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Nasfors - Fic and also my own request.

Postby Meckruco on Mon May 19, 2014 10:09 pm

ok since it seems that i cant send you a PM in reply to you question. then i am forced to do this.

you may use Meck in your fic.

i would like to ask permission from all players of PTP if i may use charather names and/or house names for a fic i have bouncing around my head. PTP will take more of a background role but will have lived with the Moon Kingdom. yes that mean that the TK were allies to Queen Sernity and part of that court. although the clan will have some bits from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Mass Effect (mostly armor design) for spice as well. kinda of a crossroads of stuff if you will of toons i have been playing.
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