, to keep her out of sight and out of mind.

Elain saw this act as a demotion of sorts. Her embarrassment of being sent away only aggravated her frustration and sadness.

Her trip to Raveran was bloody and dangerous. Elain was constantly in the heat of every skirmish or battle, slaughtering whatever attacked her caravan with glee. Her fellow fighters called her ‘hothead’, which was a joke about her fire affinity and her bad temper.

Elain reached Raveran in one piece. She now waits to be assigned a new templar there and continue serving Sharess.

Description: Elain is a very beautiful pureblood Drowussu. She is tall, curvy and quite muscular. Her favorite part of herself is her platinum, long hair, which she keeps always tied up for battle. She has cold, ocean-blue eyes, which are slanted. Her nose is pointy and short and her lips are small and of normal thickness. She generally looks angry, distant and very arrogant.
Here is a picture of her: ... 1411938715

Height: Very tall

Weight: Wiry and Muscular

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Hair Color: Pale Blonde (platinum)

Personality: Elain is above all a very angry individual. She has been taught to hate difference, weakness and anything demonic. She rarely screams or shouts, not even in battle, but her eyes betray fury and hatred when she fights.
Elain has a very low tolerance of being talked back to, but will follow almost any order given by a higher ranking officer. She is extremely loyal to the Kyorl ideal and to Sharess as a deity.
Elain does have capacity to love and be gentle, but she does not offer her affections easily.
At this time she is mourning, which makes her look even angrier and more distant than usual.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:46 pm


Sorry, but your character can't be connected to any of Kern's NPCs. You also don't have much of a background or backstory to the character either, nor a good explanation as to how he got ahold of such explosives and in large quantities.


Your character is approved, have fun!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Obsidian Agent » Tue Oct 07, 2014 11:18 pm

Alric wrote:ObsidianAgent:

Sorry, but your character can't be connected to any of Kern's NPCs. You also don't have much of a background or backstory to the character either, nor a good explanation as to how he got ahold of such explosives and in large quantities.


Honestly, he did a lot better than I thought he'd do, considering he was originally created as a base model to show Altruis how to create better characters in the cameo thread (not SANE, just more fleshed out then the Mary Sues he created).
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby TheJackinati275 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:45 pm

I have a question, Are Hermionne characters possible or are these not allowed.

i am just asking that as i have checked through most of the guidelines listed in the first page and i noted that Hermionnes where not written down.

Any way i will submit a fairly brief character list, and if my character is not allowed i will just quickly change the characters race.

Name: Hjoralf Ivarsen
Gender: Male
Race: Hermionne
Age: 23
Height: Roughly two metres (6.5 feet)
Body: thin due to frequent hunger but with strong muscles from constant labour, scars along back from punishments
Hair Colour/length: Crew-cut like Red hair with a bushy reddish beard and mustache
Eye Colour: Blue
Job: Mercenary for hire, he sells his services for cheap due to being Goblin
Weapon: Buckler, Longsword made from Steel with a blade that is roughly 86 centimetres (33 7/8'' inches)
Clothing/armour: Boiled leather pauldrons, studded leather coat, cloth pants and a Kettle-like steel helmet
Money: 2 Ada, is quite poor but is not starving
Clan: None, though he is usually associated or works with the Nal'Sarkoth (for obvious reasons)
Equipment: food that can last at least 2 days, his Longsword and Buckler, 2 Ada
Misc items: a statue of Sharess that Hjoralf prays to sometimes
Dislikes: Most Drowolath and the Halmes and Emberyies that associate with them, Slavers and Slavery
Likes: Kyorl-solenurn for freeing him from his previous Master, those who believe in Sharess
Current Location: Val'Raveran Bazaar
Skills: Proficient with Longswords and Bucklers, fluent in Chelian, Halme and Hermionne, bare bones fluency of Embrie.
Minor Skills: can play a Violin and flute quite well and has some experience with other musical instruments

Background story: Hjoralf was born to a Merchant family who travelled from place to place seeking fortunes. Unfortunately, Hjoralf and his family where captured by Drow Slavers and he was put in chains and led into Chel at the age of twelve.
He was purchased by a semi-rich Ver'drowendar Woman who purchased him for his good build, his relatively young age and because he was exotic and could be shown off to fellow friends, Unfortunately Hjoralf was not very becoming as a slave and was thus frequently whipped and punished... After six years of slavery, he was freed from his master when a small party of Kyorl-Solenurn soldiers stormed his owners house and executed his master. The Kyorl-solenurn then turned and released the other Drow slaves but refused to unbind him due to him being goblin and the soldiers where considering reselling him until one of the Freed Drow suggested that they free him and after a moment of quiet decisions, they freed him, that event changed his life forever

Later on, Hjoralf quickly fell sway to the Belief of Sharess and he used Sharess's religous doctrine as an excuse to bully Other... Poorer Drowolath, this allowed Hjoralf to quickly earn himself a name and a reputation as being harsh. Over a year was spent bullying his way enough to gain him Ada to buy a of which to teach him in the art of the Sword, His trainer at first mocked him, but over time and spent Ada... his trainer slowly became impressed with Hjoralf's prowess with the Longsword and thus the trainer also provided lessons with the Buckler as well.

When the Ada dried up, so too did the Training, thus Hjoralf went back to bullying and thuggery, only this time he put his new found skills to use

After another year of Bullying and thuggery, Hjoralf had enough Ada saved up to buy himself a better Longsword and a helmet, and Hjoralf also decided that he had enough experience on the streets of Chel to become a Mercenary, but when he could not get hired in Chel, he managed to move to Raveran and looked for new job opportunities there.

He found a Job opportunity two weeks later, when he managed to con his way to earning the place as a guardsman and translator to a Surface going Expedition, this expedition was run by the Nal'Sarkoth.

The Expedition was boring and nothing eventful occurred, but Hjoralf earned his Ada, so when he returned Months later back to Raveran, he spent it all on new armour which consisted of Boiled leather pauldrons and a studded leather coat.

Right now, Hjoralf is currently waiting to be hired
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:24 am


Refused. Hermiones characters are allowed (but not encouraged due to problems interacting with other characters) but there are a few aspects that don't make sense about the character. If your character was indeed made a slave at that young age, he would have either been broken or made into food. It also doesn't make much sense that he'd be freed by Kyorls; they might not have slaves but I'm not sure they'd care much about some random goblin.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Tsukiko » Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:26 pm

It's been more than one year since last submitting a char... Here we go :)

Name: Uyura Nal'Sarkoth
Race: Drokkalfar
Gender: female
Age: 61 years old

Weapon Skill: uses a dagger for self-defense, but isn't a warrior at all
Mana Skill: basic mana manipulation, Light affinity.

Height: normal
Eye colour: brown
Hair: White. Long hair loosely attached (fixes them better when giving medical care).
Details: shaves her eyebrows in a round shape.
Clothes; Almost always in kimono-style. Her common clothing is a very short kimono of various shades of green with a black and white obi, black mini-pants and knee-level white spider silk boots.

Has a side back with all basic tools and medicines as a medic.
Has a dagger fixed on the back of her obi.
White fan with decorative blue lace.
Usually has about 20 adas with her.

Weapons: a dagger decorated with the Nal'sarkoth symbol.
Magic: Basic mana manipulation, and little trained light art.
Beginning city: Chel'el'sussoloth and surface colony.

Clan: Nal'Sarkoth.

Family: Uyura is one of the 5 daughters of Lusija Nal'Sarkoth, a relic hunter.
Uyura also has a 12 years old daughter, Shar'karra. The father is a Beldrobbaen male. The two mated out of their respective clans to develop some bonds.
Shar'karra just started attending Orthobbae.

Personality notes:
Uyura always act as very well-mannered, with slow, almost ritualistic gestures when not in an hurry. She is attentive to other and very studious.
But all her “perfect” behaviour is hiding a strive for compliments and recognition. Being one of many children of her mother, raised among many children made her hungry for being spotten and praised without others to realise so.


Uyura was born in a Nal'sarkoth colony, on the surface. Her name was found by an Emberi slave of her mother, as the “uyura” was the name these Emberis were giving to a little egret the mother was fond of. (
Her mother being too busy with her duties, as soon as she recovered from the birth-giving she let her new daughter to the care of others.
The colony had a nursery where most drow children were raised together until their mothers could stop by a bit longer.
These few years were rather uneventful, but Uyura soon felt doped when praised and started at a young age to look for more compliments.
What she remember the most from the colony were the paddies and oxes. Even now, thinking of the green paddies waving in the wind gives her peace and serenity.

As soon as she was old enough, Uyura was brought to Orthobbae.
She stayed there for several decades, always doing her best to get along with her various room mates.
Also, during all her school years, she appeared as a perfect student: studious, kind, helpful, listening, unseeking leadership and hence earned respect and even admiration from most other girls and teachers.

She decided to study medicine when one room-mate, a Sharen girl, got injured. Uyura helped her, but didn't knew what to do with the girl's broken knee. It infuriated her.
Teachers praised her to get interested into such a hard subject at such young age, so what first was a childish reaction to won frustration became a serious study and with time she specialised herself in this field to become an accomplished medic.

Teenage years
At age 25, Uyura left Orthobbae. She studied enough there to be a real medic and her clan wasn't to spend much more on a non-Val's education.
Instead, and with her clan's approval, Uyura returned to the colony where she was born to serve as a medic there.
It allowed her to practise the way she wanted: without using any mana arts. First, her natural affinity wasn't much a help in that. But the reduced amount of mana there compared to Chel made it a necessity.
She stayed there many years, becoming a major figure in the little place (aka the place's medic everyone knows and respects) and an assistant for the colony head.
She was a happy drokkalfar teen, only regretting the colony wasn't having a bigger population to laud her.
She had some occasional mates, but never something serious. It was a quiet, enjoyable life.

At age 45, the clan called Uyura back in Chel.
She was to serve as medic there, she was said.
But as she arrived, she was informed she was also expected to let a Beldrobbaen court her. She was to be part of a little group of childless Nal women to be courted by Beldrobbaen men to produce children as part of a trading agreement.
When she was 49, an epidemic was ravaging the colony's goblins where she spent so many years. Uyura rushed back there to attend them as she felt it was her duty.
She was pregnant with Shar'karra and gave birth on the surface.
Uyura remained there with her child. Raising her herself until Shar'karra could be old enough to attend school in Chel, in turn, twelve years later.
Uyura travelled with her daughter back to Chel, served a bit there and was finally sent to Raveran to help keeping the clan and civilians in good health and inspect the applicants for Nal'sarkoth colonies.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:39 pm


Your character has been approved! Nice to see another Nal'sarkoth character, don't see too many of those outside of Relic Hunters these days.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Dullahallan » Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:02 am

So this is where we post new characters?
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby IkaikaKekai » Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:59 am

Yes, though generally most people post their rough draft here to flesh it out a bit better.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Kamary » Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:11 pm

I haven't been in the fandom too long, so I hope I don't have many errors for my girl.


Name: Kijira’sera Vir’reska
Race: Drowolath
Age: 192
Equipment: Rather light iron plate mail with spider silk underclothes. Attached to her right gantlet is a fire focus. She keeps a long sword strapped to her waist and a dagger sheathed on her other side. On her back is her crossbow. She normally carries a leather bag containing several days’ worth of food and water, in case she needs to leave for a hunting trip suddenly. She also keeps some bandages on hands in case of emergencies. She carries about 40 ada with her most of the time.
Magic: Kij has an affinity for fire sorcery, though she somewhat neglected this area of her training when she was young. As such, while she is normally not, she can be a danger to those around her if she attempts to use it due to her lack of control. Adding that to the fact her main profession is hunting, and Kij almost never uses her magic, which hardly helps her increase her skills with it.
Beginning city: Val'Raveran
Clan: Vir’reska
Height: Average height for a male drowlath, but short for a female.
Build: Kij is rather small and androgynous for a female drowolath. While she is rather muscular, she is still closer to the size of a male than a female.
Eyes: A light brown colour.
Hair: Dyed a dark brown colour, though it seems she no longer cares to dye it as the roots have grown out to near her eyebrow level. Her hair is a little over the length of her shoulder blades.
Scars: Kij has a burn scar covering the lower part of her right cheek, the right side of her neck, and the right side of her ribcage. She also has various cuts on her legs from instructors correcting her crossbow firing stance
Kijira’sera is the daughter of one of the lesser nobles of the Vir’reska clan. Her mother really didn’t have much status in the family, largely due to her lack of adequate hunting skills, but that didn’t stop her from thinking that she was special. And she was, in a way. Through a mix of her promiscuity and the fact she was quite fertile for a drow, she managed to have a surprising number of children. Kij was her fourth daughter, and her mother continued to have more children after her. As she had several children quite close to each other, she left a lot of the raising of her children to the family servants, completely unaware as to what shape the younger ones due to her not resting her body. Kij’s mother spent next to no time with their daughters. She was almost always out hunting, when she could get away with it. However, those short times in her younger years when Kij could actually spend time with her mother were always cherished by the young drow. With so many sisters and brothers, it was difficult to completely get her mother’s attention. As such, she formed a warped image in her mother.

Desiring to become a great hunter, like she imagined her mother to be, Kijira’sera started training to hunt young. She had about as much talent as the average girl in the Vir’reska clan. However, it was her dedication that would someday make her into a great hunter. In her desire to become a hunter, Kij mostly ignored the fire affinity she had been born with. Though she had learned enough to protect herself in emergencies, she was hardly competent. But hunting was something she felt she could excel in. She found fun in her work, and by the time that she was 30, she was ready to go on her first official hunt. Though chomping at the bit to be released from their protective restrictions, her eldest and third sister accompanied her on her first hunting mission to make sure she didn’t get badly hurt or embarrass their immediate family. It started out well, but Kijira’sera found that hauling prey home attracted certain types of people.

During their hunt on the surface, the three sisters and the rest of their party had gotten a rather small, but successful load of prey. Though it was nothing compared to what more experienced hunters would bring back, Kijira was thrilled to have her first hunt be deemed a success. However, when they were nearing their destination, they were attacked by a group of Halmes bandits. Kijira stayed with the cart they brought for the bodies and attempted to shoot the approaching bandits from a distance. However, one managed to sneak up behind her and attempted to attack her. Seeing his shadow in the light of the torches the bandits carried, Kijira panicked and used her fire sorcery without much thought to herself or the cart. Both caught on fire, threatening her and some of the meat. Her sisters managed to put out the fire before it became life threatening, but she was left with burn scars over the right side of her body. From that point on, Kijira would always flinch whenever she had to use her fire sorcery, and her control was inhibited by that fear. When she returned home, she was scolded for her recklessness, and it was quite a while before she was able to go out hunting again.

As she hunted, her skills gradually increased. She started practicing more with her sword in order to avoid using her magic in the future. No hunt ever went as bad for her as her first hunt did. Over time, she earned a reputation as a competent hunter, but Kijira desired more than that. Her mother never went hunting with her, by both of their intentions. Her mother had no time to hunt with all of her daughters and Kijira’sera wasn’t one she paid much attention to, and Kij felt that she skills weren’t up to snuff. She wanted to make her mother proud, not ashamed.

Unfortunately, she was never able to hunt with her mother, as the fertility that her mother had always flaunted was what killed her. In the birth of her youngest brother, when Kij was only 51 years old, her mother ended up bleeding out due to a premature birth away from everyone except for one of her sisters. Few suspected that her sister had allowed her to bleed out, and those that did kept it to themselves. Her attempts at increasing her reputation were harmful to her daughters, and Kij’s aunt couldn’t stand to see so many weak bodied nieces, knowing they would not live long if they chose the path of a hunter.

Kij, in admiration of her mother, offered to raise her youngest brother instead of one of her elder sisters, two of which already had their first child. However, her eldest sister told her that someone who had yet to go through her coming of age ceremony had no right to raise a child. Insulted by her sister’s words, Kij pushed herself thoroughly into her hunting. She had always been very close to her numerous siblings, but she had pulled away a bit due to the insult. Outside of her siblings, she had few friends in the Vir’reska clan and none outside it. Deciding to expand her horizons, Kijira began to spend some time with other nobles in the city, namely a few she had met during her school days. However, many of the other girls didn’t have the slightest idea as to who she was, and even if they did, they had no interest in spending time with her. Determined to find friends, she found companionship with a group of Qin’dalasque boys. As they were allies of her family, she felt no harm in befriending them. Friendships quickly became more than that for her and one of her companions. Their relations were something that Kijira prided herself on. She was sure that she too would join the ranks of her sisters with children. Of course, since she was nowhere near as a fertile as her mother and her relationship did not last all that long, she was disappointed by her lack of children.

Deciding to put that aside for a while, Kijira’sera was rapidly nearing the time that she joined her elder sister’s in adulthood. Despite her pestering for an early ceremony, her coming of age ceremony was enacted at the same age as it would be for any other member of the family. She withdrew into her hunting for a while after her ceremony, reflecting on what it all had meant. But, eventually, she was lifted out of her funk by the birth of her third sister’s second daughter and began seeking a male of her own.

Her life became a cycle of hunting and returning to her clan for some flirtation and yet another attempt to start a family of her own. Kijira remained hopeful and chipper through this all. She was happy to watch her young sisters grow and eventually go through their own coming of age ceremony. She had eventually reconnected with her eldest sister and was happy with her place in her clan. As time went on, and she reached the age of 80, she started to lose her cheerful nature. Little sisters who lived lives much the same as her own were having children while she had no such luck. First, she thought it was something to do with her appearance. She was never all that attractive, but that shouldn’t have cut down her chances too much. It wouldn’t be for several years later did her suspicions that there was something wrong with her.

At the age of 102, Kijira’sera went to see a healer about why she was struggling so much with having a child. The healer did several checkups on her and eventually came to conclusion that she barren, and likely had been since she was born. When told this, she could only think of some of her weaker, more sickly sisters. It was finally this that shook her image of her perfect mother. Having so many children close together had negatively affected the health of her sisters, and she told herself that it affected her too. Still, she tried to be the optimistic girl she had once been. However, she was now colder to her sisters, and even some of her brothers, for being able to pass on their genes when she could not. She felt bitter over the matter, but decided to supress the feeling. It wasn’t well hidden, though, and her sisters started avoiding her. Rumors spread in the clan about how she was incapable of baring children and was spiteful to anyone that could. People even started to suggest she would steal babies to try and force into her body so she could claim she birthed them herself. As such, clammates began to avoid her. In such a tight knit clan, it felt like exile. While this may have worn off after a short while normally, it didn’t due to Kijira’s actions

Kijra’sera, too, decided to avoid them. She started going on longer hunts, almost never coming home. The few times that she did, it was largely to restock before going again. Her reputation only became worse and worse until people lost any memory of why she was liked in the first place. Her clans’ secretive nature didn’t make it easy for her to make friends outside it. She felt completely alone. When people eventually tried to reach out to her, Kij was having none of it and lashed out at them. She had gone from being optimistic and good natured, to being cynical and aggressive. Any attempts to reform bridges with her burned. And they stayed burned for a long time.

She held her status in the clan largely due to her skill. Spending so much time hunting had increased her skills exponentially. She would never be the best hunter in her clan, but she became one of the better ones, and that allowed her to stay reclusive. She didn’t react well to authority anymore. Kijira was snappy and hard to reason with. It became a chore to speak to her about the good of the clan, and so, she was largely out of the loop of many things that happened during the times she was gone. And Kij was out of town for many key events.

It came as a surprise to her to come back one day and find that the Val’Illhar’dro was gone and her clan had moved into their old fortress. However, this gave her more freedom to move. She was assigned to live at the new fortress, as she was an outcast and there was no need for her to live in the clan’s original fortress with more key members of the family. Kijira was fine with this. She had no intention of trying to be close with them either.

She decided to check in at home more, and was around for the second demon invasion. While Kijra herself was mostly unharmed by this, she had lost several sisters in the first invasion, though unknown to her until much later, and the second was no different. Her family of too many weak girls was dropping in numbers as they tried to protect their clan from various attacks. It was this realization that caused Kijira to really stick around. She still felt bitter, but cared for her clan enough to stay. Though she hunted still, her hunts were closer to the average length for her clan. She kept an eye on what happened in Raveran, and was surprised at all that was happening.

She was pleased to have some of the untainted Qin’dalasque hiding among her people. She remembered fondly that her first mate was among their tribe, and though he was long since lost, Kijra was welcoming to them. It probably helped that they were also outsiders, and this allowed her to spend a bit of time around people with the same social status that she had slowly earned. This proved to mellow her out a little. She had enough to worry about as the Kyorls proved to be as fanatically and dangerous as she feared. Concern over them pushed her closer to her clan. It was only in fear did Kij start working towards redeeming herself in her family’s eyes.
Skills: Though only a mediocre sorceress, Kij’s real talent comes in her bow hunting. She is an excellent markswoman. While her knife skills are limited to the area of skinning and gutting her prey, Kij is about average is a sword fight. She’s good enough to look competent, but her skills are really nothing to call home about.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Niel » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:30 pm

Name: Ari'man

Race: Drowolath

Age: 80

Gender: Male

1 chitine spear
1 steele long sword
2 chitine daggers

Armor: Medium chitine armor

2 sparkle-plate strap on his forearms
1 spidersilk bag
In the bag:
1 rope
5 dried food
1 bottle of water
1 furr sleeping bag
extra clothing
25 Ada

Magic: Basic fire sorcery

Combat Skills:
His hand to hand combat is to the level of a street fighter..
He uses is spear, sword and daggers to the level of a professional soldier.
His aqrab heritage give him a good hunter and rider training even with unusual animals.
He generaly uses is affinity with fire as a defensive weapon. He created wall or make it move around him. He just had to cross his arms for hit his sparkle-plates together.
He is not whitout skill for stealth but like more open fight.

Beginning city: Val'Raveran

Clan: Aqrab'akkar, mercenary

Background: He is the fourth son of a woman whitout daugther. She cames to feel frustrated because of that even before Ari was born. She was fair enough for not blame him to be born man but not love him particularly. She said when he was baby: “Put a spear in his hand when he will be old enough and make him be useful.” That sentence shape a big part of his life.
That was a minor female of the clan, a beastmaster with only one beast, who make his education in the first twenty years of his life. She also had the responsibility of make furr and leather clothes. A reconforting memory of his childhood was than he has permisssion to sleep in package of furr. He pass his chilhood taking care of animal of the clan and learning to hunt. He had a good instinct for hunting and enjoy his killing. He even kills a mehsusmar when he was around twenty years old.

Older, it’s appear than his affinity was to the fire. So his mother chooses to make him educate by someone else. He was sad to leave his first tutor but without empathic ability he can't be a great beastmaster. He end between the hand of a man more cruel who use a scorpion tail whip during training. He not hit him directly but make it slam near of him anytime he give a order. He uses it with more pleasure anytime he see the boy show fear or anger. Ari’man hated that but learn quickly to hide his emotions. He also begin to be a good fighter with spear and bone club.

When he was thirty year old he join the skirmishers and show good promise. He trains hard and really enjoy figthing. His tutor begun to trains him even harder and show big regret than is affinity was in fire and not in a element who can help him for stealth. He show him good techniques but can’t make a venators from him. Ari’man himself don’t care very much because he was more at his place in battlefield.

His clan living in peace he quicly begin to be a mercenary and take all job of hired muscle he can. He particularly enjoy to be escort for caravan and traveling a lot in same time. He discovers a lot of thing this way. He changes brown ragged clothes of Aqrab for more well cut clothes and even change his bone club for a steel sword. He finds a good trainer on his own and became really good with it. He lives this way many years.

One day, he was escorting a caravan and they was attack by a Streekaider. He receive a great hit on the head. His helmet saved his life but his left cheek was badly damaged and he keep a large scar. He was lucky of not loosing his eye. Only one laugh of him because of that and call him scarface. Ari’man react badly and burn the face of the man. After that, nobody made joke of him. That take time for him to take it more softly and speak of that.

Height: 7’3”
Weight: 250 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: white
He is really athletic and muscular with broad shoulders and chest. He bear a large scar on his left cheek. He keep his hair short and never dye them.
Personality: Ari push the stoicism to the point to be cold hearted. His hard training give him a really good self-control. The only moment where he unleash himself is in battle or in bed. He live in the rage of battle and can be really brutal. That not mean than he is without strategic mind but when he is in frontline he give himselft to the fight. He is brave and like courage more than a lot of members of his clan but don’t care of honour and even like to fight dirty and do anything for survive. He is a dominant male who accept order only of people who prove themself and don’t care if it’s a female or a male.
He hate ragged clothes and like more to look clean. He love particularly black clothes and let on himself only his white hair and his brown eyes make a difference. He also have a great love for furr. He is realy individualistic and even loner. It’s big weakness is the scar on his left cheek. Most of the time he will not hide it or be ashame of it but he will instinctively present the right side of his face if someone try to kiss him or touch him even in bed if he sleep with a mate he will hide a bit is scar.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Activity Level: I’m far to be perfect in english then I will take more time for write a answer.

I hope not let too many errors in my text.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:36 pm

First off, my apologies for not noticing the thread until now. I've been busy lately and the registration thread has been quiet until recently!


Your character has been approved, have fun!

Keep in mind that drow children age half as fast as human ones. Killing a mehsusmar, a highly dangerous animal, while Ari's still physically 10 is a bit of a stretch unless he managed to knock a boulder on it or something. Change that part and resubmit, please.
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