Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby django » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:43 am

As far as I can see Cinnamon this character looks ready for the res.

The only thing I would change is maybe bring down his Sorcery level down a bit, High is usually left for older more experienced characters like 200+ year old, moderate is a good level for someone his age. And just another reminder to add Basic mana manipulation into your magic area; all drow get it for free.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Cinnamon » Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:09 pm

Full Name: Sul'rin Qipash Sarghress
Gender: male
Race: Drowlath -Cinnamon shade-
Age: 129

City of Origin: Okram'aabe [Crystal City]
Residence: Val'Raveran
Clan: Sarghress
Affiliation(s): Sarghress, Highland Raiders, Qipesh Family

Sorcery: Basic Mana Study, Earth
---Level of Mastery - Moderate

--Basic Biography--

Bio: The Qipesh House once ruled a domain known Crystal City, Okram'aabe. A Far Eastern cavern city whose most notable features were it wealth of gemstone mines and the largest recorded crystal hanging from the ceiling of it main cavern, it was a sight that left few unimpressed. The splendid city glowed as if filled with surface light and always smelled like the sweet and spicy spices that were traded within it's city limits. Ruling clan owned it all, thus the Qipesh owned it and so Sul'rin's. Born to such standards he was expected to create a solid connection with other houses by serving as a respectable mate and serve his house by gather information on the activities of other houses. As such he spent most of his early years with tutors and instructors, training in the manners of courtship, political intrigue and music. The rest was spent with private teachers who taught him stealth tactics, foci crafting, languages of other Eastern Cities and sword and dagger fighting. He was soon able to play a lute or cook a wonderful meal along with break into vaults and knew how to kill people with a stick. It appeared he was destined to living the life of a gentle male and a serves a fine mate to one of the upper houses in the ruling clan. That was in till the leader of the ruling House, Matron of the city, declared a purge of the clan's lower and upper Houses. To say there was confusion is unnessacery, however most were an odd mixture of enraged and pleased; as if long held suspicions were finally proven right. For everyone, into with politic knowledge knew the truth of the purge. It was to secure the Matron's shaky position after her eldest and heir had succeed in pushing back the Black Sun invaders where the Matron had failed. Many Houses took it as a signal that the time to act was now and backed by the eldest daughter launched a series of attacked against the Houses and Families still loyal to the Matron.
Yet while the war began with clear line, the standard back room deals and switching sides, it deteriorated as the Matron in a bold move began assassinate the leaders of the Houses. Sul'rin spent most of the time trying to figure out whose orders to follow and which group was allied with his House. It all came to an end when news got out about the Matron's death, quickly followed by the news of her heirs death. The confusion that swept through the war torn Houses was a heavy weight in the city. So when a huge clan meeting was called by the youngest daughter of the Former Matron, all went curious enough to ignore the politic message it sent. Except Sul'rin, but he had little choice and saw little choice in the matter. It turned out the youngest daughter had with the support of many upper Houses declared herself Matron of the city. Furthermore she informed them that they were still carrying through with the purge. The lower Houses were given an ultimatum, submit and join an upper House or be exiled from the city. At first many thought she was joking, but quickly realized that many of the House leaders sided with her, some submitted and bowed. Others like Sul'rin's older sister, Aluki'fahakech refused to bow to one those rule of an upper Houses so that they can used like slaves to prop up false clans. Sul'rin saw the logic of her sister's words and sided with her as did most of the other unbounded Houses, sadly they were as ant in a sea and thus exiled from the beautiful city. Fearing that knowledge of their exile would spread and thus blacken them in the Eastern lands, Aluki stated that she and the Qipesh would set up in Chel. Many agreed to follow them, while others sought to found themselves in other cities in the West. All agreed however to keep in touch and support one another. Arriving in Chel'el'sussolth they found their timing was both convenient and unfortunate.
The Qipesh and their allies arrived just as the Nidraa'chal wars were dying down. This conveniently left empty real estate for them to move into and have few fight them for it. Unfortunately, it meant that they were all at risk at becoming tainted. It was a problem that took the attention of all of them as they had never truly confronted nether spirits or demons beyond the realm of stories. Just when it they were thinking that it was better to move, the Sarghress moved in. At the time, most had had few interactions with the clans of the Chel and while it was clear the Sarghress were helpful they were far from diplomatic as greedy landlord with deep purses began to move into the area. Luckily the drop in demonic activity in the neighboring district meant that the Qipesh, now claiming the status of family and their allies were able to apply their craft to their new home. Once more the families took up Foci crafting, spice selling and dye production. Sadly, Sul'rin found he wasn't quite fit for any of those position. While he could manage crafting or selling the items, it didn't bring the challenge or the interest. He both longed for mate to lavish with his skills, but also itched with restlessness. So he took up interest in the politic world of Chel, at first desiring to make a difference and so upon the advice of his sister joined the Sarghress. Sadly he found that despite his skills at gathering information he wasn't much for sneaking around and Chel's political chaos whether among the clans or in the streets, all of it was best left alone. So he worked to get himself assigned away from it all and to a place that he was sure would drive the splendor of his lost home city from his mind. Since then he has worked with the Highland Raiders, as a foci gem specialist, languages specialist (especially of Eastern City), and mate advice giver (for a male with his first mate or a female looking for one).

-- Personality and Traits --

General Personality: Sul is a pretty relaxed guy for one trying to find his place in the world. That doesn't mean he doesn't hand out sly comments or cut criticism, he just tends to give people "looks" before saying a dilated version of what is in his mind. He is a touch of a traditionalist, in that he doesn't believe he should be given a high position over a female and his notions of what a proper mate should do. For instance, he will go out of his way to make sure that the best ale and food is served a pregnant female even if that leaves him eating halme's flesh jerky.
---Flaws: slightly traditional, high tendency to roll his eyes, hesitates at taking command of his life or anything
Hobbies: Reading Historical or Foci literature, romance novels and serials, enhancing his understanding of Moon's Age or later Relics, cooking, learning new forms of cooking, practicing on his lute,
-when not on duty, he does like to try out new chocolate creations and then eating them, smoking certain drugs while painting or sketching-

Sword and Dagger fight
Fist Fighting -learned among Sarghress-

--Physical Description and Equipment--

Hair: Black, strung with crystal pearls and single metal bind
--Shoulder length, wavy, lose
Eyes: Golden
Height: 7'2
--Lean muscled
Tattoos, Scars, Piercings:
Geometric Moon tattoo on low back, Geometric diamond tattoo between shoulder blades
Slash and stab marks (12) litter his body
Six gold stud piercings on his stomach (II <example)

Gold chocker
Tan sleeveless, knee length, v-necked hooded tunic (shows some of his chest)
brown trouser

-Highland Raider Standard = golem dagger gauntlet, curved blade-
Light brown Leather belt
Rings on both hand which double as knuckles

[Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time]
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:57 am


Your character is approved, have fun!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby nerdycanuck » Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:01 pm

((All edits have been minor wording things. No major changes since this profile was posted.))

Basic Information

Name: Saviira Thau'la Illhar'dro
Clan: Illhar'dro
Race: Drowolath
Age: 105
City of Origin: Chel'el'sussoloth
Current City: Val'Raveran
Profession: Merchant
Magic: Spellsong, Basic Mana Manipulation


Note: I've read 7'4" as the average on the wiki but been told it's 6'0 for 'laths. ;_; She's supposed to be average. I'd like to put whatever the actual average is as her height.

Height: Average
Build: Slightly athletic but still feminine.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Teal
Hair Style: Long, falls in tight, thick curls.
Clothing: Tends towards elegant robes and dresses similar in style to what we know as Daxiushan, Cheongsam, and Qi Lolita. Consists of a mixture of yellow, orange, and seafoam green. She is fond of jewelery and wears a thin, sparsely jeweled forehead tiara.
Reference Pics: Fullbody (by Arcbrisse), Bust (by myself)


Generally friendly but has obsessive tendencies and on occasion a sarcastic streak. Saviira is usually very level headed but her fear of demons, as well as her dislike of warmongering, easily undermines that. Moderately intelligent, her need to observe and learn can cause her to seem somewhat distracted and aloof.

Quirks: Likes to study everything, almost to the point of obsession. To that end she carries a journal with her whenever possible and will stop frequently to jot down new findings or observations, regardless of what's going on around her. The exception to this is life and death situations, such as combat; she might be obsessive, but she's not stupid.

Items & Equipment

  • Money: Comes from wealthy family. Tends to carry 20 Ada on person.
  • Halberd: Rarely used; not carried around unless specifically needed.
  • Dagger: Thin and hidden in sleeves; for self-defense only.
  • Notebook/Writing tool: With her at all times; carried in bag that matches whatever outfit she's wearing.

Power & Training

  • Halberd: Saviira received training with the halberd through her family, receiving skills taught through to all members of the Thau'la. It is a source of pride within the Thau'la house that its members be capable with the weapon, but that's about all Saviira can boast with it. She's capable, but not very skilled, as her focus in life lay elsewhere.
  • Spellsong: She received formal training in Spellsong at Orthorbbae and is thus reasonably skilled. Her voice, though perhaps not as lovely as more renowned Illhar'dro, is pleasant enough and she takes no small amount of pride in her ability with the silver tongue.

    Her use of this particular mana art is mostly to calm, inspire, or demoralize. She's found that she's very capable in this regard, but manifestations of force (such as the ability to blast or move solid objects) are beyond her. Hers is more of a support or defensive talent than an offensive one.

Total Power Level: Low, with focus on spellsong over weapon skills.

Other Information

Dislikes war but acknowledges need to fight to defend oneself. Through her position , she tries to encourage others to turn away from fighting one another. She believes that through peace they can achieve the strength necessary to someday leave the underworld behind. Fighting leaves their people, drowlath and drowussu alike, too weak. 

Saviira is an academic at heart. She spends so much time in libraries, even in her off hours, it's often joked that she lives there. Her favorite subjects are theology and history. She especially enjoys studying all aspects of any religion she can find information on. Living in Chel, she had quite a bit of exposure to the Sharess religion though she isn't a believer herself. She doesn't follow any faith.

She dislikes the thought of taking another life. She prefers not to fight if at all possible. Doesn't believe in war but will participate should her clan sound the call to arms.

Saviira is uncomfortable with the idea of tainting, even fearful of becoming tainted herself, though she wouldn't admit as much aloud. It is with some effort that she treats all as equals, even those apparently infested by demons. Privately, she wonders at how much control the drow hosts really do have over their seeds and, though afraid to some degree of the truth, is keenly interested to learn more.

Clan Relations

  • Vel'Sharen: Warring with her apprehension concerning the taint and how it pervades the Sharen is her respect for the long-standing rulers of Chel. On more than one occasion she has wondered if her home city was under the dominion of demons rather than drow.
  • Val'Sullisin'rune: Decadent and spoiled, but thoroughly fun. Saviira enjoys the company of the Sullisin'rune and often looks upon their alliance with the Sarghress with sadness and frustration. Their age is appealing to her and she longs to study their history.
  • Val'Beldrobbaen: Another old clan, Saviira can't help but be saddened at how much they have diminished over the years.
  • Val'Illhardro: Saviira loves her clan, though she realizes that they aren't without their faults. To leave both Chel and Raveran the way they did, only to later return to regain leadership of the latter struck her as odd. Despite those feelings, she was one of many that answered the call to go and reclaim it.
  • Val'Kyorl'solen'urn: She looks upon their more extreme actions with disdain, and sometimes sees them as equally as bad as the Sarghress. Protecting the people from the taint is one thing, however the violence with which they do so leaves a bad taste in her mouth.
  • Val'Sarghress: Given what they have seemingly done to Chel, Saviira dislikes the warmongering Sarghress clan. In her mind, they are too quick to resort to fighting but understands that their background as mercenaries is what influences that.
  • Val'Nal'sarkoth: She respects their business acumen, though considers them opportunistic. What else could one expect from a clan of merchants? Saviira is curious as to their willingness to employ goblins.
  • Val'Jaal'darya: Fascinated by these odd and mysterious drow, Saviira would dearly love the opportunity to know more about them and their creations. If nothing else, she wishes to document the history behind their biological manipulations.
  • Vel'Vloz'ress: Thanks to her discomfort with tainting, and the rumored involement of the Vloz in the two demon invasions within Raveran, this clan as a whole makes her apprehensive.

It's important to note that while Saviira may dislike the way a Clan as a whole represents itself, she is usually willing to give individual members the benefit of the doubt under the right circumstances.

Thau'la, Merchant Family

The Thau'la are a wealthy merchant family whose influence reaches various locations in both the Underworld and Overworld. The family matriarch is Eli'theron, Saviira's mother.

They originated in Chel'el'sussoloth but have since moved to Val'Raveran. Once a populous clan, they suffered heavy losses after their family estate collapsed (which is suspected to have been intentional), taking the lives of many family members who had been gathering to discuss the move to Val'Raveran. This loss of life included all of Saviira's elder sisters, leaving her as heir to the family business.

They deal primarily in the raw materials used to make arms/armors/tools; a by-product of this sort of trading would be the raw materials for some jewelry. They have connections in various cities and outposts, such as Nuqrah'shareh, The Wailing Well, Doebrimm'linthel, Saosh (prior to losing contact), and Haltonreibe, in order to procure the different metals, stones, and gems that they deal in. They hope to restore the Chel'el'sussoloth branch once the war calms down.

Anticipating that things would escalate between the Sarghress and Sharen, the Thau'la had begun to make arrangements to relocate to a safer haven. Movement of funds and resources began as soon as the Illhar'dro resumed leadership over Val'Raveran, and it was during the discussion of the final phases of this move that they lost so many of their numbers. Because of their foresight, they were able to retain much of their wealth.

All is not sunshine and roses for the family, however. It was awful enough that they lost so many of their own, but on top if that is the added problem of having fewer administrators for the business. Those that remain have had to take on additional responsibilities, which has slowed things down somewhat. This is causing some of their contacts to question whether or not they wish to continue doing business with the Thau'la.


Early Life

Saviira was born to Eli'theron Thau'la Illhar'dro, the third daughter and fifth child overall. With two older sisters, each of whom had their own children, she was far enough down the line of succession that she never once considered that she might become heir.

She was sent to Orthorbbae as soon as she came of age. There, she immersed herself in her studies, the focus of which was on history, theology, and economics. She also received training in her clan's specialized mana art, Spellsong. She excelled in her studies, primarily because she did little else.

Though not the most social individual, Saviira was able to make a few friends with some effort. Though these friendships sometimes included business opportunities for her families, she never explicitly sought these opportunities out, preferring instead to forge her friendships based on a mutual desire for companionship.

Saviira saw her studies through to completion. Rather than seek employment at the school, or immediately with the family business, she instead took up employment at a library close to her family holdings, choosing to pursue her personal desire for further knowledge. Her family connections allowed her to gain such a position, though it only lasted until the plans to relocate to Val'Raveran began to take shape.

A Tragic Loss

It took many cycles for the Thau'la family to orchestrate their move to Val'Raveran. During this time, Saviira continued to work at the Library, though this time spent became less and less as the move drew nearer.

It was during her final shift that she learned of the tragedy that would rattle her family to its core: their family holdings in Chel'el'sussoloth had collapsed with her elder sisters and their families inside. None survived, though the family matriarch had luckily been away at the time, already establishing things in Val'Raveran.

Foul play was suspected though never proven; things were escalating in Chel'el'sussoloth too quickly for the family to take the time needed to thoroughly investigate. Once she learned of the news, Eli'theron swiftly declared Saviira her heir and had her brought to what was to be their family home. The rest of the family, those that hadn't been in the building collapse, soon followed.

The era of the Thau'la family in Chel'el'sussloth was over.

Life in Val'Raveran

Saviira has been in Raveran for nearly as long as the Illhar'dro have been back. With their old Raveran holdings in the possession of the Vir'reska, her mother had been forced to acquire new holdings along with the rest of the Illhar'dro in the old Qin'dalasque lands.

Her time has been spent primarily with learning elements of the family business that has never before been her concern. Lacking the business acumen of her elder sisters, this has been a difficult task, one made all the more troublesome by the added pressure of a need to produce children to replenish the family line.

Player Information

Time Zone: EST
Activity: Reliable, though slow at the moment due to motherhood. At most I could do a post per day, though that may not always happen depending on the little guy. I would limit myself to one game at a time and communicate with fellow players on delays. (I'll be abstaining from immediately joining any RPs until I've wrapped up my final obligation at my current RP community. I don't expect it'll take me too long.)
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:47 am

Illemaire: Your character has been approved for play, welcome to the Roleplay boards!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Kail'odian » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:17 am

I'm baaaaaack -with a new character even. Imagine that. 8P I wrote the majority of this at 1-2 am, might be a few mistakes but im leaving it as is. *heehee*

Name: Floarri "Flurry" Dusk
Gender: Female
Age: 99
Species: Drowolath
Clan: Dusk
Affinity: Earth, but not trained.
Magic: Sealing
Training: Martial ability in self defense, adept at dual weilding blades.

Weapons/Equipment: Two twin blades, One sealing canistor/soulmir


Like many Duskians, Floarri was still a babe when she was given to the Dusk clan to be raised under their banner and teachings. She never knew her parentage, for she was a lone survivor of a collapsed building in a colony near the surface when an attack occurred in the colony. The attacking force besieged the town and destroyed much in their search for resources and other valuables but Floarri was overlooked when overturned furniture had created enough of a shelter within the crumbling build to keep debris away. Her infant cries were heard by the few halme survivors whom took enough pity on the infant to do the decent thing and left the babe at a Dusk outpost near the border of Nuq'rah'shareh.

Floarri was not given any name nor was there any indication of a name when she was taken in by the Dusk clan to be raised as one of their own. It was during the surface season of winter when someone termed the word flurry and how it looked flowery floating from the sky. This would become the basis of Floarri's name and her caretakers called her that ever since the day she was taken in.

She learned everything about the environment around her from Dusk teachers, instructors and survivors who knew what the dangers of the old world were all about. The wretched Nether energy of the elven lands she learned were something which never should have been imagined or used. Like the Dusk who taught her the ways of the clan, so to did she want to rid the world, both over and under of the dangerous demonic corrupted energy. She was taught this was doing a service to all races and fae, regardless of affiliation whether they wanted to be saved or not. However she was taught that the common good would appreciate their efforts if they stayed the faithful course of ridding the world of the nether.

Martial arts and fitness training began at an early age, but she did not start weapon training until her early 30's. The standard weapons of spears and javelins were clumsy for her thinner, more agile frame. Floarri was given swordplay as an alternative option to train with and she quickly excelled at her blade training and adapted to very quick strikes and moves meant to disarm and give critical hits to end a victim's suffering as quickly as possible. With a zealous fervor of Dusk faith driving her toward being an expert in close combat with her weapons and training, her magic ability was only directed to how to seal demons and nether energy into the Sealing canister all Duskian clan members. She had been tested for an Earth affinity if she ever wanted to learn magic on her duties, but has never followed toward such education.

Considered very skilled among her clan, her training and knowledge could only expand if she left the clan. When the opportunity for the foreign clan of Illhardro allies began to go back to their ancestral homeland of Raveran further in the underworld, Floarri decided to take the opportunity to enforce Dusk philosophy and help patrol the underground with the few Duskian clan members who also made the trek with their Illhardro allies.

Floarri does not care who owns what within the city of Raveran but has already began to patrol the streets for nether corruption after learning the city's story upon her arrival of the city. Majority of her time goes to patrolling on her own the streets of Raveran, as she explores and makes contacts with commoners and businesses about any leads or sightings of dangerous nether energy. On the odd day, she will sometimes take a small escort mercenary job for any Illhardro wishing for protection in Raveran, although Floarri's true goal is just to see if the randomness of working for a client would lead to discovering any rumors of new nether energy or tainted attempting to get into the city.

Personality: Youthful energy, neutral and courteous enough to most she encounters, she has an adventurous spirit to see what the world has to offer. Yet her zealous dedication to eradicating those who harbor or use the Nether will undoubtedly meet an untimely quick end regardless of the obstacles in her way thanks to her dedication to Dusk ideals.


Eyes: Brown
Height: Average for a Dusk. [6' 3" I guess. lol]
Build: Athletic, very little body fat. Lean and medium muscled, Floarri is physically fit and wears typical Dusk colored armor, however it has been custom fitted to allow greater movement for her specialty of twin-blade combat. This has led the armor to being lighter but much more able to deflect attacks instead of brute blocking of incoming strikes.

Hair: a golden blonde with blue dyed tips. It is somewhat long, down to middle of her back. Much of her hair from the shoulders down is wrapped in a leather braid with the bottom allowing about four to six inches of free hair in a full blue ended tip. Her bangs sometimes cover her eyes when she wears her helmet but doesn't when off.

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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:17 pm

Kail'odian: Your character has been approved,have fun!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Junglefowl26 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:20 pm

Name: Baatar’lun

Race: Drowlath

Age: 129

-Chitin armor and helmet
-8 bone darts
Usually carries-
-1 large water skin
-a package of assorted jerky
-1bone and preserved stomach bagpipe
-chewing resin (very expensive, her main vice)
-8 dosages of scorpion venom (painful but not lethal)
- 1 first aid kit with bandages, painkillers, and anti-venom for the more common types of spiders and snakes as well her own scorpion venom.

Magic: Light sorcery (basic level, flashes and basic images), basic mana manipulation

Beginning city: Val'Raveran

Clan: Aqrab’Akkar


1-20: Rowdy Child

The first thing that was ever said about Baatar’lun was “That baby has quite the pair of lungs.” She didn’t exactly get quieter as she grew up, and she was well known for her frequent and enthusiastic laughter. The only thing she loved more than wrestling and storytelling was exploring the wilderness around her tribe’s camp. Her laid back and overly indulging mother let Baatar’lun engage in these activities frequently, even allowing Baatar to skip the required chores and lessons expected of a Black Sun child. Her aunt, however, was not so lenient, and did everything she could to instill in Baatar a proper work ethic and sense of pride. Largely, these efforts went without much success, though Baatar was a quick study at the things that managed to catch her interest, namely fighting, tracking, and wilderness survival.

As Baatar’lun grew older, she found it increasingly difficult to shirk her ever growing number of responsibilities, which she was ill-prepared for thanks to the fact that she had not paid much attention to her lessons earlier. Baatar’lun soon earned a reputation as unreliable and slow, which turned her personality from boisterous and fun loving to bitter and sharp tongued. With the exception of a handful of close friends and family, Baatar felt increasingly alienated from the rest of her tribe. Visitors, however, whether from a different Black Sun tribe or from somewhere else all together, caused Baatar to perk up and invite them over to swap stories over drinks. She even formed something of a bond with the tribe’s most frequent clients.

When the time came for her ritual ascension to hunter at age 20, made a vow that one day the tale of her adventures would be sung throughout the tribe and far beyond.

20-52: Consumed by wanderlust

As soon as she was old enough, Baatar’lun eagerly volunteered for every raid, mercenary mission, and hunting party that she could – anything to get here away from the rest of the tribe and out into the wilderness. Similarly, when on missions, she preferred to scout and take point, often traveling a full day ahead of the rest of the party, where she could enjoy the wilderness in silence.

Baatar’lun was especially fond of mercenary work, since it allowed her to meet people outside of her tribe – people who appreciated her fun loving personality, people who hadn’t heard her stories a thousand times, and, above all, people who had interesting stories to tell to her. The relic hunters were the most interesting, and she loved hearing about the exotic locations and cultures of the surface. While other warriors would typically head back to the tribe’s camp as soon as their mission was done, Baatar’lun liked to say in settlements as long as her money supplied allowed.

By the age of 30, she had already developed a favored employer: the Feldian merchant Namar. While Namar was stingy and arrogant, his eccentricities and bold schemes were always entertaining and, more importantly, he traveled with interesting company – Lanas the archer, Liliam the healer, the twin porters Iruel and Tabris, and Kelmon the light-elven slave bookkeeper. In fact, Kelmon fathered two out of Baatar’lun’s three children; Baatar left the children with her mother for extended periods of time while she adventured. Her mother did not resent this, enjoying having grandchildren to dote over, but her aunt was shocked at Bataar’s irresponsible behavior, and Baatar’s time at home was dominated by fighting.
After a particularly bad fight not long after Bataar’s 42nd birthday, she left on another mercenary mission, with no intent to return. After the mission was completed, she left the war party and signed herself up as a member of the Blue Banners, an organization of relic hunters for hire. She spent the next ten years in their service, making many friends, having many adventures, and acquiring a taste for chewing resin from the surface, despite its expense and her low pay. She particularly enjoyed the company of the archivist Layettes of Sha’She, as well as one Ran’San’Rum, a hunter and former member of the Rajada Clan from Mimaneid. Over the course of these ten years, Bataar had three adventures of great importance to her life.

The first has her third mission with the Blue Banners, where she was promoted from camp helper to active relic hunter, and joined the squad she would complete most of her missions in. It was also her first extended trip to the surface – traveling deep into the heart of Nuwa, her squad was sent to investigate the rumors of an ancient temple containing a moon fragment from the dawn age. Unfortunately, the ancient structure had been repurposed as an active Embari temple, and there numbers and ferocity proved more than a match for the tired relic hunters. While the mission itself was a failure, it had two positive results for Bataar’lun. The first was in the fire of battle she forged a close friendship with the rest of her squad. The second was that Bataar found the weapon that would define her: the kusari-gamma. Always one with an eye for the exotic, and having a painful taste of how effective the weapon could be thanks to an Emberi farmer, Bataar took the weapon from his corpse and learned to use it for herself. Though it took many years of trial and error, Bataar eventually learned how to use the weapon, and came to favor the kusari-gamma over her sword.

The second was when her squad was assigned to recover weapons from an ancient light elven armory, buried deep underground in preparation for an invasion that never came to pass. Bataar uncovered evidence that another group was heading to the armory, and helped the commander of the operation plan an ambush. It was a complete slaughter of the intruders by the Blue Banners, and Bataar was very pleased with herself – the thrill of victory was increased by a strong possibility that she would be rewarded, or even promoted, for her role in the victory. Her elation soon turned to horror when Bataar realized she had killed fellow Siyah-khorshed. Worse, they were of her tribe, and she knew some of them personally.

Then there was her final mission. Bataar’s squad was assigned to investigate a mysterious ruin of unknown architecture in the middle of an underground lake. While Baatar’lun had mostly recovered from the shock of helping kill her kinsmen, especially with the advice and companionship of her friends Layettes and Ran, she continued to have doubts about what she was doing. The issue would soon be the least of her concerns, however, when the rumors about some great beast guarding the lake proved to be true. Baatar only caught a glimpse of the monster before it shattered her squad’s small boat. The next thing Baatar could remember was waking up upon the shore of the island, next the debris of her boat and the bloody remains of the rest of her squad.

She has no idea how long she spent on that island – it was all a daze to her. Mostly, she remembered her thoughts: thinking about her lost friends, her family that she might never see again, the children she barely saw, and if anyone would ever learn what became of her…or even care. She came to question of all her life decisions up until that point, and thought deeply about what her life was truly worth.

Eventually, she was rescued by another band of relic hunters who were able to avoid the beast, at which point she returned home and vowed to contribute to her tribe.

52-100: Defender of the tribe

True to her word, after returning home, she dedicated herself utterly to her tribe’s well being, and making herself a place amongst them. In addition to reconnecting with her mother and children, Baatar no longer participated in raids and mercenary missions, but instead spent much of her time patrolling the camp and protecting the clan’s animals as they grazed. Fortunately for Baatar, her experiences as a wandering mercenary actually helped her connect with her family and comrades, as many were enraptured by her tales of fierce battles, far off lands, and strange peoples that she encountered on her adventures. It wasn’t long before she was something of an unofficial storyteller.

It was also around this time that Baatar became increasingly involved in tribal politics, attending meetings about policy and offering her insights based on her experiences in the outside world. In particular, she did what she could to counter what she as xenophobic policies and pushed for more trade and diplomacy, which saw as ways to improve the wellbeing of the tribe without risking the lives of its warriors. Baatar was particularly interested in the growing Aqrab’Akkar movement, and played a large role in both convincing her tribe to settle in Raveran and to integrate the tribe with the rest of the Aqrab.

100-129: Rowdy Mercenary

Despite the simple joys of her new life and accomplishments, Baatar could not deny her true personality for long. A feeling of restless and unease slowly grew within her, especially after her children had grown, in spite of all her attempts to suppress it and remember her vow to better the clan.
Sensing Baatar’s unease, her eldest daughter, Oyun’Chimeg, came to Baatar and remind her that is was because of her adventures as a mercenary that she gained the experiences and wisdom that she used in service of the tribe. Oyun added that Baatar was part of the tribe as well, which meant that her mental and emotional well being was part of her duty as well.

Her mind and heart eased, Baatar returned to the life of the mercenary; guarding caravans, patrolling streets, serving as a bodyguard for the clan’s clients and allies, and hunting down those who harmed the clan. And wherever she went, she left stories, both those she told, and those she made.

Description: Baatar’lun is of average height and build for a professional warrior. She has very short hair, which is generally in a very messy state, thanks to her helmet. She wears a lizard skin skirt and ragged haledri skin tunic and pants underneath her chitin armor, which includes a chest piece, boots, shinguards, and armguards. Her helmet is made out of the shell of blind cave crab, and it includes a visor that she can lower to cover the upper half of her face. She also wears a scarf which she can use to cover her mouth in case of heavy dust or poison gas. Her dark skin shows some Mimian ancestry, and is tattooed with white stripes.

Time Zone/Activity: Pacific/Active
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:27 pm


Your character has been approved, enjoy the RP forums!
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alveria » Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:29 pm

Name: Alveria Val'Beldrobbaen

Race: Drowolath

Age: 41

Various books in her traveling sack, mostly detailing history (also has a few novels, and has a secret love for romance books)
A silver necklace, detailing Sharess
A dagger (purely for defense!)
Plenty of paper, ink, and quills.
Dark purple or black clothing, often wears a cloak to hide her face.
A ring made out of iron, depicting an image of a spider.

Very little. She can blend into shadows very easily, but she's still perfectly tangible, and cannot 'teleport' through shadows. She can, however, move normally without being seen.

Beginning city: Val'Raveran (however, she was born in Chel)

Clan: Beldrobbaen

Height: 5'8''
Build: Curvy
Eye Color: Gray
Hair color: White and Black - White bangs frame her face, but the rest of her hair (which is about waist-length) is dyed black.
Clothing: Very simple, always dresses in black, occasionally dark purple.

Alveria was born to a very caring family, albeit one that was missing a father. Alvie never knew her father, nor does she wish to, if he's still alive. She considers her step-father to be her actual father, and usually hates to defy him. She took after her mother's love for books, and her father's curiosity and interest in the Shadow arts. Combined, Alvie was a very lonely child growing up. As she grew older, she did eventually turn away from constantly reading, and made a handfull of friends.
For much of her young adult life, she spent her time helping her family earn money by scribing books. As such, her practiced handwriting is very, very neat and appealing. She was extremely content at home, but always loved it on those rare occasions when her family went beyond the Beldrobbaen walls into Chel proper, in her mind. These rare trips spurned only more curiosity into the young girl, and her talks with several (albeit, at first, teasing) Sullisin'rune girls gave her insight on just how old-fashioned and stoic her clan was. Her parents feared that the Sullisin'rune girls that their daughter told them about would corrupt the child's mind, and forbade her to speak with them. However, she was driven to ignore them, leading them to more worry that their child was drifting from the ways of their clan.
When the decision was made to break the Beldrobbaen's clan from that of the Sharen, Alveria left her parents, and her infant brother, to escape the confines of the world she had known, and into the world she cared so much for. She knows she is welcome to return to her home at any time, but in recent years had been terrified of leaving the walls due to her clan's tie with the Sharen. For a time, she stayed in Chel, but decided, in the end, to make her way to Val'Raveran, in interest in learning more about the world above, much to her parents' displeasure.
They would very much love if their baby girl stayed within the walls of clan Beldrobbaen, or even Chel, at least! But her father knew well the wanderlust in her eyes, and knew he could not convince her to stay. With a promise to guard the old ways of her kind, the still-young Alveria arrives in Val'Raveran. She was welcome with open arms to the Clan's outpost, and earns her food running packages and scribing.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:26 pm


It looks good, welcome to the RP boards! Just add a physical description of Alveria and you're good to go.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby SFI » Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:25 pm


Name: Ash’endra Val'Beldrobbaen

Race: Fourth Generation Drowolath – Chelian origin

Clan: Beldrobbaen

Age: 129

Height: 6'2'' with heels, 5’9’’ without

Build: Curvy, the push-ups making her breasts in particular stand out (they are average, actually)

Eye Color: dark-Gray for her left, her right is milky white after she lost use of it. Later added a tattoo to the blinded eye when she got drunk after her youngest sister died. It’s inspired by a drawing made by said sister.

Hair color: White, the back of her just-under-shoulder-blade length hair is braided in nine braids. She has a couple of black-dyed braid at the bottom of the pile, totalling around 13 braids.

Clothing: Assymetrical black and grey skimpy with various see-through wraps (and discreet push-ups for her breasts) for normal wear, see above. Has old but reliable suit of armor + sword hidden at her home, does not carry/wear that often because she is only mediocre at best and has troubles adjusting for her lack of right eye in hand-to-hand.

Equipment: Belt with medium pouch. Carries at most 20 ada with her. Small dagger for emergencies at back of belt and loose fire-foci and several small sealing-stones in pouch. Carries one or two vials of lethal poison with her (including the respective antidotes) and various odds and ends such as a nice ring she found on the market. One can usually bet on at least one of her pet-spiders having snuck in there as well.

Magic: Basic Mana Manipulation and Shadow-affinity, Mastery Good to Very because of her intense studies

Background: Born as a fifth daughter in the Val’Beldrobbaen, she grew up with a strict mother and a father she rarely saw since he was/is a teacher at Orthorbbae. Rejecting her mother’s desires to see her as a member of the guard she focused on her Arts-studies when she was send to Orthorbbae with the other girls of her generation in an attempt to emulate her distant father. This lead to clashes with her mother, who kept insisting that she try harder in the physical combat classes. It soon became apparent to all involved that even if Ash wanted to, she would not perform by her mother’s standards. The final incident that made her refuse to even set foot in a sparring-room again was an accident in her fourth year, which resulted in her blind right eye.
As soon as she was able, she dropped most of the classes her mother so desired her to attend, instead focusing on the use and mastery of her arts and learning of the politics of Chel and the rest of the Underworld. She spend most of her adult-life away from her mother in Orthorbbae, studying various arts and more in depth politics. This left her with a good view of... everything related to politics. A few years before the Nidra’chaal war she yielded to her mother’s insistent orders and own sense of clan-obligation, returning to the clan.
A few years later, she finally (quoting her mother) bore her first child. But it was a son. After that, her mother gave up on her, so to speak, leaving the disappointing fifth daughter to do as she pleased. She then turned to the extensive spy-network the Beldrobbaen still possessed, using her political know-how to evaluate the reports pouring in from all over the Underworld. Then the Nidra’chaal launched their assault, costing her mother her life while defending the Beldrobbaen-borders from the demon-hordes. Her eldest sister now controlled the family’s shrunken holdings. Her younger sister, born a few years before the war, was later lost in the Orthorbbae incident.
It was shortly after this that Ash abandoned the fortress and left Chel. She claims to have broken all ties with the clan, but this is a lie. She was given the task to start a Raveran-spy-circle and now lives in that city. She now spies herself on the many bazaars and markets, and searches for others that might be helpful to her in that regard.
Now without a job or funding (officially), she needed to find a different occupation to pay for her food. But as a High-born, she never learned any skills worth selling. Her arts are of no use in Raveran, and she herself would not give her political know-how to any but her clan. Reluctantly, she turned to prostitution realizing that despite the blow against her honor, a prostitute often catches nice off-hand comments by clients, joining Raveran’s guild. She now caters to those who have Beldrobbaen-fantasies and is silently horrified as to how well she is doing with that now.
Her house is a small apartment on the outskirts, though she has one room more into the city for her ‘business’. The apartment is bare with no decorations, though she complains it is because of “Val’Raveran’s spiders all coming to live at my place for some reason, probably because I am the most Beldrobbaen in the city” *cough* they’re her messengers *cough*

Time Zone/Activity: Central European, almost daily.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Alric » Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:08 pm


Your character is approved! Keep in mind that your character can't control NPCs, and can only be a lone agent unless you team up with other player characters.
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby SFI » Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:40 pm

Alric wrote:SFI:

Your character is approved! Keep in mind that your character can't control NPCs, and can only be a lone agent unless you team up with other player characters.

Thank you ^_^

And I planned on doing that :P Who knows, maybe I'll start bothering people to make me some minio... spies, I meant to say spies. Ignore the other one ;)
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Re: Registration thread: version 3.0 - Raveran 1114

Postby Mach2 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:07 pm

Well, here's Nyssah'lith, my lovely little failure of a Drow. She's got a special place in my heart. Also, I ought to have an actual picture up for her soon, rather than just a description. Lemme know what needs to be edited!


"Someday, Sharess will grant me her favour. And I shall thank the goddess when she does so."


Formerly Nyssahlith Quar’vyrhyss.
Renowned in her clan as the Sharess-cursed Quar

Race: Ver’drowendar

Age: 34


Hunting knife

Spidersilk bag containing:
-3 ada
-Change of shirt
-Change of pants
-Food rations

Magic: Nether Summoning - Weak

Beginning city: Val'Raveran

Clan: Clanless, a Quar’vyrhyss exile

Background on the Quar’vyrhyss Clan:
The only thing more dangerous than a religious fanatic is a religious fanatic with corrupted ideals. Such is the case with the Quar’vyrhyss, a small cultist clan residing in Vloz'ress territory. They worship Sharess to the point of obsession, following a dogma that places value on strength, selfishness, and total devotion to their goddess. Due to their extremist ideals, they are very few in number. Quar are identified by the midnight-blue dye in their hair and their tendency to bear scars on their wrists and ankles.

The Quar adhere to a strict set of commandments, which they believe are the most effective way to gain the favour of Sharess. These commandments are as follows:

Any follower of Sharess who dishonours Her name or will must be punished.
It is the duty of each Quar to inflict their own punishments for acts which dishonour the goddess. Acts of self-mutilation are common in the Quar’vyrhyss clan. An individual with fewer scars is regarded as being purer and more favoured.

When a Quar refuses to carry out their own punishments for unfavourable acts, the duty may fall to any other clan member. In these cases, the punishments are often cruel to the point of torture.

Acts which could offend the goddess are not the only things to be punished by Quar’vyrhyss. Failure in any form is considered intolerable. As failure means ill will from Sharess, it is regarded as a sin, and is punishable as such.

Demons are soldiers of Sharess. To summon their energies is a holy act, an ability gifted by the goddess.
Nether summoners in the Quar’vyrhyss clan have as much respect as wardens do in the Kyorl’solenurn. A Quar is not allowed to study nether summoning or undergo a tainting ceremony without the permission of their clan leader. Permission is only granted to Quar who prove that they have gained the favour of Sharess. ((Soooo definitely not Nyssah’lith))

All events are the will of Sharess, and She must be acknowledged.
Achievements, successes, and victories are regarded as gifts to Quar who have attained Sharess’s favour. In these cases, Quar will pause to thank the goddess in prayer, and dedicate the achievement to her. In cases where a negative event has occurred, Quar will offer their apologies to the goddess, as well as a promise to regain her favour.

No follower of Sharess will ever beg for Her favour.
Quar’vyrhyss prayers are for thanks or apologies. But never will a Quar beg for forgiveness or pray for Sharess’s aid in their endeavours. This is regarded as weak and dishonourable, and is the easiest way to lose Sharess’s favour.

Nyssah’lith was the second child born to Illhar Sarr’rhenna Quar’vyrhyss. The Illhar’s first daughter, Kiri’niddae, was proclaimed as the Quar heir. Her position alone, as Quar heir, granted her favour with the goddess, as she would someday lead her people in fulfilling Sharess’s will. Meanwhile, Nyssah had to fight for favour from the day she was born. Her birth was rough. Both Nyssah and Illhar Sarr nearly lost their lives. Though both survived, Sarr was weakened for many moons afterwards, and Nyssah was regarded as an omen of ill fate.

And ill fated she was. Nyssah’s first encounter with Quar punishment for dishonourable acts came when she was only eight years old. Typically, young children were forgiven when they forgot to thank Sharess for their successes. However, Nyssah went a step past the point of what was considered acceptable. Upon beating another Quar child in a footrace, she refused to attribute the victory to the goddess. “I won,” the young girl had argued. “Sharess didn’t do the running, I did!”

Her blasphemous words earned Nyssah her first three whip scars. In the decades to come, many more would follow.

At the age of eleven, she travelled to Orthobbae, held back a year by her mother as punishment for failing to achieve competence in basic sparring in her home clan. Small for her age, the fact that she was a year older than everyone else went unnoticed. At Orthobbae, more failure awaited her. Nyssah struggled through every class she took. As a Quar, with her extremist ideals, forging friendships and allegiances was next to impossible. At best, the other students tolerated her. Within a decade, the girl had failed out of everything except for maths and Mana Arts. And even those, she was barely passing.

Punishment when she returned home was always severe. Her mother, Sarr’rhenna, often delivered the beatings and whippings herself. Quar placed great value on success, and Nyssah was a failure. Meanwhile, her elder sister, Kiri, was top of her classes and an exemplar for everything the Quar valued. Nyssah promised her mother that she would improve in the years to come, and left once more for Orthobbae.

Her promise fell flat. Three years passed, and she failed out of maths. With only one class keeping her at Orthobbae, Nyssah was growing desperate. If she failed everything, her family would truly regard her as a curse sent by the goddess. Her death would be inevitable. Four years passed. She was twenty-seven years old, just three years away from completing her schooling, when she found out that she was failing Mana Arts. Though it was forbidden for any Quar’vyrhyss to learn nether summoning without permission from the Illhar, Nyssah was desperate. If she returned home a failure again, she would be murdered by her mother. Nether summoning was something she had never tried. Perhaps she would prove to be successful. Perhaps she would finally gain the favour of Sharess. After much debate, Nyssah reluctantly arranged for a tainting ceremony.

When she returned home the next year with glowing red irises, a competently successful nether summoner, her mother was enraged. For a Quar’vyrhyss so seemingly despised by Sharess to become a commander of Her demonic soldiers was unacceptable in the eyes of the Illhar. The praise Nyssah had been hoping for didn’t come. Instead, she received the harshest beating of her life, accompanied by words of hatred that ring in her ears to this day. It was in this moment that Illhar Sarr’rhenna gouged the word ‘Failure’ into her daughter’s arm with a jagged knife. Sarr did not stop there. Nyssah was exiled. Bleeding and barely conscious, her long hair was cut and she was sent away from the Quar’vyrhyss encampment.

A final act of cruelty from Sharess, Nyssah did not die on that day. The thought of dying after falling so out of favour with Sharess was terrifying. Fumbling clumsily, she managed to bandage her bleeding arm and found a quiet alleyway to hide away in. She survived her wounds, and found herself hated and clanless. For the next while, she would wander the Underworld, trying to find a new home. At last, she arrived at Raveran. For the disgraced ex-Quar’vyrhyss, it is a final hope to turn her life around.

Height: 7’0”
Build: Thin, slightly weak for a female
Hair: Jaggedly cut, with fading blue dye visible at the ends.
Eyes: Red

Upon her exile, Nyssah’lith was able to reacquire very little of her old clothing. As such, her attire is now an awkward and unfortunate mix of Drow noble and commoner. Her boots are high-quality, with armoured reinforcements along the shins and through the bridge and toe of the foot. Likewise, the knife she wears at her waist is inlaid with a few valuable crystals. She could likely sell all of these articles for some more Ada, yet she clings to them. They are the only things she has from her old life.

The rest of her clothing is made from cheap fabric, bought with whatever Ada she had on her person after her exile. She wears fitted pants in a dark colour, and loose shirt. Nyssah'lith is never seen wearing sleeveless clothes, in order to conceal the scar on her arm.

Scars: As the Quar’vyrhyss frequently resorted to mutilation as punishment for acts against Sharess, Nyssah’lith is as scarred as the most unfortunate of warriors. The flesh of her back is a latticework of raised lines, the result of numerous whippings from other members of her clan. Her wrists and ankles also bear smaller, but still numerous, scars; these ones are primarily self-inflicted.
Though her scars bring Nyssah shame, as they are a sign of her ill favour with the goddess, there is only one scar which she is truly humiliated by. On her right arm, a knife gouged the characters ‘F-A-I-L-U-R-E’. As such, she keeps her arm covered at all times.

Time Zone/Activity: Living in Central Canada, so I’m GMT -6. Activity will vary depending on real-life demands and how active my RPs on other sites are. Typically, I can post several times a week.
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